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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  September 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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slightly radioactive water to seep into the ground. families who live near the mosaic facility want mosaic to test their well water to make sure it's not impacting their water supply. and geologists say the sink holes are windows into the aquifer. tonight, this is an open wound in the water supply. a live look from action air 1. see how wide the walls of the sink hole are. that's an indication to a geologist that this happened very fast and deep sink hole. 300 feet we're learning in fact before we came on the air. also let me show you why our aquifer is so vulnerable. because florida sits on a giant bed of limestone. that limestone is really kind of like the swiss cheese of rock. coming up tonight at 6:00, i will show you exactly how the radioactive water is penetrating the limestone and leaking right into the aquifer. meanwhile, brand-new here at
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brockovich is commenting on the situation tonight. this is a crime against humanity. the government in florida will sweep this under the rug. the u.s. environmental protection agency is a co- conspirator, her words. she goes on to say this could destroy the groundwater resources in the area forever. we should point out tonight that both mosaic and the state department of environmental protection says that the water is safe. to read the rest of erin brockovich's comments go to happening right now a sentencing hearing is underway in pinellas county for a man on trial for killing a 20-year-old skateboarder. hubbard's lawyer says the four- year minimum is unjust. hubbard had a panic attack during the crash that killed emma and he could not logically think straight. hubbard testified today that he was drinking the night of the crash but he was not drunk.
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>> and did you have anything to drink at that bar. >> yes. >> what did you have to drink. >> two beers and a shot. >> what kind of beers. >> bud light. >> the defense says that he has bipolar disorder and anxiety. the prosecutor wants a 14-year prison sentence. now to a big-time traffic alert in south tampa upon the. the drivers definitely want hear this. action air 1 flying over this depression right in the middle of the road. it is at the intersection of macdill and barcelona. crews are working to fix this. no word how long it will take. the intersection at macdill is closed. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> good news for the work hes out there, no rain in the immediate area. in fact most of hillsborough
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county, that heavy rain that has been sitting around honeymoon island is starting to let up. some on the north end of clearwater beach. this is trying to make its way off shore. like i said, it's lightening up as it is happening. across manatee and sarasota county, a bit more rain there. and again, it's scattered but we have heavy downpours and thunderstorms in the mix. overall, i would give us maybe about 20 to 30% coverage at the moment. we will still continue to see showers and storms bubbling up over the next and i continue to give us anywhere from 30 to 40% coverage until we get past sunset. and we will still see a few showers lingering right up until midnight before we dry out. as we head into the weekend, we've got some timing changes for the showers and storms. i'll have more on that coming up in the 7-day forecast. laura. >> thank you, shay. an update to breaking news that we brought you this time yesterday. we learned the names of a
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man threatening suicide. james doverac and dunn have been worked for the shaves office for a combined 20 years and are trained for situations like yesterday. they tried to take joseph into custody using a nonlethal method but were forced to shoot. new tonight two former college students have been found guilty of raping a woman during spring break in florida. that case prompting several changes in panama where video surfaced of the two men sexually assaulting an unconscious woman sitting in a beach chair. the victim testified she had no memory of what happened after she was given a glass of water earlier in the day. after that attack, panama city beach banned drinking on the beach. dozens of you are commenting on facebook, wondering what in the world would prompt this south florida
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her niece's lunch box. what was she thinking many of are you saying? she was arrested after being pulled over for a traffic stop this week. the deputy smelled pot and asked her what was going on. she said she put marijuana in her niece's lunch box because she got scared when she was pulled over and she says she messed up. a shuffle board scuffle lands a man in jail. there he is. he mixed it at a senior center over a game of shuffle board. it ended when hayden punched the victim in the face and even hit him with a shuffle board cue. new information about the chaos at new york's penn station we fold you about yesterday afternoon. he attacked officers with an 11- inch meat clever at the height of rush hour. new since yesterday, we learned
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as he came at them but he wouldn't stop. at one point authorities say he hit an off-duty detectives in the head with the clever. officers fired back at him, again shooting at him. >> i want to commend them for their bravery to push back the number of shots fired. sufficient shots were fired. >> in the meantime one of the officers hurt in the attack, you see him right there in the green shirt; was released from the hospital today to a greeting crowd as he left the hospital. we have an update on the handicapped van that was stolen from a tampa man who is battling als. the good news tonight, eric chapman got his van back. unfortunately the bad news, the van was found with less than --
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woman's driveway. unfortunately the meme who stole the van ruined it and now the van is undriveable. >> it's a violation. i don't even want to clean it in and out -- clean it now. you know. >> as to who stole the van, that's a mystery tonight and no arrests have been made. a counter protest to the growing protest. we told you how four miami dolphins took a knee during the national anthem in the season open kaepernick's demonstration against police brutality. you will see dolphins fans burning the jerseys and other team merchandise belonging to the four players in question. >> i think this is the wrong platform. everybody is titled to their beliefs. we have freedom of speech. but not on the football field. they're here to play football. that's the wrong atform.
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says he may not continue to kneel during the national anthem. there's a lot of mystery surrounding the murder of a florida state professor. it's a case that we have been following for months now. someone shot and killed dan markel in his driveway last year in tallahassee. police are investigating whether a family feud led to the murder and who may have hired the hit man. 20/20 will highlight why many e ex-wife's family. >> something is up with this family. >> i've never seen this kind of obsession. >> that 20/20 episode airs right here on abc action news tonight at 10:00. well, several news outlets are suing the fbi to learn how it got information off of the san bernardino shooter's iphone. they want to know who the fbi got to hack into the phone and
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tools to unlock it. you may remember the fbi and apple were in a legal battle earlier this year because apple refused to unlock the phone, claiming it would put all iphone users athe risk. two local families in need of getting a helping hand today were given these cars after being nominated by family promise of greater brandon. now, brandon, a county organization that helps homeless families. tampa auto technicians spent the summer restoring the cars and the families today. the give-a away -- the give- away gives cars to deserving families. a mother held at gun point in her own house. what is keeping her children up at night days after it all happened. the birthday gift that brings this pasco county dad to tears and the great story behind this viral video. this was just such a big
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record numbers in one florida
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>> tonight, some bone chilling video of a texas family targeted in a home invasion. this is surveillance video that really tells it all. the houston area woman as you take a closer look here says this band of masked men with guns came through a back window and raided their house. tied up her husband and woke her up, shining flashlights in her face. they even held ear had the gun point -- held her at >> i told them don't hurt my family. take whatever you want to take. >> can you imagine that happening to you? the search is still on for the men tonight. the woman says her children are so traumatized by what happened she had to pick her son up from school early. esther identified that the men will come back. taking action for you tonight. if you want to make extra money before the holidays, here is your chance. why? because amazon is hiring seasonal customer service
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home and answer customer questions. another perk, you can choose how many hours you want to work, up to 30 in a week. pay starts at $10 an hour. no doubt that florida is a growing state. what will it look like in the year 2070? well the university of florida believes they have the answer and it involves an additional 20 million people. that is double the current population of florida if you a study fr the univsityand 1,000 if patterns continue all of the red that you see on the map would be developed land. that is almost 35% of the land in the state and more than double from the year 2010. well, you may have seen this moment online recently there on your screen. it's a video of a pasco county dad opening a birthday present. it has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times. adam weiner talked about the
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>> reporter: determined to drag gift. e opening of his birthday >> come on. stop. >> there's nothing there. >> reporter: david lane opens the bag slowly, even though his family is itching to see his reaction. >> i'm going to kill him. i really am. >> reporter: sometimes there's no stopping a dad with a sense of humor. but after the laughs come the tears. >> am i adopting you? >> you don't have to. you can say no, but i want you to adopt me. you've been my dad and the legal papers don't change anything. i appreciate you. >> once it clicked and he started crying, not that i wanted you to cry, you know, it made me feel better that he felt what i felt. >> reporter: david lane helped raise gabby. >> when there were tears, he was there. we had our happy times and rough time snooze but when it came to the topic of adopt, her
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stepchildren. >> he never called us that. >> reporter: gabby heard about something called adopt adoption. now that she is an adult, gabby doesn't need anyone else's approval. >> do you remember what i told you. >> it's just a name. >> it's just a name. >> reporter: the family recorded this moment to share later with family but didn't predict it would be seen all over the world. >> it's cool that people get to see the love that we have as a family and then be able to experience with their own family by saying now i can ask my dad to do this and did. >> reporter: and that adoption paperwork is now being processed. in port richie, adam weiner, abc action news. now the most accurate weather team in florida, abc action weather. >> boy, that story hits you right there. >> i love that story. love it. also love, shay, that it's only raining in a few shots -- spots. so this friday night might be nice.
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there. >> i made it all the way bayshore and it didn't rain on me. i did it. >> bayshore is looking good and dry. south tampa over the camera we see dark clouds brewing. very little rain across hillsborough county in comparison to other spots much as we look at radar, you can see titan doppler radar scanning the skies for us live right now. we do have a little bit of rain there. and also just to the north, right near the apex, we're seeing rain county. that rain i've been watching in pinellas county around clearwater beach and into honeymoon island is starting to ring itself -- rain itself out. across i-4 if you're exiting polk county, let's say that you're driving from lakeland on into orlando, you're going to hit rain on that route. otherwise we're not looking at a ton of rain. we do have some across i-735 in manatee and sarasota county and
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this is what we will see through the weekend. as we time out the rain, let's say you're planning over to safety harbor tomorrow. there's a lot of fun stuff to do there. starting at 10:00 in the morning, things are looking good for the kids, 10:00 to 2:00. a lot of cool activities for the kids. at 3:00, bands and beer kicks off. all throughout the day, we will have slight chances for rain. up until noon, only chance. until about 3:00 and 8:00 is when you will have your highest coverage of storms across pinellas and hillsborough county. if you are planning to head out to safety harbor, slight chance for rain early in the day and a better chance after noon. about 40% coverage overall. whatever you have in mind and wherever you're going tomorrow, it's not going to be a washout. but we will have better chances for rain on sunday if you're heading to the beaches. or if that's where you happen to live or play over the weekend.
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have your better chances for showers in pinellas county, right along the beaches in the morning. and then through the afternoon, it will be farther inland. and it will be more hit and miss. so you will still have a chance for a shower or storm in the afternoon for sunday. but i think we will have greater coverage on saturday afternoon at the beaches with a drier start to the day. so that's how the beaches are coming together for the weekend. highs will be in the upper 80s at the beaches and the water temperature is at 86 degrees. ov dry hours. you can see the overall coverage on sunday is still pretty low, at about 30%. not too bad. now, as we get into the next workweek, monday, tuesday and wednesday look to be fairly wet, with about 50 percent coverage. because of a couple of reasons. in addition to that, we may get a little bit of the residual moisture coming from the remnants of julia. not a trim system. we may get a little extra
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trying to approach the state. so between tuesday and thursday this front just fizzles out on top of us, enhancing our rain chances. behind it is where we get a payoff. behind the systems we will get the slightly cooler mornings. ahead of it, we will get the greater chance for showers and storms. and the chance for afternoon storms thursday and friday down to 30%. with mornings starting off in the mid-70s, yeah, not too bad. overal accurate 7-day forecast looking decent, especially for heading into the weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you, shay. a first of its kind rule in a florida city. the new ban that could change what you buy in one popular night life hot spot and the reap that it could help both
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>> new tonight, you will be seeing a whole lot less of this in one popular south florida party spot. miami beach's styrofoam ban going into effect today. offenders can face up to $500 in fines. now, lawmakers say it's all meant to protect animals and reduce pollution in the water ways and parks. it's the first ban of its kind here in florida. almost anything to nab an elusive pokemon and that includes playing while driving. don't do t you might remember this video from last month of a distracted driver playing behind the wheel and weaving across the road. listen to this tonight, a new study just published today analyzing social media posts that contain posts like pokemon driving in car. and the survey says nearly one
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at the same time. well, it's here and apparently selling well. in store iphone 7 sales are off to a strong start. people camped out overnight in tampa. the lines weren't as crazy as in the past. internet sales exceeded expectations. preorders for the plus model and all jet black colors are on back order until at least november. iphone fans say this is the best phone yet. >> i would have to say the camera and the fact if you you don't ruin your phone. >> i got the black 32 gig. just love the new look. excited to see the speed and the different apps and play with it and learn -- learn on the way. >> if you want an iphone but don't want to pay for the brand- new 7, the 6 is on sale now. here is wendy ryan with a look at what is coming up new at 6:00. >> thank you, paul. growing concerns about this
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us who could see potential troubles from all of the contamination and the concern that federal regulators had at this plant a year ago. and also the breaking agreement to help nearby homeowners. plus this. the drug epidemic in tys killing at a record high rate. what the coroner has to do to
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>> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> contaminated and radioactive water seeping into a bay area water supply. now at 6:00, abc action news looking into how this sink hole unexpectedly formed and who should be the most concerned right now. but first breaking details coming in on this story. the dep revealing in the past 30 minutes, it i wells for nearby homeowners. >> that's right. 200million gallons of this contaminated water still pushing into the sink hole. mosaic does not exactly know how deep this thing is. but a lot of testing still going on. action air 1 showing us more is still getting in there. again, they don't know how deep it is. they say it's too dangerous to get close to. next week they plan to build a rig and drop a piece of equipment down the hole to map
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figure out how to fill it. the situation is concerning for people who live around the mosaic facility in mulberry. paul lagrone finding out what areas need to be the most concerned. >> let me show you the before picture. here is the-shot at the mosaic mine in mulberry. that mine is where the sink hole it son. let me show you something else. this is video from action air the scene. you see how deep it is. it goes straight down to the aquifer. action air 1 showing how the pond is gone and it sucked down all of the radioactive water right into the water supply. you're looking at an open wound into the water supply. 250million gallons of h20 pouring straight into the floridian aquifer. >> everything out here is on


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