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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  October 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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now at 6:00 protests erupt overnight after two different police involved shootings. the videos that may shed new light on whether these men were a threat. >> hurricane matthew is making landfall in haiti right now. we will show you all new video of the devastating impact this storm is having. good morning and thanks for waking up with abc tuesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. let's check in with ivan watching the path. what the storm could mean for us and your family. >> absolutely. the track has changed. we will talk about our effects in a second. right now making landfall, the eye of the storm moving in and the eye wall that contains 145 miles per hour winds. it has strengthened in the last few frames here. right now on the eastern side of that eye wall, 9 water is
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western side of haiti there. storm surge will be significant. the winds will be destructive and the amount of rain on hilly terrain will lead to mudslides and life threatening conditions the next couple of days. the track has shifted. we are moving it further to the northwest. that was the case yesterday but now it's more of a turn to florida. now as i close up on here, we have the cone that involves hurricane watches will be posted for the east coast of florida. we could have tropical storm watches for us as the storm makes its closest path on us thursday and into friday and then to the north and east. what are we expecting? winds of 40 to 50 miles per hour across the interior is a possibility thursday and friday. that would be tropical storm force. we still with the current track are on the drier side of the storm, we shouldn't get involved in the tampa bay area where the heaviest rain.
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hurricane force winds are possible across the eastern side of the state. we will talk about that and the eventually track and the rainfall on the way for later this afternoon with our storms that are back in the forecast in a few minutes. good tuesday morning. we are looking good on the roadways. here is a live look at i-4 around plant city, thonotosassa road, up to speed in both directions. 20 minutes to get back and forth between lakeland and downtown tamp on the veterans 54 to 275, 18 minutes. selmon expressway is looking great. six minutes from 75 into downtown. back to you. >> on top of hurricane matthew this morning, we got new video in a few hours ago showing the category 4 storm impacting jamaica overnight. rain turning roads into rivers. drivers getting stranded in some of the floodwaters. crews are rescuing people
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three people have died so far. that hurricane will cross eastern cuba tonight and we just got this video in showing 700 military spouses and children from guantanamo bay arriving in florida. a still picture. they had to evacuate cuba ahead of matthew landing at pensacola naval air station. protests erupt in los angeles as a police chief defends two officers involved -- officer involved police arrested three protestors that refused to leave lapd headquarters. they are upset after officers shot and killed carnell snell junior saturday. the chief said snell was carrying a semi-automatic handgun. video from a business shows snell holding a gun. the second shooting happened sunday. they fired after a man pointed a gun at them. it turns out it was a replica
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realistic. that was caught on body cam video. >> if that is the situation, release the video. with that being said, say that is true, is there is other ways to deescalate. >> the department is talking to the district attorney about releasing the videos to the public. four minutes after 6:00. in democracy 2016 a big day in politics locally and nationally. >> as mike pence and tim kaine prepare for the debate, pinellas county is preparing to ballots. >> james tully is live at the supervisor of election office. the mail-in ballots are increasingly important in our area. >> across the country, too, deiah. in the last presidential election, more than half of all ballots cast were mail in. like you mentioned, pinellas county is no different. later on this morning, we know they will distribute 264,000 of
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ever. residents receiving these will have the ballots on hand when mike pence and tim kaine take the stage tonight for the vice presidential debate. now, v, that's where vp governor kaine governed from 2006 to 2010. the commission saying he won't have a home field advantage. campaigning in virginia, pence decided to take aim report. >> when tim kaine was governor, he tried to raise taxes by $4 billion in four years. state of indiana i have signed more than $3.5 billion in tax relief for working families, small businesses and family farms. >> i'm not a betting man but i think that will come up tonight
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a substantive debate. you can see it tonight on your action news station. if you are not by a tv, check it out on your mobile app. james tully, abc action news. the trump foundation cannot fund raise in new york state. the attorney general saying the foundation does not have the correct registration. >> state officials have been investigating trump's foundation after reports that he benefited personally from the charity. at boost from mike shanahan. he talked about their friendship. trump addressed the controversy over his taxes saying any smart american should want to pay the government as little as possible. >> i have often said on the campaign trail that i have a fiduciary responsibility to pay no more tax than legally required. i hate the way they spend our tax dollars.
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dollars he reportedly lost in 1995 came during a significantly tough real estate period, almost as bad as the great depression. hillary clinton attacked trump at a rally in akron, ohio, calling him the poster boy for a rigged tax system. clinton reiterated her demand that he release his tax information. >> he is talking about how he can't release his taxes because he i admitted everything before 2009 is not under audit. release everything up until 2009. shot american people your taxes. of. >> a new poll finds clinton leading trump in florida by 5 percentage points. the poll shows clinton at 46%. donald trump at 41%. one month ago the two were tied. take a look at this. chuckie cheese is on damage
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inside a south florida restaurant in kendall. you can see this group throwing punches, pulling hair. it happened saturday. witnesses say several sets of parents got involved in the fight. employees immediately called police. chuckie cheese says the chain does not tolerate this kind behavior. still to come on abc action news at 6:00, sunscreen solution. three common mix stakes we make when trying to ourselves from uv damage. >> later, a news photographer familiar with crash scenes finds himself part of the story. the one thing making his
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we check in on current conditions, mid- to upper-70s. we are doi t still under the same easterly flow which will mean the storm fires east of us and along the beaches between 4:00 and 7:00. keep that in mind. doppler radar not finding much. a cluster of thunderstorms, what is left of the deluge we had yesterday. five inches in a short amount of time, yesterday favoring south of i-4. we are good for a 50% coverage. temperatures will climb out of the 70s, back to where we should be this time of year,
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this tropical air mass favoring the late-day storms some on the hafter another side -- heftier side. many. as you know, living in florida, we know the importance of sunscreen. experts say there headquarter three big mistakes that we are making. one california woman says she found the solution. a sunscreen machine. a machine that she calls a snappy screen. basically she redesigned the sp of sunscreen. select the spf level and adjust to your height. the three biggest things we do wrong when we put on sunscreen, we don't put on enough, don't give it enough time to absorb and we don't reapply. a consumer alert to check the spice rack this morning. a company is recalling ground turmeric because of high levels of lead. spices usa recalling 400 pounds
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it could be in several different brands. coming up, a man was trying to be polite in line at a football game. that lands him in the hospital fighting for his life. >> plus, underwater video capturing a steel thy crocodile. what happened next when the animal snuck up on a boy and his family.
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16 minutes after 6:00. caught on camera, a news photographer becomes part of the story. his dash cam catches the act. he is -- he is racing to help a many woman trapped. he quickly calls 911. >> i got a female trapped inside a vehicle, vehicle is crabs a crowbar from his truck and smashes out the window. first responders show up on the scene. he uses a flashlight to direct them to the crash. he is being modest about his actions. >> i am a willing and able person. >> that man says he has ordered a fire extinguisher so he is better prepared fit happens again. breaking news out of sweden.
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the 2016 nobel prize in physics. they share the prize for revealing the secrets of exotic matter like superconductors or thin magnetic films. their research may help engineers create new applications for your future electronic devices. a maryland man is in critical condition after getting in a fight during a baltimore ravens game. the man, 55-year-old joseph concession stand with his wife and he let a woman go in front of him. two raider fans got so angry they attacked the man. officers arrested them. there is an effort across the state to create rights for homeless people. the homeless action coalition will hold a news conference in four different cities including tampa and orlando. the coalition says florida
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homelessness. they will bring a homeless bill of rights to florida lawmakers. >> today some pinellas county police officers are trying to get to know you better as part of nash name night out. you can see police demonstrations, get free bike helmets and rescue trucks and helicopters at 5:00. st. pete police will be the target on north 9th street. happening today, the tampa their disappointing and frustrating season. they finished with the worst record since 2007 winning 68 games. they lost the last game to the rangers sunday. for the third year in a row they won't be in the play-offs. rays leaders are holding a news conference where we should learn what they are doing to turn the team around. spring training is a little more than four months away.
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keep watching. that is a crocodile sneaking up on a little boy. you see his shorts. there is the crocodile. the water is murky but the crocodile circles the boy and his family. it happened in australia last week. the crocodile bit the boy owned his arm and storm -- on his arm and stomach. he suffered minor puncture wounds. it could have been worse. update on the hurricane here. category 4 with winds of 145 miles it was a category 4 yesterday and the day before that. that makes three days in a row. that only happened 20 times with a storm like this with that intensity keeping a record. already a historic storm. we focus in on the eye. the the storm, you can say, in the last 6 to 12 hours strengthened or maintained that 145. the reason is the eye is more discernible on the satellite imagery on the eastern side of
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water is getting pushed. that is the peninsula of western haiti. 145 to a light breeze in the next few minutes. that is the eye crossing the western tip making landfall as we speak. then it continues up to the north. these the wind field, 40 miles across hurricane force winds 155 miles across tropical storm force winds less dangerous of course than the red hear which will wreck of a vouch across eastern -- havoc across guantanamo base. a lot of folks there. then it head's up to the bahamas and continues to be a storm to deal with then the change is the track, a further jog to the west made all the difference. all the while this would parallel the state. any jog to the west and that happened more significant impacts. i will site ten the shot.
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further northwest than north and parallels the southeastern coast of the united states. as far as what has happened with the hurricane watches and warnings, we have extended the hurricane warnings to include the bahamas. i think we will have hurricane watches for the eastern part of florida later on today. that hasn't happened yet, not because the track will change in the next advisory but we are getting closer to the event. it's basically a expecting that go up. thursday night into friday as it head's up to the north. the impacts for the eastern part of the state will be a lot more significant for us because we are on the drier side of the storm. the models doing just an incredible thing here, paralleling the entire eastern united states. if this comes to be, is it will be quite something here, a hurricane going up and down the eastern seaboard with meandering hurricane force
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friday, 40 to 50 miles per hour winds. that's changed. it's moving closer to the estate. that would be for the interior counties where we will get a tropical storm watch or warning. we are on the drier side of the storm. the heavy rain bands should remain to the east. the hurricane force winds will remain to our east but now involved in the southeastern and central part of florida along the coast. that's where hurricane watches. plenty can change. keep checking back with us. that's the latest we can bring you right now. as far as the local weather, more rain on the way. easterly flow favors the storms on 95 then ending up along the beaches as they have the last couple of days. with this tropical air mass, once the rain begins, we could look at significant downpours. upwards of 3 to 5 inches like yesterday.
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beaches. extending forecast, rain chance 50 today. we turn windier thursday to friday then the back side of the storm we clear out. and cool off. big change coming up for next weekend. we are getting into the busy time of the morning. not too bad out there. we are following a crash in dover westbound u.s. 92 before macintosh. i am seeing a little bit of a slow down. leave yourself extra time. execking i-4 through the dover area, looking great. 67 average speed westbound to tampa. i-275 at busch, six minutes from here to downtown tampa. back to you. >> thanks, janelle. still ahead, a creek turns an alarming milky color. there it is. we will show you more of this video and what people fear may be causing it. >> a man comes home to find a
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take a look at this video. crews near st. louis are trying to figure out what made the creek change to this milky white color. people in the area are concerned that the creek is contaminated. they say there is a long
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the area. the department of natural resources is testing the water. we are hearing from a new jersey man who was the victim of a brazen burglary. >> peter fields said when he got back home after running errands he found an intruder in the home. he saw the living room window smashed then a whiskey bottle out of place. he kept walking through the house and couldn't believe it. the brazen burglar was in his shower. that's when he called 911. the man had his clothes laid out on the bed the place. hurricane mat thieu already -- matthew having a major impact on flights in and out of tampa. i will detail how it's affecting passengers. >> also ahead, a fight for a polk county elephant is taking off online. the demand tens of thousands of
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hurricane matthew is making 4r5eu68 in haiti -- matthew in haiti. >> the devastation and the way we are preparing in florida. we know that so many of you are concerned, you are worried because you have family and friends in the direct line of the storm. >> let's get an update from ivan cabrera tracking matthew as we speak. >> this is a category 4 storm of 145 miles per hour winds essentially the western peninsula of haiti. i will slow up the shot so you can see. there is the eye. the eye wall is what contains the 145 miles per hour winds. those are on shore. on the eastern side you get the forward movement of the storm. it's not much at 9. there is the storm surge potential. we hope those folks have been evacuated because we are talking ten to 12 feet of storm surge with this storm as it continues to head to the north.
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that hasn't changed since the last advisory. that makes it day three of a category 4 storm. this then goes up to the north, clips eastern parts of cuba, guantanamo specifically then it goes through the bahamas. normally a storm weakens over a land mass. basically it will ignore the islands. it doesn't know a land mass is here. the islands are flat and tiny across the area. it won't do much in the way of weakening the storm as it heads to do this is the big change for us. we are in the cone. yesterday we were further to the east. the models are trending west. the nhc has adjusted the track. we will likely get hurricane watches in the next few hours for portions of the eastern part of the state. because of this closer pass, we will likely get involve in stronger winds, 45, 50 miles per hour winds for thursday into friday.
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of the storm, especially from polk county west. if you are in polk county, you could be clipped with the rainfall, especially if it trends to the west. hurricane force winds are possible for the east coast. that is the big change. that is what essentially put in play the peninsula and why we have a state of emergency. 80s through this afternoon. the rains today, nothing associated with matthew. easterly wind that will bring us late- rain coverage 50%. for now another dry morning commute. janelle? good morning. we are hearing of a crash as you come off the howard frankland into tampa past kennedy here. the good news is we aren't seeing any delays. i checked your drive across the howard frankland and you are looking at six minutes to get across. heading out the door in the wesley chapel area, take a look. we are starting to slow down heading south to i-4 down to 43
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apex into i-4. 63. not bad on 75. again things are starting to slow down there. again, a satellite view of matthew from 22,000 feet up clipping western haiti right now which is right there. >> this gives you an idea of how big the storm is. devastating rain is hammering haiti and jamaica. the wind is getting stronger by the minute. three people these images show conditions in port-au-prince. it is expected to get worse the next few hours. governor rick scott declared a state of emergency in florida. he will be in south florida to meet with emergency management officials. let's get out to rodney dunigan live at tampa international airport with a look at how the storm is impacting people in the bay area. >> reporter: let me tell you, a number of passengers have been affected by the storm and
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i spoke to a number of passengers just in from puerto rico. they were stuck there because of severe weather and power outages that delayed their flight. >> we were stranded in the airport. they tell us it was an electric storm. our flight got canceled. we didn't know if it was going to hit the island because we were in the capital. >> this morning southwest airlines is warning customers service could be affected over the coming week. forecasters with the national hurricane center say the computer models shift the track westward after three days putting much of florida in the cone of uncertainty. i spoke to one man heading to cuba unsure if conditions would allow him to make it. >> no, i'm not afraid. we believe in technology and the people would be able to
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or nonacceptable risk. >> reporter: of course, as for those flights, airport officials say check the status before arriving. emergency officials say this is a good reminder for people across the state of florida to be prepared during hurricane season and stock up on the essentials like bottled water, nonperishable food and flashlights. many are concerned about their family and friends in the area of a number of flights to the caribbean have been canceled. check the flight status before arriving at the airport. rowdy dunigan, abc action news. police are looking for a man that made threats to blow up a bank. investigators say this man just went into a suntrust bank on cypress gardens boulevard to complain about transactions.
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yelled at the teller saying he would come back and blow up the place. if you have any information, call crimestoppers. the teenager accused of killing a couple in martin county and trying to bite off the face of one victim is in jail for the first time since the murders happened six weeks ago. austin harrouff is accused of murdering michelle mishcon and john stephens. he is accused of stabbing jeff fisher a neighbor that help the couple. he swallowed something harmful after the murders and was taken to the hospital after jail. he is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. the sheriff waited to arrest harrouff so taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for his medical bills. >> hissing direct to jail, did not pass go, we were okay.
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investigators. he is heavily medicated. $35,000 is missing putting a st. pete little league season in jeopardy. a software company that processes the fees online owes the money to northeast little league. the owner saying the company was a victim of fraud and the bank froze its assets which froze payments to the little league. parents tell us they heard diversions of the same story ant aren't buying >> -- and aren't buying it. >> to thing somebody would be okay keeping money that isn't theirs frustrates me. i work hard for my money to pay for my kids to play ball. >> in june a brat youth take set in -- a youth facility in utah blamed the same company of keeping their funds. school leaders in pinellas county are asking for your help to make sure that your children
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they want your ideas on how to close the achievement gap. they are hosting four meetings to gather ideas on how to improve student performance. the first meeting at 6:00 at largo high school. a man is under investigation and banned from you a caught tika after -- aquatica after police say he molested girls in the lazy river attraction. he was arrested shortly after. he had a season pass and was to the problems. a paint bottle lead st. pete police to a vandalism suspect. you can see the damage they say he left. nine different businesses and homes were hit. a security guard confronted him. he dropped the bottle and took off on the scooter. evidence from the bottle lead
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new information in a latch cha county as a deputy gets his punishment for leaving a police dog in the car. the handler tommy wilcox will have to work almost a week without pay. he is going to spend three months on probation. we are finding out he will no longer work with the agency's dogs. the sheriff says they are installing extra features in patrol cars to prevent canine deaths. a petition is circulating to save an elephant in polk county. they are trying to get the white house involved in the fight of nosey. claims of abuse circulated in april. the owner is keeping the elephant in davenport and performs in kissimmee. they are demanding authorities step in and take her to a sanctuary so she can retire. it has hundreds of thousands of signatures. authorities arrested a
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airport. they filed a charge against nigel bratham. tsa workers say they found the weapon in his backpack. the former florida state star said he has a permit and forgot the gun was there. if you are traveling with guns, keep them in a locked container in checked bags only. make sure they tropical downpours. yesterday they were south of i- 4. 3 to 5 inches of rainfall. tropical moisture can lead to that. temperatures low to mid-70s. heading to workings just fine. sunshine early part of the day. then by lunchtime a couple of showers and storms across the interior counties then everything pushes to the west and as that happens, the thunderstorms get going so that between 4:00 and 8:00 we could be looking at pretty good
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update on matthew straight ahead. >> still ahead, parade controversy, a float stirs
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morning sprint counts you down to "good morning america." >> today the race for the vice presidential candidates to take the stage. tim kaine debates mike pence in virginia. the indiana governor hopes he and kaine get to talk about their congressional records instead of defending their running mates. you n 9:00 on abc action news station and streamed live on our free mobile app. hundreds of thousands of vote by mail ballots will be mailed today. in you want to vote in the general election, the registration deadline is tuesday. early voting starts in some bay area counties monday, october 24th. the deadline to request a vote by mail ballot is november 2nd.
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outside of marco rubio's tampa office planning to demand the senator pledge to protect florida's senior citizens by expanding and not cutting social security. in july dozens took part in a sit in at his orlando office for pushing for gun control. out of workings need a job? job work usa is hosting a career fair at stein broken near field from 10 if you plan ongoing, dress professionally, bring plenty of resumes and you can find more information on our free mobile app. this morning life threatening wind and rain are pounding haiti and hurricane matthew is trekking north ward. >> three people died in haiti. ashley yore is live in the
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from the low-lying areas. as this monster storm is hitting, they could see up to 40 inches of rain. these are some of the photos we are seeing out of haiti. you can see streets flooded before the worst of the storm hits. some people were killed at sea who didn't listen to warnings. they are asking people to get to shelters, not treat it like any other storm. in tampa bay, one woman is worried about her family she can't reach her cousin and grandmother. cell phone service is spotty. she has been using facebook or what's app. >> the roads are not the best. the roads are not built. infrastructure is not there. we hope everybody is safe. >> you may remember when the 2010 earthquake killed 200,000 people in haiti. then another 10,000 people died
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the standing water. aide organizations are standing by because haiti will need help. parade float in indiana is raising controversy. some call it racist. the hit the streets over the weekend. it depicts donald trump executing hillary clinton in an electric chair. that is not the parts offending people. they are upset about the figure there in black face with an obama sign over it. the creator says he never me actually a democrat. >> going viral online this morning, one boy's note for being absent from school. the 5-year-old got his note signed by the boss. we don't mean mom. the philadelphia boy got bruce springsteen himself to excuse him from school. ben and his super fan dad meeting the boss at a book signing. having the excused absence typed up for the boss to autograph. good morning, everybody.
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fatal crash in bartow. there are delays with roadblock state road 60 at 80-foot road. crews are investigating. avoid that area for your morning commute. we are watching a crash down in sarasota, southbound i-75. this is once you pass clark road. take a look at the backup. the crash just happened. we are seeing a slow down southbound i-75. leave yourself extra time there. we are slowing down in hillsb hillsborough. take a look at this. we have cars at a standstill due to a disabled vehicle there. leave yourself extra time. back to you. ' date on hurricane matthew making landfall across the western peninsula of haiti. port-au-prince to the north and east. we have -- not ignoring the dominican republic.
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peninsula, western tip here. i just hope that a lot of flocks have evacuated. if you have not and you are waiting this storm on the southern facing coastlines, we are talking about a 10 to 12- foot storm surge on top of 145 miles per hour winds. that is beyond life threatening. we are talking about folks that sometimes can't get out of the way. we talk about the government telling them to evacuate. some folks don't have the means to evacuate here and there is the eye going over the western tip. storm surge from the south. 145 miles per hour winds. it has been pouring rain since yesterday and the day beforement that's why we are talking about accumulations of a couple of feet plus in a hilly terrain which will lead to mud slides over the next couple of days. the track has not changed the next 36 hours. then a shift to the north and
6:51 am
and west and now we are in play here in florida and the southeastern coast. yesterday we had this shifting further to the east. we talked about further west the more involved we were going to be. now of course we have hurricane warnings posted for the bahamas. this is thursday into friday. as it parallels the coast now it will come close enough that we are thinking hurricane conditions are possible along the eastern side of the peninsula. hurricane watches likely going up later this look at the cone. it extends to the west, almost reaching tampa bay literally. but the interior counties are involved. by thursday and friday we could talk about tropical storm force wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. that would be for the interior. now, as far as the track as we see it now, that hasn't changed on the drier side of the storm. this should be a wind situation, not so much a rain
6:52 am
west. hurricane force winds, the brand-new thing, those won't be involved on the eastern side of the state which is why we will likely have the watches posted this morning. the model trends are shifting further and further west. today 50% coverage of storms into tomorrow then we turn drier on the western side of matthew thursday and friday as it moves close to us, windy conditions and then clearing out in time for the ne will see more of on "good morning america." the murder trial for a georgia father is entering the second day. >> he is accused of intentionally leaving his son in a hot car. >> reporter: in this morning's gma first look we take you to opening statements in the murder trial of justin ross harris question how he could forget to drop his 22 month off at day care after the two had breakfast at this chick-fil-a down the street minutes away
6:53 am
office where the boy died in a hot s.u.v. cooper harris was trapped in a rear facing car seat for more than seven hours. this surveillance video shows his father checking on the car in the middle of the day. while his son was dying outside, the married father was sexting with other women. [ indiscernible ] harris is charged with murder and second- degree child cruelty pleading not guilty saying accident. his ex-wife agrees he is innocent. we will have more at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, abc
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captain al is over a crash northbound u.s. 301 at broadway south of mlk. we have one lane blocked. starting to northbound on 301. >> showers and storms this afternoon. rain chance 50%. brand-new advisory from the national hurricane center. category 4 monster hurricane matthew. >> more on "good morning america." stay tuned for that. gma is next. >> keep up to date with us on
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janelle and ivan are back in 25
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good mor good morning, america. breaking right now, hurricane matthew slams the caribbean. the eye hits haiti this morning. a deadly category 4 storm. 145-mile-an-hour winds. fears of a life-threatening storm surge and more than three as cruise ships reroute to avoid the storm. now the east coast braces for its impact and states of emergency already declared in florida and north carolina. donald trump fighting back against that bombthey will tax story. >> i have brilliantly used those laws. >> hillary clinton hitting him hard. >> here is my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> as new polls show the democratic nominee topping trump after the first debate.


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