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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  October 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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abc action news starts right now with breaking news. the breaking news right now at 5:00 from holiday, the pasco sheriff is calling the overnight shooting of a man by his deputies "suicide by cop." deputies responded to a domestic disturbance obligee driver 7:30 pm last night.
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on a pregnant woman and said "call the cops. i have a gun." deputies arrived and evacuated neighbors. they tried talking to the man he was not been identified. after two hours, cops broke down. deputies entered the home and found that man in the bathroom with a knife. he refused to put it down, and deputies said they truck -- they shot him when he charged at them. we will will have a report from holiday 'live at 5' 30 a.m. we will have a check at this morning's forecast. it is nice and coldest morning. we will check with janel on traffic as well in traffic as well. low to midshipman 70s right now. we will continue to see continuous weather pattern. we had a couple disturbances rolled to the we can. we have some showers and thunderstorms even. but for now, just an east wind is what we have to contend with. it will keep us humid and warm and we will continue to see some isolated inland afternoon showers. nothing organized here. i think we're in good shape.
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for this time of year with 88. it will fill a little warmer with the humidity. we have a cold front on the weight in a few minutes we will talk about that with janel. wear out there on the roads. we have nothing major happening. you are in for a smooth ride if you are heading out the door right now. this is what it looks like. right along i for looking good all the way from lakeland into tampa. if you are heading east, you may see a crash in davenport that is off to the side. checking your speeds on some of the average roads and green. looking good on 75 and i to 75. 5:02 am. sad realities for families in the tampa bay area. families are not able to put food on the table for the kids. with the holidays approaching, metropolitan ministries are providing a hand to those in need. at the st. peter catholic church, this morning, people
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holidays. >> reporter: dan, this is always an event that brings in a large number of families trying to help. in fact, metropolitan ministries tell us that during the holiday season, they will serve 25,000 families between thanksgiving and christmas. >> this is for us to be able to offer what we all take for granted and offer a little bit of hope and joy to those families. took the reality is heartbreaking. pride in our community, one in four children live in households that cannot afford to put food on the table. during the holiday, families with children as well as the elderly can sign up to ensure that they are able to provide a warm, and healthy milk to loved ones this holiday season. parents also have a chance to have a gift under the tree for their child. we spoke with one client who said the program helps her to
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two small children. >> it is good to have a place to sign up to get a thanksgiving basket can toys and things for your kids for the holidays, which is christmas. i think it is a great thing, especially for a parent like me being single. >> reporter: sign-up begins at 10 am this morning. they are expecting a pretty large crowd. the need seems to grow every year metropolitan ministries say they can always donations as well. just consider this. a donation of about two dollars can actually feed a family a mill for the holidays if you would like to find out more on how you can help, simply head over to our website at on how you can help, simply head over to our for now, reporting live in tampa, rodney with abc action news for anyone voting by mail, you do not have to update your signature after all. a judge ruled late yesterday that throwing out ballots for signature changes was obscene
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state law, rather, it allows people who failed to sign ballots to reissue. if the signatures do not match the signature they have on file, the boat is tossed. there's no chance of appeal. judge walker said that penalized people whose signature changed over time. tensions over the election arising all over the country. in north carolina, police believe someone firebombed the republican party office. it look like a bottle of a flammable liquid was thrown through the windows of a gop office. the windows were also vandalized . they are calling it a political attack of political terrorism. both candidates responded on twitter. trump said "animals representing hillary clinton just firebombed our office because we're winning.>> reporter: fire-
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called this graphic. they wanted to raise $10,000 but now they have already raised more than 13,000. that fire north carolina is raising questions about safety a campaign offices nationwide. hillsboro county gop leaders called the attack devastating. local offices are asking volunteers and staffers to use extra caution into not go outside at night alone. >> we will have the desert -- will not be deterred and distracted. those things are like the potholes. you go through the menu accept them. months ago, local democrats and republicans corrugated safety strategy and they have plan security majors before every major event. >> one of the biggest decisions is who they are going to vote for in the senate race. abc action news is helping you
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tonight at 7, we are airing a live debate between the senate nominee and marco rubio. we will watch the debate. it will be streamed live on our mobile app and facebook page. students at the university of south florida will keep its eye on the presidential they will conduct a straw poll. it will take place on several locations on campus. we expect to have those results a little later this afternoon. dozens of local religious leaders say they will call on bay area prosecutors to stop seeking the death penalty in murder cases. the -- the clergy claim there are too many problems like applying the death penalty like applying death -- racial bias. they said that florida juries should be unanimous before sentencing someone to get -- to the death penalty. officer say that he
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call -- into a car. -- crashed into a cops car. in orlando county, fire officials are working to find out what caused a fire yesterday morning. the damage is extensive and is slowing down the investigation into what caused the crash. take a look at these pictures young children, escaped their burning home. the home went up in flames on saturday night. firefighters say that the fire started in the back of the house but they have not said how. 508 5:08 am now. a hotel meeting arranged on turned deadly on daytona beach shores. amy stephani arranged to meet alfonso at a hotel that according to authorities, stephanie brought over -- her boyfriend and a knife to the media.
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to get away. asked. try to grab the knife and clark said he stabbed him. work that at the scene. the man will not be charged because he acted in self- defense. they are now charging stephani with armed robbery and valerie of second-degree murder. it comes a little more than a month after a toxic sinkhole opened and mulberry. mosaic say a pump that circulates processed w -- at a fertilizer leaked. >> they have another problem and that makes people concerned. police did notice -- police said the company did notify customers of the leak this time. the rule was put in place after
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after it opened. tesla ceo tweeted that the announcement will now be made on wednesday. he says if your days are needed for refinement. in's list -- analyst believe that it may relate to the autopilot following a couple of high-speed crashes. unwanted and expired pills and all other medications, there's a chance to keep them off the streets and out of people's hands. operation pill drop starts today and runs to midshipman november. the idea to -- the idea is to cut down on prescription drugs. >> the majority of users have the drop-off locations on north largo. the locations vary each week. citrus county begins its final hurricane -- hurricane hermine pickup today. everything will be removed by
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there asking people to separate tree waste, appliances, and other debris. and from the weather center, it is still warm compared to what we've seen so far this season. it is 73 degrees. we will jumped to 83. afternoon high temps in the upper 80s. a little more human. isolated into -- isolated inland showers. we will talk about the forecast to fall weather headed in our direction. 5:1 what happens to -- what happened to petals the bear? the facts behind the rumors of his recent death and when we could learn more. a bottle -- a battle being fought right now cubit isis on the run for good. which troops are trying to push them out of a key strong lead
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we have the results that you need. contact the i-team. >> the eye team is on it. let abc action news take check in for you.
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welcome back. 5:15 am. developing this morning, a major military offensive against isis that co an end to the terror group. iraqi forces right now working to retake the city of mosul. the largest city held by isis. us secretary says it is a toughest battle since america troops left nearly 5 years ago. it could take months to complete. us forces providing artillery support of military advice to
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of people in new jersey may have been killed in a bear hug. we told you about petals before. he walks upright because his front paws do not function normally. on friday, a facebook page dedicated to them report that he had been killed during the state's five day hunting season. the environmental protection agency said that a beer with injuries had been brought in. the bear had died. they were not sure if it was petals, but they do plan to release pictures of the slain bear this week. >> that is d >> sorry, ivan. 71 in tampa right now. 73 in clearwater. i know that you -- what you will like. the weekend forecast. we have been entire week to get into the cold front but it is coming. we've had this happen already through the season. this one will affect our afternoon high temperatures. we will get to that in a second. will talk about high temperatures, and then we will
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it will feel like september really. upper 80s. it will feel like 80 degrees. that is all we have working with us that we did not have a disturbance for this one. we talked about this last week. that that one is gone. now, just the wind prevailing from the east, bringing in some cloudy, inland showers. that is all i had to show you here. the pattern is very quiet for the entire week until we get a cold front moving through. night. usually the friends committed there is a big clash of air masses with plenty of moisture, and there will not be much with it. it will come to friday night quietly and we will have a nice chuckle cooler air hit by saturday and sunday. : still a hurricane and it is still impacting the eastern united states in terms of swells and rip currents as well. we still have this area here. it is moving in the other
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a close eye. 40% compared to those chances. will be mostly sunny we will keep that going through the entire work week. midshipman and upper 80s. friday night , there is the change. saturday and sunday, we may not hit 80 degrees. >> nice. we are following a serious crash in pinellas county. take a look at the map your. i will show you exactly where it is. southbound 28 street is closed.22n 22nd avenue, north. this is due to a possible rollover crash and we are hearing a lot of police activity in this area as well. will find out if this is even more than just a crash. for now, southbound, 28 street is close. you'll want to use was 19 or i to 75 is an alternate. if you choose i to 75, here's a live picture. right through pinellas county. up to speed in both directions.
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wage today. it is a nickel raise. protesters have talked about this in the past. they have asked that the minimum wage increase up to $15 an hour. a say that it could help rally around the bay area this morning including at city hall and st. pete at 10:30 am. take a look at this rescue from seattle. you can see rough weather at the beach there. it may be more difficult the water. team rescuers come to help pull them out. the man was warned not to go in the water. he was told that he could get hurt or stranded. reporter at the beach has 30 years experience as a wind surfer and the waves were perfect extract the creepy clowns trend could change the way that we celebrate halloween this year. major changes a popular halloween stores.
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getting rid of the mask. any of you having a problem with that home button? we have today's tech bytes. in today's tech rights, the iphone 7 may be having some issues with this new nonmechanical home button. but apple has a -- already has a safeguard. there is an onscreen media button to work around the problem. unlimited data for 30 minutes at a time. they call it puff data. and it will cost you two dollars or three dollars to get it for a full hour. those masks are 330 feet tall. that is higher than the statue of liberty. the shift is 458 feet long. there is a touch sensitive sheet of glass that allows the captain to lower the cells or race the anchor with the swipe of a finger.
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those are your tech rights.
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a family in new york is mourning the loss of a child who was run over by a lawnmower this weekend. the incident happened on sunday. police at this point say that a family member was operating the lawnmower at the time that a three-year-old was head. the little boy died instantly.
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underneath the lawnmower. 5:24 am. recent creepy clowns sightings are now prompting one store to react. target is removing clown masks from their stores and the website. >> they said that their removing the issue at hand.>> while you can buy wigs and makeup, the masks have been the hospital's starlight gaeta. -- starlight gala. this spectacular event raises funds for pediatric care. the popular band chicago flew in for a special performance. 5:25 am. coming up, this woman is facing charges and we will tell you
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breaking news out of holiday this morning. a man is dead after spitting on a pregnant woman in getting into a standoff with police. the sheriff says that it had no
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live from the station
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abc action news the standoff situation in a pasco neighborhood ends with a man being shot by deputies. the chilling part, they say this is the outcome that he wanted. much more on that story coming up in a few minutes. good morning. thank you for joining us on abc action news this morning. things for waking up with us at 5:30 am. let's get out the door with ivan and a check on the forecast. good to see you both. it looks nice out there. marta school -- not as cool as we like to see it out there. we could be doing worse but we will be looking at temperatures by this afternoon approaching 90. it will feel like it is approaching the 90s because of the humidity out there. we're not looking for cool air in quite a while. for now, enjoy the relatively comfortable temperatures in the morning.


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