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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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neighbors in shock. tampa police are searching for a killer that dumped a body in the middle of the street. >> hillary clinton and donald trump take before the election but it included sharp remarks from both candidates. we have the highlights. it's friday. thanks for joining us at 4:30. i'm dan schaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. hillary clinton and donald trump share the stage for the last time until election day. both went to the annual al smith charity dinner in new york. >> it is supposed to be a light hearted roast but they didn't
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at some points the laughter turned to boos after harsh remarks. reporter: a routine stop on the road to the white house with democrats -- >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> reporter: and republicans -- >> it's great to be here with 1,000 wonderful people. >> reporter: unnight for a -- you night for a -- unite for good laughs. >> after listening to hillary rattle on and on and on i don't think so badly of rosie o'donnell any more. >> reporter: this joke getting the biggest laugh. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. my wife, melania gives the
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>> reporter: after some zingers trump tried knocking clinton on her corruption and e-mails. that's when many turned on him with boos. many say a first at the event. >> reporter: clinton started with jokes about her stamina, paid speeches but her main focusing after trump on women. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4, mae a 5 if she loses the torch and tab breath and changes her hair. >> reporter: clinton taking a swipe at his temperament, personality and relash sorns with the -- relations with the russians. >> donald is as healthy as a horse, you know like the one vladimir putin rides around on. >> reporter: today the candidates are back on the
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pennsylvania and ohio. today hillsborough county election officials will set up early voting stations. they are expected to set up 16 sites around the county. they will be open starting monday. they are open on weekends. we have a full list of voting dates and times for bay area counties. you can find it at a woman was found dead in the middle of a tampa police say someone found latoya smith or flora street yesterday afternoon. she was rushed to the hospital with head injuries but later died. neighbors say detectives are going door to door looking for witnesses saying she was shot. >> it's very concerning to be in this neighborhood. i lived here my entire life, 22 years. i have never seen that happen this serious.
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case. detectives say the murder does not appear to be random and they are pursuing promising leads. a bradenton man is accused of hanging his puppy by a leash and punching it in the face. the dog has serious injuries consistent with being held up by the neck. police arrested the dog's owner. police say he beat the dog because it chewed up one of his shoes. the dogs living with him were turned over to manatee county authorities. he is charged with aggravated animal abuse. a survey shows the majority of floridians don't want the colleges and universities to support study abroad programs in areas with known terrorist activities. over the last three years usf hired two international risk and security officers to advice them about safety. new this year, students must have international student
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locations where there has been terrorist activity. we know the system works. >> we are worried about terrorist attacks there just as i'm not worried about them here. >> reporter: despite concerns about traveling oversees during the past four years administrators have seen an increase in students studying abroad. a kia dealership is blamed for putting he and his family in danger. he sa him a car with a loaded gun in the middle console. he said it was loaded and the safety wasn't on. the weapon belonged to an employee. police are waiting for the gun's owner to provide proof of ownership. surveillance cameras caught a woman snatching a package off a doorstep. it had a camera inside. the family hopes someone recognizes the woman.
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warning to be vigilant as more people get packages delivered for the holidays. a violent criminal has been taken off the streets. ralph forte confessed to beating a woman at a spa on tamiami trail then he tried carjacking two people. detectives say they found him through fingerprints left on one of the vehicles. additional crews with tampa electric are getting ready to head to the bahamas to power after hurricane matthew. a crew of about 20 will go to the island. damage is so severe in some areas the electrical system is being rebuilt from the ground up. not the first time so far this season. but at this point we are looking at the potential for
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through. low to mid-70s. 60s for the most part away from the water. that will be the case throughout the weekend as well. milder on the coast then chilly across the interior. st. pete and pinellas county, not that they won't feel the cold air but not as chilly as the colder spots. yesterday it was well to the north and west and now it moved through st. louis and all the way to us. we will talk about the low temperatures coming up this weekend in a few minutes. a look at your morning commute. this is i-275 at m.l.k. boulevard. flashing lights out there -- no, headlights. no problem. >> stand down. >> traffic is moving smoothly. janelle has a full look coming up. we have a consumer alert. defective takata airbag is
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an airbag ruptured and killed a 50-year-old woman in california last month. she was driving a 2001 honda civic. the airbags can inflate with too much force. the department of highway safety warning drivers about 2001 to 2003 honda and acura vehicles. car owners should replace the inflators immediately. they are warning you not to ignore a notice you may have gotten in the mail last month. if you plan on force. the department will be conducting patrols tonight. police are cracking down on impaired drivers to prevent accidents. this crackdown runs through sunday morning. a teenage entrepreneur from boca raton is featured in two magazines. time and fortune show cases
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business. her gear will be sold at dick's sporting good stores. there was another cow off to the left in the ditch. >> an oklahoma deputy hits a cow head on. an update on how they are both doing after the break. >> today you can help local schools by stopping by a circle k. how a quick fill up with gas
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this morning we are seeing violent dash-cam video of an oklahoma deputy who hit a cow on the road head on. the deputy said the cow ran in front of the cruiser. the impact killed the cow. the pu injured. this highlights the importance of farmers needing to keep their cattle secure. we have them in the bay area. they are venomous. people in houston, texas are being warmed about the pus moth caterpillar. it has bristles that can break off. if you touch them, the stinging bristles can be left in your
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old daughter stepped on one. >> at first i thought she didn't have shoes on. we ran out the door, i thought they stepped on a leaf. it got worse. >> wildlife experts say they show up in the houston area this time of year and stick around until winter. the if you get stung, put ice on the area and take antihistamines to swelling. the cdc has staff going over a flight after reporting a sweet smell inside the cabin of the plane. spirit airlines said none of the passengers asked for a doctor so they kept flying. investigators say this 18- year-old stole $2,000 from a home but left behind his cell phone and a traffic ticket. now a warrant is out for his
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chiropractor killed the woman known as the scene of snapchat. an autopsy revealed that former model katie may died from complications after a neck adjustment. she hurt her neck holding a pose for a photo shot. she went for an adjustment. she suffered a stroke and died. cause manipulation. look at this. a 3 year old had a seizure outside of a restaurant and stopped breathing. dash-cam video shows the officer performing cpr as the frantic parents are nearby. he turns the cpr over to the boy's father to run back to his patrol car to get a breathing mask. that seemed to do the trick. the boy started responding. >> there is nothing i can give him for my son's life.
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truly believe any other officer that i work with would have been there and done the exact same thing. >> doctors say is the boy is doing fine. living in a city has perks but there is a draw back. people living in cities have more stress. traffic, air pollution, crowded streets can cause people to suffer from anxiety. there are things to do to help. go to the can decrease the depression and get out of the car, walk or cycle to work. be aware of your environment. observe the area around you can help with the stress by restoring a sense of control. it's halloween season. that means haunted houses are popping up. but the skeletons in one particular haunted house in wisconsin are extra creepy. they are real. haunted house managers say
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century coffins complete with skeletons inside. nintendos newest console was named for gamers on the go. it gives you the ability to switch from home console gaming and a mini console. the first to provide this kind of ability. they hope it gains ground on sony's play station. it won't be available until next march. picking up a lucky penny could help y gifts. hidden fake pennies are in ten different cities. the only city in florida is miami. if you want to risk it, head down. each penny can be worth a thousand dollars. you go online and enter a redeposition code printed on the back. tomorrow teco is offering free rides on the streetcar system in downtown tampa. they are available from 8:30 in the morning until 1:30 sunday morning.
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the streetcar line. heading out there this weekend, ivan, good weather? >> fantastic weather. cold. it will be cool. for those from the north it's child's play. for us the wind and the humidity will be dropping. it will make it feel like late fall. mid-80s with us later today then the cold front moves in. today late gusty winds but the cool air lags behind. it won't move in until overnight. for those late night folks out there, you will feel it as you get back home then we drop after midnight. low to mid-70s. clear skies. looking good for the last day of the workweek. temperatures in the 60s in general. it's cool in the mornings but compared to what is coming, it
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we have this low pressure still being investigated to the east. we will be talking about the wave there. there is the front moving through. in fact, it is in atlanta. it continues heading to the south and east. it will pump into the dry air. a ribbon of clouds moving through. not much moisture. a couple of sprinkles as best then the cool air follows in be 83 st. pete. upper 80s across the interior. then for saturday morning, take a tour here of the temperatures. 50s and low 60s st. pete on the water. that keeps you a little warmer. further north and inland, look at the temperatures here. low 50s. i wouldn't be surprised with a couple of upper 40s across the north. we will do that likely by sunday morning. two very cold mornings, saturday and sunday and then we
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next week. 85 today. boating will be a mess. don't think about it if you are with a small craft. we have seas that will be building, not just 3 to 4 but 5 to 7 tonight and into tomorrow as well. the advisory continues through mid-morning tomorrow. upper 70s. beginning to get back to average for early next week with high temps seeing low 80s back in the forecast. we ivan at 4:50. a situation on the i-275 southbound ramp to i-4. fhp and tampa police are telling us this is a single vehicle crash on the ramp. no one is injured. you can see one lane getting by. we will have -- there is one lane there so it's not causing a big deal. that is the ramp to eastbound i- 4. we will get a check on the roads with janelle in a few minutes. not too much traffic there
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ottawa senators. and the bucs take on the 49ers. tom korun has the morning sports update. reporter: good morning, everybody. well, the lightning found itself playing from behind once again. this time there was no third period rally. the avs scored the first two goals by matthew shane. this is the first of two splitting the middle and beating bi then in the third period, another bad puck deflection off the zamboni entrance area. and bishop was behind the net a waiting the puck. that is twice in four games that has happened. colorado wins this one. the final 4-0. earlier thursday the bolts found out it was named the top sports franchise in america.
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leagues that matter most to the fans. last year the lightning ranked third. buccaneers ranking this year 73. rays 90th among 122 teams. good news for bucs into sunday, we can bank on gerald mccoy shooting up. he went through the second practice which is a sign that he is up for sunday. clinton robert airs did not. the buccaneers are two point favorites over the 49ers. that's the morning sports update. still ahead, a 13-year-old massachusetts girl walking to school is kidnapped and raped. how police caught the suspect and we have a look at his criminal history.
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the plans for ththe i 1 -- i-17 area and when the plans could
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if you haven't got a flu shot yet, usf is hostingite free drive today at the college
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4:00. you have to be 18 or older. a defective airbag is blamed for killing another american. >> those airbags can inflate with too much force. who the latest victim is and the car she was driving. that is in a live report about the recall. >> tampa police are looking for the person that killed a woman then dumped her body in the middle of the street.
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first look at the suspect accused of a violent crime spree beating a woman then carjacking two people. why it's not with a law. >> if it's on a recall list, don't drive it. we are talking about takata airbags and the urgent message for drivers in florida. that's at 5:00. artists say they are fighting hate with paint and brushes. their new memorial to pulse nightclub victims may not be in orlando for long.


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