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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 24, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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an update on the deadly tour bus crash in southern california. we are looking into the juries and the -- injuries and whether drugs or alcohol were involved. >> donald trump will stump in florida. will hillary clinton will hit the campaign trail. >> early voting begins in many bay area counties. the national effort underway to get out the vote and the information that you need to cast your ballot. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this monday.
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southern california. the driver of a tour bus crashed into the back of a semi. >> the impact killed more than a dozen people and injured more than 30 years. investigators are trying to see if drugs or alcohol played a factor in the crash. >> in almost 35 years i have never been to a crash where there are 13 confirmed >> reporter: they are addressing the press. >> a bus transporting 44 passengers struck the rear of a freight liner truck in the trailer in the number 3 lane. >> reporter: the tour bus was returning to los angeles from early sunday morning. most of the passengers were sleeping at the time of the crash. >> the majority of the people killed were in the front section of the bus. >> reporter: the bus driver also killed. the two vehicles so mangled that rescuers had to use a
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taken to area hospitals. the causeways not immediately known. the tractor trailer and other vehicles slowed down due to maintenance on the roadway according to police. >> there didn't appear to be braking. >> reporter: the bus was going significantly faster than the big rig. >> when the bus hit the back of the big rig, the trailer, the trailer itself enter feet into the bus. donald trump is holding rallies in st. augustine and in tampa. >> hillary clinton will rally in new hampshire. tim kaine will hold two rallies in south florida. as we report from new york, it appears clinton is looking past trump. reporter: in a race against
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trump is looking forward in the must win state of florida where he believes he is doing well among female voters than male voters. >> we are doing well in the polls but i think those polls are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we are doing better with women than with men frankly. >> reporter: newly confident hillary clinton taking her campaign to church. >> we have to start interacting agn agree with. i do that all the time. we can't fix our problems if we don't. >> reporter: president obama in las vegas saying that trump's claim of a riding election is a sign that he is losing. >> you have a guy that proves himself unfit for the office
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and on the other side you got somebody who is as qualified as has every run for the presidency, hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: the new poll shows clinton with a 20 point advantage with women and a 3 point edge with men, a group that is typically tilted toward trump during this race until now. abc news, new york. meanwhile, former presen for his wife in south florida. he spoke at the century pines jewish center. he said voting in the election will be a true test of america's character. tim kaine says he and clinton want to make voter registration automatic when americans turn 18 years old. he made that announcement in gainesville speaking at the university of florida. today he will speak at florida
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happening today, many early voting sites across florida are opening up so you can vote. several national groups are touring florida to encourage everybody to make their voices heard. they visited several churches in tampa sharing the message of the christian responsibility to vote. while some voters are undecided, they understand why it's important to cast their ballots. >> if we don't do something right now, what will happen to our kids and grandkids later on. >> i we can -- unite we can make a difference. >> they are expecting new records on voting before november 8th. the candidates will spend a lot of time an money in florida. take a look at shay and the monday forecast. >> it's cool. the temperatures are a little higher this morning than what they were yesterday morning. we are still talking a lot of 50s out there.
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off to the north, spring hill at 56 degrees. you are still probably going to want to send the kids out the door with an extra layer. through the day, 73 by noon. 81 as the high. lots and lots of sunshine. no rain in sight for today. i will show you where we will have slightly higher rain chances ahead in the seven-day forecast. dan? >> thanks, shay. take a live look at the leeroy selmon expressway. a dead it's not far from i-75. the florida highway patrol says the eastbound lanes are shut down for the investigation. it should reopen shortly. we will check the roads in 15 minutes and keep an eye on that trouble spot. a deadly hit and run in sarasota last week. fhp released a description of the car that may have killed lynn taylor. troopers say it may have been a white or light colored chrysler pt cruiser with a sun roof and it may have damage to the right
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gate drive on tuesday. she later died at the hospital. anyone with information about the driver should call the highway patrol. dozens of tow trucks lined i-75 yesterday afternoon in contribute to a fellow driver killed on the job. tobey maguire died when a suspected trunk driver hid and killed him loading up a vehicle. now other truck drivers want to raise awareness. the driver's route took them past where mcgwire was killed. many say they have own close calls. >> everyone of us jumped in the back of the truck more times than you can account because we don't want to get hit. >> she organize niced the ride -- organized the ride. they hope it will encourage people to obey the emergency move over law. two men are facing charges including dui trying to flee
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they spotted anthony locknaur. he crashed into another car he tried to leave the scene but deputies found him. they say he and his passenger, kyle smith had a stolen gun and drugs in the car. the others involved were not seriously hurt. pasco deputies need your help finding the man behind an armed robbery. surveillance pictures show the man robbing a new port manager at gunpoint. crimestoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information to an arrest. miami police are looking for a woman behind a triple shooting. a car pulled up to a park and a female passenger got out with a gun demanding their belongings. the victims complied but they were shot anyway. one victim is a 12-year-old boy. the shooter is on the loose. a jacksonville woman things
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killed with a bow and arrow. she found the cat dead after it was missing for three days. she believes it is the same person that shot and killed two other cats. the sheriff's office is investigating. today starts the second week of operation bill drop in pinellas county. there are two drop off locations, both at walgreens. one u.s. 19 and nebraska avenue and palm harbor. the other at park boulevard and semi streets. dea agents say the majority of abusers get the drugs from friends and family. a lot of noise. i thought it was a bomb. >> it was a car instead that crashed into a miami church while service was underway. an update on the injuries and what lead up to the crash. >> a plan is underway to make manmade meteor showers over
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>> a rare buccaneers win on the west coast. how rare? we will tell you. plus, see what the buccaneers running backs did to the san
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expected in court today. a bizarre story. 65-year-old billy lewis is accused of stabbing the man in front of him with a 6-inch knife. authorities arrested lewis after the attack. he is facing attempted murder charges. the victim was air lifted to a hospital with serious injuries. there is no motive for the attack but lewis has a history of mental health issues. a dozen people are recovering with injuries church. the congregation was celebrating the 75th anniversary yesterday when the driver swerved to avoid a car accident and plowed into the churn. the car did not go inside but pieced of concrete did come flying down inside. a dozen people injured. one taken by helicopter to a hospital. no word on if that driver will face charges. shocking video out of washington, d.c. right here. take a look at the surveillance
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boy in a school hallway. the boy says the man is his classmate's dad. his mom asked for the surveillance video after her son told her what happened. police are investigating. at&t is buying media giant time warner for more than $85 billion. once the deal is done, at&t will, of course, control warner brothers movies and programming for networks tnt. but federal regulators must approve the de. an he mu that escaped -- emu that escaped got scared and hopped over the fence. it took animal control officers more than an hour to catch it. the video you are watching here is from 2012 the first time taco got loose and ran around on state road a1a. a japanese company is
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this is cool. >> it is cool. >> the plan is to send a satellite into space sending pellets. when it is in the right spot, they will tell it to shoot the pellets back to earth creating a fake meteor shower. talk about fireworks. they plan to launch the first in 2018. what a great idea. >> interesting. expensive. but why didn't i thing of that. >> interesting stuff. all right. let's take a look at weather this morning. definitely starting off a little bit -- with a little higher temperatures. i don't want to say warmer temperatures but you can see here in tampa, 62 right now. clearwater at 65 and st. pete 67, all under clear skies. winds are light out of the northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. the difference in temperatures between yesterday morning and this morning are anywhere from 3 to 8 degrees warmer. i did it. i said warmer again. a little higher.
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doppler radar, absolutely nothing going on. we are off to a nice dry start. the northeasterly flow is continuing about 5 to 10 miles per hour. no big winds or anything to be concerned about. we have the big blue h in control. it acts like a bubble and keeps the storm clouds out. it will help to lead to a gradual warm up with lots of sunshine out there. the humidity will also be on the rise. low rain chances, not just today but through the week. if you are thinking of heading to clearwater gorgeous. 80 is the high. the water temperature is 75. lots of sunshine and no worries about rain. temperatures right now on the thermometer are ranging from 48 in crystal river to 67 in st. pete, 63 sarasota. 67 in lakeland. on average we should be topping out around 83. take a look at this. today up to 81. then the rest of the week temperatures will be at or even a little above average for this
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settles in, it feels steamy in the afternoon. next weekend we start off the mornings in the upper 60s and the day in the mid-80s. lots of sunshine. rain is unlikely. by wednesday or thursday, maybe we will see an isolated shower, especially inland. but most likely most areas are not going to see rain this week over the next seven days less than a 10% chance each day for an isolated shower. all right. that's florida's most accurate back to you. >> thanks, shay. let's get a look at part of your morning commute. this is a live look west of the gandy bridge. not a lot going on out there. janelle martinez will have a live look at your traffic coming up momentarily. she is monitoring a crash on the selmon. the bucs prepare to take on the oakland raiders at ray jay and the lightning have the day
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>> rush it like we did today, those guys are doing a good job because, you know, you don't rush for 250 whatever it is if you are not blocking somebody. >> good morning, did we just hear dirk koetter day the bucs ran yesterday? they combined for nearly 250 yards on the ground. the bucs 34-17 win against the 49ers. that had to make doug martin out smiling. fourth straight game he missed. the buccaneers struggled in the first quarter. training in the second. winston scrambles. tampa bay touchdown. 49ers lead cut to 14-7. you heard dirk talk about the running game. what a game for jacquizz
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four. bucs eventually hit a field goal so it's 14-10. under a minute to go. winston stays in the pocket. it's caught by russell shepherd. bucs take a lead into the break. bucs lead after a field goal. 27 unanswered tampa bay points. second td of the evans. buccaneers pouring it on. peyton barber in the fourth quarter gets tripped at the line then turns on the jets. 34-yar score. he wants to keep that ball. that's his first touchdown. this is the third win all time in san francisco for the bucs. who cares about the weekend struggles. bucs improve to 7-28 all time in the pacific time zone.
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3-3. >> when we do what we are supposed to do, we are a tough team to beat. week in, week out you got to show up. you can't have a week where you don't show up. we have a great team. >> we have to come back in wednesday and put this game to rest and focus on oakland. >> we have to learn how to win games at home. keep the raider jersey out of the lower bowl. get bucs jersey in there and rock that place next week. >> buccaneers 513 yards of offense, the most all season thanks to 249 yards on the ground in the running game. jameis winston settled down after a shaky first quarter. he threw more than 250 yards. bucs and raiders next week at ray jay. oakland beat jacksonville so
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one at raymond james. there is a new warning this morning for dog owners. contrary to popular belief, your dog's mouth is not cleaner than a humans. what they say about bacteria and yeast that your dog can spread. >> it's about women wearing what they choose to wear and everybody being respectful. >> everybody shows up for a yoga pants parade in rhode island. the person
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a miami man holds a new record for eating a lot of crab. it was part of a stone crab eating contest in the keys. that is one melon. he cracked and crab claws beating the old record by two minutes. he has been trying to win this contest for six years. sweet taste of victory. >> how do you get in on that contest. today donald trump is coming back to florida. the two stops he will make including one in tampa. >> where hillary clinton will hit the campaign trail and her running mate stops in south florida. >> early voting sites open up across florida. the information that you need
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>> and it's one of the bay area's largest employers. the hillsborough county school district. the teachers association will meet about a teacher hiring freeze andossible layoffs in
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good monday morning. thanks for joining us this morning. it's 5:00. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. traffic is the big news. janelle is watching a crash on the selmon. >> it was definitely a bad crash, a fatal crash fhp was telling us. this is video taken a little while ago. the crash happened before midnight. it has the eastbound upper deck of the selmon closed at faulkenburg night. i am watching traffic cameras. it looks like they are starting to reopen those lanes back up. we don't really know what happened with this crash or who was killed. we are waiting to get more information from fhp. behind me, this was completely blocked a few seconds ago. we have flashing lights. it has reopened. this was affecting the upper deck of the selmon. local traffic could still get through. here it is on the map. you can see again that it looks


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