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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  October 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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hillary clinton pushes past trump entirely. her focus just ahead. two weeks until election day. i think we all have election fatigue. >> i'm deiah riley. >> it can't get here fast enough. i'm dan shaffer. shay ryan is in for ivan. great start to the workweek. take a look at the temperatures across hillsborough county. they are a little higher than yesterday morning. still on the cool side. you may want to send an extr head off to school. 62 tampa. 64 temple terrace. lutz 53. to the north, this is down right chilly by our standards, 48 degrees in crystal river and in beverly hills. homosassa, lecanto 50. inverness warmer at 54 and floral city at 51. there will be plenty of sunshine. it's a gorgeous day. rain chances are near zero.
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the rain chances will go up some over the next couple of days along with the humidity and temperatures. i will time it out for you and let you know when it will feel steamy again. you haven't been missing steamy, have you, janelle. >> not at all. a beautiful weekend. >> gorgeous. >> outside it was so nice. the drive is better as well. we had a couple of serious crashes overnight that cleared. we are starting off with a clean slate. i have been checking dozens of no crashes or break downs. we are looking great on i-4 at the polk parkway. about 22 minutes from county line road to downtown tampa. the drive on the veterans expressway is looking great as well. 17 minutes from 54 down to 275. just 12 minutes from van dyke to 275 and a tad slow, nine minutes from waters to 275. >> thank you. early voting starts today
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before some of the first ballots are cast, a religious group is making a point to encourage bay area voters to get out and vote. james tully is live at a polling sight in hillsborough county. the group is concerned about potential poor turnout for election day. >> reporter: a reason to be concerned, too. it's believed 25 million christian voters stayed home in 2012. some believe those same voters may be so unhappy what is at early voting but they won't cast a ballot at all. we followed a christian group, the stand foundation. they were stopping in florida. they will go ahead and go to other battleground states before election day. five others to be exact. they were preaching about the christian responsibility to vote. the church's leader saying the worst thing you can do is not
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for a free american with this wonderful right that many people in the world don't have to just cast it aside. you can't do that. >> reporter: in eight of the 11 bay area counties early voting starts this morning. the exceptions are pasco, hardee and highlands county where voting starts saturday. to find the information about where you can vote based on where you, democracy 2016. live in hillsborough county, james tully, abc action news. election officials are warning voters to think twice before you post a selfie of yourself with your ballot. >> that move may get you in serious trouble, bringing you fines or potential jail times. most have bans sharing a photo of your ballot. some say it's okay only if it's
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ballot selfies in florida. happy voters went to court in new hampshire this year and won the right to take ballot selfies. another woman came forward over the weekend to accuse donald trump of sexual misconduct. he is fighting back threatening to sue his accusers. the latest allegation comes from adult film performer and director jessica drake. drake accused trump of inappropriate tournament in 2006. drake allegation trump offered her $10,000 and the use of his private jet to attend a party with him. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabbri indication -- fabrication. the events never happened never.
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after the election. >> trump has repeatedly denied wrongdoing and suggested that hillary clinton's campaign is involved. with the latest abc news poll showing clinton with a double digit lead over trump in the polls, she is turning her attention to helping down ballot candidates. she said yesterday she doesn't thing about responding to trump's offensive comments any more. president obama is shifting his focus from electing hillary to helping democrats take control of states like arizona and georgia. >> i have this kind of old- fashioned idea if i ask you for my vote i should tell you what i want to do, right? and maybe i will admit, maybe it's a woman thing, we make lists, right? >> clinton will hold rally in new hampshire after campaigning in north carolina yesterday.
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appears to have taken credit for mass safe outages from last -- massive outages from last friday. the hacks slowed down several major web sites and knocked others off line including twitter, netflix and the "new york times." experts say hackers took control of thousands of unsecured internet connection devices and used them as a robot army. an american hacker turns the tables on russia. hacks attempting to influence u.s. elections. the hacker that calls himself the jester took over the government ministry site and said stop messing with america and ends with the words nobody is impressed. in pasco county, deputies need your help to identify the man you see over my shoulder. they say he robbed a new port richey walgreens then held the store manager at gunpoint.
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off in. a jacksonville woman can offer a $500 reward for information about the person that shot and killed her cat with a bow and arrow. she found silas dead tuesday after he was missing for three days. she believes the person that killed silas killed two other family pets in the past. complete stranger stepped in to offer the reward money after seeing news about the cat's death. broward triple shooting. one man died and another man and woman were injured. the shocking part of it, the abc station in miami is reporting that the cousin of one of the victims arrived at the scene and started recording video then posted it to facebook. the video has been removed. miami police are looking for a woman behind a robbery and shooting that injured three people. one of the victims is 12 years
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robbed and shot even though they cooperated. neighbors jump into action tending to the victims. the shooter is still on the run. all three are expected to arrive. target is recalling window clips. they can be a choking hazard. the halloween themed items are led gel clings sold for about a dollar. if you bought one, return it for a cash refund. no injuries have been they have over 200 openings. they are hosting a hiring event inside the hard rock from 11:00 until 2:00. jobs range from security attendants to slot technicians and more. you can apply first online at
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with her producer, she will be playing all new music. she describes it as dirty rock and roll corp. it starts at 8:00 at the ritz ybor. tickets are still available. they start at $25. all right. take a look at the commuter forecast for this morning. temperatures are higher than what they were yesterday at this time. we got dry roads out there from start to 81 as the high. plenty of sunshine. rain unlikely throughout the day today. janelle, how are things looking on the roads. >> good morning. a traffic alert. take a look at this. a crash blocking all but one lane westbound on i-4 just before you get to mlk. you can see it here. it looks like cars are sliding by on the outside lane. this just happened because i saw an ambulance drive through here just a couple of minutes ago. this is the backup you can see.
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this is causing a good backup. i-4 can get busy heading into downtown tampa. we will continue to watch. this i will have an update in a few minutes. with a hiring freeze in place, could hillsborough county be seeing teacher cuts as well? in a live report, i will detail what this could mean for the classroom. >> also coming up, a child punched at school and an adult is to am by the identity of the
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welcome back. this morning heliums hills teachers want to know -- hillsborough teachers want to know if their jobs are on the line. >> hillsborough county is one of the country's largest school districts. rodney dunigan is live this morning. what does this mean for classrooms throughout the district. >> well, deiah, at this point the hillsborough county school district is trying to save about $100 million this year. they hired an outside consulting firm that requested that they make this hiring freeze that could save the district around $10 million. the superintendent just released a message last week stating that every move they are making is putting kids first. inside every classroom we have to even cure that we have our very best teachers in front of our students.
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that field. >> reporter: superintendent jeff aikens released that message on youtube in hopes of reassuring parents that it will not be of a effected by the cuts. administrators say some positions will be filled by those employed by the district. they are trying to save $130 million in the general fund. the district has cut dozens of secretarial jobs and plans to cut back on busing for students. now, today's teacher association meeting will focus on what all of this means for teachers, especially those who may lose their jobs. we will be following all the developments. stick with us online for updates at rodney dunigan, abc action news. a traffic alert. a serious crash with injuries westbound on i-4 just before
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you can see it here on the camera. you can see a lot of flashing lights. cars are barely getting by in this one outside lane. take a look at the backup that we are seeing this early in the morning. you can see a lot of flashing lights here. not sure what happened but a serious crash with injuries. this is the backup. the fdot telling people the left lane is open. so now all these cars, all these lanes of traffic are trying to merge into that one lane. we are seeing delays westbound on i-4. if you are heading into tampa, you here it is on the map. the backup extends to orient road. take 301 to get around this. i will continue to watch this. make sure you keep it here. you can follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. at least the weather is looking better. >> it was a gorgeous weekend. yeah, this workweek is looking fantastic as well. we have very dry conditions to start the day. winds from the northeast around this area of high pressure.
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does, right? fair weather friend. it keeps the storms out but without the storms and lots of sunshine, we got a nice warm up ahead. the humidity is going to be on the rise. no big fronts on the way that will help to bring in the drier cooler air again at least for a while. it does keep the rain chances on the low side. if you are planning on being outside, you have to get yard work done or head off to clearwater beach, lucky you. 80 is the high. the water temperature out in the gulf is it will be a gorgeous beach day with plenty of sunshine in store. we are starting off this morning with temperatures a few degrees higher than what they were yesterday at this time. 62 in tampa. 46 in crystal river. so, yeah, the kids are probably going to want an extra layer heading out the door for school this morning. 67 lakeland. 67 in st. pete. 63 in bradenton. on average we should start the day around 66 ending around 83.
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for today, we still top out at 81. a little below the average. by wednesday we are back on target. and then the humidity starts to creep up by thursday afternoon with a high of 85. i think you will be saying it's steamy, yeah. that's the way it will go. by the weekend, we are looking at gorgeous weather. lots of sunshine. it will be a bit more humid saturday and sunday. but rain is still unlikely. we are talking less than a 10% chance for showers over the next seven, even with a weak front moving through tuesday to wednesday, all we are going to see is extra cloud cover. it's still looking beautiful out there. again, nothing more than a brief passing shower if we see anything by the middle or end of the week. that is florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. back to you. >> thanks, shay. take a look at the shocking video right here. this is out of washington, d.c. this is school surveillance
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school hallway. the boy identified the man as a classmate's dad. the mother said she met the dad and only had positive experiences in the past. police are reviewing the video and investigating what happened. massachusetts state police say they have found the body of a missing teenage boy swept down a storm drain and killed. they found 16-year-old in a river yesterday. grief counselors will be at his high school to help his classmates cope with the loss. the storm drain cover was open when he was swept into it on friday. they are investigating why it was left ajar. contrary to what you heard, a dog's mouth is not cleaner than a humans. it is full of bacteria and viruses, some of which can be passed to humans. doctors admit that the illnesses are rare but it's best not to let a dog lick
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make sure your dog is dewormed and vaccinated. the tampa bay buccaneers are coming home winners. the third time in franchise history the bucs beat the 49ers on the road. the kiowas the running attack. jacquizz rodgers rushed for 150 yards including 45 yards on this play. peyton barber helped out running for a long time and winston >> when we do what we are supposed to do, we are a tough team to beat. this is the nfl. you have to show up. we have a great team. >> you can see it in person. the bucs play the next three games at home starting sunday against the oakland raiders. world series starts tomorrow in cleveland. indians versus the chicago cubs. a lot of people want to see the two teams in person. it might be a problem. the average ticket price is
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prices for the wrigley field games which are averaging $7,200. ahead, a 4-year-old shows off her amazing language skills. >> she is not bilingual or tri- lingual. a dog may have sacrificed its life to save the owner. the dog did more than bark when it caught -- when the home
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we are off to a gorgeous start to the workweek. temperatures are higher than where we were. we will be topping out at 81. lots of sunshine. no rain in sight. we will have higher rain chances ahead. i will tell you about that in the seven-day forecast. >> thanks a lot. here is a competitive food eating contest i can get behind. forget hot dogs or pies. it's stone crab. the keys celebrated with a crab eating competition. juan melon eight 12 stone crab clause. the victor -- claws. he has been trying to win for
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crack the claw faster than anybody else, especially the elbows which are hard to break. that's it. >> there you go. he cracked all the clause first then ate the meat. a 4-year-old in russia wowed tv audienced with her language skills. >> she speeches seven is including english. >> i speak french, chinese. >> you speak chinese. >> then i speak chinese. >> bella speaks german, spanish and arabic. her father says she plays games with native speakers and other languages in order to learn. >> cool.
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hero for saving his owner's life. now the dog may not survive. >> the dog started barking long and loud early sunday morning. neighbors who woke up because of that saw the flames and called firefighters. that woman whose house caught fire was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. neighbors say when firefighters went inside they found the woman unconscious. her dog was on top of her. >> the dog stayed on her chest the whole time to prevent her from being burned totally. >> that's found her? >> yes, with the dog on top of her. >> the woman suffered burns to more than half her body. they used an oxygen mask to revive the dog. they are not sure if the dog will survive. the cause it is under investigation. -- the cause is under investigation. someone paid thousand for a
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reached. >> it is a key to a locker on the "titanic." it sank during the madden voyage on april 15, 1912. he used the key the night the ship sank and was found on his body. if you are looking for a new job orca rear, you can take the first step to your new future at the tampa bay job and career fair today. over two dozen companies with openings from entry level health care to managerial positions are participating. it will be at the holiday inn tampa west shore from 10:00 to 2:00 and admission is free. florida is a crucial swing state. tonight, donald trump is back in tampa rallying his supporters as the race for the white house heats up. >> civilians caught in the fight against isis. also at 6:00 the strike the u.s. is trying to distance
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now at 6:00 the first day you can vote in the presidential election. and the fight for florida is on. >> we are laying out the major political push in our state and how the candidates are stacking up in the latest polls. two weeks until election day. two more thanks for waking up to abs on this monday. i'm deiah riley. >> i'm dan shaffer. we have a live report from donald trump's rally in tampa. first out the door with traffic and weather together. janelle is monitoring a crash on the interstate. >> serious crash westbound on i- 4 before mlk. it just cleared moments ago but we are seeing residual delays. cars are stacked up.


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