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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  October 24, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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election day is here. early voting has started. where you can go to cast your ballot today and the one group concerned about turnout. >> investigators are looking for answers after a plane crashes killing everyone on board. it was all caught on camera. what we are learning about the moments leading up to this massive fireball. >> with the hiring freeze set in place, could hillsborough county still see teacher cuts? ahead in a live report the
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first at 9:00, democracy 2016. ballots are being cast. >> early voting has started in most bay area counties. james tully joins us at a polling sight in hillsborough county. what kind of turnout are you seeing? >> remember. anyone registered to vote can vote early. we are here at the jimmy b.keel library. this is where the supervisor of elections office told us would be one of the busier sites. since 7:00 a.m. we have seen a steady stream of voters in and out. we haven't done a head count but it's steady. no secret that both presidential candidates have been suffering from low favorability ratings the last 12 months. while we wait to see how the early voting turnout compares to the last election, christian leaders are concerned. it's estimated 25 million
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same could happen this year. almost everyone we spoke with this morning thinks turnout will be high with good reason. >> i can't think of an election in the recent past that i have been more concerned about in making sure my involve is cast and getting it out and making sure that you have your say. >> reporter: all but three bay area counties are voting early today. the exceptions are highlands and pass -- hardee, highlands and pasco county. to find the information and the times and polling locations, go to y 2016. james tully, abc action news. happening now, senator marco rubio is kicking off early voting in hillsborough county. you are looking live at the cypress creek golf club near
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patrick murphy. he attended a hispanic festival in central florida and talked about innesting in education and improving -- investigating in education and improving health care. rubio leads murphy by two points. donald trump is in the middle of a three-day campaign swing through florida. he is holding rallies in st. augustine then in tampa tonight. >> at 9:30, we will tell you about his visit and how he hopes to win voters. >> john bone jovi is bon jovi is coming to tampa in support of hillary clinton. it will occur three days before election day. we don't have any information on a time, location or how you can get tickets for the concert. hillary clinton will be in broward county. yesterday bill clinton campaigned for her at pembroke pines urging people to get out and vote. >> this is about choosing
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choosing empowerment over resentment, choosing cooperation over endless conflict. in the end, it's about approaching our neighbors within our communities and our country and beyond the world with bridges, not walls. >> hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine will continue a swing through florida with events in miami and west palm beach. tim kaine is focusing on florida. he is holding rallies in miami and palm beach. he told a crowd in clinton could work on building strong ties with puerto rico. tens of thousands of puerto ricans have moved to central florida and the clinton campaign concentrated on getting their support. they are serious about fighting the zika virus and the financial problems facing puerto rico. a deadly plane crash at an airport in malta is caught on camera. it happened during take off killing all five people on board. the dash cam you see shows the
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actual impact. we will fast forward to the aftermath of the crash. witnesses say the aircraft tipped to the right then crashed into the ground after lifting off then burst into flames. a part of the burning wreckage ended up on a road outside of the airport. it was heading to libya's coast to monitor migrant trafficking routes for the french government. we are off to a cool start to the day. check out the temperatures in citrus county where we started with the sunshine, crystal river is up to 51. lecanto 53. inverness 58. around hillsborough county, things are warming up. temperatures near 60 degrees. we are up to 64 in tampa. 61 in brandon. lutz at 59. now, as we move through the afternoon with that sunshine, we will warm up quickly. we started to see that happening. we are going to be at 81 as a high today. lots of sunshine.
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worry about any rainfall getting in your way today. that includes wherever you might be driving around. janelle, how is it looking now. we had ups and downs. >> we started off with serious crashes overnight. we have one serious crash causing problems in hillsborough. the northbound lanes of 50th street under the selmon expressway is closed. this is a serious crash. overturned vehicle involved. no word when they will reopen the lanes. in the meantime, use 301 or 22nd street to here we are at i-75 and the leeroy selmon expressway. traffic is flowing nicely. hopping on the selmon, seven minutes into downtown. back to you guys. >> thank you, janelle. we want to get back to the crash that janelle was talking about on the selmon expressway in brandon. we are trying to get information about the crash. it happened this morning. authorities closed the northbound lanes on the upper deck of the expressway and part of the interchange to i-75 but
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accident. tampa police are investigating a fatal crash that shut down half the gandy bridge late last night. that accident happened in the eastbound lanes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle. the eastbound lanes were shut down until 3:30 this morning. for the first time we have a description of a car that killed a woman in sarasota last week. the florida highway patrol believes it's a light colored pt cruiser with a sun roof. it may have damage to the side. she was walking near her home when she was hit and killed. the driver did not stop. if you have any information on the case, contact crimestoppers or the florida highway patrol. a developing and tragic story. we are tracking new information in one of california's deadliest wrecks. 13 people were killed and 31 hurted when a tour bus returning to los angeles from a casino trip slammed into the back of a semi early yesterday. at the time a road crew slowed down traffic on the highway. authorities say the bus was
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causing it to plow about 15 feet into the trailer. california highway patrol says the bus was inspected in april and had no mechanical issues. it's not known if alcohol, drugs or take phage may have played a roll in the crash -- fatigue may have played a role in the crash. rodney dunigan is live. the hillsborough classroom teacher association to address concerns today. >> reporter: that's right, deiah. they have a meeting set for this evening. many parents watching this morning may be concerned after hearing about the district superintendent says despite any potential cuts, education will not be affected. the hillsborough county school district is looking for ways to save more than $100 million this year. a recently hired outside consultant recommending a hiring freeze which could save
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superintendent jeff akins maintains any move being made is to put students first. >> inside every classroom we have to ensure that we have our best teachers in front of our students. as we right size the organization, we have to honor that deal. >> economy continues released the message on youtube in hopes of reassuring the public that education won't be affected by looming cuts. many administrators say some those already employed by the district. >> we have to make sure that the very best people are in front of our students every single day. then we have to take a look at all the other employees. >> reporter: the district has cut dozens of secretarial jobs with plans to cut back on busing for students. some hillsborough county teteachers fear their jobs are hanging in the balance as well. today's teacher association
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it will focus on the teachers most affected and those that could possibly be out of a job. we will follow that meeting. you can keep up to date and online at reporting live in tampa, rodney dunigan, abc action news. >> thank you, rodney. a scary scene in south florida. a car crashed into a miami gardens church right in the middle of service. the wreck sent debris flying and injured eight people. the driver swerved to avoid another car then lost control. the se of mount zion ame church. >> we heard allowed noise. i thought it was a bomb. everybody was going out of the church. the accident left pieces of concrete scattered on the floor and in pews. one of the victims appears to have suffered a head injury. coming up, iphone 7 owners are reporting glitches with the devices. what they say is going wrong
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>> two bodies and two officers shot at. now the search is on to find the person connected to the
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happening in oklahoma, a manhunt is underway after two people were found dead and two officers wounded. >> authorities are searching for this man, michael vans. they say he opened fire on officers. when they responded to reports was seriously hurt and returned fire. vans was shot twice before fleeing. authorities are looking for him and found two people dead who they say are the suspect's relatives. he stole a patrol car and later ditched it and carjacked a woman. he was recently released from jail. a suspect drunk driver from new mexico crashed into a rescue helicopter.
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of rescuing a crash victim. pop was hurt. tom hayden was died. his wife says he died in california after a long illness. he was also known for his marriage to actress jane fonda and trips to north vietnam during the vietnam war. he served in the california state assembly and only member of the radical 8 to achieve such distct mainstream political world. he was 76. a tense scene in france inside the refugee camp known as the jungle. authorities started evicting migrants, seek asylum in france or go back to their country of origin. the first of hundreds of buses came to transport them to centers around france to apply for asylum. many of the migrants are
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clashes between migrants and police broke out over the weekend. a number of places were destroyed by fire. iraqi special forces are continuing to retake the city of mosul. earlier today they shelled isis positions near the city. human rights watch is requesting that there be a probe into a suspected air strike last week that killed 13 during the iraqi government's battle to retake mosul. the explosion apparently struck the women's section mosque. do you have a new iphone 7? you should know about glitches that owners are reporting. john matarese shows us the reporter issues and -- issues and when they might get fixed so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: an iphone mystery. why are so many people with iphone 7s reporting glitches from increased data use to dropped calls. some are blaming apple, some blame the carriers and others the users for the way they set
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antenna gate with the new iphone 7 but many users report some things they don't love. >> i like it so far. the home button is different. it doesn't go down like it did. >> i heard that sometimes they make a hissing noise depending on what apps you download. >> reporter: tech blogs report phones stuck in airplane mode and buddiesable volume controls. "consumer reports" put the iphone 7 to the test. they say it has no major flaws, they say some of the improvements may not be as good as claimed. "consumer reports" for instance says the new lightning another bud jack does -- ear bud jack does not result in better sound. some verizon customers complain of dropped calls. >> i will use it and all of a sudden no service. >> reporter: he would be in the middle of a phone call when
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>> about a 30 seconds, 45 seconds it would come back up. >> reporter: he said the old iphone 6 never had the issue, even driving on the same roads. >> reporter: tech blogs report hundreds of complaints. apple and verizon are not commenting, apple is working on a software fix. if you have iphone issues, reboot then check your settings. if not of that works, check with your car so you don't waste your money. the ultimate fireworks display. a japanese company is working on a way to create manmade meteor showers. the plan is to send a satellite into space that carries hundreds of pellets. when it's in the right spot it will be told to shoot the pellets back to earth sending them into the atmosphere creating a fake meteor shower. they plan to launch the first
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>> that is cool. >> the skies were clear. i'm assuming that the pellets burn up. >> absolutely. >> yeah. otherwise it makes me nervous. >> exactly. >> i'm skeptical. >> take a look at the clearwater hyatt beach camera. the marina, it's gorgeous out there. blue skies and sunshine. our temperatures, yes, started off nice and cool this morning. it's a beautiful start to the day. per hour. just a light breeze, nothing that will cause any problems today. the temperature in tampa is now at 64 degrees. clearwater 67. st. pete 68. here is our northeast flow bringing in the cooler, drier air. and high pressure is in control. so that means lots of sunshine. that will lead to a gradual warm up the next couple of days without any rain or big fronts coming through, we will see
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to remain on the low side. all in favor of great weather to head to the beach or go out for a bike ride or a jog in the morning or afternoon because it won't be oppressively humid until later in the week. 80 will be the high at clearwater beach. the water temperature is up to 75. lots of sunshine. really looking like a great day. over the next few days, the overnight temperatures as well as the afternoon temperatures aron the cool side with temperatures near 50 degrees in the northern counties. then as we get to the middle of the week, the overnight temperatures are in the upper 60s and 85 is the high on thursday with increased humidity again, it will feel hot and steamy in the afternoon. that continues into the weekend because, again, we don't have any big fronts to bring in another push of dry or cooler
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week. looking good with rain unlikely. this is good news as we head into halloween on monday. not looking at high chances for rain on that day as well. i will have more on that in a phone call. see you later. it's not something anybody expected. this guy, a teenager, wakes up from a coma speaking a
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take a look at this picture. it captures what words can't say. this mom being able to hold her son jayden for the first time in his life.
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head after a lengthy and dangerous surgery to separate them nicole mcdonald cradled jayden at a new york hospital. the surgery took 27 hours. jayden's breathing tube was just removed. his twin is progressing slower. nicole held jayden in her arms for two hours. she wrote on facebook, quote, for over 13 months i dreamed of this moment. i look down at his face and saw him in a way that i have never seen him before. the highest peak has died. she was 77 when she died. she reached the summit of mount everest in 1975 at the age of 35. she died on thursday at a hospital outside of tokyo. local media say she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. her last climb was japan's mount funnel i didn't with a --
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atlanta. >> a teen nearly killed woke up from a cuomo speaking spanish, a language he never spoke before. >> he was playing soccer and he was goalie. another player kicked him in the head. he stopped breathing and was airlifted to the hospital where he spent several days in a cuomo. when he -- comma. when he woke -- comb spanish. >> sometimes i feel like i'm not there. >> he told the local media he had spanish speaking friends that exposed him to the language and that may have played a role in his language change. the leaning tower of san francisco, 58 story building is gain notoriety in california. what will be done about the
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donald trump rallying his supporters here at the state fairgrounds this evening. coming up, what new polls reveal about his chances in must win florida. >> i just want her to get what she deserves. >> a father supporting the murder charges against his who she is accused of killing and why the dad says he has no sympathy for the teen. >> good morning, i'm dan schaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. a look -- dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley shay has the weather. >> if only this weather could have landed on halloween. we talk about the bugs, it would have been perfect.
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looking beautiful. take a look across hillsborough county. will it work? oh, it's messing with me. most of the temperatures are close to 60 degrees if not a little bit above right now. and i will get that touch screen touching again soon. all right. take a look at the afternoon. we have warm and dry conditions, 81 is the high. mostly clear tonight. no rain in sight throughout the day today and the rain chances go up a little bit this week. i will have more in the seven- day forecast. dan and donald trump is visiting tampa tonight. he is holding a rally at the mid florida credit union ampitheatre. >> ryan smith has a preview. >> reporter: the republican presidential candidate facing an uphill battle of sorts after some national polls releasing showing a wide gap between the republican candidate and democratic nominee hillary clinton. tonight trump addresses his supporters here at the florida state fairgrounds.
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lead so ferreterring a 12 percentage point advantage of likely voters over donald trump. it's the first time in this contentious race she has lead by double digits. in florida, a must win swing state. it's a tight race. cbs news reporting its poll showing clinton leading trump by three points. he spoke to supporters yesterday in naples. >> numbers are looking phenomenal in florida. don't believe the media. even the media they can't help it. but the numbers are better than what they are saying. >> if you are interested in attending, the doors open at 4:00. the event kicks off at 7:00 right here at the florida state fairgrounds. in tampa, ryan smith, abc action news. >> if you are inclined to take a selfie with your ballot and post it on social media, officials say don't do it. if you do, you could face fines and possible jail time.
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it's illegal to post ballot selfies in florida. in south florida, broward deputies are searching for the suspects in a triple shooting. one man was killed and another injured on saturday. the abc station in miami is reporting the cousin of one of the victims arrived on the scene and instead of helping started recording video then posted it on facebook. the video has since been removed. miami police are trying to track down the woman behind a robbery and injured three people. one of the victims was a 12- year-old. police say the boy was shot saturday night. a 17 and 20-year-old were robbed and shot even though they gave up their personal items. here you see neighbors jumping into action tending to the victims. the shooter is on the loose. all three victims are expected to live. in pasco county, deputies need your help to identify the man you see over my shoulder. they say he robbed a new port richey walgreens and held the
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we are waiting for a description of the car he is driving. crimestoppers is offering up to $3,000 in reward money for information that leads to an arrest. dozens of tow truck drivers lined i-75 over the weekend in contribute to a fellow driver killed by a suspected drunk driver. troy mcgwire died loading a vehicle on the side of the road at the time. the memorial drive went past the spot where mcgwire was killed. tow truck drivers hope his death will encourage people to obey the move over law. when you see an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, move over one lane. they had too many close calls of their own. >> everyone jumped in the back of the truck more times than you can account because we don't want to get hit. >> ginger darling organized the ride. she hopes never to organize another one again. a jacksonville woman can offer a $500 reward for the
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cat with a bow and are o. she found her cat silas dead tuesday after he was missing for three days. she believes the person that killed si las killed two other cats in the past. the sheriff's office is stepping in. a complete stranger stepped in to put up the money for the reward after seeing the news story about the cat's death. a father in kentucky says he supports murder charges against his own 15-year-old daughter. jenna oakley is charged with the murder of her stepmother and the theft police say she and her 20-year- old boyfriend were found in 1200 miles away in new mexico. on thursday, a grand jury returned the indictment the girl's father expected all along. he wants justice and for his daughter to be punished. >> i have no remorse for whatever happens to her. she deserves everybody she gets. >> the teenager's 20-year-old boyfriend is on life support at
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himself in jail. prosecutor can't comment on a motive. a sad ending for the search of two duck hunters in michigan. their bodies were found yesterday. timothy hughes and his son daniel went hunting on a lake and supposed to return saturday afternoon. they never showed up. early sunday they started a multiagency search. sunday afternoon the bodies were recovered in canadian waters. the boat was area. investigators are looking into a bizarre scene at a church in south carolina. a man suddenly starts stabbing the person sitting in the pew in front of him. billy lewis is accused of stabbing another man three times with a six inch knife. he is facing attempted murder charges. the victim was airlifted to a hospital with serious injuries. there is no motive for the attack. deputies say lewis has a history of mental health issues. two passengers end up walking through an unlocked
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empty plane. this morning the search is on for who is at fault. the man and his 21-year-old daughter boarded the flight in philadelphia. the only problem, they weren't authorized to be on the plane yet. the pilot said someone left the gate door open overnight. american airlines blames the airport saying it's their workers that are responsible for locking the doors. to be safe, they brought in a different plane for the flight to boston. international stock markets are much higher here is a live look at the dow. up 122 points after the opening bell, 18,267. one thing hillary clinton and donald trump can agree on. they are both against at&t's plan to buy time warner for more than $85 billion. a hillary clinton spokesman says she wants regulators to scrutinize the deal closely. donald trump said he would block the deal. if it's approved it would
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with one that owns popular entertainment. st. pete company is laying off people at home while hiring oversees. the tampa bay business journal reports icore is closing a repair facility in st. pete and laying off 76 workers. the first layoffs will take place in the middle of december with more to follow in january and december. the company is acquiring five new facilities and opening a new call center in poland. hiring. they have over 200 openings at the facility in tampa. the casino is hosting a hiring event from 11:00 to 2:00. jobs range from security officers to floor attendants to slot technicians. if you are interested, apply first at go to work still ahead, dozens of arrests at a north dakota pipeline as demonstrations
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drawing attention to the situation potentially putting lives at danger. that is coming up. >> a woman's ride along with police in california takes a sudden scary turn. how the ride of her life almost
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dramatic video showing a terrifying police ride along in california. a civilian woman in the passenger seat when the officer tried to pull the car over. the driver pulls away leading the officer on a chase. then this happens. [gunfire]. >> you saw it there. a passenger in the car pulls out a gun and starts shooting at the police. smashed up the windshield that
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one bullet came so close, really close to hitting the passenger. you see the bullet hole above the dashboard. she suffered minor cuts from broken glass. the shots disabled the police car and the suspect got away. georgia investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire that killed five people. this is cell phone video. it shows the fire so bright all you can see through the trees is light where a house should be. when the flames were out, firefighters found the bodies of five no one inside survived. a neighbor said there was a propane tank on the back of the house that may have exploded. the family had a bonfire going in a bit behind the house saturday night. 127 people were arrested over the weekend as they ramped up a protest against a pipeline in north dakota. hundreds blocked a highway. rallies against the construction have been going on for months now. protestors say the project will
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affect native american lands. a twitter account associated with anonymous appears to have taken credit for a massive outage friday. but officials are not confirming that they were responsible. it slowed down several major web sites and knocked others off line. it included spotify, amazon, reddit, yelp, netflix and the "new york times." hackers took control of thousands of unsecurity internet connected devices. let's >> wouldn't you like to bottle it. >> for a little while, through halloween. >> we talk about the mosquitoes on halloween. >> i have the halloween forecast coming up. >> is it good? >> oh. >> it's florida. >> it's florida after all. we will probably need bug spray. circle's apollo beach camera, beautiful start to the day. dial on the cool side. as we take a look at --
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as we take a look at titan doppler radar, not a thing. lots of sunshine to start the day. it will continue throughout the day. did you notice that the clock was ticking along? pairly anything going on. a few clouds on the east coast. we have the northeasterly flow. we won't see rain likely in highlands county even though you may have seen that quick patch of green that went across. knows likely anything that will make its way to the ground. we have 64 right now 59 in crystal river. haines city at 65. on average this time of year we should start the day around 66 and ending at 83. we have been nice and below average the last couple of days. once we get to halloween, though, we are going to be around 80 for a high. that's the way it's looking now. no real strong cold fronts on the way but we may get one that helps to level things off a little bit. but it doesn't look like the
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very much. so, we will be trick or treating, deiah, to temperatures in the mid- to upper-70s as we get going near sunset and then they will come down a few degrees. it will still be muggy. so it will probably be buggy. that's the way it goes. this week temperatures will come back up into the mid-80s. by thursday humidity increased, noticeable. it will feel steamy. saturday and sunday we are in the mid-80s. it looks like we that maybe on monday we will get a high around 80 to 81 degrees which means it might be a little more comfortable than what we will see the rest of the week for halloween still looking great either way. at least there is no rain. no umbrellas needed. >> that's for sure. >> i will take it. an emu's great escape
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welcome back. the 58-story millennium tower is becoming known as the leaning tower of san francisco. >> it's not just leaning but sinking. senators hired to assess the problem say it shows no immediate signs of stopping. the luxury high-rise is home to joe montana and the well healed. developers released a report claiming the tower is save from earthquakes despite the foundation settling. the developer claims the construction of a terminal and the removal of groundwater. this morning the tampa bay bucs are coming home winners. they beat the san francisco
9:51 am
bucs, the running attack. jacquizz rodgers rushed for 150 yards and career long 45 yards on this play. peyton barber ran for a long touchdown and jameis winston threw for three tds. >> when we do what we are supposed to do, we are a tough time to beat. this is the nfl. week in and week out you got to show up. you never have a week where you don't show up. we have a great team. >> you can see the great team in person. the bucs play the next games at home starting on sunday against the raiders. the world series starts in cleveland. the dine he -- indians versus the chicago cubs. a lot of people want to see the two storied teams in person. in cleveland the average price is $3,900. that is cheap for the price against wrigley field at $7,200. that might be because the cubs are making the first trip to the world series in 71 years. even white sox fans like
9:52 am
he congratulated them on twitter. hillary clinton's press secretary send out this picture to her response. she was born in chicago. this picture raised the question whether she is a baseball fan flip-flopper. she road for the yankees and cubs though they are in different leagues. carol burnett and amy poehler are teaming up for a pilot. we are waiting it. burnett had a six decade run on stage and film and tv. donald glover is joining the "star wars" universe. the untitled film will be released in 2018. this is not a movie but feels like it could be a script. an emu escape artist in cape canaveral is at it again. >> you may remember taco from
9:53 am
this time the bird named after a mexican dish ends up at an irish pub, only in america. this is video when he got loose and ran around on a1a earlier. the owner says taco got scared by a stray dog and wondered into the parking lot of an irish pub. it took animal control officers
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gorgeous day today. temperatures keep going up. it's florida after all. rain chances on the low side. >> no complaints. comedian bill murray is
9:57 am
american humor. he received the award in washington, d.c. >> david letterman, jimmy kimmel and steve martin made appearances. >> we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories at >> tampa bay's morning blend is
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you danced during the open. you danced in the back. good monday morning. i'm carley boyette. >> i'm sean daley filling in for natalie that abandoned us. no, i'm kidding. we love natalie. >> we do. we love today's show. we are one week away from halloween. do you have your costume ready. >> i do. >> are you going to share.


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