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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  October 25, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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breaking overnight, four people are killed at a ride in a theme park in australia. the ride they were on and the investigation >> hearing the news really -- words don't describe it. the worst thing in the world. >> a gunman opened fire at a homecoming celebration killing a young man from plant city. >> she has abused the african- american community. >> temperature per mentally infit -- temper mentally unfit. >> today hillary clinton and
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in florida as more young voters shift toward clinton. good morning, it's tuesday. thanks for joining us for abc action news, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. breaking news from overnight. four people were killed on a ride at a theme park on australia's east coast. two men and two women died at the theme park called dream world. all four were on a raft ride that moves on a fast moving artificial river. two victims were thrown. two were trapped inside. the park is closed until the investigation is complete. out to the latest in democracy 2016, hillary clinton and donald trump campaign in florida. trump will hold rallies in sanford and tallahassee. last night he was here in tampa. abc action news reporter michael paluska made a promise to floridians if he is president.
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in the first 100 days in office and what it would do for floridians. an ampitheatre was the fitting place for donald trump to hold a rally. in front of thousands of people he was their rock star. his plan clear and concise. >> we will remove all criminal illegal immigrants from our country. >> the crowd was fired up. >> . >> we are going immigration from regions comprised by islamic terrorism including the suspension of the syrian refugee program. >> for the first time at a rally in the bay area, trump laid out what he plans to do in his first 10 -- 100 days in office. >> he will repeal and replace obama care. term limits on all members of congress.
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nonessential federal employees. we need a strong military. >> reporter: but it wasn't all policy. trump as expected went after hillary clinton in her deleted e-mails. >> we have to investigate the investigation, folks. our system is riding. >> reporter: he talked about his infrastructure plan would help our state. >> new navy and coast guard ships to patrol new advanced manufacturing on florida's space coast. today hillary clinton is scheduled to be in south florida. she will hold a get out the vote rally. clinton praised massachusetts senator elizabeth warren during a campaign stop yesterday.
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women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever. >> with just two weeks until election day, the poll shows young voters are shifting to hillary clinton. a month ago they were divided between clinton and trump. two weeks before the presidential election, hillary clinton may have a health care hurdle to overcome. the price of going up again. premiums will increase especially for those who don't get federal assistance. it will jump an average of 22% for the benchmark silver plan. increase blamed on services. we have an update on the ruskin man that landed his
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u.s. chill. >> authorities will -- u.s. capitol. authorities will destroy it. tallahassee police now searching for the gunman that shot and killed a plant city man studying at famu. the gunman killed kwane ton langford -- quinton langford someone shot into a he was a third year student studying construction engineering technology. his family said he was ambitious and driven. >> first one making it out, showing us the path to follow. >> it is really hard. we keep waiting for him to come home. >> reporter: quentin and a friend were shot. the friend had emergency surgery and is recovering. detectives have not made any arrests in the case. new surveillance video of the woman behind a triple
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the video shows the woman approaching three people on a sidewalk saturday night demanding their belongings then opening fire on them. all three were injured. a 12-year-old shot in the stomach is in stable condition. the other two were treated and released from the hospital. 20 years ago last night st. pete police in riot gear struggled to control a violent crowd in st. pete. a white police officer just killed last night a vigil was held for tyron lewis. in 1996 a white st. pete police officer killed lewis at 18th avenue south and 16th street. police say lieu was was driving without a -- lewis was driving without a license and had crack cocaine. his brother blames it on racial tension playing out today.
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go against everything they have in training. >> the officers who shot lewis were eventually clearedment investigators ruled the shooting was justified. two lake county sisters that buried their father in their backyard are facing a federal investigation. the women cashed their dad's social security checks for years after his death. the sisters claim he died from a heart attack five detectives sent the case to the state attorney. a saint cloud police officer is under investigation for child porn will return to work next week. sergeant jarrod daniel has been off work since early august when officers searched his house for child porn. the chief won't say if daniel will be patrolling the streets when he returns. the child porn investigation is
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on tuesday, nice and cool, mostly clear. temps are 65. 67 in clearwater. 69 in st. pete. but we do have widespread 50s up to the north. these temperatures are not done falling. they will continue to drop a couple more degrees through the morning then we will warm things up. from this time yesterday, not a huge difference but 1 to 2 to 3 degrees warmer than we were. an indication of what is happening here. an east wind will increase the temperatures and the so, that combination won't feel it by the afternoon. less crisp over the afternoon. 83 to mid-80s this afternoon the extended forecast in a few minutes. we want to get a look at part of your morning commute. this is i-75 at the leroy sell mons expressway. janelle is watching the traffic cameras and a complete look in a moment. this morning there is outrage among the national guard. bill collectors are calling
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money. the pentagon needed soldiers to reenlist so commanders offered bonuses. a national guard official sent money to thousands of california soldiers that didn't qualify. the guard is collecting cash from 10,000 soldiers that served and finished their contracts. a pinellas county man is facing charges for breaking into the same business twice. deputies say they jeremy kosher after he burglarized uncle bob's storage in largo. he almost immediately went back to uncle bob's, took keys and then stole from storage units on the property. a dallas area middle school teacher is arrested at school after the shooting death of two of his neighbors. after the break, we will hear from a neighbor that describes the gun used in the murder. >> california taxi cab driver
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welcome back.
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connection with the shooting deaths of his two neighbors. he is facing murder charges. police say they found his two neighbors shot dead in the driveway early sunday morning. a neighbor said the gunman used an assault rifle. >> this is a quiet neighborhood. nothing like that happens around here. that is kind of why we live here . it's safe. >> police have not released a motive. is an 8th grade science teacher and served in the air force. agreeing restaurants have belly dancing, plate throwing but no celebrating in ybor city rat a crop po -- at a crop police. the popular greek restaurant ode had more than 100 live and
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on the bar and roach droppings on the wall. food could make you sick with meat in a broiler turned off. they documented stuffed grape leaves, cheese at dangerous temperatures in the cooler. the owner of acropolis said as soon as they found the roaches, they called in nine employees of a sanitation company and pest control company to clean up the restaurant the city. he said the city hasn't done anything to help treat a sewage issue in ybor city. to hear what else he had to say, good to our web site, a national reporter reveals she is the victim of a frightening crime. she was robbed at gunpoint and carjacked in midtown atlanta. she posted on instagram three men were waiting for her.
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my sense of security. police are reviewing surveillance video for leads about the carjackers. we have an update on a man charged with shooting a tulane university medical student on camera in a video that went viral. that man just agreed to a 50 year prison sentence. the plea deal was reached at the last minute before the trial was set to begin. he faced charges including attempted murder and six counts of aggravated rape, kidnapping and armed after the shooting, prosecutors say he robbed a couple at gunpoint and raped the woman. a city council in minnesota voted in favor of rezoning prince's home. that means it can open as a permanent museum. the city initially put plans for a museum on hold citing traffic and public safety concerns. earlier this month it was open for a limited number of tours after receiving a temporary permit. tours will start again this
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caught on camera, a driver chasing a run away car on a busy highway in switzerland. that car crossed lanes through the middle of the roads then crossed back. it came to a stop after hitting a sign. officials say the driver stopped to talk to a friend and the caroled away. police say he will be charged for putting others in danger. take a look at this. a guy in australia got up for work in the middle of the night and sees this. >> oh, god. >> it is in his kitchen. catching a mouse. guess what, those spiders live here in florida. >> no. >> i grew up in fort lauderdale. we called them house spiders. they are about the size of your hand. >> that is so big you could name it. it's a pet. my goodness. that is terrifying. mid- to upper-60s this morning. i have never seen anything like that in florida and i grew up here. northeast winds around 10. gusty tomorrow.
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and cool out there. enjoy that. we will get rid of fall rather quickly today and through the remainder of the week. we will feel the fall feel that we had the last few days. gorgeous out there with the chilly mornings and the jacket and then you peel it off in the afternoon. i don't think you will need much of a jacket the next few days. the east wind is the culprit. that will bring an increase in humidity. when you get higher humidity, that feels milder. along with that, it will get 80s. we will be above normal. dew points are comfortable, upper 50s. that's about as high as we can get before we feel it. then 60 and above you start feeling more humid. staying dry to the north. there it is. we go green here by later this afternoon and then especially into tomorrow. still nice today. no question about that. cool start. temps in the low 80s. humidity not out of control here. by tomorrow morning, look at
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to upper-60s. st. pete, 70 for the morning low. we are turning the cornerback wards so temps in the mid- to upper-80s. this is tomorrow now and tomorrow we will do that with higher humidity. if you are a fan of fall, we have to wait some time. we are locked in this pattern here through the upcoming weekend. the one thing that hasn't changed, no rain chances, staying dry through early next week here. i-275 near gandy, no issues. janelle martinez has live traffic updates at 5:00. tonight the world series gets underway. tom korun has the morning sports update. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. game one of the world series gets upped way in cleveland. the cubs sending jon lester to
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cleveland going with corey cluv er. joe maddon says it brought back memories, the same speech he gave rays memories in the play- offs. live in the present moment. >> i think we all have a tremendous amount of respect for history, that has happened before us or not happened before us but you go in room, very young, impacted -- we are impacted by our city. they will be in the moment. that's what we have done. that's all i preach. >> reporter: tampa bay lightning continue the six day road trip with a a stop in toronto. the media was interested in talking about stamkos new contract than the game itself. >> people are entitled to do
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with the team that drafted me and brought me up as an 18-year- old kid. my second home now. like i said, no regrets. i'm looking forward to hopefully winning another hockey game and another road trip. >> reporter: that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. coming up, a scaffolding collapse at now it happened again in south florida. we are looking into this latest incident. >> farming, hunting, ranching, it's all intertwined. >> by a ring, get a gun, that's
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we have an update and ten dear reunion. a mom holding one of her twins alone for the first time. last week doctors separated conjoined twins jayden and anias. they were joined at the head. jayden is making fast progress but anias is doing well but progressing slowly.
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of her life. two research meteorologists may have discovered what is causing ships and planes to disappear in the bermuda triangle. they spotted weird hexagon shaped clouds. they indicate winds of 100 miles per hour and can generate 30-foot waves. those conditions could sink a ship. public transportation commis ride sharing services out of the county. coming up, the sting operation at the center of the allegations. >> as we get closer to halloween, a warning about marijuana products. the agency that is sounding the alarm to be on guard for edible marijuana products out trick or treating with your kids. >> during the winter months florida sees a lot more visitors from up north. coming up in a live report, new concerns that snow birds could
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some concern over voter fraud by election officials in
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residents. i will explain in a live report. >> donald trump tells tampa what he can do for us. and hillary clinton will make her pitch in person soon. thanks for waking up to abc action news on this tuesday. i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm deiah riley. >> we will have more from clinton and trump but first weather and traffic together. ivan is back from a little vacation. nice weather here. we will warm things up the next few days. we are back into where i last saw you as soon as temperatures. the east wind is responsible. that will increase the humidity and temperatures the next few days. the atlantic tend to moderate this time of year. nice though, mid- to upper-60s across tampa, clearwater and st. pete. the usual cool spots are just that. 58 in zephyrhills. brooksville 53. all of us warming into the low 80s by this afternoon.


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