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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  October 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ryan smith just got on the scene. what have you found out? good morning. it's still a very active scene. there is some road closures after this deadly crash we want to tell you about. this is lake fern, it's closed in both directions near the intersection of heritage harbor parkway. it's about a mile and a half east of the veterans memorial highway. a car came crashing into a house around 2:30 this morning. the driver was killed after impact. no one inside the house was injured. the vehicle ran off the road, flipped over and collided into the garage. i learned since being on scene that the driver hit an electrical box. you can see a utility truck making repairs no word on any other factors that may have lead up to this deadly crash or when it will
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breaking stories and will bring you the latest. for now, let's go back in studio. >> there are not lot of schools in the area. we have the middle school, a lot of you use luke's fern lake road to get to school, that's going to be a problem to get it is in front of the entrance here. your options, head south take van dyke road or if you're more north, state road 54. hopefully they'll have it back open by the time morning rush hour really picks up. thank you. we're following breaking developments on another fatal crash, this one claiming four lives >> the horrific scene had mlk
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it just re-opened about 2 hours ago. multiple people are injured including some children. authorities are trying to figure out what caused the tragedy. >> live at the scene with some of those unanswered questions. >> good morning to you. troopers have not said what caused this horrific crash last night. they will certainly look into reports from neighbors, people who live here who say that this stretch of road street racing. tough to see any remnants left of the crash. one turn lane is the only thing we're seeing anything left and that would be charred road and some sand that is left there. that's where a minivan burst into flames you can barely make out the types of vehicles they're crushed and torn a part. they shut down the roads, all six lanes after the crash.
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involvedded in the wreck. one, a minivan burst into flames a witness said he instantly got out, ran to that minivan to help rescue people inside and pulled out three children, all of them were rushed to the hospital. florida highway patrol still investigating the crash. we expect new details this morning as soon as we get those, we'll pass them along. four people killed in the crash on mlk last night. another great start on your thursday, weather wise, temperatures in the 60s. by the afternoon, add about 20 to the numbers and that will bring the highs, humidity, not terrible. the temperatures warm up the atmosphere a little bit. not oppressively humid but not as comfortable as we have been.
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today. a couple degrees above normal. we'll talk about the rain chances coming up and taking you through halloween day. breaking news unfolding now in new york city. firefighters were on the scene of a deadly six alarm fire in manhattan. this is live pictures from the scene. flames spread from the first floor to the fifth floor of a building on the upper east side. officials are confirming one person is dead. one is in critical condition. several fire crews as you can see remain on the scene as well as the red cross to help people. >> we're waiting to learn what caused this deadly house fire in sarasota. they were able to pull one man out. >> two others inside died. the fire started before 3:00 near the intersection of prudence lane.
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broke through a concrete wall. he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries authorities have not identified that man or the two that died. >> it's sad when anyone passes away and it happened so close to home. >> firefighters are investigating and we will bring you an update. five minutes after 6:00, donald trump is firing back against claims that he used immigrants to build hotel. >> hillary clinton making that allegation yesterday while she was in tampa yesterday she called attention to donald trump cutting the ribbon on his new hotel in washington d.c. and brought in celebrity chef to introduce her. he was supposed to have a restaurant at that hotel but he withdrew after trump called some
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dealers >> it's the same old story. he relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper. and most of the products in the rooms were made overseas. >> the washington post interviewed and said that they were undocumented and others said they entered the u.s. illegally and later obtained legal stat trump denied this? >> she said i used illegal immigrants to build the building. except i didn't use one, for two reasons, why would i do that? so i went with the e verify system, we didn't have one
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hotel opening saying he wanted to support. >> the entire trump family sits down to talk about how the campaign has affected them and put the trump brand in jeopardy. >> a ballot mix up has poll workers apologizing. >> very unsettling because i like to think that our system works but now that i have experienced this, i'm starting to second guess everything. >> officials tell abc action news once they pinpointed the problem, all protocols for followed. tampa police need your help, they tell us that the man broke into the church of the way on boulevard east.
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they say that the man took a flat screen and several guitars they're looking for a tip that leads to his arrest. if you know this guy or know what happened, call crime stoppers you will not catch me outside after dark and i don't care for being by myself. >> traumatizing encounter. waiting for a bus. new demands for passengers after a pilot was about to fly a plane while drunk. the change the passengers want to make sure they're safe.
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6:11. a chilling moment caught on camera. an armed man ambushes a woman at a bus stop in tennessee. if you keep watching you see the two she is standing there alone waiting for the bus to work on monday. he walks up behind her, tries to snatch her purse and then pulls out a gun. she's startled once he points the gun at her face. even more frightening she just put her kids on a bus minutes before. she says it makes her sick to think of what would have happened if her kids had been there. she says she knows they would have tried to protect her.
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myself. i'm very paranoid and i'm not a very paranoid person. >> the man got away with her purse and phone and is still on the run this morning. this morning travelers are demanding changes after police say a pilot went to board a plane while drunk. officers arrested sky west airlines pilot 38-year-old russell duzak. tsa workers reported him after smelling alcohol on his breath in south dakota last night. delaying the flight more than two hours and passenrs system in place so this doesn't happen again. he was put on administrative leave, is apologizing. police are praising the airline and airport for making sure fliers were safe. coming up -- a car plows right into a south florida store. the mistake the driver made and how what happened is a case of deja vu for the store owner. >> a beef -- real beef between neighbors. they say this raw meat hanging on a clothesline is spoiling
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good morning. a traffic alert to tell you about. lutz lake berm closed now in both directions after a car ran into a house killing the driver. this is going to affect drivers between the veterans expressway and dale mabry at heritage harbor parkway.
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we'll bring you much more coming up in a few minutes. 6:15. look at the surveillance video that you see over my shoulder. that is a car plowing right through the front door of a south florida beauty supply store narrowly missing people inside. the driver says she thought the car was in reverse but it surged forward by mitake. no one was hurt. amazingly though the store owner says it's not the first time this has happened. he said the same thing happened at another location in fort crazy chase from oklahoma stoi. an armed robbery system goes off-roading to try to escape police. not quite in the right vehicle though. he was spotted yesterday afternoon. police tried to pull him over, he took off. finally gives up when he reached the edge of a ravine. eventually got out but refused to follow commands so officers tasered him and arrested him. troopers are investigating a crash between two tampa police officers.
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patrol car up under the back end of the other. this happened on dale mabry just north of i-275. we've reached to to check on the conditions of the officers, haven't heard back yet. unclear exactly how this accident happened. detectives charged another tourists for allegedly trying to bring a gun to a theme park in walt disney world. orange county deputies say an alabama woman showed up at the disney animal kingdom, with a gun in her backpack. the second case authorities say a new orleans man tried to enter epcot with a loaded pivot oloaded -- pistol. transit authorities say in boston, a motorcycle motor overheeded during the commute. five people were treated for smoke inhalation, two taken to the hospital. strips of seasoned raw meat causing a feud between
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meat hanging from a closeline. the woman who has been hanging the meat says her family cures it to make traditional chinese food but neighbors are complaining now -- campaigning for that meat to come down calling their elected officials and taking concerns to social media. >> don't even feel comfortable going outside anymore either. i used to hang out on my balcony, i feel >> the health department says in general this is legal if it's for personal consumption but if it's not becoming a nuisance for other residents. in france migrants torched more than a dozen makeshift shelters. the fire raged through the heart of the site. firefighters struggled for hours to contain the flames. it was a last act of defiance for migrants forced out and moved to another part of france
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asylum or go back to the country of origin. british paper reporting that 100 children spent the night at the camp, volunteers put them in a warehouse after they were denied access to a processing shelter. 6:19. we continue to get new video in of the heavy damage from italy in the past 24 hours. over 60 aftershocks hit the central part of the country, collapsing buildings and forcing frightened residents to the aftershocks coming just over two months after a powerful jackie killed nearly 300 people. partially destroyed two villages. overnight thousands of people slept in their cars, worried another tremor could collapse their houses there. early this morning officials began assessing the damage. so far no serious injuries have been reported. good morning. from the weather center looks great now, clear skies, feels good too. temperature in the low 60s, up to the north.
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water temperature still 74. so st. pete 71. titan doppler radar quiet. south florida getting in on showers and eventually a few sprinkles may once again make it over towards polk county this afternoon. with that easterly flow that continues. by the way so long as this happens we're going to stay with mild temperatures and moderate humidity. not terrible but a little higher than some of us want this time of year. to cold fronts through the next few days -- no cold fronts through the next the next shot of potential cooldown would be first week of november. in fact heading into election day. we talked about that yesterday a little bit but don't hang your hopes on that because, a couple of the models not in agreement. 85 for today, staying warm, if you like the warmth. this is your forecast because we're going to continue with that mid-80s, that fresh wind, small craft advisory, that continues in effect through tomorrow morning. so moderate chop for the bays, times of sunrise and sunset,
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we'll have plenty of sun through the next few days. there it is, mid-80s for saturday and sunday. halloween itself looks great. 85. we'll stay into the middle 80s, just a few fair weather clouds for both saturday and sunday. i think we'll be in pretty good shape and again temperatures above average for this time of year. that continues heading into the early part of next week. good morning. we have a traffic alert. for those of you in lutz, lutz lake fern closed in parkway, a car ran into the garage of a house killing the driver. it's closed in both directions and there are three schools in the area by the veterans expressway. steinbrenner high school, a middle school and elementary school. kite it could be hard if you're not coming from the veterans. you can head south and take van
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we have a crash in hillsborough southbound u.s. 301 at adamo drive. i saw a lot of backup a few minutes ago. looks like traffic indicators are back in the green so looks like the crash is clearing or at least in the clearing stages. 6:22. one of the tastiest events of the year returns today for a 35th straight year. >> the annual john's pass seafood festival opens this afternoon at madeira beach and this year it's four days. the kickoff event is the chef showdown, local restaurants get to prove they are the best in the bay area. gates open daily at 10:00. a wife taking a creative approach to try to get her husband out of the house. the hilarious spin she's
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6:26 thursday morning. we've all of negative campaign ads this election year. one airing in texas is getting a thumbs up from republicans and democrats. a candidate's wife is asking voters to re-elect her husband to get him out of the house. >> this 18-wheeler parked in this neighborhood, fumes all over the place. frankly it's not a code violation. i think i like helping around the house here. >> please re-elect gerald. please.
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her husband gerald has no hobbies and generally brings work home with him. in the background he's rattling off statistics about county affairs and driving his wife and all his friends crazy. ashy arby's in november, is testing a venison sandwich. right now it's only in certain deer hunting states like wisconsin and georgia. a good samaritan jumping into action following tampa crash. ahead in a live report, how his quick action helped to save lives. glr good morning. we are following breaking news out in lutz. lutz lake fern closed in both directions in front of the entrance to chavall after a car ran into a house killing the driver. more on this coming up. >> plus, a hack that could take over your phone and put lives
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we have team coverage on two big breaking news stories. now at 6:30 -- we're working to get an update on the cause of a horrific multicar crash killing at least four people. >> up first though a traffic alert in lutz now. a car plows into a home killing one person. >> deputies are traffic so if you try to get to steinbrenner high school or the nearby schools to the east you're going to have problems. janelle will check in on that. >> what you you now able to see? >> reporter: they let us move a little closer but i also want to bring you brand new information we just learned a few moments ago. that is the fact that west lutz lake fern road may be opening
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hour time frame. again it remains closed in both directions, you can see behind me it's still a very active scene. in fact just within the past 60 seconds a wrecker arrived to help try to fish this vehicle out. i also know a tow truck is on standby waiting to help remove the vehicle from the scene. you can see -- excuse me -- if you pan to the other side of the road, the north side of the road it's tough to spot but you can sitting back behind the tree line. this vehicle came crashing into the house 2:30 this morning. the driver was killed after impact. no one inside of the house is injured. investigators tell me the vehicle ran off the road, flipped over and collided in the home's garage. i've also learned the driver hit an electrical box, a tico utility truck is on scene for repairs. no word yet if any other factors may have led up to this
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remains a very fluid scene. we will continue to follow this breaking news story and keep you updated as more details become available. for now back to you, janelle, to help commuters work around this closure. >> it's going to affect students trying to get to school especially if it doesn't open back up for another hour or so. as dmeangsedded earlier we have stein -- dan mentioned earlier, steinbrenner high school, mckitrick and a elementary school too. it will be difficult to get there. captain al over the scene now, what can you see? >> reporter: it's really difficult to see anything other than the outline of lutz lake fern. it comes from dale mabry to the suncoast parkway. you can see the utility trucks gathered there, they were talking about the power being cut in the area. they are working on that. also there's a wrecker just out of the picture to the bottom, it's going to begin to remove the vehicle from the house.
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from where we are. it's that dark. however, traffic is going took mess. they are letting people out to heritage harbor to go westbound to the sun coast but if you want to go eastbound for dale mabry a different story altogether. back to you. >> that's good information because i had a viewer ask me, they are in heritage harbor, wondering how they will get out. officers are letting neighbors out. one option is to head south to van dyke. you can get there from dale mabry, also take the dale mabry extension to the veterans expressway around to get to the schools up in that area. back to you. another tragic breaking news story -- we just made phone calls to fhp to get an update on a collision that killed at least four people overnight. >> the wreckage is incredible. they have not released many details yet but witnesses tell us children were taken to the hospital. abc action news anchor lindsay logue is live in east tampa where it happened. what are you able to find out
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can i tell you that police and the last of the florida highway patrol trooper investigators left the scene about two hours ago. at least in the dark it's difficult to even tell there was a crash. but i want to show you the video we shot overnight. just incredible video, heartbreaking. at least three, maybe four vehicles involved in this crash last night. you can see twisted metal and car parts, broken glass all over the road. this is absolutely one worst crashes we've ever seen. one of the vehicles involved was a mini van and we know that on impact that vehicle burst into flames. that vehicle, there were three children inside. troopers shut down the entire road, six lanes in all after the crash. right now they are still investigating exactly what caused the crash. again four people killed as of now. we do know children are recovering in the hospital. and dan and deiah, people who
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mlk, six-lane road, three lanes in each direction. they say street racing is a problem out here. troopers will be looking into that. lindsay logue, abc action news. we're getting a firsthand account of the moments following this deadly crash from a good samaritan whose quick actions may have helped save lives. >> rodney dunigan is outside tampa general hospital where doctors are treating the children one man helped pull to safety. >> reporter: that good samaritan also tells us as soon as he saw what happened he jumped right into action described for us the moments following this horrible wreck. >> you hear four people dead. that is very tragic situation right now. knowing you was talking to one of the females in there. in the accident. so now i'm hoping the little kid, the little boy was ok. he was not beaten at all really but had a slight pulse. >> reporter: gregory hawkins says he was driving down mlk and saw two cars speed past him
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we're expecting word from the highway patrol later this morning on the conditions of those surviving victims. hawkins says he helped to pull children out of one of the cars involved in the crash. >> i pulled her out. then i sat her on the sidewalk, i went back and there was a young kid, i pulled him out. set him on the sidewalk. i went back, a heavyset female, tried to get her out. i said -- got a gentleman to help me with her. we pulled her out. the wasn't getting no grip at all really. >> reporter: we're also getting a look at cell phone video of the aftermath of this crash, it shows firsthand how hectic the moments were following that wreck. this morning several of those victims recovering, thanks to the quick actions of that good samaritan. reporting from outside tampa general hospital, rodney dunigan, abc action news. checking the weather now, mid and upper 60s. low 60s to the north. comfortable morning and then by
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with moderate humidity. 82 for lunch and then 85 for the daytime high. 7-day forecast takes us through the weekend with several weather conditions. that includes halloween itself with highs in the mid-80s. it's 6:37. if you're heading to tampa on interstate 4 this morning be extra careful. that interstate running from tampa to daytona beach is now considered the deadliest in the country. a new study found the 132-mile stretch averaged one and-a-half fatalities per mile last six years. the study blames distracted drivers for the uptick in accidents and we spoke with truckers who make their living on that road and they say they see people texting while driving all the time. >> only way to solve the -- this problem is to have large fines. $5,000 every time somebody is texting, me being up so high i can clearly see the people aren't even looking at the road. they are staring at their telephones the whole time.
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while driving is $30. a jury has convicted rapper kevin gates for battery for an incident caught on video. the teenaged fan grabbed gates during a performance at a lakeland nightclub last year. the rapper responded by kicking her in the stomach. gates claims the fan assaulted him, he was protecting himself. he's now serving 180 days in jail. pinellas park teen is injured after being shot in the leg but there's a question now about who pulled the trigger. police say two teens were in the ho was shot. he is expected to recover but detectives are interviewing the other teen trying to figure out who fired the gun. democracy 2016 -- marco rubio patrick murphy clashing at the final debate. >> it's not just husbanding, it's things like access to the
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data is out of control. >> health care was another hot topic. this week we told you obama care premiums are expected to rise by 25% next year. here's what murphy said to rubio about that. >> no question that the affordable care act was a huge step forward for our country but the focus now has to be on getting it right. working across the aisle to ensure that we are fixing it, making sure we have more coverage for more people, that is more affordable. i believe we can do that but you got to show up to work. in favor of a public health care option to lower costs especially in rural areas. you're going to have to leave now. >> -- candidate for u.s. senate in maryland, this is how you treat a candidate? >> that is a third party senate candidate in maryland who crashed a debate there. green party candidate dr. margaret flowers didn't meet the 15% polling requirement to be included in the debate. you can see the republican and democratic candidates stayed
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on, on the internet. internet prank is hacking phones and dialing 911 over and over again without your permission and it's showing up in florida. it starts with a link that appears to be a youtube video or on-line fundraiser. you click it and it takes over your phone and keeps dialing 911, no matter how much you try to hang up. one woman in south florida says phone records showed her dialing 911150 times and -- 911, 150 times and she was >> i felt horrible. it's blowing up their phone and i don't want them to come to my house when it's not an emergency. they could save someone else. >> the hack is right now going viral. people taking to twitter to warn others after it happened to them. authorities in fort lauderdale are warning people not to click strange links or it could bog down their call centers. officials are giving the names for a new construction
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2,000 students. replaces another complex built in the 1960s, the unveiling is set to start at 3:30 today. the cubs are three wins away from winning their first world series title in 108 years. last night the cubs easily beat the cleveland indians in game two. jake ariatta didn't allow a hit until the sixth. struck out six batters. chicago drove in two runs in their 5-1 win over the in chicago. still ahead -- terrorists targeting your kids. the recruiting trend on the rise in the -- and the way the feds are trying to protect your children from it. >> good morning. we have a traffic alert on lutz lake fern road up in the northern part of hillsborough county. you can see vehicles being diverted to heritage harbor parkway. both directions, looks lutz
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good morning. we're just getting word of a serious crash on the sunshine skyway. reports of injuries involved, southbound lanes. this is not the best picture but you can see the cars stacked up across the hump. right now i'm just showing a
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pass by so we could see delays building. i'll continue to watch it to make sure you keep following me on twitter @tampabaytraffic. the other big story this morning, lutz lake fern closed in both directions due to a fatal crash. a car ran into a house, in front of the entrance to around chavall at heritage harbor parkway. a lot of students trying to get to the schools over here. captain al is flying over the scene now and captain al, is it causing a problem for kids trying >> reporter: certainly is. traffic is being turned around both directions. this is just a little east of the entrance of heritage harbor. you'll know you have to get either to the other side of it, either by the veterans expressway just south of here or all the way up to state road 54. that is our first look at the vehicle there, the wrecker pulling up to it. we talked about crews on the ground saying this may reopen in the next 30 minutes or so. that is a possibility.
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between dale mabry highway and the sun coast parkway on lutz lake fern road. back to you. >> mlk is back open in tampa after a crash involving multiple vehicles late last night. killing four people. we know at least three vehicles were involved, one of the vehicles involved had children inside. troopers are still investigating exactly what happened and including the possibility that street racing may have been going on at the time of the crash. we just go about an hour ago. deputies arrested this father after a call for help from his 10-year-old son. this is a man from safety harbor. detectives say the boy called 911 tuesday saying his dad was asleep in a car and couldn't -- couldn't wake him up. the boy says he was scared, didn't know where he was, started to walk around a parking lot looking for someone to help. detectives say the dad was still asleep when he showed up, appeared to be under the
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pocket. florida light is cooperating with the investigation into a deadly sarasota house fire. neighbors reported a downed power line before the home before it caught fire. flames broke out around 3:00 yesterday afternoon, it happened near the intersection of sugar lane and prudens drive. the fire killed two people inside but firefighters did rescue one man by breaking through a wall. manatee, sarasota, desoto and highlands county homeowners could be soon paying $7 more every month to turn on their lights. florida power and light is asking for hike. the increase must be approved by the florida public service commission holding a hearing on it this morning. tampa homeowners hoping for google's super fast on thetic interpret net service may have to wait a little longer. last year google announced tampa was one of the finalists to get the service.
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silver springs farms beef products, could have e. coli. more information on the fbi has a new tool in its fight to stop isis from recruiting your children to become homegrown terrorists in the u.s. we've been reporting on the growing trend of isis using social media to recruit impressionable teens. the fbi is turning their fight on-line using a web site to better educate teens. even teamed up with marathon bombing victim to help explain the real world consequences. >> you lie there and the phantom sensation will make you feel like you have a leg, as soon as you roll over and try to get out of bed you realize i don't have that other leg to stand on. >> the fbi web site tailors to teens between 13 and 18 and hopes schools, teachers and parents across the country will use it as a resource. we have a link on look at this surveillance
6:49 am
that is a wisconsin man in his underwear torching his landlord's trump campaign sign. first that man tried to set it on fire. when that didn't work he grabbed a torch. soon after you see two people walk by, those people stopped and gave that man a fist bump. his landlord says she can't believe what he did and others would encourager this kind of behavior. >> you've been kind and decent to them. it's -- why are you doing this to us? fist bumped him, really? >> after her sign was burned the landlord put up an even bigger one. this one framed in wood. she jokes if this one is destroyed next time she's putting up a billboard. good morning. 60s now. great starts to thursday. we'll be back in the warmth this afternoon and -- this is not that cool, right? crystal river 61. beginning of the week we were in the 40s.
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wind that brought showers in south florida. for us just sporadic showers and isolated if anything for polk and highlands county. once again today. we saw it yesterday. this pattern prevails through the upcoming weekend. no big changes in the pattern. you'll see everyday here pretty much the same. 85 for the high today. 82 our average high. so not too far from that. humidity is moderate, not oppressive. i think looking pretty good. mid-80 for tomorrow. boaters still have with small craft advisory, moderate chop on the bays, 2 had 3-foot seas. mid-70 the water temperature. 7-day forecast through the weekend looks great. warm, mostly sunny, even halloween itself looks great with temperatures in the mid- 80s. overnight loads in the upper 60s -- lows. it's 6:50. a dog abandoned by his owners
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for them outside his old mattress almost a month. concerned neighbors fed the dog, got the word out on social media hoping that someone would rescue him. "boo" was finally rescued and now being treated for heartworms and vets are trying to find him a foster home. update on breaking news -- lutz lake fern road closed because of a deadly accident. more after the break. >> he's not stopping? >> the woman in the front seat of this terrifying ride along with >> he has a gun! >> careful, watch, shots fired. >> i was so scared. i didn't know how to react. i was like -- thinking of my kids. i'm like i'm going to die. >> reporter: 29-year-old yesica valencia, a mother of two said she knew shad yoga california police officer sunday night could be dangerous but never
6:52 am
and the officer. >> a miracle we're alive. they shot a lot of round. >> reporter: new video sparking outrage. police are saying they are looking closer at the ride
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taking 20 minutes to get across now. the other big story of the morning, lutz lake fern still closed in lutz. captain al is flying over the scene there. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. we saw the traffic alert in northern hillsborough county. north of tampa, lutz lake fern road between dale mabry and su a house. killed the driver. they just loaded up that vehicle moments ago but our reporter ryan smith on the ground has more details. ryan? >> reporter: good morning. the wrecker just finished fishing this vehicle out of where it crashed. you can see behind me the wrecker and the vehicle is still on scene but it's so dark out here it's really hard to spot that vehicle. so let's go to some video we shot just literally a few minutes ago.
6:56 am
crashing on the north side of the roadway this morning. and i can tell you the extensive damage, it's really ugly. the car is mangled from top-to- bottom. it's crunched down from the top, a lot of debris still scattered off the roadway here. hillsborough county sheriff's office reporting to us the vehicle crashed into the house's garage around 2:30 this morning but so far this morning we have not been able to see any damage to the home or the home itself. so we'll wait until it gets more you that information as well. for now reporting live in lutz, ryan smith, abc action news. deadly day on the roads, we have a tragic update into the newsroom. just confirmed a fifth person has now died in the horrific multivehicle crash in tampa last night on mlk. florida highway patrol is still investigating what caused it, we're hearing that street racing may be involved. stay tuned. "good morning, america" is next. >> keep up to date here on air,
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good morni good morning, america. the race tightening as newly leaked clinton e-mails detail how the former pre house. what an aide calls bill clinton inc. donald trump, his wife and his family. trump hits hillary clinton for those leaked e-mails. >> george, george, she is so guilty. >> doubles down on his claims avenue rigged system. >> it's record-setting bad treatment. the greatest pile-on. >> and his strategy in the war against isis. >> you can tell your military expert i'll sit down and i'll teach him a couple of things.


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