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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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want to get right to the latest on that search right now. abc action news reporter isabel rosales is live by the alafia river where deputies are getting ready to resume their search. such a sad scene out there. >> reporter: that's right. there's no hillsborough county deputies out here quite yet. we should shortly see them out here on the waters and the reason being it's just too dark out here for them to search. they're waiting on william morris are anxiously waiting on some answers. yesterday morris took his 3- year-old son jet skiing on the alafia river, but they didn't make it home. that is when morris' wife face timed his phone, but her son answered. luckily someone spotted the child by himself on a small island just west of i-75 and stayed with him until deputies arrived. now on that island's bank they also found morris' jet ski, his life jacket and his wallet, but
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find something else today. live in hillsborough county, isabel rosales abc action news. a few areas of patchy fog out there, otherwise nice and cool and comfortable. just be careful, 75 and i-4, executive airport reporting down to a mile visibility. also down to a mile in receive zephyrhills as well. our usual pockets of denser fog are continuing und upper 50s all the way back to the mid-80s once again this afternoon. humidity not too bad. moderate, but we'll be warmer than unusual until our cold front gets here, still scheduled for arrival friday night. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. good morning everybody, a crash in manatee county. let's go straight to the maps. i can show you where it is. state road 64 just east of
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flowing nicely. now we're starting to see delays from this crash i told you about a little earlier. southbound u.s. 19 at fox hollow drive, seeing some delays there in the southbound lanes. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about, looking great i- 275 and fowler avenue. 2 after 6. breaking news overnight, tampa police investigating a shooting that has one person in critical condition. officers say two men were shot at a home on delule avenue north of hillsborough. the threatening injuries. detectives working to identify any suspects to try to figure out why those shots were fired. in democracy 2016, every presidential election, florida plays a key role in our battleground state. >> both hillary and bill clinton are making campaign stops in tampa bay this morning. abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is at pasco state college where hillary clinton is going to be speaking. rodney they're expecting a big crowd out there. >> reporter: well, they are,
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that controversy regarding her e-mails once again, this following that announcement last week that the fbi was relaunching that investigation. in fact, clinton spoke about it to supporters in ohio just yesterday. >> i will tell you this, if they want to look at some more e-mails of one of my staffers, by all means go ahead. look at them, and i know they will reach the same conclusion they reached when they looked at my >> reporter: fbi officials are unlikely to finish its new investigation into more hillary clinton e-mails before this election next week, so it's unclear what, if any possible impacts this will have on the election next tuesday. now, hillary clinton is speaking here in dade city at 3 this afternoon. the gates open at 1. her husband former president bill clinton will campaign in st. petersburg a bit later today. that event will be held at the
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tonight, and also tomorrow, vice president joe biden will be in tampa. we will have crews at both of those events today to keep up to date. you can always head online to for now reporting live in dade city, rodney dunigan abc action news. >> donald trump is also coming back to florida tomorrow, but not the bay area this time. he's holding rallies in miami, orlando, pensacola and jacksonville. trump's running mate mike pence was here last night. 5 minutes into his speech at st. pete clear water airport, the power went out and pence had to improvise. he used a bull horn to speak to supporters until the power came back on. the indiana governor urged florida republicans to vote and tell their friends to vote too. >> donald trump is winning hearts and minds every day because the american people are talking to each other. the american people are telling their neighbors and friends and co-workers at work and at
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america great again. >> and early in his speech pence addressed the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails saying quote, in this country no one is above the law. senator marco rubio is making stops in our area today. he'll visit early voting events in lakeland at 11:30 and in bradenton at 2 this afternoon. senator rubio casting his vote early in miami monday. he also took some time to meet with other voters eager to beat the election day crowds. the republican is hoping to retain his seat after running for president earlier year. his democratic opponent patrick murphy is attacking rubio for catsing a ballot for donald trump. murphy voted early yesterday in west palm beach. rubio called trump, horrifying, dangerous and a con artist while running against him. when asked about who he voted for, rubio avoided saying trump's name only saying his decision hasn't changed. in other news this morning, pasco deputies are looking for a father and son they say beat
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phone and sunglasses. charles and gauge white tried to steal the victim's motorcycle. starting today, animal abusers will find it harder to legally adopt or buy a pet in hillsborough county. the county's online animal abuse registry is active. that ordinance prevents people convicted of animal abuse from owning or living with a pet in the same house. >> that is without a order. and also requires anyone who wants to adopt a pet to sign an affidavit attesting that they are not listed in that registry. retailers and shelters will be required to check the registry. now to a bizarre incident in pinellas county. police say a man threw his glass eye at two people. doctors were treating edward dorsey at the largo medical center when he got upset, took out his eye and threw it at an er doctor and nurse. dorsey is now facing battery
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ferry between tampa if st. petersburg hits the waters this morning. the $1.4 million pilot program starts today with a vip launch. at 10 a.m. the first boat leaves the dock downtown st. pete and arrives at tampa's convention center. that boat carrying nearly 150 passengers will hopefully help reduce road traffic. you'll have several days to test the route for free during thanksgiving week. normally it will cost $10 one way. 6:07. still to come on abc action news at 6. bill cosby fighting back against accusers. >> and also people being graded on their voting record, it's happening. the goal behind these political report cards and why some
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good morning, 6:10 here with some patchy fog. it is very isolated as far as where it's located. eastern northern hillsborough and heading into eastern pasco. the rest of us looking good as far as visibility. as far as temperatures we're in the mid-60s, a few upper 50s up to the north, and of course we'll be much cooler heading into the weekend as the front comes in friday night. out ahead of it still very warm, certainly for the 1st of november. high temperatures once again today in the mid-80s. the case against bill cosby heads back to court. his lawyers will be asking a judge to dismiss the charges.
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should take competency and memory tests before testifying. they argue prosecutors are using tainted, unreliable memories of women now in their senior years. they say since the 79-year-old is legally blind he can't see his accusers. a total of 16 women have come forward saying the actor drugged and assaulted them. some voters are upset right now after getting a report card grading them on their participation in elections. the voter participation center says it's sending these report cards out to help get out the vote in north carolina. the group is targeting unmarried women, african- americans, latinos and millennials. some of the people who got the report card say they weren't accurate and many say it was an invasion of privacy. >> we shouldn't be judged on how we vote compared to the state or anyone else's how we vote. >> the voter participation center says it's helped 3
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since 2004. 6:11. coming up, a $43 million mistake. a woman thought she hit the jackpot, but the reason the casino may not have to pay her
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a teenager is under arrest and facing charges of threatening to carry out a mass shooting.
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the attack thanks to an observant parent in another state. officers say that 15-year-old planned the shooting at a las vegas high school. they say a parent reported the threat after seeing a message on skype between the teenager and a student in arizona. investigators say they found some sort of evidence making this a very real threat. they're now looking to charge that teen as an adult. a fort myers family is suing cvs after a prescription mistake sent their toddler to the hospital. the parents filled that prescription but it had the wrong dosage on the bottle. after the girl took the medicine she got sick and had to go to the emergency room. the lawsuit says she'll have medical problems the rest of her life. the owner of a clear water company forced himself on a woman during a job interview. police say 39-year-old youseff led that woman into a back room, threw her on to a mattress on the floor and forced her into oral sex.
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she said she quit two months ago because of sexual harassment. >> he'd try to remove his and take it out and no. >> he'd touch himself. >> i went to his desk one day and he was already, you know, and i had to walk away. >> according to that report, business does have security cameras. yousef denied anything happened and later told police the detectives say she was dragged at least 500 feet. they want to know why the driver didn't notice hitting her. deputies say 20-year-old texas state university student jordan taylor got caught under that bus friday night after leaving a frat party. the bus did stop unexpectedly and the air brakes stopped working at some point. the driver left the bus parked overnight and a mechanic came to fix it the next day.
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boy is facing several charges after police say he led them on a chase while drunk. an austin police officer said he tried to pull the boy's suv over yesterday morning after he nearly hit a bicyclist. the kid refused to stop. the boy crashed head on into another car, kept going and crashed into a power pole before flipping. he was hurt but not seriously. crews have finally cleared the fedex cargo plane that caught fire at hollywood international airport. investigators just determined that it was safe to move on monday. workers are now going to service and inspect the plane. the damaged part of the runway is still closed. the fire sparked when the plane was landing. nobody was hurt but the faa is investigating. 17 minutes after 6 right now, a slot machine in new york makes a 43 million-dollar
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screen in august, evidence of her megawin or so she thought. even though the machine showed a huge jackpot, the house said it was false telling her that the machine malfunctioned. >> so what did i win. he said you didn't win nothing. he offered me a steak dinner. >> a steak dinner. >> yeah, a steak dinner. >> yeah, a steak dinner. >> bookman is planning to sue the casino. her attorney says at the very least she should win the maximum allowed on the machine. that's $6500. the gaming commission says casino cannot give her the maximum payout by law. the only win she's entitled to, get this, $2.25. let it be known i would turn that place up. i would be on the news. >> and a steak dinner. i mean, after all right. she should own that casino right now. i'll have my steak dinner in my own casino, thank you very
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this morning, we're still dealing with that in zephyrhills, 4 miles and even some pockets of more dense fog. executive airport has reported a mile. otherwise we're looking pretty good and rain-free once again. as dan continues to complain about his lawn. >> yeah, what about that. >> october we didn't do awful. we had an inch and a half of rainfall. it was only less than essentially an inch below normal that's incredible right, and october's normal average is only 2 inches and change and of course for the year, even if we don't get a drop for the rest of the year, and hopefully we will, we would still be above average with every 9 inches right now. temps right now in the 60s and low 70s. we do have a front on the way. just like the last one it won't have that much moisture with
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you can really pick it out with the colors here. there's your front, and that's our weekend weather coming in. not that cold but about the time it gets here it will cool us off a bit, and lower our humidity as well. for now it's this easterly flow that will continue that will bring us partly cloudy skies and then the cold air scheduled for arrival friday night and heading into saturday. behind it turning a little win windy as well. for now mid and upper 80s. we're game for that tomorrow as well. typically about this showers move in friday night and then we'll set the stage for below normal temperatures far change here on the first full weekend of november. saturday, sunday highs in the 70s overnight lows, widespread in the 50s and right at the apter there, about 60 degrees. good morning everybody. we just got an update from the pasco county sheriff's office, and they are telling us that now we have two southbound lanes blocked here, u.s. 19 at fox hollow drive. this is in the port richey
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boulevard instead. definitely leave yourself extra time. this is what it looks like i-4 around the poke parkway. you might hit areas of patchy fog, but no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. your drive on 275 still in the green, way back at the apex, 14 minutes to get from there down to i-4. back to you. still to come, benefits of a dad bod. missedone or two gym sessions are actually healthier. >> don't know what to do with that extra halloween candy from last night, we have a great
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it is 6:25 right now. a woman is praising the grocery store manager there sprang into action to stop a teenager who had we got this dramatic video showing the employee chasing down the suspect. now we learned that manager may now be in trouble. last week cheryl was at a publix when a teenager snatched her purse out of her car. the manager chased him across parking lot nabbing him. overholt says publix is punishing her hero for his good deed. the company may even demote him
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the store us the safety of our customers and associates is a priority and we have fully investigated the incident and made a decision based on the facts. 6:25 right now. here's a question for you, is the dad bod the pinnacle of male evolution. >> and here's the answer, yes. >> go ahead, flex. >> a yale anthology professor says men with a dad bod are actually healthier than skinnier men and more attractive to women. if you don't know what a dad bod is just look basically you're fat and happy. you get married, you have kids. you let the workouts fall by the wayside. men with a little extra weight around the middle actually live longer. his theory is that the extra weight makes them more likely to invest time with their children than search for more female romantic partners. he thinks through the years men with dad bods had more kids and their kids were more likely to survive compared to skinnier counter parts.
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dad bod attractive to women. >> i agree. i call it the rad bod. >> there you go. >> i love it. >> did you go all out for halloween, americans spent nearly 8 1/2 billion dollars this year. that's an all-time high. when you break that down, people spent a little more than 3 billion on costumes and 2 1/2 billion on candy. that averages out to $83 billion per person. if you still have lots of candy left have a great idea on what to do with that candy. they're offering to buy back your extra candy for $1 per pound. take a look at this right here. this is a list of all the dentists listed on this website, come over here, click and put your zip code in and it will show the dentists that will buy back the candy. the candy is not going to be thrown away.
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stationed overseas. pretty good idea. >> rescuers are hoping daylight will help them find a father who vanished while jet skiing. his young son found all alone on an island on the alafia. the clues they found adding to the mystery. >> and the construction mystery that led to an explosion and why this may impact our gas
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. deputies set to arrive at any moment and continued a desperate search for a missing jet skier. i'm isabel rosales, and i'll tell you why deputies are having to wait a couple of hours before searching through the river again. good morning, and thank you for joining us on this november 1st. thanks for starting your month and your morning with us, i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. lets get a look at traffic and weather together.
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a little cooler across the interior. low 60s out there and even some upper 50s across the nature cove. very nice and comfortable as we have those cool mornings taking over. it doesn't take much to warm us up in the mid-80s. we're back there again later this afternoon. we'll talk more about the cooler air, yes even in the afternoon coming back at us this weekend in a few minutes. and good morning, everybody. some good news, looks like we have a crash in the clearing stages of southbound u.s. 19 right at fox hollow drive. traffic seems to be moving nicely once again there in the southbound lanes. checking your drive on 275. looks like our camera just went out on us. i guarantee you things are moving really good through st. pete, up to speed from bridge to bridge. and checking your drive times on the veterans expressway. we are in the green. still no slowdowns here, 18
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found all alone on a small island in the alafia, the search is about to resume to find his missing father. >> let's get right out to action news reporter isabel rosales. >> reporter: we're expecting to see hillsborough county deputies resuming their search as soon as daylight breaks. family members of 38-year-old william morris are anxiously waiting on answers. yesterday morris took his 3- year-old son out jet the alafia river, but they didn't make it home, and that is when morris' wife face timed his phone and their son answered. now, he was alone on a small island just west of i-75. someone spotted him and stayed with the boy until those deputies arrived. nows on the bank of the island they also found morris' jet ski, life jacket and his wallet, but no other signs of him. now, again, we are expecting
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breaks which is about an hour from now. live in hillsborough county, isabel rosales abc action news. it is 6:32. we've got a scam alert that you need to know about this morning after a bay area family got a frightening phone call over the weekend. yassar abdel rehim says he got a call saying his son had just been in an accident and his son had also been taken hostage. >> i don't want to put up any money until i hear my >> how about that. >> the caller demanded a thousand dollars for his son's safe return. however, rehim was able to stall and call 9-1-1. >> i was like no, i'm sorry, you're going to do it our way. i said no, i am not going to do that. what if you killed my son already. >> it turns out the entire thing was a scam. his son taylor was fine all along. this scheme has been showing up more frequently with scammers needing just enough personal
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legit. 6:33. breaking overnight, we've just learned that one person died in this gas pipeline explosion in alabama. this is new drone video showing the smoke pouring from yesterday's blast outside of birmingham. several people were also hurt. this blast came after workers ruptured that pipeline with construction equipment. it sparked wildfires burning more than 30 acres. the alabama governor said the explosion happened on th gasoline in september. the colonial pipeline has shut down its gas lines. it's driving up prices across the southeast. we're learning much more about the orlando shooters mind- set after a judge ordered the release of 9-1-1 calls he made during the tragedy. >> you have to tell america to stop bombing syria and iraq. they're killing a lot of innocent people, so what am i to do here when my people are getting killed over there.
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assault rifle inside a gay nightclub is also heard pledging his allegiance to isis on calls with 9-1-1 dispatchers. the recordings show omar mateen didn't have any remorse. he ranted about bombs promising to detonate them. to hear all of those calls go to our website lakeland police are on the hunt right now for the man you see over my shoulder, keep looking at that video. that man i the store in plantation plaza saturday. he was armed with a gun and demanded money. the employee complied and the thief ran off. if you know who this man is, call police. could be an interesting morning at one new port richey school. we're waiting to see what ridgewood high school students will be wearing to class. many plan to protest the school's dress code.
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18th. parents complained ridgewood high administrators are not applying the dress code equally. students with socks too long were forced to leave class and change while nothing happened to boys who showed up wearing dresses. officials say the dress code leads to fewer classroom disruptions. >> with one week left, hillary clinton is coming back to our area today. >> she's going to speak at pasco hernando county. clinton's campaign is accusing fbi director james comey having a double standard when it comes to her and donald trump. clinton's campaign manager cited a report that said comey opposed releasing information close to election day about russian interference with the election. last friday comey revealed the fbi has newly discovered e- mails that may be relevant to the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. >> donald trump will be back in florida tomorrow rallying in miami, orlando, pensacola and jacksonville. a trump campaign spokesman is disputing a new york time
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avoided reporting millions in taxable income. the report says trump's lawyers warned him the irs would declare the move improper. a poll of five of the mows recent national polls shows hillary clinton holding an average of a 5 point lead over donald trump. she's at 47%, trump is at 42% of likely voters, but the most recent of those surveys from abc news and the washington post shows clinton and trump in a statistical tie. elections officials in 46 states are asking the department of homeland security to help protection their election systems against cyber attacks. a concerns are high after the government raised the alarm about foreign hackers ahead of the election. people in philadelphia are struggling to get to work because of a transit strike that started overnight shutting
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impact the presidential election. 4700 union workers are right now striking. they're shutting down buses, trolleys and subways. they provide about 90,000 rides a day. if the strike is not over by election day, this could prevent some voters from getting to the polls. and now to alarming news about the zika virus. we're learning it could affect men's fertility. so far scientists know that's true in male mice. now they're trying to see if it's also true in humans. scientists found that male mice infected with zika had a tougher time impregnating females. this morning we're hearing from a surfer who survived a shark attack in mayport. a 42-year-old man was bitten in the leg saturday afternoon. he is recovering. kyle shop was the second victim. he says he decided to catch one last wave when a bull shark caught him. >> looked to my left when i started to paddle, and then
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water with my hand in his mouth. he was shaking like this, and that's when i saw my hand pretty much in his mouth and he was going like that and just shook it pretty much out of his mouth. >> kyle paddled to shore and drove himself to the hospital. doctors put 17 stitches in his hand. he's recovering now. he says it's more painful the recovery than the attack. one eatery inside the feud cot had to stop serving food. >> that's because of roaches, ants, flies, and sewage backing up through the drains there. our wendy ryan finding villa pizza also called fresh italian kitchen had to temporarily shut down because of more than a dozen live roaches crawling around in the kitchen. inspectors also saw ants crawling around soda boxes and too many flies to count near the dish washing area on friday. the state also documenting sewage wastewater backing up
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kitchen. the manager on duty told us he could not comment and referred us to the corporate office. the director of marketing has not returned our calls or e- mails. the world famous harlem globetrotters are coming back to tampa next year. when they take the court you're going to see a lot of long distance shots. the globetrotters are debuting basketball's first 4 point line which would be located 30 feet from the basket. tickets for their february 22nd game go on sale at 10:00 this morning. the coolest places to dossens of manatees during the winter open to the public every year. manatees gather every year in apollo beach. they get there to stay warm. this year the center is adding stingray touch tank providing a winter home for the rays that live at tropicana field. we want to check in now with ivan for a look at our forecast. >> nice and cool out there this morning, some areas in the 50s. generally we're all in mid- 60s.
6:41 am
low 70s right now. very comfortable. the humidity will be on the lower side today just like yesterday, so despite the fact that we are going to warm up, this is where we should stop by the way, as far as the temperatures, but we'll keep going so that we hit 86. above average for this time of the year, and then the cold front comes in. we'll talk more about that for the weekend in a few minutes. 19 minutes until 7 right now. still ahead, more and more people are losing their vehicles to thieves. the simple mistake that you could be making vulnerable and you might be surprised at how many people do this. >> also, we're already hearing about holiday sales. there are some specific items you shouldn't buy this month. helping you save money, that's coming up next. >> behind me a new way to cross the bay. ferry service starts this morning, when you can ride it and the special deals being
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starting off your morning sprint with breaking news. hillsborough county deputies are going to resume the desperate search for a missing jet skier. yesterday william morris took his 3-year-old son jet skiing on the alafia river. hours later a good samaritan found his son all alone on a small island. morris' jet ski, his life
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found. breaking overnight, tampa police are investigating a shooting that has one person in critical condition. it happened at a home north of hillsborough avenue east of 32nd street. police say two men were shot. one is nonlife-threatening injuries. the other is in critical condition. there's no word about any arrests or a motive. and also we're following breaking news right now from usf. we now know that one person is in custody after an armed robbery on campus. usf police tell us this robbery happened ere will early this morning outside apartments. they haven't released other details. now we're going to check in with reporter rodney dunigan. he's got details on hillary clinton's visit to the bay area today. >> every presidential election florida plays out as a key battleground state, and this year will be no different. hillary clinton set to speak at the college this afternoon at 3:00. the gates open at 1 and they're expecting a huge crowd. clinton made a stop yesterday in cincinnati, ohio, touting
6:46 am
her husband former president bill clinton will be campaigning in st. petersburg later today. that event will be held at the wildwood rec center at 6:30 tonight. and vice president joe biden will be in tampa tomorrow campaigning for hillary clinton as well. now for more on today's visit, you can always go online to and republican presidential nominee donald trump is also returning to campaign here in florida. trump will not be holding any rallies here in the immediate bay area tomorrow he is set to speak to supporters in miami, orlando, pensacola and jacksonville. 6:46 right now. open enrollment begins for the 1.7 million floridians who get health care coverage from the federal exchange. some changes next years, aetna won't be offering health care plans in florida next year, but cigna will be. the average premium in florida is increasing by 19%.
6:47 am
31st. the cleveland indians will try to win their first world series in 68 years in front of their hometown fans. the indians worked out yesterday at progressive field. standing in the way is the chicago cubs who have been waiting longer for a series win, 108 years. chicago needs to win tonight's game and game 7 in cleveland to take the series. happening this morning, the new cross bay ferry is set to make its maiden voyage. >> the project is developed to give people a way across tampa bay's bridges that doesn't involve people getting stuck in traffic. when can people start trying out this new service? >> reporter: this morning's maiden voyage is for vips. starting this friday, saturday, and sunday it will be open to the general public. behind me let's get our first look at it. here is the ferry. you'll be able to board it here or at downtown tampa at the
6:48 am
discounts for children under the age of 12 and children under the age of 3 ride free of charge. these ferries take 15 minutes to go between the dock of the benin convention center. they hope commuters will take advantage to eventually alleviate the traffic we all see on the bridges. the program a pilot program. it's going to run through april and they're offering free rides the week out, that monday, tuesday, and wednesday before thanksgiving would be a good time to do so. every day it's open to the public, there's going to be several arrival and departure times. you can see what works out best for you. we posted that information on it's right there on the front page. live this morning in st. pete, james tully abc action news. 6:48 now. a new report finds more cars are being stolen because drivers are leaving keys is key
6:49 am
of three years. from the years 2013 to 15, more than 147,000 vehicles were reported stolen with the keys left in the vehicle. during that same span in florida, we had the highest -- the third highest rate in the nation for vehicle thefts with keys with nearly 10,000 thefts. a new study is suggesting that uber and lyft drivers are quietly discriminating against ridersas more than twice as likely to cancel rides for passengers who had african-american sounding names than white sounding names. overall black riders waited 30% percent longer for an uber ride to arrive. drivers also took female passengers for longer more expensive rides. that study looked at 1500 rides taken in seattle and boston. with 53 shopping days left until christmas, many of you might be on the hunt for bargains.
6:50 am
some things are cheaper if you wait until december. wait to buy winter clothing. prices are pretty high usually in early november. wait until black friday or december. toy prices drop in december. wait until 2017 to buy treadmills and exercise bikes. they go on sale in january. with that great dad bod news janelle, why bother [ laughter ] >> the dad bod, i like it. no more working out for men. that's a little bit crowded out there. we did have a crash slowing things down. it's off to the side. here's a live look right at 275 at mlk. these cars here heading southbound, and a mile back you can see a lot of the same. very slow southbound on 275. the other slow spots this morning, i-4 and i-75 into downtown tampa, but looking great over in pinellas county on 275 from bridge to bridge. back to you guys.
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here, still dealing with a little patchy fog out there. eastern pasco head now down to a mile and 3/4. very patchy, most of us at full visibility and that means full sunshine this morning. by the afternoon we'll warm up, lift the fog, and get back to very comfortable temperatures. we'll go from the 50s, very cool, mid-60s to the 80s, and then we'll have to look forward to our next cold front. with these temperatures who needs it at this point the afternoon highs once again above average. there's the front there. it will come in friday night. it will come in mostly dry, but there will be a line of a couple of showers. for now it's just the easterly flow that will be with us continuing to leave us with area warm temperatures. cooler and lower humidity is setting the stage for a nice weekend coming up save for the wind. it will be a little gusty on saturday. if you like the warm weather, beach weather is underway with
6:52 am
cooldown as we get an hour back here, fall back. with saturday and sunday overnight lows in the 50s and highs in the 70s. we're getting a glimpse this morning at the designs for what could be the future of air travel. boeing just awarded the patent for a 100 passenger plane that takes off like a helicopter and then transforms into a traditional airplane. >> the concept isn't exactly new. boeing along with bell helicopter helped military ice osprey. the new aircraft could carry up to 100 passengers and could be used as a commercial plane. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. >> it's the most compelling testimony jurors have heard so far, agreeing with justin ross
6:53 am
defense. >> deanna taylor was brought to tears remembering the moment she learned her son cooper had died after she was left in her husband's hot suv. >> he's charged with murder and is pleading not guilty. earlier this year harris and taylor divorced but she still told jurors harris was a good dad and her son's death was an accident. >> it was clicked this my mind as even a remote possibility. >> we'll have dan abrams and nancy grace weigh in live at 7 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm
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5 until 7. hillsborough county deputies are getting ready to resume the desperate search for missing father. william morris has been missing for more than jet ski trip on the alafia river with his 3-year-old son. the child was found alone on a small island. deputies also located morris' jet ski, his life jacket and wallet. no sign of morris. deputies tell us they will be back out on the water at sunrise. and good morning everybody, things starting to slow down on i-4 heading into tampa.
6:57 am
no crashes or breakdowns though. nice and cool start out there. by the afternoon we're goingto warm things nicely into the mid- 80s. >> keep up to date on our mobile app, on facebook and on twitter. >> and ivan and janelle are
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. and breaking right now, donald trump surging in our brand-new poll topping hillary clinton for the first time since fbi investigation, defiant and demanding answers. >> i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails. there is no case here. donald trump doubling down. >> the clinton crime spree end, it's going to enden 0 november 8th. >> both their campaign managers are here this morning with exactly one week until election day.


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