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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action deputies are using every means necessary to find a missing jet skier, i'm isabel rosales, and i'll tell you how they're working to reunite a family after a young boy is found alone and his father nowhere to be seen. >> plus, the clintons are taking on tampa today trying to win florida with the election now just a week away. this as hillary's campaign slams the fbi director in that renewed e-mail probe. >> crooks are trying to take
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families, what you need to know about the scheme so you don't fall victim. we start this morning with breaking news. a horrible scene in baltimore where police say six people are dead after a school bus and commuter bus collided. police say no children were on the school bus at the time. you can see the yellow school bus smashed into the side of that maryland transit administration bus. we also want to give you a live look at the scene. officers say there are other people who were injured. so far we don't know how right now there's no word on what caused the accident, but as soon as we find out we'll let you know. >> no children on board that bus. right now hillsborough county deputies are searching desperately for a missing father. he hasn't been seen in more than 12 hours. >> his young son was found alone on an island in the alafia. we want to get right to isabel rosales. what are the plans this morning to try to find this morning.
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and down the river on boats and by helicopter trying to find any sign of 38-year-old william morris. family members anxiously waiting for answers. hillsborough county deputies are using every equipment available including sonar and even a dive team. yesterday morris took his 3- year-old son jet skiing on the alafia river. they didn't make it home. that is when morris' wife face timed his phone. her son answered. luckily someone spotted the child on a small island by himself west of i-85. deputies, of course working hard to reunite the family. >> anytime we're searching for someone, you know, we've got a person of this family missing, it's of great importance to them, and it's also of great importance to us that we can hopefully find this gentleman safe and well.
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found safe. deputies have spoken with him but are not telling us at this time what the child had to say about the incident. also found on the island's bank was morris' jet ski, a life jacket and his wallet, but of course no sign of him. now, deputies do tell me they will be out here as long as necessary. live in hillsborough county, isabel rosales abc action news. new at 9, an inmate at the pinellas county jail is accused in a murder for hire scheme. priscilla ellis was found guilty of wire fraud and money laundering last month. according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday she allegedly told another inmate about a plot against witnesses at her trial. ellis reportedly said she wanted to hire someone to kill a witness' mother, someone who testified and an attorney in houston. new information this morning about an overnight armed robbery on the usf campus. police now tell us a student is
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gun. officers say 20-year-old keon cantrell approached the delivery man outside the holly apartments on usf with that toy gun. the driver left and called police. cantrell was arrested and charged with armed robbery. overnight in tampa, two men were shot at a home three blocks north of hillsborough avenue near 32nd street. one of the victims is in critical condition. detectives are now working to identify suspects and try to figure ou is once again a key battleground state in this year's presidential election. >> in the midst of all this renewed e-mail probe, both hillary clinton and bill clinton are making campaign stops in tampa bay. hillary clinton will be speaking at a pasco hernando state college in dade city at 3 this afternoon. her husband, former president bill clinton will campaign in st. petersburg tonight. that event being held at the wildwood rec center at 6:30.
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being thrust into a burning spotlight in the final days leading up to the election. comey once derided by donald trump for his handling of the clinton e-mail server investigation now taking criticism from the other side over the exact same issue. >> clearly these protocols were protocols that director comey understood. >> democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine slamming fbi director jamesom hillary clinton's e-mail server after the discovery of possibly new e-mails on the laptop of anthony weiner, the estranged husband of clinton aide huma abedin. robbie hook hitting comey for comments on e-mails after refusing to -- the clinton camp getting help in its criticism of comey from former u.s. attorney general alberto
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all of us somewhat perplexed about what the director was trying to accomplish here. >> two of gonzalez's peers echoing that criticism, former us attorney general eric holder calling comey's decision incorrect. form attorney general michael saying comey mishandled the situation. >> donald trump also coming back to florida tomorrow he's holding rallies in miami, orlando, pensacola and jacksonville. action weather forecast now. meteorologist ivan cabrera. we're in the 70s right now. plenty of sunshine for later on this afternoon. by then we'll get back into the mid-80s. nice and comfortable, cool mornings ahead with temperatures in the 60s the we'll have some 50s and then we'll talk about this cold front that's going to be coming up for the weekend. janelle's going to take my job. it's okay. i have a cold.
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and then we'll talk more about the cool weather coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. now let's take a look at the traffic. traffic still a little bit slow here right at i-4 through ybor city heading into downtown tampa, but pretty typical. we have a stalled car right there southbound 275 right at bush, but not really causing any major delays. and let's check your average speed, slow on the veterans heading southbound, 30 miles an hour from fletcher to i-4 on i- 27 average for the second time in two months millions of people could face a gas crisis after a deadly pipeline explosion in alabama. >> you can see the flames and smoke coming from that pipe loin. the explosion sparked after a piece of construction equipment ruptured that line. >> the blast killed one worker and injured a half dozen others. colonial pipeline was forced to shut the supply line down.
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shut down a pipeline because of a leak leading to days of dry pumps and higher gas prices in alabama, georgia, tennessee and the carolinas. now we're learning much more about the pulse nightclub shooter's mind-set after the judge ordered release of 9-1-1 calls he made during the shooting. >> you have to tell the u.s. government to stop bombing, they're killing too many children. they're killing too many women. >> i understand that. here's why i'm here right now. i'm with the can you tell me what you know about what's going on tonight? >> the terrorist who shot and killed 49 people with an assault rifle inside that gay dance club is also heard pledging his allegiance to isis on those calls. the recordings show omar mateen offered no words of remorse. he is instead heard ranting about bombs he promised to detonate which were never found. we've got a scam alert you need to know about right now after a bay area family got a
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weekend. yassar abdel rehim said somebody called him claiming his son had just been in an accident and that his son was taken hostage. >> i will not give up any money until i hear my son's voice. >> the caller demanded a thousand dollars for his son's safe return. however, rehim was able to stall and he called 9-1-1. >> i was like no, i'm sorry you're going to do it our way, i said no, i'm not going to do that. what if already. >> the entire thing was a scam. his son taylor was fine all along. this scheme has been showing up more frequently with scammers only needing just enough personal information that they get from the internet or social media to make it seem legit. lakeland police are on the hunt for a man you see over my shoulder there robbing a subway sandwich shop. witnesses say that man came into the store on plantation
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demanded money. the employee complied. the thief ran off. nobody was injured, but if you know who this man is contact authorities. this morning we're waiting to find out if students are going to protest a new dress code at a new port richey high school. a senior who was an honor student at ridgewood high school is calling on all students not to comply with the dress code. student administrators have threatened to arrest the honor student. the aclu has responded by saying civil rights lawsuits in federal court are expensive. 9:10, coming up a $43 million mistake at a casino. why one woman is not getting that record jackpot, and how she says employees tried to make up for the giant error. >> plus the clock was ticking as an 87-year-old woman's car goes up in flames with her instead. how an officer rescued that woman from the fire that she
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13 minutes after 9 right now. take a look at these flames you're seeing in the video. they're consuming an elderly woman's car with her still inside. a police officer in new mexico says that 87-year-old woman debra spear didn't even know her car was on fire until he started yelling on her to get out. ms. spear can be heard on camera telling the officer she didn't get her cane and he has to convince her to get out of the vehicle quickly. he grabbed the cane right after she's out investigators say spear was driving on a flat tire and the sparks caused the front of her car to ignite. ms. spears says that she normally takes her dog with her everywhere she goes, but she just happened to leave the german shepherd at home on that particular day. a man selling blue jeans was shocked in the visitor's parking lot of the clinton presidential library last night in what little rock police are calling a robbery. arkansas officers are stressing the crime had nothing to do with the upcoming election.
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approached by three men, one who drew a handgun and started firing striking the victim in the leg. the victim is expected to be okay. the clinton center was closed at the time of the shooting. halloween taking a tragic turn in mississippi where three people were killed in a trick or treat hayride accident. it happened last night when a ford f250 rear-ended the trailer. an adult and two children died. several others were injured. investigators still determine exactly what caused that crash. a dramatic and deadly turn of events outside a los angeles courthouse where a deputy shot and killed a man who officials say was stabbing his wife repeatedly. an attorney had just returned to the courthouse when he heard a woman screaming from inside a car nearby the entrance to the parking lot. a parking attendant was yelling for help as well. the attorney opened the courthouse doors and started screaming at deputies. >> he's literally chasing her
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and finally the sheriff's come out. they tell him to stop. he's about to grab her and he's got his knife up, and that's when they start actually shooting him. >> authorities say the man was shot after he caught up with his wife on the courthouse steps and repeatedly stabbed her refusing commands to drop the knife. the suspect died from his wounds. police say the woman is expected to survive. you may love your job, like your working conditions, even like the people you worked with, but what if you knew your company might consumer reporter john thomas shows. >> as we head towards year end, how's your job, better yet how's your company. is it healthy. a new report lists the warning signs that you might be on a sinking ship. >> the workplace, that land of claustrophobic cuticles satirized in the 1999 movie office space. so it'd be nice to know in
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money magazine says red red flags include more and more closed door meetings that leave you in the dark. employee parks like free coffee have vanished and work flow slows down leaving you less work in your inbox and more free time to spend on facebook while you're at work. >> and to the biggest warning signs your company is sinking, more and no attempt to rehire, and no money for new projects or needed repairs. if everything's getting fixed with duct tape, you might want to say doesn't that stink and the smart worker would start looking for new work before you're forced to. >> always make sure your resume is up to date and your linkedin profile is not 5 years old and gathering cobweb. that way you're prepared and
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>> and this one hurts. you wouldn't even believe what one woman is being offered to make up for the mistake. katrina bookman flashed a smile in front of the machine screen back in august. even though the machine says she hit the jackpot, the house says, nope, telling her the machine malfunctioned. >> i said what did i win. he said you didn't win nothing. he offered me a steak. >> a steak dinner. >> yeah, a steak dinner. >> instead of $43 not quite the same. >> bookman's attorney says at the very least she should be entitled to the maximum allowed on that machine which is $6500. bookman plans to sue the casino. the gaming commission says the casino cannot give her the maximum. >> i think that's going to haunt her forever. so cool. >> i had $43 million. >> think of all the things she
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head. >> in that 5 seconds. >> oh, it's terrible. lets check in on weather conditions. they look great, they feel fantastic. we get the cool mornings, the warm afternoons. we're still going to get the cool mornings by the weekend and get ready for cool afternoon temps as well. we have not yet had a cold front where everybody's shivering. the last one was pretty good. this one upcoming, yeah, we'll get some 50s overnight. high temperatures will get back to closer to normal. upper 70s we've been above average the last few days. we're going to continue to do that. easterly wind providing us a few clouds later this afternoon. we'll make our own as temperatures climb out of the 50s this morning up across the north a good 30-degree jump if you can imagine that. that's exactly what we can do this time of the year. widen out the shot. it's still bottled up across the western u.s. that's our air mass for the weekend, moderating of course as it moves south and east.
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going to be much cooler than we have been the last few days. a few showers possibly the next couple of the days, very isolated across the interior. the front itself has a little more moisture than the last one. that's something different. not expecting a squall line or anything to move through. by friday night we could be in for a few showers. it is november 1. we industrial 30 days of the hurricane season, nothing out there right now. if we get anything this time of the year, usually the spot is east of us and then turns to the north. the reason for that, the same reason we have a cold front coming through this weekend. everything gets pushed to the east. but right now we could go right through november and be done and not get otto which was the next name on the list. mid and upper 80s this afternoon. that will feel nice. the humidity's not too bad. it will be drier, though by the end of the week heading into the weekend, and we even get an extra hour of sleep, how about that. nice cool mornings, mild afternoons, extra hour of sleep and then we'll warm it up a
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at 9, a mysterious illness hoeing up in several children had washington state. now a young boy has died from it. what doctors think is making these kids sick. >> and good morning everybody, i'm -- with your positively area command for the salvation army gearing up for their busiest time of the year. we're visiting with the folks from hillsborough who are prepping to serve more than
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welcome back, 9:23. a mysterious illness that hospitalized several children in washington state has turned deadly. >> a family is struggling for answers right now after the death of their 6-year-old son. daniel ramirez was one of eight children being treated at seattle's children's hospital for a disease that's basically baffled medical staff. his parents say he was sent to the hospital friday with cold symptoms and dizziness. he was paralyzed within a few hours, and he never recovered. he died sunday night. doctors believe daniel and the other kids may have contracted a rare nervous system disorder called afn. >> it progressed so fast that it was like, you know, kind of right before our eyes. >> the cdc says it is investigating a spike in these cases. 50 people so far have gotten sick in 24 state this is year. -- states this year.
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virus or what causes it. disturbing news about the zika virus. we're now learning it could affect men's fertility. so far scientists know that's true in male mice. scientists found that male mice infected with the virus had a tougher time impregnating female mice. >> is the dad bod the pinnacle of male evolution. researchers says yes, it is. >> feast your eyes, a yale anthology professor says men with a dad than skinny men and more attractive to women. the professor says his research shows men with a little extra love around the middle also live longer. his theory is the extra weight makes them more likely to invest time with their children than search for more female romantic partners. he thinks through the years men with the dad bod had more kids and more kids survived, and
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morning it's the rad bod, not the dad bod. love it. did you go overboard for halloween, if you did you're not alone. americans spent nearly 8 1/2 billion for halloween this year. we're going to break down that record right now as people spent a little more than 3 billion on costumes and 2 1/2 billion on candy. that averages out to nearly $83 per person. 9:26, still to come, a grocery store manager here locally jumps into action after a woman's but why the hero is now in a bit of trouble for what he did. >> and also, a strike in philadelphia is bringing buses, trolleys and subways to a screeching halt in the city and it could even affect the
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enjoy the vintage home and garden market on november 4th and 5th. admission is $5, parking is free and tickets are on sale for breakfast to benefit the salvation army. this year it's at the marriott waterside in downtown tampa. >> join me at the ybor city state park, the november 10th event is part of its traces of cuba exhibition. >> community calendar is brought to you by mosaic. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news.
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the latest polls in light of the fbi's renewed e-mail investigation. we'll break down the newest numbers as the race continues to tighten. >> behind me, the new way to get across the bay. we're here for the maiden voyage, and we'll tell you when you can ride it and the special deals you can take advantage of. good morning, and thank you for joining us for abc action news on this first day of november. i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. you caught me clearing my throat earlier. >> or was it me. you could blame me. >> i'm not responsibility. >> no, that was definitely me. i apologize. >> oh, look at that, nice shot out there, and tell you what we've had beautiful blue skies the last couple of days but just enough cloudiness during the very early morning and in the evening to get spectacular views. here's one from frank at little harbor. it looks great. i think we'll have a similar sunset coming up later on today. in between we'll have great weather as well. low 70s right now. a few clouds this afternoon, nothing going to rain on us here for a while, and in fact, the next organized event will be that cold front we've been
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the weekend. until that happens we're going to stay with temperatures in the mid-80s above average for this time of the year. we'll talk about humidity levels dropping for the weekend. i'll let you know about the temperatures as welcoming up in just a few minutes. it's pretty nice out there. happening right now, the new crawlspace area is set to make its maiden voyage. >> the hope is that the service can provide people a different way to get across the bay and avoid the traffic on the bridges. james tully is live where it looks like the ferry is being boarded right now. >> reporter: the ferry's being board. it's going to leave the dock soon at the vinoy bay at 10 a.m. this maiden voyage, those taking advantage, we're talking about local business groups, elected official's, tampa bay's mayor and the rays mascot hopping on board. anybody can ride this friday, saturday, and sunday. catch it here at the vinoy basin or downtown at the convention center. the schedule is up for the
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we posted that on the front page of and it direct links to both of those things. the cost for a round trip ticket is $20 per person. there are discounts for children under the age of 12. now, this is a pilot program and it will run through next april. if you want to experience the ferry for free, you can do so. just catch a ride on monday, tuesday, and wednesday before thanksgiving. i guess the ray's mascot isn't on board the ferry yet. again, most important thing, guys, we have links, direct links to buy tickets right now and check out a schedule that works out best for you. live this morning in st. pete, james tully abc action news. thanks james, at 9:32, now we move to democracy 2016, for the first time since may donald trump is leading hillary clinton by 1 point in a new poll. >> the change is being attributed to a decrease in enthusiasm for clinton since the renewal of the fbi probe into her e-mails.
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voters support trump in the latest results with 45% for clinton. third-party candidate gary johnson with 3%. in a final push for votes in florida hillary and bill clinton are making campaign stops in tampa bay this afternoon. bill clinton will be speaking in dade city at 3:00 this afternoon. former president bill clinton will be in st. petersburg tonight. that event will be at the wildwood rec center at 6:30. and donald trump is coming back to florida tomorrowment he's holding rallies in miami, orlando, pensacola and jacksonville. meanwhile a trump campaign spokeswoman is disputing a new york times report that in the 1990s trump avoided reporting millions in taxable income. that report says trump's attorneys warned him the irs would declare the move improper if audited when it's possible to know for sure because trump refuses to release his tax returns. and his running mate mike pence held a rally at the st. pete clear water airport. 5 minutes into his speech the
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pence had to improvise. he used a bull horn to speak to supporters until the power came back on. the indiana governor urged florida republicans to get out and vote. >> if you go out and make sure that florida is ready, we will elect donald trump as the 45th president of the united states of america, and we will make america great again. >> pence also addressed the fbi investigation into clinton's e- mails saying, quote, in this country no one is above the law. senator marco rubio is making stops in our area today. he'll visit early voting events in lakeland at 11:30 and in bradenton at 2 this afternoon. senator rubio casting his vote early in miami monday. he also took some time to meet with other voters also beating the election day crowds. the republican hoping to retain his seat after running for president earlier this year. and democratic opponent patrick murphy is attacking rubio for casting a ballot for
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yesterday in west palm beach. rubio called trump, horrifies, dangerous and a con artist while running against him for the presidential nomination. when asked about who he was voting for, rubio avoided saying trump's name only saying his decision hasn't changed. a commuting nightmare in philadelphia. thousands of transit workers are on strike. that strike shutting down transportation authority buses trolleys and subways that provide about 900,000 rides a day. the union says remain far apart on pension and health care issues. transit workers say they're hopeful a tentative agreement will be reached before election day as those two sides continue to talk. a woman who got her purse snatched is calling a publix store manager her hero. >> yeah, but that manager who came to her rescue is now in hot water for what he did. last night cheryl overholt was at a publix when a teenager
9:36 am
41. the purse snatcher was arrested but the publix manager is facing discipline, main even a demotion for violating publix's policy going too far to stop a crime. >> what is morally correct, that's the thing we need to look at. to stand there and just watch someone take off. >> a store representative is responding by saying, ot have fully investigated the incident and made a decision based on the facts. a surfer who survived a shark attack in mayport is describing the moments that animal sank his teeth into him. it was one of two attacks this weekend there. a 42-year-old man was bitten in the leg saturday afternoon. he is recovering. kyle shop was the second victim. he says he decided to catch one last wave when a bull shark caught him. >> look it my left, and i started to paddle and then when i looked to my right, there was a shark coming out of the water with my hand in his mouth.
9:37 am
and he was shaking like this. that's when i saw my hand pretty much in his mouth, and he was going ahh like that and then just shook it pretty much out of his mouth. >> kyle paddled to shore and drove himself to the hospital. doctors gave him 17 stitches. he says the recovery has been more painful than the original bite. he plans to surf again. police say a man threw his glass eye at two people. doctor when he got upset, took out his eye and threw it at an er doctor and nurse. dorsey is now facing battery charges. crews have finally cleared the fedex cargo plane that caught fire at fort lauderdale hollywood international airport. that plane had been sitting on the runway since a fire damaged the plane and tarmac on friday. investigators just determined it was safe to move on monday. workers are planning to service and inspect the plane. the damaged part of the runway is still closed.
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luckily nobody was hurt but the faa is investigating. the federal reserve starts its two-day meeting to set interest rates today. the fed is expected to leave interest rates unchanged ahead of the records. the markets up about 10 points to 18150. if you're among the 1.7 million floridians who gets health care coverage through the exchange, open enrollment starts today and there are three big changes you need to know about next year. etna is not offering hea but cigna is offering plans after a www.-year hiatus. the average premium in florida is increasing by 19% but you won't necessarily have to pay a lot more because of tax credit subsidies. tonight the cleveland indians will try to win their first world series in 68 years in front of their hometown fans. standing in the way of course the chicago cubs who have been waiting even longer for a win,
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cleveland holds the 3 games to 2 edge. they had a chance to win it all sunday night in chicago but the cubs edge them out by one run. chicago now needs to win both games 6 and 7 in cleveland to take the series. the world famous harlem globetrotters are returning to amalie arena next year. this year the globetrotters are debuting basketball's 4 point line, that's 30 feet from the basket, more than the nba's 3 point line. tickets go on sale at 10:00 this morning. still ahead, the criminal case against bill cosby goes to court again. attorneys will try to dismiss the charges. why they're bridging his eyesight into question in the case. >> and also, a man gets stuck in his crashed car for days, we'll tell you how a dead deer led police right to him likely
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on november 5th in lakeland, don't miss dachshund palooza. the humane society of tampa bay is giving free shots to the first 1,000 dogs arriving on november 5th.
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9 a.m. to 1 p.m. community calendar is brought to you by mosaic. a milwaukee police officer whose deadly shooting of a black man sparked violence in the city is now charged with sexual assault in an unrelated case. this is officer dominique hagen brown. he's facing several sex charges including sexual assault and prostitution. he's pleaded not misdemeanor counts. he's going to be arraigned on three felony charges on friday. the accusations against him came to light after he shot and killed a man back in august touching off a weekend of violent protests. bill cosby's case heads back to court today. his attorneys will be asking a judge to dismiss the charges. they also say the 13 accusers should take competency and memory tests before testifying. they argue prosecutors are using, quote, tainted unreliable memories of women
9:44 am
his lawyers adding since the 79- year-old is now legally blind, he can't see his accusers, and that could hamper his defense. a total of 60 women have come forward saying the actor drugged and assaulted them. listen to this, in texas a 12-year-old boy is now facing several charges after police say he led them on a chase while drunk. an austin police officer says he tried to pull the boy's vehicle over yesterday afternoon bicyclist. the child refused to stop. the boy crashed head on into of the car. he kept going and then he crashed into a power pole and flipped the suv. luckily he wasn't seriously injured. we haven't found out yet who owns the suv or how the boy even got it. an amazing tale of survival, an ohio man is alive after being trapped in his car for two days. >> two highway workers saved his life when they found his car crashed in the woods. for nearly two days nobody saw
9:45 am
crashed car. but a dead deer led transportation workers to the car which was hidden in the woods when they went to clear the carcass. investigators say the 38- year-old victim had missed a curve, hit a tree and landed in the ditch. >> i went down to the car and i could see a foot out of the back window, and finally we got him to respond, and he just said he had been down there for a couple days. >> wow. investigators say chambers was alert when he was flown to the hospital. get a right now. we haven't been outside yet. is it pretty nice? >> we've opened up some windows and we've taken a look outside. i can tell you it still looks like that, although that could be frozen from this morning. it looks the same. live pictures coming to you via the main sail beach inn. looking very nice out there. look at the difference here next to the water. water temperatures in the mid- 70s. you can go from 55 at crystal
9:46 am
this morning, and then all of us uniformly get back into the 80s as we warm things up, and we're already doing that, low 70s out there, but still comfortable with humidity not out of control. east wind bringing us a few clouds later on this afternoon. widening out even more, you can see very little in the way of cloud cover across the southeast, big area of high pressure, that's what's been bringing record highs across the south. to the north and west of these arrows you see here, that's our jet stream. that's where the cold air is coming from. as you can see it's well out to the west. it will gets here. it won't get here until the weekend with that cold front moving in friday night. so the east wind prevails for now, a couple of isolated showers in the forecast right along 95, some may survive but then that pocket of cool air does move in in time for the weekend. normally she'd we've had temperatures in the 50s as early as this morning. this is what's important here. saturday 3 p.m. and we'll have temps in the mid-
9:47 am
and a gorgeous weekend setting up. the caveat will be for voters, it will be breezy on saturday. keep that in mind. sunday looks better for that. mid and upper 80s for now. we'll stay mostly sunny and warm, northeast winds for boaters at 50 knots. moderate chop, 20% rain chance as the front comes in late friday setting us up for a great weekend, a lot of sunshine with temps peaking in the upper 70s. it tradition. 20 years and it's still going strong today. >> it's the salvation army angel tree. it helps thousands of children each christmas. coming up on positively tampa
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good morning, everybody, abc action news employees and viewers have participated in
9:51 am
program for almost 20 years. the holiday tree will be going up in our lobby very soon, talking about that with captain andrew miller of the salvation army of hillsborough county. we've been partnering with all of you from the very beginning and we're all so happy you brought the first 275 angels you will be putting up on our lobby tree. how are you all doing? you know, the preps are really underway now. >> we just have finished last week. the registration process, so all of these names, families of these names came through our doors at our location on sly and our location on 301 in riverview. we've met these families and excited to be able to serve them. >> how many families do you expect to serve in hillsborough, in the tampa area and the riverview area. >> that's right.
9:52 am
close to 700 children through our angel tree program. this is -- and so they've all come in through our doors. we've interacted with the families to see where they're at to make sure they really are in need, but this is kind of an entry way for us into their lives to be able to see if there's other ways we can help them. this is just a start. >> it's important to stress that you all do not discriminate based on faith. the person who's receiving help does not have to be a christian in order to be on the list. >> absolutely yeah. >> when i look at this you said it's a great example for people to see these are real children with real needs. this little girl is 7 and she said that her need is underwear. >> that's right. her mom probably said that her need is underwear. but it truly is a need. >> a child saying i need underwear or bed sheets we've seen so many of these that remind us there are children out there that are really in great need. >> that's right. >> how does the tree of lights ceremony on the november 11th help you get the word out and help get the season started.
9:53 am
november 11th is our tree of lights breakfast. it's been going on over 20 years. this is our opportunity to engage community with our mission and what we're doing with homelessness, helping families in crisis and angel tree and we have after school programs for kids. there's a lot of things that we cothat we need the word to get about. we also need to raise money. our tree of lights time is our key fund-raising events. >> that's when everybody sees the red kettles. >> november 12th, we'll have few different kickoff ceremonies but kettles start that very next day and the yankees will help us kick that off. >> that's right. >> at that time. it's a great kind of start for us. and you know with this, like this is sandra. sandra's a real girl. she's a real girl who's 7 years old and we're looking forward to the opportunity to serve her and more than 1700 other kids. >> that's right. we really look forward to working with you. welcome to the tampa bay area. captain miller is his wife are
9:54 am
giving. please consider joining us at the tree of lights breakfast. i will be there, our team from abc action news will be there. it's on november the 11th, and call for more information.
9:56 am
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9:57. following this breaking news from south florida. police are investigating a bomb threat outside the miami justice center. our affiliate there says the threat comes from reports of a hostage who called 9-1-1, told dispatchers about a car with a possible bomb outside that building. miami police have evacuated the surrounding parking lots. we'll be updating this online. >> the morning blend is coming up next.
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