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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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live, from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. [ screaming ] high school fight. video shows brawling students trashing a local classroom, now getting the attention brings president obama and vice president joe biden to florida today, including right here in tampa where donald trump will make campaign stops. and this morning, we are seeing video of a vicious girl fight inside a classroom at st. pete high school. >> that two-minute video recorded yesterday shows two girls fighting and being egged on. the teacher appears to be standing clear of those two teens, who are determined to
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media and has caused concern from the parents. >> these two kids are really fighting. and i see the teacher, an adult in the background. he's not coming over. >> the teacher should be involved, try to break it up, but no. >> the pinellas county school district said a teacher can intervene physically but are not required to if they feel it isn't safe. school resource officers are placed on campus for that reason. it's not clear school officials say they are investigating if all policies were followed. deputies are investigating a woman's body found in a ditch. deputies say the woman's body was fully clothed, and there are no on signs of a cause of death. we have an update on that search for a missing rivervow father. hillsboro county deputies find body along the river.
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someone found the boy alone with the jet ski on an island. investigators do not suspect foul play, but a medical examiner will perform an autopsy and determine a cause of death. happening today, the woman convicted of stabbing her six-year-old daughter and trying to drown her is going to be sentenced. ashley parker is set to be sentenced at 9:00. in june of last year, police responded to a sarasota home where found her stabbed. schoolteacher is facing charges for sending more than a hundred thousand inappropriate text messages to a female student. an nms tip to the dcf sparked the investigation. she teaches at apopka memorial school northwest of orlando. she sent sexually explicit text messages to a former student, and their relationship started last year. shows burglars moving
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steal things from unlocked cars. if you have any information that could help make an arrest, call the pasco county sheriff's office. a north florida man now facing jail time for burying his dead mother in her backyard so he could continue to collect her social security payments. officials say bryan adams, who lives near jacksonville, stole over $35,000. adams pleaded guilty in court, admitting to burying his mom, who apparently died of causes. take a look at your screen. pasco county deputies need your help to find a man in this surveillance picture here. he deposited a forged check for nearly $3,000 and cleaned out the victim's bank account. he was caught on surveillance camera at the end of september. later today, president obama will travel to miami.
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there and in jacksonville. today, hilary clinton will be campaigning in arizona and nevada. #1r79 joe biden will campaign today for clinton here in tampa. biden is scheduled to speak at 11:00 this morning then he's set to make a campaign stop at west palm beach. former president bill clinton come pained for his wife here in the bay area yesterday evening. he encouraged people to vote. he also told the crowd hilary will unite the nation. florida is a key battlegroun crucial. >> as president barack obama said you cannot go backwards. it would be an insult to his presidency for us not to turn out. >> if you had voted, please volunteer to help us get more people there. >> youth and the faith community are spreading the message to vote early, and the turnout is expected to be large this weekend during souls for the
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make campaign stops in miami, orlando, and pensacola. during a rally in wisconsin yesterday, trump urged early voters who have second thoughts about their presidential xhois to recall their ballots and change their vote. wisconsin is one of a handful of states that allows this. trump told voters to make the change if they are worried about the fbi's investigation into hilary clinton's e-mails. >> wisconsin is one of several states where you can chang made a mistake. a lot of stuff has come out since you voted. >> tomorrow, trump will appear in jacksonville before making stops in the northeast. a texas republican is blaming others for a tweet from his campaign account calling hilary clinton the "c" word. the texas tribune reporter grabbed a screen shot of the since-deleted tweet from sid miller. miller first blamed hackers and then the campaign released a
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noticing it contained the der rogatory term. there's a serious problem in a key voting state. hundreds of ohio voters claim they still have not gotten their absentee ballots. election officials are blaming the u.s. postal service. the pose sal it was is no explanation what are fpd. voters have just until saturday to request another ballot. and check temperatures. milder than setting another day with warm temperatures this afternoon. be back well into the 80s and above avrng this time of year. we'll drop a few more degrees before sunrise and then climbing back up to the mid 80s. we'll do that with probably sunny skies, and as i mentioned a few minutes ago, an isolated shower possible with that east wind. then the front that comes in and cools us off in a few minutes. right now, federal
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surveillance video can help them figure out what caused a horrible bus crash that killed six people. a school bus crashed into a commuter bus yesterday morning. no kids were on the school bus at the time because a driver was on his way to pick up his first child. the crash killed both bus drooefrs along with four more people on the commuter bus. ten more were injured. investigators, however, recovered video equipment from one of the buses. the ntsb is now investigating. universal orlando is tied up in a they just bought nearly 500 acres, plan to build a new theme park there. but it turns out the newland came with a deed restriction. it bars anyone from building a theme park on that property. universal can only blamist. the land originally belonged to the theme park, and they added that restriction before selling it to a land developer. republican vice president ial candidate mike pence lost his notes while he was in the
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one of our photographers about where those notes might be. there will be a game 7 in the world series. we'll have a recap what happened last night in cleveland.
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19 minutes in the #5g.
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uninvietd guest joined them. take a look at this video going viral. it shows a couple at a resort pool in zimbab wshge. you see right there, the highlighted area, that's a crocodile crawling straight toward them. the guy jumped out. the croc then goes baf the woman. she tries to get out, but the croc pulls her under. the man jumps back in and pushes it away. poen popera become priests in the catholic church. the female reporter asked him about it before leaving sweden where the lutheran church is headed by a woman. a u.s. postal worker in ga comba can add hero to his resume. ken jackson noticed smoke coming from a home. he got closer to check it out and noticed the side of the house was on fire. jackson quickly knocked on the front door. he alerted the family inside.
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i'm not a hero like a firefighter or police. at least in my heart, i know i helped someone. >> days later jackson found a letter adrezed to him in the family's mailbox. the family thanks him for being a hero and saving their lives. we are taking a look at the retailers that are hiring the most employees, now that we're entering the holiday shopping season. retailers are which stores are hierg the most? survey says best bets are getting a job atmacy's, jcpenney, office max, office depot and kohl's. amazon is going to feature new discounts every day on clothing, electronics, toys, and other products. the sales are offer add at different times, sometimes apeerg and disapeerg, i should say, as quickly as in five minutes.
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deals are going to continue until december 22nd. today, you might notice people celebrating the day of the dead or dia de las muertos. many times, they honor them by gathering near their graves. >> usa today article says diversity on tv shows is growing with abc making the most progress, cbs, though, making the least. the top five tv networks were graded based on diversity of actors in their show. just five actors had lead roles. an 85-year-old utah woman is proving the secret staying young at heart is never slowing down. betty atkinson works at a grocery store south of salt lake city. her coworkers say she is one of the best workers there. for years, betty worked at another store and actually retired from there, but she got bored so she went back to work. her coworkers say she's motivating and inspiring.
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put together. >> she just does circles around everybody. >> when i quit, that's the day the devil gets me. if he's going to catch me, i'm going like this. he's not going to catch me like this. i'm going to be fast. so it's going to take time for him to catch me. >> march will mark her 15th year at the store. she does plan to give retirement another try. android users will soon be able to cast spells that actually work. google is teaming up with harry potter to program phones that respond with a certain fan. you can say okay, google, silencio. the spell will turn on the flashlight just like the potter spell that turns wands into flash flights. a new harry potter prequel hits theaters later this month. check in now. >> a painful connection.
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amazing stuff there absolutely. we do love harry potter, don't we in titan doppler radar is pretty quiet. showers already getting going to our east here. friends in daytona beach getting little sprinkles, light showers showing you this. i think that can be our weather as we head tru later today. we are looking about a 10% chance of sprinkles so we'll watch that. temperatures across the bay area, very comfortable right now. now, mid and upper 60s. nice and mild, 72 in st. pete. be able to see the cool air has been lost as well across the panhandle where we're in the upper 60s. look at jacksonville. 71. that moderating flow from the atlantic where the gulf stream resides, of course, on the eastern seaboard here. there's our weather coming in. been dominating the pattern and
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east. they've been unusual certainly for this time of year but also a lot for temperatures to soar. we've got record highs. 69 this morning. so, yeah, absolutely shs it has been above average as far as warm temperatures but not just us. the rest of southeast, of course, will begin to cool off behind the cool front that will eventually make it here. for today, still pretty strong. expecting gusty winds and, again, the potential for showers this afternoon. coverage only about 10%,nd interior counties, as i showed you there. then, yes, we turn cooler, less humid. there comes the front swinging through here. we will turn noticeably less humid for weekend and cooler as well. i think we'll have highs that will stay, for the most part, south of 80. that's going to be very comfortable. 70s for high saturday and sunday. so for today, with that east wind, here is our forecast showing a couple of showers
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to 75. some may survive the trip. i don't think this will look, as far as the radar, like this later this afternoon, but just an indication that we have bert rain chance today than we've had in a few days. so 86 for the high in tampa. i think 82 for st. pete. and a little bit cooler here not with the front. that's just extra cloud cover as we take a look at those light showers possibly affecting our interior counties. 86 for today. that's 5 above the average. a moderate chop for the out there. 2 foot seas, northeast wind at 10. the times sunrise and sunset along with your tide chl 7:42. this is one of the later sunsets we are going to have here chl we'll change the clock saturday night so that by the time you wake up on sunday, well, that will be 6:42, and that'll be 5:45. keep that in mind. always more of a shock in the spring, but still an extra hour of sleep. the clocks will have to be altered. as far as the analog clocks,
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phone does it for you. all right. upper 70s for sat -- saturday and sunday. turning breezy. if you are planning a boating day, no bueno on saturday. mild techls -- temperatures, but very comfortable early next week. it is 4:49. 11 till 5:00. tom has your morning sports update. >> good morning, everybody. there will be a game 7 in the world series. the cubbies cruising over the indians last night in game 6. jake got all he needed from the bat of addison rus sshgell. russell drove in six runs last night, then the big hit right here, the grand slam in the 3rd. the cubs go onto win this one 9-3. it will be cory against kyle
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whose long wait will end? we will see. okay. pretty obvious the lightning had enough what was going on the last three games. three losses weren't sitting well. so they came out last night and simply unleashed on the islanders. in the process, they might have lost jonathan for a few games. he got drilled right here by calvin. ryan took it to him for the hit. his night was done. this could be a concussion. then will make a 1-0 a short time later, and then he would make it 2-0 on a power play, walking this puck in. it beats stick side. by the time, the first had ended, the bolts had a 3-0 lead on steven's 7th goal this season. nice. and the bolts break out of that losing streak with a 6-1 win over the islanders. as expected, alabama, no. 1 on the initial college football
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michigan 3rd with 7 and 1 texas a&m 4th. committee recognizing the aggies' strength of schedule and put them ahead of unbeaten washington. the top four, of course, get into the post-san playoff. that's your morning sports update. enjoy your day. nine minutes until 5 o'clock. a violent crash in texas ends with a bus plowing into the home. what caused the whole thing, and, also, who's the blame? na and how that boulder will help
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nice start out there. we are going to be dry for the morning commute. don't think have any issues out there, unless you are there. upper 60s, low 70s. mostly clear and very comfortable as far as temperatures 6789 we lost the 50s. that'll be the case right through the next couple of days, then the cold front moves in. we'll talk more about that. today, still another warm day with highs in the mid 80s. isolated shower possible, especially across interior counties. we'll talk about that, as well, the next hour. make plans for lunch today? free taco wednesday.
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they offered free tacos if anyone stole a base during games 1 or 2 chl indians star francisco scored 2nd base. now, the intir nation thanks him for free tacos. zoo atlanta has announced its two newest editions. it now has twin giant panda girls. the pandas are nearly two months old now and only the second pair of cubs born in the u.s. t accordance with the chinese 100-day tradition, the twins will be named on their 100th day, which is december 12th. this morning, we are learning a bay area little league president is in trouble with the law still ahead, we are leave in tarpin springs with the criminal charges. also, a high school fight. video shows two girls brawling,
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r didn't have to stop the fight. and the presidential election brings president obama and vice president joe biden to nancy alvarez fla today. the stoppings they're making and where the candidates themselves
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loouf, from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. with her lead in nancy alvarez -- florida e -- evaporating in the polls. vice president biden on behalf of clinton. st. peters burg high school officials are investigating this fight between students. why they'll be the teacher's actions. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. we want to check in now with ivan. he's standing by with your wednesday morning forecast. >> and beyond. looks great once again. some changes we'll talk about here as we check in at tampa. 69. 71 for both clearwater and st. pete. milder than we were at this time yesterday by several degrees. east woind has been prevailing


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