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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a new lawsuit could put the amendment on hold. >> president for hillary clinton in florida. >> and baseball's longest championship drought is no more. the chicago cubs finally win the world series in what many are calling the greatest game seven ever played. 4:30 and good morning. many calling it the greatest ever. >> joe madden o want big win. we'll have those stories? just a moment.
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amendment one plan to -- lawsuit claims the sponsors of amendment are trying to trick voters to believing it's -- they support the lawsuit but supporters amendment 1 including the ewe till it will companies claim they only want to protect consumers. >> we want to safeguard those people who a, need solar and if they need solar because they have those solar panels properly installed. >> this is an intend issuely deception misleading amendment funded by the big utilities. it's a sustain forward for solar energy in the state. >> they asked the supreme court to remove it from the ballotment so far the supreme court has not made a decision. >> now to the latest in the presidential election. president obama will campaign for hillary clinton in miami and jacksonville. >> clinton is heading to north carolina.
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jacksonville and north carolina whriel stowring three florida cities imred yesterday. trump guaranteeing a win in florida. >> six days we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to win back the who u.s.. >> yesterday the kkk official indoorsment endorsed trump. his campaign immediately the endorsement. just as confident during her speech. >> what would your life be like if he were in the white house? and the truth is, we really don't have to guess. we just have to look at everything he has said and done. >> leading up to the election. jon bon jovi is going to play for hillary.
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investigating a burning of a black church as a hate crime. luckily no one was injured at the time. >> this morning we're learning more about the man accused of killing two iowa police officers in an ambush-style attack. he was no stranger. officers escort scott greene out of a high school football last month after he when they tried to pat him down many he threatened to kill a man in the parking lot of his apartment complex. he's accused of killing two police officers early yesterday morning. both officers were shot while sitting in their cars. authorities arrested green just hours later. no motive for the shooting. police say he had six with a 13-year-old boy.
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the child. the boy told his parents. they called police. he's charged with sexual battery on a minor. facing possible jail time for throwing away people's mail in brrks roward county. up to six bags. that mailman could end up to 5 years in prison. >> a local radio station is off the air after vandals destroyed all of the equipment. last month someone broke in and stole crash. every day 4:# 4 radar would stream seven hours with talk radio. the owners tell us it's forcing them into serious debt. >> we were taken aback much the power is off. wove got -- the bills are starting to get crazy on us. and we're just trying to keep our heads above batter.
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possible. >> 15 others lost their job. the sheriff's office -- >> this morning the party is continuing in chicago where kubs fans are sell braiting the first championship in 108 years. game seven in cleveland was a classic for the ages. the cubs had a lead in the 8th but saw it disappear and raijai davis smacks this two-republican homerun. it went into single to to left to score anthony rizzo. the dwans would score once but martinez ground out to third base. cubs win and final finely break the curse. >> a rain delay. >> we did. it's the same front that's coming in our direction. i don't think it will rains much here.
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there's that. that hasn't changed. upper 6 #s to -- a couple of isolated showers. that's the east wind. that comes in tomorrow. before that happens another warm day today. temperatures right around 58 with some humidity as well. we want to get a look right now at your morning commute. pretty quiet out now. it's still early. janelle is in. the florida highway patrol says one of the leading causes of wrong-way driving is dementia. they track cases for two years only friday they stopped a 76-year-old man with dementia using the exit ramp. >> a south florida woman will
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her sentence was part of a plea deal. she could have faced up to 35 years in frizz. >> sister for what it did when a institute ruz treated. all before the age of 10 but his high school told him to take off the survivor t- shirt. they say the dress code is going too far. abc action news reporter tells us that teen survivor. he was diagnosed with all. >> tim powers is proud of his son. while others were fighting to make the basketball team tyler was fighting to stay alive glvment he spent a good part of his, you know, beginning school year in the hospital. some of his best friends were the children that he
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national honor role student. >> he's never forgotten those roads from the hospital cht >> tyler worse his relief for life shirt to school and was told that he had to take it off. he couldn't stay in school with that shirt on. >> faced with an in-school us is pension. he changed shirts and returned to class. the school went overboard to force a dress code. >> certainly if he's a cancer surgical advisor and if he had said anything she would have said anything and discussed why she has to treat him the way she treats everybody else. the dress code is here to stay.
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a former official is facing charges for seeking prescribes to admit students. officials say he contacted two students who were ejected saying he would admit them for money. after firing in august, they asked to investigate and charge with bash ri and -- it's just been a nightmare that seems to not only never end but continues to >> water ravage thaird home. that family trusted their -- they are now left in a daims home. >> national sandwich day. you can get a free sandwich after the break. >> the buccaneers and falcons get ready to tangle
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when a storm strikes you trust your homeowner policy. >> first exposed problem with
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incidents. the results are devastating. >> just been a nightmare that seems to not only never end but continues to get worse. >> a nightmare that started with a water leak in the master bath. >> it would run down the subfloor. >> she filed a claim with the insurance company. then they found out about a clause in their policy. >> had either one of y heard managed repair before? >> no. i didn't know that was part of the policy. >> multiple insurers added itment they sell it to protect policy hold frers fraud. >> we take to deal with contract force glsms through managed repair erer -- according to a youtube
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who used the program give it rave reviews. >> our house turned out better than it did before the flood. >> we found dozens who complained to the state about managed repair program gone wrong. >> all the floors bucked throughout his room. >> tampa attorney represents ten families who blame managed repair with various insurers for shortcutting repairs. >> they don't know that they have it in their policy you want they have a >> she represents the morales family. >> the floors are getting worse every day. >> the own engineer fail -- laying down the new floor. the report also blames the shortcuts on both the buckling and a potentially dangerous mold problem in 4-year-old madden's room. >> he's no longer allowed to play or sleep in here.
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bedroom months ago. >> we're angry, we're upset. we're inconvenienceed. causeing exes of rain water to drain and remain under the home causing moisture build upthat is not related to the claim. >> florida peninsula sent it own engineer the house after the complaints and that report cites the home ventilation for the mold and buckling. that's all from the moisture. >> there are no mold and flooring issues other than where repairs are made. >> what is it that you want? >> we want our house fixed. there are huge choices for consumers. they can turn to the state for mediation but it's not binding.
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that's costly and it are no guarantees. i'm jackie calloway. taking action for you. >> check out staples. they plan to give extra hundred dollar check a month to help students pay off student loans or tuition. they could get clr $3600. it would only be offered to the top performers and >> if up to drop a couple of pounds try a meal replacement shakes. they to lack the fiber and good bacteria that you need. start slow and try replacing just one meal a day. make one a sandwich meal today. it's national sandwich today. somebody subway is getting away
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feeding america. it runs a network of 200 food banks across the country. great idea. >> shake or subs? yeah. you can take it out today. a couple of sprinkles would be about it. the forecast. another warm day and humidity still out there. a couple of showers sneaking in from the east. it's that same pattern that we've been in the last few days. basically very similar forecast that we yesterday. 0% rain chance. but notice this. finally this front is beginning to move n. that will break down this high. isolated at best. not a huge deal but we tap into the cooler air. we can see not much on futurecast but enough where you can't ruled out an isolated
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the front itself comes in tomorrow. not a heck of a lot of moisture. down across the east. yes but for us i think we're going to for most part with a dry passage but wring us that cooler and less humid air. however, a new area of high pressure will take over and a northeast wind begin to develop. we'll monitor temperature and get back to the 10% rain chance. not a shot of very chilly air. temperatures moderating get to us and tap into the east one. keep in mind east of us you have the atlantic, very warm conditions out there. so any shift in the wind direction quickly warms us up. for today about 85. we hit almost -- we almost tied the record yesterday. 89 was the record. well above average and today is no different. 8 # and feel humid as well. it will be. 10% rain chance. 10% rain chance tomorrow with
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feel great out with upper 70s. get that extra hour of sleep. early next week we begin to see some slight rain chances and milder temps. we want to get a look at part of your morning commute. this is i-4 east. still pretty quiet out there. 10 until 5:00. things are going to pick up very shortly. janelle is this and she'll have falcons. the lightening take on the browns. tom has your morning sports. dworng, everybody. all right. it's not a game seven but it is an important one for the buccaneers tonight. division in town. they need to win this one to keep some pressure on the falcon anticipate just like the bucs we've got to make a quick turn around. i like the bucks and the poin s
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half .s tonight. as long as the office doesn't hand feel the ball over to atlanta i think they've got this one in hand. a much better idea today of -- he got his bell rung by defenseman tuesday night. he never returned as a precautionary member. we were pretty sure he was under the concussion property kal. he will not disciplinary hearing. nor should he. it was clean. enjoy your day. >> 9 until 5:00. fall off a military plane in michigan. why the bombs fell off and also who they landed near. >> i was worried that he wasn't going to make it up there. he was probably so hungry. >> he was. a cat gets stuck on a colorado water tour for four days.
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take a look at this. the driver of the jeep passionately waits for another driver to leave a prime parking spot. a driver of that red car sneaks
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up to the front of his jeep, pulled it out and took the parking spot. [ laughter ] >> pretty smart take a look at this video. appear 84-year-old man tripped a would be thief and took himself out in the process. from the hospital, the man says despite his injuries his biggest concern was his wife would be upset with him. see here in the video running to his side as soon as he falls there. he's >> his wife walks up to him. what were you thinking? >> he also said she gave him the silent treatment for several hours. >> the several is on for the person who put area radio station out of business. >> put 15 employees out of a job whovment police are now looking for. also people who oppose amendment one find a protest today if. why some claim the amendment
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trick voters that's it's a pro solar agreement. >> we are taking a look at some
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play, bryant, the cubs win the world series glp the chicago cubs are world series champions. former rays team members helping make that ponl. curse reversed. >> so exciting. >> yeah. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. we want to get a look at traffic and weather together. ivan's up first with a look lower 70s by the morning and by afternoon back into some warm temperatures. back to above average for this time of year. once again in the mid 80s. almost tied a record yesterday. close to that. very isolated. very light. fast-moving. that's that easter will i flow that continues to dominate before our front comes in tomorrow. so for now the commute dry for


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