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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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play, bryant, the cubs win the world series glp the chicago cubs are world series champions. former rays team members helping make that ponl. curse reversed. >> so exciting. >> yeah. good thursday morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. we want to get a look at traffic and weather together. ivan's up first with a look lower 70s by the morning and by afternoon back into some warm temperatures. back to above average for this time of year. once again in the mid 80s. almost tied a record yesterday. close to that. very isolated. very light. fast-moving. that's that easter will i flow that continues to dominate before our front comes in tomorrow. so for now the commute dry for
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little bit. 85 once again. talk about the front coming in and the quarter temperatures for the weekend in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. we're heading south to manatee where we are starting off with a serious crashful it's a fatal crash. we still have an investigation going on and some roadblock. this happened eastbound state road 70 at i-75. we do have reports that only one eastbound lane is open here. traffic still light. shouldn't cause much of a problem also getting reports of a stalled car right around macintosh. haven't seen anything to slow you down. a smooth ride from lakeland to downtown tampa. back to you. >> thanks. one minute after 5:00 right now a local radio station is off the air after vandals destroyed it. someone broke into 444 radio and stole petty crash but destroyed $15,000 worth of equipment. that station which normally streams more than 7
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job. the zaire sarasota county sheriff's office is investigating but has no arrests. >> a central florida man is in jail after he had sex with a 13-year-old boy. officers saying steven hal veryson used social media to meet up with the teenager. he told his parents who then called police. in an update they have identified the w 26-year-old's body near the ex. deputies say she sufficiented trauma. dug a little deeper and uncovered a lengthy criminal past. anyone with information on who killed her should call crimestoppers >> . a sarasota mother will spend the next 40 years in
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despite evidence she suffers from a mental illness. >> parker tried to drown her 6- year-old daughter before stagger had. she's now fully recovered. as part of her sentence she will not be allowed to have contact with her daughter ever again. >> the hulk hogan sex tape saga is over. they dropped appeal. gawker will give hogan $31 million in cash. it's much less than the $140 miio hogan sued for invasion of privacy after the website published a sex tape involving him an then wife of his best friend. the florida highway patrol says one of the leeing causes of wrong-way driving is dementia. that's the conclusion. they caught a 76-year-old man with dementia trying
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troopers learning later he suffered from sign of dismen shah. dementia is the second leading cause of wrong-way driving behind drunk driving. >> many have had enough with rinlhood high school but they aren't backing down. tyler is in a national honor roll student and class president. hooest a cancer is survivor. thai leer's never forgotten his friend who didn't win their battle >> tyler wore his relay for life survivor shirt to school and was told that he had to take it off, he couldn't stay in school with that shirt on. >> more than 60 students protested the new restrictive dress code this week. school officials say glin their actions will grow more severe after repeated
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school board moting. >> opponents of amendment one are demanding a proposal be wiped clean from the ballots. accused -- ewe till companies of being dishonesty. in front of city hall in st. petersburg with more. >> well in just a couple of hours they are going to fill these steps campaigning against amendment one. now the florida supreme court will have to decide whether to from the ballots just days away from the election. amendment one would regulate solar energy in the state. now poapts say those who are favor like energy companies are trying to trick bowl es. however supporter claims they only want to protect consumers like you. >> we look out for the consumer.
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service many we want to protect them. >> and that protest does start here at city hall begins at noon. we'll make sure to let you know once the supreme court makes its ruling on the lawsuit. live in st. petersburg. elizabeth rosales. vote trump are spray painted on the side of that church at the time of the fire. >> donald trump and president obama will be campaigning in florida today. specifically jacksonville. president will hold ral list for hillary clinton in miami. an abc news -- clinton and trump in a dead heat. each with 46% of the vote. geafer johnson with 3%. jill steen 2%. here in florida, latest polls are showing clinton and trump in a statistically tie. >> he may do five rallies in a
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which he admits is a struggle. >> stay on point , donald. stay on point . no side tracks. nice and easy. >> a major develop. the newspaper endorsed trump for ft. his campaign immediately rejected the dorsment calling it repulsive. it about comments he's made in the past. >> what would your life be like if he were in the white house. we really don't have to guess. we just have to look at everything he has said and done. >> clinton is heading to north carolina today. on saturday jon bop joe vi is going to play get out to vote con iser is for hillary. >> cast your vote and turn on the tv to relax? that's what the weather's channel proposing for
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nothing but soothing video and smooth jazz next tuesday. it's the first time the weather channel will provide the calming election day viewing option. an trawpt they say to the thram -- >> pushback from neighbors against the county's plan to build a wastewater treatment plan. it's set for 10 acres. that site is surrounded by pensive homes and throo -- on commissioners approved the firth step of being this. neighbors say the -- >> just don't tell people what you've been investigating in your whole life. it's no longer worth it. even was in the dark and they have no respect for the main investment in life. >> county staff says the plant won't be an eyesore because there had be a buff ri
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shrubbery. invited people to a meeting a year ago. that's not the case now. more than 200 people have signed a petition pleading for the county to rethink it's plans. 9 minutes after 5:00 right now have. the celebrates continue in chicago after the cubs won the first world series in 108 years >> wow. fans outside, of course, went crazy when the game ended. the outcome was in doubt though for a while. it went he's named the mvp. final score 8-7 chicago. cubs, of course, are led by former tampa bay manager joe madden who led the rays to a world appearance in 2008. they lost to the phillies. all right. check the forecast now as we continue with the same pattern. all right seeing those. manatee getting clipped a
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not going to amount to much. 10% coverage with that east wind. temps as well have been moderated. we'll be back in the mid-80s this amp and the front comes in. talk about the cooler temps and the less humid conditions in just a couple of minutes >> . 5:10. also coming up the international guard drops bombs on michigan many they didn't -- a group of south blizzard. the perp l that came and what
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america. that's more than 14,000 foot trek. three of them decided to race the storm to the summit. they made it. but as soon as they got back to the camp site halfway down the mountain the pli discard hit. >> from our campground looking up you couldn't see the mountain at all. >> we realized we were getting to too many dead ends. the best thing to do waso another hiker met them and helped them backed to trail. surprising the group of friends plan to do this trip again just maybe not this time of year. >> good advice. >> in a normal year, which is not to say we don't rain or snow in california but we've been busy with this stream of moisture coming in out of the pacific. been good for california. reservoirs getting in on some
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has been blocking everything. it's been bringing us very warm temperatures that easterly flow. bringing us some low level moisture here and that's translated into a couple of showers. we have one down to the south as well. this is moving quickly towards venice. it'll be gone in the next half hour and make some more through the afternoon. but coverage very limited here. we're only talking about 10% for today. with the the 10% tomorrow is the high itself. it will bring us the rain chance own the backside of it here we turn cooler and less humid. do not break out sweaters. it's not that cold t. will just get back to where we should be. and overnight temperatures yeah in the 50s. slightly below normal but it's not going to be this front barreling through. like the last one that brought us temperatures in the 40s. that's not in the cards this time around. we'll get there and complain
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for now a great weekend. 60s and 7 0z right now. low 7 0z even across the panhandle and got to keep going west. there it is. the high begins to break down. very cooler. some more cloud cover there. partly sunny skies with that rain chance at 10%. for tomorrow, likewise and behind the front less humid. nice and cool in the overnight hours. 50s and 60s for the afternoon highs temperatures in the upper 80s to around upper # 0s to around 80. and good morning, everybody. we're sticking with i-4 because i was checking the traffic camera and we do have a crash reported westbound i-4. we have an emergency vehicle along with the cars involved. one of the inside lanes blocked here. traffic still pretty light because it's early out
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we can see that by traffic finals. 22 minutes from county line road downtown. we are in the normal range. just 7 minutes from 75 down to 275 and we still have this crash that we're following from late last night t. does involve a fatality here. right at i-75. looks like you can get on to the interstate if you're heading eastbound lane. just one lane open there. back to you guys. >> 5:18. still ahead this isn't woman met carr. the driver's lucky escape. >> also families in one neighborhood say a home is putting their children at risk. ahead the arrest is putting everybody on edge. but first new numbers show a lot of people are using facebook and smashing
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>> apple's profits on the declien. they slipped 3% after the third quarter. mastercard holders will be able to manage their accounts through facebook messager >> . they're the late toast embrace facebook chawt button platform. they will approximate able to track spending and review purchases. the first delivery but self- -driving truck. the tractor trailer brought 45,000 cans of beer across colorado. >> precious cargo. >> there was a professional driver on board to drive the truck on and off the interstate. >> thankfully the beer made it to its location. if we can get it here, that would be nice.
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