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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a st. pete woman living a dark secret. >> police calling her a baby killer. >> how she disappeared for years. >> now that she's caught, the one thing her family hopes she
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new at 11:00 a break in a five-year-old cold case ends in a bizarre twist. a mother accused in the death of her three-year-old daughter. good evening. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm wendy ryan. michael paluska has more on why family members of that little girl always thought her mom was guilty. >> 911 what is your emergency? >> my baby is missing! >> reporter: that was part of the 911 call that she made that
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for her daughter aliayah lunsford. neighbors tell us lunsford kept to herself. family members in west virginia told our affiliate they are relieved. >> this is what we have been working for the whole time is to get closure, to find answers for the truth. we have all had our suspicions. we have all had our ideas what happened. and everything always goes back to lena and ralph. >> reporter: her aunt has always said she thought that she killed her child. the sheriff of louis county, west virginia is holding a news conference to release more
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lunsford's arrest here in pinellas county. mike mibach cal pallas hupe, abc action news. >> a serial flasher now off the streets and behind bars. police say this man would drive around asking for directions while touching himself. deputies arrested him today after linking his wife's car to the vehicle he was driving when he committed those crimes. breaking news out called 911 for help telling deputies an angry squirrel is inside the building attacking seniors. senate's jumping on people and biting them and scratching them so we need help. it's still in there and the people are bleeding. >> crazy call, right? police say one of the seniors tossed that angry squirrel outside. deputies are not saying how many people were hurt.
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with sledgehammers. take a look. police just releasing this video. the crooks stormed a jewelry booth at the miami flea market last week. they used sledgehammers and in one case a gun to break into display cases and steal jewelry. they took off in a minivan. no one was hurt. good evening everybody. temperatures right now in the 70s across most of the area. titan doppler radar rain free. showers. the warm temperatures are going to continue for one more day waking up tomorrow morning to temperatures primarily in the mid-60s but the humidity is still going to be out there. it's still going to have that sticky feel. but otherwise skies will be partly cloudy. off to the north, there's a cold front, and it's coming this way. it arrives by tomorrow afternoon. it won't bring us any reign the morning. it could bring us some showers by later tomorrow afternoon. i will tell you just how cool things get behind the front in
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woman killed by a hit-and-run driver. deputies say they caught the man who ran her over and injured a deputy and then just took off. reporter marisela burgos live in polk county. >> reporter: deputies say this man, charles lewis, confessed to the crime and also admitted he had been drinking that night. >> it is not going to bring jessica back but it's being done. >> reporter: jessica's cousin expressed relief that someone had been arrested for killing the 33-year-old mother. early saturday morning a deputy stopped to help jessica who had crashed into a tree. as they waited for an ambulance the sheriff said charles lewis hit them and drove off, leaving the deputy seriously injured. >> we are praying for him that
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wasn't alone. >> reporter: the sheriff revealed a crime stoppers tip about a blue ford pickup truck. deputies stopped lewis who had just left his home. >> couldn't believe it. charlie, he's not really somebody that would hurt somebody and then leave. >> reporter: sheriff judd said the 71-year-old admitted he was at a party, had beer in his system, and that he didn't know what he hit. >> later on in the confession he said, please tell sorry. it's a little too late. >> reporter: jessica's family still has so many questions they want answered but their thoughts are on honoring jessica. >> she was a loving mother and she was -- jessica was jessica. she was a ray of sunshine. >> reporter: authorities say lewis faces several charges for leaving the scene, and they also say he may face additional charges if they can prove he was impaired. reporting live, marisela
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next time you visit orlando it should be easier for you to get to universal. on monday the first part of the i-4 alternate project opens up. the first step is a new bridge that by passes local traffic and takes you straight to the attractions. in democracy 2016 with just five days to go until the election the national tracking poll is giving hillary clinton a two-point lead over trump. as cameron polom reports both are stumping hard making the final push in north carolina. >> reporter: donald trump on the offensive in selma thursday night taking aim at hillary clinton. >> take a look at her e-mail situation. can we trust her with our security? >> reporter: playing to the generals and medal of honor recipients on stage slamming clinton over the latest round of e-mails published by the state department.
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conduct that put the safety of our nation at risk. >> reporter: 1,280 additional pages of e-mails made public today, the state department says many of them are duplicates of e-mails already released. clinton did not mention the new material tonight in raleigh. instead she held to a familiar theme. >> it is hard for me to imagine that we would have a president who has demeaned women, mocked the instead of bringing them together. >> reporter: clinton called trump a divider. >> he wants to ban every muslim in the world from coming to the united states. our country is founded on religious freedom. >> reporter: the race so tight both campaigns bringing out the big guns. president barack obama campaigning in miami for hillary clinton and melania trump in pennsylvania delivering her first speech since an embarrassing address
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bullies. >> in the final days of the campaign season both campaigns now out with some new ads, donald trump linking hillary clinton to, quote, pervert anthony weiner, and clinton's ad linking trump's words against him. the canned clinton plans to spend $53 million co spend. caught on camera, video proof that smoking is bad four. one man just seconds before he put out his cigarette. and a warning from the feds. the scam you need to know about before you answer the phone. plus, a florida-based restaurant chain under fire for its hiring practices, one employee saying they are
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deputies finding a woman missing since august. this woman right here discovered chained up like a dog inside a large metal storage container. she says she has been kept there for two months now and believes there may be four people buried on the property. that's where investigators also arrested a registered sex offender. the woman and her boyfriend went missing in august but her boyfriend has still not been found. here's de for your health. take a look as this guy's e- cigarette explodes after he puts it away in his pocket. the man was outside a nightclub in france when this happened. check it out. wow! his buddies rush in to help him. he is expected to be okay. police releasing new video hoping to find a man and woman involved in this attack. you can see the man just keeps punching a 64-year-old man in
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but falls right back down. he later died. police say he had a history of preexisting medical conditions. in this video the attacker is seen walking away with a woman as the older man remains on the ground behind them. caught on camera, a traffic stop turns into a life saving machine. an oklahoma trooper pull a speeding traffic. the driver stops and jumps out. turns out his wife is having a heart attack. the officer calls for emergency crews and continues cpr until they get there. >> at that time it set in after the adrenaline started slowing down. it would have been fatal, from what i was told. >> that officer says it was a team effort and that the first
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the hospital. an ohio paramedic with ptsd gets help from his four-legged friend. louis is a paramedic but he also served nine years in iraq and afghanistan. doctors diagnosed him with ptsd. his service dog helps him deal with his condition. she even rides in the ambulance. >> as military, what we're trained to do is watch or our partner's back. going away from that is difficult. so by having her by my side i don't always have to feel like something is going on behind me because she's always watching behind me. >> an active service member donated star after he was deployed. taking action the ftc warning seniors about scammers pretending to be law enforcement demanding payment with gift cards.
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irs, fbi, or local police claiming a loved ones has been caught texting while driving or saying they owe back taxes. the ftc advising anyone who believes they are a victim to contact a gift card company, local police and the ftc consumer health center. if you haven't used uber lately it may look a little bit different. the biggest change? the addition of pricing. uber allows you to split your costs with someone else traveling a similar route. the cma is responding to controversy from the awards show last night.
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performance of her song "daddy lessons." some racist country music fans flooded the comment section with hate criticizing beyonce claiming country music is for whites. how young is too young to work at a restaurant chain? the twin peaks klain causing a stir for allegedly hiring girls as young as 16. a woman what claims to be an employee says the company hires girls as young as 16.
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from the u.k. a mama pig feeding her seven pig lets when one decides to go in for some face time with mommy. wait a minute. apparently she wasn't having it, launching that little guy straight up in the air. did you just see that with her snout? pretty crazy. there it is. apparently the little guy just gets up, shakes it off, goes right back in for a little bit more food. >> get back in lined up. >> we do. a front coming in. >> a little cooler, right? >> a little cooler. beautiful sunset. andrew nailed this one from the causeway in dunedin. i do think over the next couple of days we are going to begin to see a little more cloud cover out there as that cool front arrives on friday. now, i think it comes in, in the afternoon hours, and out ahead of it, there's going to
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widely scattered showers. i think we're going to see a few more clouds on saturday than sunday. we will have breezy conditions on both days. lastly, rain chances remain slim. maybe a sprinkle on saturday. maybe a couple of showers out ahead of the front, but we're now getting into a stretch where a lot of folks have gone weeks without seeing crop of rain. our chances remain rather slim warm and humid, upper 60s to low 70s after haze in the upper 80s. 88 in sarah so tax 86 in tampa, flirting with some record breaking highs in sarasota. tomorrow a little cooler. then as i said by the weekend things actually get down to maybe a bit below normal. mid-70s across most of the area right now under partly cloudy skies. there is that satellite picture. that easterly flow continues,
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showers that we had this afternoon and this evening have now pushed offshore. tomorrow morning i think there's just enough moisture out there with those higher dew points that we're going to see a bit of early morning fog. so check out ivan first thing tomorrow morning, especially citrus, hernando, sumter, maybe pasco with the chance of patchy fog like we've seen the past couple of mornings, but it will be dry. as we head into the afternoon there comes the front. 4:00, 5:00, right into the evening hours, just an of the area not going to see even a drop of rain. i think the best chances would be late afternoon into the evening hours. by saturday the front is gone. but i think we're still going to see enough moisture off the northeast that i look for a little more cloud cover than sun on saturday. but it will be a lot cooler. it is going to feel cooler because of the breezy conditions. that continues sunday. notice maybe even a few sprinkles on the east coast that could sneak in to polk
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this isn't one of those fronts that just barrels through with cooler refreshing air. far from it. the rain not very impressive. if you are lucky, you are going to pick up .04 or .04 inches of rain fur lucky. it is going to take a little bit longer for the front to roll in. it comes in 7:00, 8:00, and most areas south of i-4 are going to be right back in the mid and in some cooler air. look for this digging trough, blue color, greens, yellows. there's a hint it may be a little cooler. outside of that we don't see any long range cool snap for the state of florida. for the voters, water temperature 73. it is going to be breezy. there are your sunrise and sunset times. waking up to mostly sunny
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muggy. but then it changes. we go upper 70s to low 80s saturday and sunday. morning lows 50s to mid six. mid to upper 50s across our northern counties. the weekend looks good. i do think a lot of clouds on saturday, some sun mixed in. by early next week exactly where we should be. oh by the way, you get an hour more sleep saturday night and fall back at 2:00 a.m. thank you denis.
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hello, folks. it is pretty obvious the atlanta falcons have progressed since week one and the buccaneers have not. that defensive line just cannot give steady pressure. this is a blowout, 40-20 in the fourth quarter. at halftime tonight former buccaneers safety john lynch was inducted into the buccaneers ring of honor. he becomes the 9th buccaneer to have his name inducted. he was a member of the super bowl championship team and was
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here's john after tonight's ceremony. >> when they took that banner off and my name was up there next to mike and warren sapp and leroy sellman and john mckay, that's just incredible. sometimes we were able to get one of these. i look at this collection of guys that we had, and sometimes i say, how did we not win more? but i guess that's getting at amalie arena. the lightning got hit quick with two goals. a power-play goal by ryan spooner. nice puck work by the bruins. 2-0 midway through the first but the lightning cut into that lead later in the period. nikita kucherov with a goal. 2-1 bruins after one. we head to the third period.
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in front off the colburn shot. it went 10 deep before we had a winner. boston goes on to win this one in the shoot-out. luke del rio doesn't mind a bit that people are saying they're being carried by their defense. not to say their offense is bad. it really isn't. ask georgia last week. just inconsistent, but enough. del rio will be more than happy to give the props to his d. >> it is hard to win games when you can't stop people. everybody can score. the big 12 probably leads the nation in scoring every year but they're usually not in the national conversation because defense is still of utmost importance, and it's fine, because it carries out. high school, college, nfl,
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them. so we're lucky that we can do that. when i saw joe maddon sitting on that bus rolling up to wrigley field a rush of old memories came back with the rays, and then to have series mvp benzo wrist have such a heavy hand in the cubs' world series title made this chicago home boy pretty happy. it's nice to know that the rays were a part of this in the background. both player and manager cut their teeth with this team, and that's something we won't forget. and the official. they picked up pitcher john lamb for cash. lamb has missed two full seasons while in the minors. he's had back surgeries and tommy john surgery. i don't know, maybe they're trying to catch lightning in a bottle. we're back in a minute and change. closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland
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friday morning, partly sunny, patchy fog up north. we'll give it a b. the weekend will be cooler. >> continuing coverage on our top stories at >> have a great night and we'll see you back here tomorrow
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guguillermo:.lin-manuel miranda >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jamie dornan khlo? kardashian halloween challenge results this week in unnecessary censorship and music from kings of leon in nashville. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i am jimmy.


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