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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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making on the campaign trail. new this morning on a five- year-old case, her mother arrested in st. pete. what investigators believe she knows. plus, it's your chance to avoid traffic and try out tampa bay's new east form of transportation. thanks for joining us, i'm deiah deiah and i'm dan shaffer. it looks great, upper east right now, cooler than yesterday. we lots of 50s, clear skies and light winds allowed for radiation cooling. we are in the 60s most of us. back into the lower 80s. 2.5 zephyrhills. a couple miles before sunrise. tampa, st. pete if you are
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as far as the forecast, once we lift the low clouds it is going to be fantastic, a lot of sunshine, temperatures in the lower 80s. weekend forecast coming up in a few minute. yeah, ivan mentioned the fog, how is it affecting the roads? it's not really slowing down traffic, traffic indicators in the green right in this patch of fog that we are seeing again up in spring hill. the brooksville area. have seen the yellow spread now there. clear i 275 and i 4 in tampa. traffic flowing nicely in all directions and the average speeds on the interstates in our area looking good. up to speed pushing 70, i-75 and 275 looking great. dan. 5:31, we are learning about the west virginia mother arrested here in florida in connection with the disappearance of her 3-year-old
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custody, believing she has crucial information on the case involving her missing daughter ally i can't. action news reporter knee, you found out she will be back behind bars in west virginia soon. >> reporter: hello, dan. at this hour investigators are in the process of taking her back to west virginia. the sheriff is set to have a press conference where he will detail more information about this c little girl are hopeful that they are a bit closer to getting close your in this case. >> this is what we've been working for the whole time is to get closure, you know, to find answers for the truth. >> reporter: now relatives spoke with west virginia affiliate about the impact this has had on their family. ally i can't lunsford went missing in 2011, this case
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more than 5 years later she has not been found. new leads lead investigators to home in st. pete. the girl's parents lena and ralph had been in and out of jail on other charges but never deemed as suspects in this case. relatives always had questions. >> we've all had our suspicions, we've all had our ideas of what happen. and everybody -- everything goes back to lena and ralph. >> reporter: and lena lunsford has served l mondays in federal prison on welfare fraud charges. at a hearing in 2012 a circuit court judge found that the parents had more knowledge about aliayah's whereabouts. the share of lewis county, west virginia set to have a press conference at 11:00 a.m.
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more about the case and the charges that this mother is possibly facing. now reporting life outside the sheriff's office,. 5:33 right now, the family of a day area mother killed in a hit-and-run last week is getting a little bit of closure now of the the driver who admits he he is responsible is now in custody and headed to court today. a crime to pers tip lead deputy to lake whales where they arrested 71-year-old lewis. the deputy that was adam pennell stopped to help jessica enchautegui who crashed into a tree. that is when the man you saw in blue, charles lewis, hit them both and took off. authorities say lewis admitted he had been drinking that night and says he knew he hit something, just continue know what he hit. an accused serial flasher is off the street and should appear in court today. deputies say 24-year-old cody hayes would drive around asking
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pasco county deputies say this happened four times. deputies arrested him yesterday. manatee county detectives say a braiding ton woman was running a -- coleman is facing several charge the including possession of slot machines. they also found more than $3400 during a search of the cafe and jewelry thieves armed with sledgehammers. here is a closer look, those quick stormed the jewelry booth, they used sledgehammers and a gun to break into display days and steal jewelry. nobody was hurt. 5:35, donald trump and hillary clinton are fighting for the same battle ground states which can lead to a few strange moments.
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melania trump gave her first seely speech yesterday. she talked about her vision for her role in the white house saying she would work to improve the social mode i can't culture which she says has gotten too mean and too rough. she wants to find ways to prevent cyber bullying, her speech was an attempt to reach female voters. the opportunity we -- advance and achiev that. we cannot call ourselves a flee developed or advanced nation when 50% of our women live in poverty. when 60 million are without health insurance. when too many are choosing between basic needs like rent, food and healthcare. >> trump's former rival ted cruz is also campaigning for
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presidential candidate with mike pence in iowa yesterday. clinton has supporters on the campaign trail, bernie saunders stumped for her yesterday. >> our job is not done on election day. all right. we have got to understand that no president, none, not hillary, not bernie, not anybody else can do it alone, because the powers that be, wall street and the drug companies and the corporate media interests, the only way we transform america is when millions of people stand up, fight back and demand a government representing all of us. >> clinton is using surrogates to get the vote out. pharrell spoke at a rally for her yesterday. president and first lady will join jay-z with her tonight. time is running out for you to vote before election day of the early voting ends tomorrow
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counties, early voting extends until sunday for people registered in hillsborough, pinellas and pole ec counties. -- polk counties. go to we've got an article posted with early voting locations, the dates and the times for 11 by area counties. here is a question for you, how young is too restaurant chain where the twin peaks chain is causing a stir in the west palm beach area for hiring girls as young as 16. a woman who claims to be an employee says the company hires youngs as young as 16 to be hostesses. 18 years and older can be bartenders and waitresses. own 0ers say it's a family
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office in south florida. we could see some of the first people -- we could be some of the first people to taste mcdonald's new verse of the mac junior and the grand mac. mac junior, the grand mac bigger. they roll out nationwide next year. this weekend you have your first chce pete. it's nearly two hour boat trip to the tampa convention center. the first one leaves st. pete this evening at 5:15. the last one loafs tampa at 10:30. 10 bucks each way for adults and dollars for kids. have you picked the perfect
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it's artificial. this week an 80-foot tall spruce is headed to washington d.c. placed at the capital. officials say that tree was chosen among four finalists. it l be decorated with 18,000 handmade orange amounts. on 6th an idaho resident flips the switch. >> i love real trees. they don't last very long. >> that's true and eke could of you not to do that so i guess that is nice. it's a florida thing, right? it's difficult to get to down here. upper 50s, the issue this morning not the temperature, it's the fog, visibility down to half a mile across the usual suspect spots here of the not expecting widespread fog. l l 0 degrees by lunch -- 80 degrees by lunch time.
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front coming in tonight, we'll talk in detail about that in a few minutes. still to come, walking the plank, poor performance that has the bucs still looking for. someone really really
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. it is the final push, the
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new president. >> abc lindsey is at the fairgrounds where donald trump is going to hold a rally. >> reporter: that rally is one of six, he and running mate mike pence will focus on four states including north carolina and florida. hillary clinton has 33 rallies scheduled and heavy hitters behind her on the trail, president clinton, president obama, too close to call. it could be a late night here on tuesday. voter turnout is higher than past elections with more republicans casting ballots than democrats much trump has gained ground in a number of swing states capitalizing on the fbi investigation into clinton's e-mails. this weekend's rallies are troy to attend but you do need to reserve a ticket, how to do that and a list of events and
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website on at the fairgrounds i'm lindsey logue. alarm system, surveillance cameras that is 20th century, drones are the future of home security. in addition to the old tried and true method. the sunflower labs drones streams video to our smart phones. plans to start next year, accepting applications. good morning from the weather center on friday here. 55 degrees right now as we check in with crystal river. cool start. compared to yesterday running 5- 10 degrees below. we continue to see some areas of patchy fog up north. 10 is full visibility. again if you are traveling along interstate and you are heading northbound ha is the
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there is fog so you are getting into better visibility, the opposite going north so be careful out there if that is where you are headed this morning. otherwise looking good. low clouds will lift and it will be critical blue skies. nice for the weekend with this front coming in. the air behind it not all that cool but it will be drier. so it seems to drop saturday into sunday. the issue will be this area of quickly to the southeastern u.s., return flow from the atlantic. periods of clouds on saturday and sub day. not going to be completely, perfectly sunny but a nice weekend set up here. 80s, very comfortable with breeze coming in out of the north and west. temperatures -- a little cooler heading into tomorrow, we'll get right to where we should be
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sunday 2:00 a.m., get the extra hour of sleep, look at the sunrise there at 6:45. we have plenty of daylight we'll be able to show you our weather cameras next week. and then of course the sunset is much earlier. exact hour earlier. as we check in on the weekend forecast heading into early next week, it locks good, milder, temps back in the low 80s in the afternoons. good morning everybody. ride to lakeland. kathleen road. we do have construction that is happening right now in the downtown tampa area. let's talk about that for a minute. right at morgan street closed through wednesday. use kennedy to travel through downtown. a closure on cypress, so cypress westbound only between
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november 30th. back to you. this morning the bucs are just one of two nfl teams still winless at home. last night the buc's defense got ripped apart by the offense. ryan threw 4 touchdowns and no interceptions in the game. mike evans scored 2 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. the key to winning is simple. the teammates need to play better e >> just a mentality. you just gotta win. we got to want to win at home. i have to play better at home personally. and i'm going to fix that. that is the main thing. quarterback has to play good at home. >> you just gotta win, you gotta put more points on the board. >> the next chance for the buc he to get their first home win of the season november 13th
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chicago bear. last night was a special night for buc fans, john lynch became the 9th man inducted into the ring of honor. after the ceremony lynch said it was incredible seeing his name on the stadium sign. two men may have risked their lives for a joke. >> australia men posed as professional golfers. the 28-year-old men tricked their hosts by applying as members of the australia golf team and creating green jackets emblazoned with the coat of arms. limited internet access helped them get away with it because a simple google search would have uncovered deception.
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video. >> nice boggie. >> their cherade lasted beyond the 18th hole. even brought bouquets of flowers to a monument. they said they didn't have any trouble leaving the country either. the other surprising thing no one questioned them even >> unbelievable. 9:00 minutes until 6:00. >> the big chain that wants to give you a free cup of coffee today. beyonce, dixie chicks performance is now at the heart of a huge controversy, how the country music association is defending itself on claims it's
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. good morning on friday here looks great this morning in the 50s and 60s. all of us getting back into the low 80s this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. gusty winds take over tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up at 6:00. 6:00 till -- 6 till 6:00.
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beyonce teamed up with the dixie chicks. brought the house down at the show. but tmz is reporting that the cma removed all posts of the collaboration on its website after racist country music fans flooded the comments section with racist comments. cma is denying the claim, tmz says repos performance of at site contacted them for giving in. message if we all turn this up really loud together we can drown out the hate. dramatic video to show you from oklahoma a where a traffic stop turned into a lifesaving mission. oklahoma police officer pulled
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pleading for the officer's help. it turns out his wife was having a heart attack. and continued cpr until they got there. by the time it sets in, the adrenaline slows down, you start realizing what had taken place. it was surreal. >> it would have been fatal from what i was told. >> amazing. officer says it was a true team effort. the woman is recovering at the hospital. all right. she had enough being pested by her little ones. the sous feeding her 7 piglets when this happened. take a look. a little attention seek ergot quite a brushoff. is launched into mid air, he gets up, shakes it off and goes in again. take a look at it. watch, pigs fly.
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>> she needs to take a chill pill. we have a reminder, it is free coffee day at every lala location, the retailer is celebrating the grand opening of its 100th store in brandon. lala employees are making 1000 sandwiches for local schools to help fight childhood hunger. the start of closure for a local family after deputies tell them they caught the man who hit and killed their loved one. i'm isabella how authorities caught him and why they still need your help. we are entering last weekend before the election, the candidates pulling support from unique sources. the reason singer pharrell williams says he is jumping on board. and ted cruz squashes rumors over rallying for his former
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now at 6:00 a family is finally getting answers after a young mother is killed in a hit- and-run. the investigation isn't over yet, the plea deputies still have this morning to get justice. thanks for waking up with action news on this friday morning i'm dan shaffer. i'm deiah deiah reilly. last weekend -- riley. the last weekend before the election. this weekend they are pulling in good names. first most important words there, it is the weekend. traffic and weather together now ivan is looking ahead. we get a bonus extra hour of sleep, something to look forward to this weekend, temps right now in the 60s. a few 50s up to the north. nice and cool so jackets for the morning hours and we'll get


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