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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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believe happened. officials say the man was working on the roof of town homes in downtown st. pete when a piece of metal hit a wire. thousands of people lost power in the area. we are being told at this point that power has since been restored. good evening. tonight a busted light pole knocked down several days ago is leaving some pasco residents worried about their safety. doesn't feel very safe with this at the front entrance of his holiday estates neighborhood. >> all it take social -- takes is for kids to be snooping around and they may get electrocuted. >> the red tape here says
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so far nothing. >> they collect money every month for the electricity. duke energy is collecting all this money and not fixing a damn thing. >> we did reach out to duke energy this afternoon. they said first off the wires are not alive. they do want people to stay away because they could get cut or trip over for monday. thomas says back home in wisconsin things seem to be more efficient. >> i don't know why this state can't be like that. when a pole goes down they get the crew out there the same day and gets it back up charles lewis face -- faced a judge this afternoon for the
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to that tragic night. >> charles lewis appeared by video today in this courthouse wearing jailhouse orange accused of killing a woman and injurying a deputy before driving away and hoping nobody would ever find out. the pain and suffering this family has felt for the last week finally put into perspective with some answers. >> how can he not know? or not see t some -- there was human lives there? there was human people around there. >> maria's anger directed to the man investigators say hit her daughter and the deputy trying to help her and left them for dead. the driver now identified as charles lewis. investigators got an anonymous tip on thursday that he might be involved. >> there is some closure.
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he admitted to drinking four beers. the manager remembers serving him. >> couple of beers and he leaves. i've never seen the man drunk. >> just after midnight he left the bar and came up on blue and red flashing lights. it was deputy adam pennell's cruiser. lewis told investigators by the time he saw the lights, he swerved into the median and hit something but didn't know what. he never stopped. >> come on. even if it was just can, stop and see. okay? it was human lives. >> enchautegui died at the hospital. deputy pennell is still in rough shape but is recovering. >> you have the right to remain silent. >> today this man faced the judge. >> there is nothing he can say that is going to ease our pain. >> jessica's viewing is tonight. they will be buried tomorrow. lewis knew that deputies were
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hit-and-run and figured it was probably him but never turned himself in. back to you. a recent law in florida law imposes tougher penalties on those who leave the scene of an accident. it makes the crime a felony with a four year minimum prison term. made it to another weekend or just about. couple of minutes ago we were looking at that -- looked like a shower popped up by i took a closer scan here. that is a fire. it is actually burning in the green swap area. so could very well be a controlled burn. fire is definitely a danger. we will have to start thinking about it considering we have not
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over the last couple of weeks. there is very little in the forecast even with a front coming in. there will be a few isolated showers in the northern sections of the state this evening but not many. some cooler and dryer air, more refreshing air is on the way. i will tell you about it coming up. there are late breaking developments tonight in democracy 2016 with just four days till election, east campaign tonight is making a last minute $4 million ad. we just got word his campaign is paying for what will be a -- two minute long set of commercials. which will start airing in mine battleground states on nationally televised prime time shows. a large portion of it is from his controversial october 13th
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argument for america. as we head into the last weekend before election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are not taking any days off the campaign trail. >> both campaigns hitting florida again before tuesday. donald trump holding a rally tomorrow at the state fairgrounds in tampa. tim kaine will be in sarasota rallying for clinton on sunday. clinton spoke in pittsburgh and detroit today while trump was in new hampshire, pennsylvania as well as ohio. despite the close race in national polling, donald trump still victory. it would have to include a win right here in florida. >> meanwhile a number of early voters in the state of florida has already exceeded the early voting total since 2012. the early voting is still going on through this weekend. about 5.3 million floridians have voted already. voting between republicans and democrats is just about even at
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voters have also cast their ballot. >> it is all about making it convenient for the voters. we know people are busy. people have jobs. people have schedules. we are very lucky to have this much time to have that early voting. we have that lushgs -- luxury of being able to go when it is convenient for us. >> election day is this deputies in south carolina find another body on this man's property today. she believed to be the same man responsible for kidnapping brown. there he is there. she is the woman deputies found chained like a dog inside a storage unit. todd is a veg -- registered sec offender.
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there are brand new developments in a story we first brought you this time yesterday. a pennsylvania father under arrest in connection to the brutal death of his own son. police say that 23-year-old prince jr. did nothing to stop his son's death even though he was texted a play by play about what was actually happening from the child's mother. the mother allegedly suffocated her 17 month old son in a jealous rage. police say she also kill their 2-year-old daughter that night as well but thankfully did not succeed. >> a traffic stop in sarasota uncovers drugs, stolen phones and fire arms. officers pulled over this man, 21-year-old wilkerson wednesday for speeding. he spoke with police briefly before taking off on foot. officers were able to catch him. they also found $1,000 in cash
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handgun were found as well. once in custody he apologized to police for running for them. frightening details listed in this pasco county sheriff's report about an armed home invasion. coming up the bizarre twist that led detectives to their suspect. then unbelievable video out of texas tonight. check that out a car flying in the air right into rush hour traffic. coming up the reason a woman put
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a pasco county
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for cash and drugs. >> ryan smith explains why deputies didn't have to go far to find their suspect. >> this pasco county sheriff's report detailing he tied two women up and threatened to have them shot if they tried to escape. it was all a ploy to score drugs and it took a very bizarre turn turn. body cam video showingtous catch the suspect investigators didn't even have to leave the scene of the crime. >> he was right there in the yard. [ laughter ] >> detective todd says 60-year-old lynn wore a ski mask and can hoodie to conceal his identity but it didn't work so well. the two female victims live in a
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unit demanding pills, targeting his tenants knowing one had a legal prescription for the addictive drug. he told the women to stay put or quote someone in the woods will shoot you. >> they were terrified, didn't want me to leave till they left the property. they thought she was going to come back. i assured them he was going to jail >> he later told deputies he was angry about late rent and figured the only tenants. he remains in jail on a $50,000 bond. back to you. tonight a texas woman is being called a hero for what she did after this violent roll over crash. >> take a look at what is happening here. you see that car rolls over on top of that other one. then you see that woman running there into the busy intersection running towards the chaos. here is a closer look. you see that car barrelling down
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heard the crash. she said she -- when she heard that wreck, got to it, she found an elderly woman trapped inside. she couldn't get her out so instead she climbed inside the crushed suv. rescue crews were able to pull them to safety a few minutes later. the cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight parents of elementary students in san diego are pressing for answers after their students were sent home with blisters on their hands and feet. things quickly got heated after the principal banned the parents from school grounds for two weeks. parents say all they wanted was an apology. a florida tow truck driver finds himself inform a big -- in a big trouble.
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one week after he towed the dead man's vehicle to an auto body shop in daytona. the victim's wife realized nearly $2,000 had been charged to his bank card in the days after his death and then she called police. the tow truck driver told police he wasn't thinking. he said he was late with his car payment and used the card to cover the bill. he now faces charges of grand theft, illegal use card, and unusual possession of identification. starting next year chase customers will have the option of paying with their cellphones when shopping at wal-mart. they are adding the feature to their app. the announcement comes as retailers are rushing to add digital payment options.
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behind with the technology. all right. a reminder for everyone tonight. it is that time of year again. my favorite time, daylight saving time ends this sunday at 2:00 a.m. local time. clocks in most of the u.s. should be set to fall back one hour to gear up for winter's arrival. the good news is you gain that hour of sleep. what people don't like so much is [music playing] ladies and gentlemen, i want you to get close to your facebook live this weekend. dennis says it is nice enough he will put his christmas lights out and give us a family christmas. [ laughter ] >> i'm seeing a function next saturday and then i work the following weekend. this is the only weekend i have to do it.
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>> yeah. >> are you covering the entire roof? >> i am. and maybe the neighbors too. [ laughter ] i love it. i can't get enough of it. my son will be helping as well. i will have the whole neighborhood up there probably. [ laughter ] take a look outside. beautiful out there. we have been tracking a cool front that is on the way. it will make you feel like -- well it is rat you'll not, it will still be in the upper 70s to 80 degrees. it will be c the morning. there are some showers up around gainesville. that is the front or what is left of the front. it will come on through this evening bringing a few isolated showers. tomorrow morning the winds pick up. it gets breezy most of the weekend and lower humidity. pretty comfortable with temperatures upper 70s to low 80s right now. we are in the low to mid 80s. we hit the upper 80s again
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low 80s and probably in that same ballpark right on through most of next week. tampa right now mostly sunny and 82 degrees. like i said, we hit 87. look at the record, it was last year. we hit 92 on this day last year. certainly what we have been seeing of late. i guess you can say it might be the nothing unusual about it. 78 and mostly sunny in st. pete. sunny and 83 in sarasota. again northwest winds at 12 miles an hour. satellite picture, the thing we will have to start worrying about is the fact we have not had any rain. all of a sudden you throw in the fact we don't have any significant rain in our forecast for the foreseeable future. this evening maybe a few showers
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sprinkle. i do think we will have periods of clouds along with that sun. it won't be one of those crystal clear blue sky weekends but i won't be bad either. we are talking about 80 degrees, kind of low humidity. all of a sudden we have gone from such a rainy stret unseasonably dry weather that appears to be hanging in there for the foreseeable feature. nothing unusual about that. temperatures topping out tomorrow -- right around the upper 70s to the lower 80s. rain chances pretty much non existent.
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the reason they were all flocking to this bradenton building. plus the man at the center of the huge illegal operation. and forever families. our cameras there capturing the emotional moments when dozens of local kids found their new family and the staggering number of children still trying to find
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[ indiscernible ] go cubs, go. >> now that is awesome. the chicago cubs got their first world series win in more than 100 yeefrs this week and no cubs fan has waited longer for that
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the cubs won their last world series in 1908. she has been waiting literally her lifetime. >> she deserves it. well special moments today for some new families today in pasco county. >> more than dozen kids will now legally be welcomed into their forever home parents since day one and she is excited to be officially now legally part of their family. >> i have been lucky. i have been lucky that i've been placed in a really nice home that -- treats me right and -- turns me into a good person. >> and listen to, this every year more than 50,000 children are adopted from foster care but
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here is wendy with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> outrageous lie. the story north port police say a woman made up that kept them busy for more than year. plus these top stories coming up we will explain growing deadly trend on our roads and the people that are most vulnerable. human trafficking is a big problem in the bay area. [ indis digs into her prosecution record and the frustration it is causing locally have you seen any voter vigilantes? >> i have not. >> okay. well tonight i'm taking a look at this. a new report says voter vigilantes are intimidating voters but is it true? i will tell you what i found
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but, um, i'm definitely angry right now. >> authority says a hit-and-run driver killed her husband. new tonight the increasing danger these accidents pose to your family and emotional toll they leave behind. and voter intimidation. a new report singling out florida. tonight the law that make its easier for it to happen here than
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the voting box to disrupt voting. >> tonight we look into the report's claims and why the law may allow it to happen. >> as voters stream in here to the election center, new questions tonight about voter intimidation. but is it true? the report gives f [ indiscernible ] you have to go out and get your friends and you have got to get everybody you know and you have got to watch your polling booths. >> while it is true florida law does allow watchers to challenge a voter's qualification, it must be in writing and under oath. the law also makes it illegal for anyone to intimidate voters. >> i don't see voter intimidation taking place.


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