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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the voting box to disrupt voting. >> tonight we look into the report's claims and why the law may allow it to happen. >> as voters stream in here to the election center, new questions tonight about voter intimidation. but is it true? the report gives f [ indiscernible ] you have to go out and get your friends and you have got to get everybody you know and you have got to watch your polling booths. >> while it is true florida law does allow watchers to challenge a voter's qualification, it must be in writing and under oath. the law also makes it illegal for anyone to intimidate voters. >> i don't see voter intimidation taking place.
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one hand the number of voter challenges he has seen. >> they are not allowed to talk to a voter inside. >> have you seen anything like that before in florida? to you think -- do you think that is actually happening? >> i actually haven't seen it. >> he said no one will challenge him. >> we should step up and be heard. this is our future and >> democrats have sued trump saying they are mounting a campaign of vigilante voter intimidation. we caught one marco rubio. >> i was one of the first people that came out and said we shouldn't be calling the elections rigged. if there is evidence, that should be addressed on a case by case basis. >> the election protection hot line so far has received 1,700
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been about mail in ballots. back to you. good evening everybody. that cool front we have been talking about for the past three or four day social -- days is moving into the northern sections of the state. right now nothing showing up this really looks like a fire earlier on today but kind of tricky. either way that would be all that is out there. i think later tonight outside of an isolated shower we are home free with temperatures right now in the upper 70s to low 80s. we hit the middle 80s again. cooler air is on the way. i will tell you how low it will go and when the next stronger cold front is on the way. a shocking twist tonight in
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right here lied about being raped. investigators saying she made up every detail of this police sketch, even down to the tear drop tattoo. she originally told police a man raped her in broad daylight back in september of 2015, but police now say she had consensual sex with someone she knew. [ indiscernible ] tonight we are uncovering new details a tbt the moments before a deadly hit-and-run. they will saying 71-year-old charles lewis hit and killed a woman and injured one of their own. lewis was at a halloween party over the weekend. he admitted to drinking four beers. deputies say lewis told them he knew they were looking for a suspect in the hit-and-run and figured it was probably him.
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run gets solved. >> we are near the spot along hillsborough avenue where almost a year ago an 11-year-old boy was hit and killed by a driver who took off. the family still doesn't know who did it. reports show that hit and run accidents like this one are only becoming more common. >> we are going to miss him tremendously. >> she her husband's death. >> i couldn't believe it. i couldn't. >> now she has to tell their three children. >> i still don't know how i'm going to do it. i'm getting ready. >> johnson took this photo at the site where her husband was hit by a driver while he was walking along this remote stretch of state road 64 in manatee county. what she doesn't know who is who
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>> hit-and-run accidents have gone up 7% in the last three years to more than 92,000 around the state. we would like to show you all the victims like 11-year-old alex torres killed last year in a hit-and-run while riding his bike. the driver still not caught. or 17-year-old ashley, hit and killed while crossing hillsborough avenue. that driver eventually turning himself in. we can't -- there are too many. in fact in hillsborough alone florida highway patrol reports 424 more hit-and-runs so far this year than last. >> i cannot imagine how anybody can live with -- this kind of guilt. >> for johnson finding the driver responsible for killing her husband isn't just for her own closure. >> maybe you didn't see him. [ crying ] just -- please -- um -- help us.
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are going to want to know what happened to their father. >> one in four hit-and-run accidents involve pedestrians like in johnson's case. as for highway patrol they have few clues on johnson's case. they are looking for a pickup truck from 2011 to 16. it is an f super duty series truck with extensive damage to the front. back to you. new tonight bucs head coach revealing in the last hour they knew about a violent break in at gerald mccoy's home before last night's game. this boy right here, a 17-year-old. he got in through an unlocked door after mccoy left the game. investigators saying mccoy's
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him. tonight it is not clear how frazier got into his gated community. manatee county deputies saying this woman is pushing her luck with the law. deputies say she ran an underground casino. neighbors saying the business was always packed. deputies seized 70 computers and thousands of dollars in cash. it is all part of a new initiative illegal gambling. [ indiscernible ] first up clinton claiming trump wants to roll back same-sex marriage. >> if you care about lgbt rights he wants to undo marriage equality. >> clinton claiming trump wants to overturn the decision. political fact finding trump has
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marriage should be between a man and a woman. [ indiscernible ] which expanded same-sex marriage across the country. they didn't find any evidence refuting his past statements on same-sex marriage so they rate clinton's claim as true. trump meanwhile claiming the media never shows the crowds at his rallies. >> we have to put up with some of the most dishonest the world, the media. they never show crowds like that. look at that. it goes all the way back. they never show crowds. they don't show crowds. >> it is a frequent complaint from the republican. let you in on a little secret here, most candidate rallies have a designated camera.
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difficult to find examples. so they rate that claim as false. new tonight, trump making last minute plans for one more campaign rally in the bay area. the gop nominee will be at the florida state fairgrounds in tampa at 10:00 tomorrow morning. doors open to the public at 7:00 a.m. as for the democrats vice presidential nominee tim kaine will be in sarasota tomorrow. he will speak at 12th street there. still to come, women and children forced into sexual slavery. some say florida's attorney general is not doing enough to stop it. looking outside. there is a cold front now moving into gainesville. there are some showers with it. i will let you know how cool it
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tampa has one of the worst problems in the country when it comes to human trafficking. >> after making it a campaign promise and spending hundreds of thousands of tax dollars are there are still questions about whether attorney general bondy is doing enough. >> yeah. i team investigator spent months going through her cases. >> [ crying ] it is not about -- the messenger. >> anytime you can talk about it, in front of a camera, talk about it. >> it is not about picture on a billboard. >> these billboards are going to be all over the state of florida. >> it is not about getting your picture in the paper. it is about letting people know that when they want to have sex with a child, that is somebody's child. >> when it comes to human trafficking pasco county judge is frustrated at the results attorney general bondy is getting versus the image she is creating. >> i will fight to put human
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belong behind bars. >> do you feel they are doing enough here? >> not enough. >> she is not the only one. >> i'm very frustrated. i'm very frustrated. >> kathy is a human trafficking survivor and advocate. >> do you feel the office is prosecuting enough cases? >> no, i don't. no, i don't. not from what she says. >> florida ranks third in the country for the most human trafficking complaints to the national hot line. it is an issue that was part of bondy's 2014 reelection campaign. >> we have not just reactive. >> we looked at every human trafficking case bondy's team has prosecuted since she first took office in 2010. bondy's statewide prosecutors have closed six cases involving 12 defendants. only five were actually charged with human trafficking. the others were charged with racketeering but bondy's team still counts them as human
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couldn't possibly be hundreds of prosecutions a year on a statewide basis. >> when it comes to sentencing, ten of the 12 defendants got five years or less. as for pending cases, bondy's team has charged 67 defendants but only half of them are charged under the statute. [ indiscernible ] sfl [ indiscernible ] >> i can't imagine. just -- it is astounding. again -- i know survivors. a number of survivors -- [ indiscernible ] >> bondy has spent nearly half a million dollars on radio ads, billboards and traveling around the state sharing the statewide
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to her? >> yes, repeataledly -- repeatedly. >> what would you say -- [ indiscernible ] they say your numbers aren't sas it factory and they need to be more? >> whole they need to talk to the state attorney, and my office. >> but you are in charge of your office obviously. what about your office? >> right. well we prosecute, the u.s. attorney and the state attorney. we are doing everything we can to combat human trafficking. >> statewide prosecutor nick cox tells us human trafficking case has to be occurring in at least two counties for them to prosecute. cox points now 2012 bondy helped change a state law that strengthens penalties on human trafficking and allows her office to prosecute more cases. >> to the people watching that may look at those numbers and say that is not enough, what would you like to say to them? >> i agree, it is not enough.
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we are not doing enough. >> it is not about whether the attorney general says she cares. it is not about whether the attorney general says -- these are bad people, we don't tolerate this. show me. >> listen. listen to the survivors. listen to the advocates. listen to the ones who have been out there on the ground. >> statewide prosecutors say they never reject a human trafficking case. they all say they are frustrated with her numbers duh didn't want to go on camera because they received or are waiting to receive state funding. >> tonight at 11:00 we also look into where state money is going to help anti-human trafficking efforts. you will hear the local controversy behind that. [music playing] good evening everybody. another beautiful day. the sun just about to set over the main sail.
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the gulf. there are a few clouds off to the north. over the next several hours those clouds could lead to a few showers. there won't be many. coverage night be 5 maybe 10%. the wind is beginning to pick up a little bit on saturday behind the front. out of the northeast and then on sunday into next week rain chances remain very, very low. we will start talking about some fire dangers i have a feeling. we just don't have any significant rains. after all the rains we had summer it is like mother nature cut off the faucet because we are completely dry. we are going to say that way. temperatures now upper 70s to the lower 80s. still hit the mid to upper 80s today with dew points still mid to upper 60s. this is not all that unusual for the last couple of years. in fact this time last year we hit 92 on this date. but in the scheme of things we
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81 -- 81, 82. certainly not looking to the mid to upper 80s this weekend. more like the low 80s. maybe even some upper 70s. there you go, back to where we should be. that is where we are right now. upper 70s to about 80 degrees under sunny skies. we have had a beautiful week. lot of folks had a chance to go to the beach. the beach was picture perfect with water temperature still in the mid 70s. right now we are tracking what is left of into -- the gainesville area and right on through the next few hours it will move from north to south touching off an isolated shower. now waking up saturday morning the winds are already going to start to pick up and quickly go out of the northeast. we are back to this pattern again which means there will be some clouds at times, breezy and
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maybe even in polk county. what we had earlier in this week, that won't be the case this go around but will bring lower temperatures and lower humidity. there is something that definite a lot -- definitely a lot of folks are looking forward to. this model does cool us off dramatically a week from monday. on saturday right where we should in the upper 70s to low 80s across the entire area with rain chances less than 10%. there you see it, more clouds and sun and breezy early on. then we go mostly sunny in the afternoon. same thing on sunday. next week will be a beautiful week. highs each day in the low 80s. rain chances down near 0. morning lows in the mid 60s still ahead, not only did the bucs lose to atlanta they lost two more players to
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first good news from one bucs. jame it winston is fine. as for wide receiver mike evans he is on the concussion protocol. [ indiscernible ] two players are likely done for the season. running back smith and defensive end jones sustaining injuries that will take them out of commission. come on, something has to
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up too many big plays. right now we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. you would think by now they would have their assignments down but they don't. if they can't get their scheme right, will they get somebody there that can? 73 points, 1.087 yards given up in two games. need we say more? i don't know how many people left work, didn't go to work or cut school to attend the cubs victory parade in chicago. there war ton of folks. they loved it as the team rolled down the road for the celebration. it was quite a site.
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parade at disney world tomorrow. >> that is cool. >> we have continuing coverage of the day's top stories at >> we will see you right back
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tonight, breaking news. the new abc news tracking poll. the shift in the race in just one week. the new numbers, clinton and in new york city. one dead, images coming in from the scene. also tonight, another horrific discovery. the woman kidnapped, chained in a storage shed. tonight, what authorities have found. the explosive new video. an african-american man, and the takedown, the police k9.


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