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tv   Action News at 430AM  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> i hope you're able to say you voted. you voted for a better, stronger, fairer america. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency of the united states. >> donald trump claims hillary clinton is being protected by a rigged system, this after the fbi clears clinton for a second time after a probe into her e maim. good morning, i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm deiah riley. >> early voting is other in florida. roughly 6 million people have already cast a ballot. early numbers are indicating a close race in the bay area. all day long sunday there was a
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in their ballots at one voting location in downtown st. pete. >> so i wanted my vote to count, and i wanted my son's vote to count, and this was so important to us because this was his first time voting. >> several people say they got to the polls early because they didn't want to risk possible long lines on election day. here in hillsborough county, hundreds gathered at a local library on mlk boulevard. it was part of a push by pastors called souls to polls to get african-americans to vote for clinton. president obama made a last push to vote for clinton while in orlando yesterday. mr. obama spoke about trump and the state of the country. singer stevie wonder kicked off that rally. >> vice president joe biden is going to be in st. pete. they will first stop at famu in tallahassee and then will head to st. pete for a get out the
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buffett. and the bidens will join democratic u.s. senate candidate patrick murphy at that concert. murphy is running against marco rubio. rubio will be at the republican party office near brandon boulevard and lakewood drive in brandon. this morning we're following developing story in pinellas park where police are investigating the murder of a man at an apartment complex. >> it happened off park boulevard and 75th street. the suspec admitted he had killed someone. they found a man fatally shot inside an apartment unit. the suspect is now in custody and the victim's family is being notified. manatee county deputies are investigating what led to a deadly shooting at a bradenton avenue. a witness had driven the victim to a hospital where she was
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year-old mariah goode. a deputy shot while breaking up a fight at a kissimmee bar is on the mend. deputy john rios was trying to arrest this man, angel manuel lopez. the two men struggled. lopez fired his gun hitting the deputy in the leg. the 28-year-old is in in jail facing eight charges. deputy rios is out of the hospital this morning. orange county officials identified a body found sa man who went missing on a fishing trip. a rescue team found his boat with the motor still running on lake conway shortly after the fisherman's body was pulled from the water. citrus county officials are looking for three men who robbed three internet cafes. they robbed the flamingo and the extreme internet cafe. suspects robbed the customers and businesses at gunpoint.
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let's get an update on your forecast after a beautiful weekend. >> we're going to be in fine shape for today. it was a nice weekend out there, a little gusty wind coming in out of the east, northeast. i think that will be the same deal today. a lot of sunshine through the afternoon, just a few clouds. temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70. our next rain chance coming in on wednesday. that's the way we get most of our rain during the dry season. this one coming in side. a couple, few showers on wednesday. that would be about it, and that will get us even cooler and drier, but i don't see anything that would just have the bottom drop out as far as temperatures. low 60s out there right now. titan doppler pretty quiet. we'll talk about the extended forecast heading into election day and beyond. we've got a traffic
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avenue. you can see some police cars out there flashing lights, not a whole lot of traffic in that area right now. janelle is in. she's working right now to try to find out what's going on. of course we'll keep you up to date. we'll have a full look at your morning commute in 26 minutes or so. we've got breaking news just into our newsroom, janet reno, the first woman to ever serve as u.s. attorney general passed away early this morning. she held that post from 1993 to 2001. >> reno faced heavy during her tenure from the decision to storm the branch i did video yan complex in waco texas to her decision to seize -- she died from complications of parkinsons disease. crews will get a full damage assessment of an earthquake. the school destruct is canceling classes today. a 5.0 magnitude quake shook
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cushing is home to a massing oil facility that's considered the world's largest. officials reporting quite a bit of damage and a few minor injuries. >> i heard the whole house shaking i went outside and heard the rumbling in the ground. >> the whole house shook for maybe 3, 4 minutes and we called back home and found out we got damages to some of our trailer houses we have out in the country. >> so far there are no reports of any damage to oil infrastructure since january oklahoma has had more than 600 earthquakes of magnitude of 2.8 or larger. there was a stinky mess in largo. 18,000 gallons of untreated wastewater flowed from a manhole near overbrook and west bay drive into mccay creek. crews blame the overflow on a blockage. as a precaution they are
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posting signs. today the search will continue for more bodies on a south carolina property where a woman was found chained inside a metal container. two bodies have been found so far. the latest on who at least one of them is. >> and people in new delhi upset about a thick cloud of smog, why u.s. authorities say a holiday celebration caused the smog levels to triple. that's coming up at 5. >> sunrise. we'll preview their game against the panthers. the bucs said good-bye to their second place position in the nfc south. we'll see why straight ahead in
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welcome back, this morning donald trump will hold a rally at the sarasota fairgrounds. hillary clinton will campaign in pennsylvania and michigan. >> vice president joe biden will hold rallies in in tallahassee and st. petersburg. the fbi won't file any charges against clinton related to her e-mail practices while she was secretary of state. >> this morning the final fight for the battleground states with donald trump and hillary clinton making a last push in a campaign full of surprises. the latest from the fbi clearing clinton again. fbi director james comey now telling congressional leaders,
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changed our conclusions that we expressed in july. sources telling abc news that the new batch of e-mails contained duplicates that the fbi had already reviewed. trump who first criticized the fbi when there were no charges, then commended the agency when the new e-mails were discovered is now outraged again. >> right now she's being protected by a rigged system. >> clinton's campaign saying they are glad the matter is resolved but no public comment from wrapping up a weekend of star- studded campaigning and declaring what's at stake. >> it is a choice between division or unity, between strong, steady leadership, or a loose cannon. >> clinton is leading in the latest abc news tracking poll, but with the race still close, both campaigns are fighting to the finish. >> i want to be the president
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>> on november 8th, we are goining to do something so special. >> and part of clinton's advantage in our poll numbers comes from record numbers of americans who voted early. we're talking more than 40 million and counting. elizabeth hur abc news washington. in jacksonville, a high school student is facing charges for beating his 69-year- old grandmother to death broman got upset when his grandmother hid the beer because he was too young to drink. the victim's daughter, dylan's mother is standing by her son. >> he's a very calm, sweet boy. but he does have some issues. and he needs help with those issues. >> witnesses say they heard the grandmother screaming for help. detectives say the teen repeatedly purged her in the face and -- punched her in the face and kicked her.
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for human remains on a rural property in south carolina where a woman was found chained. todd kohlhepp is being held in jail on no bond. yesterday authorities confirmed they found a second body on his property. they found the remains in one of two places. the first body found friday is now identified as the boyfriend of the woman who was found chained up. investigators say kohlhepp confessed to a quadruple murder th kohlhepp is a suspect in at least three more deaths. a 25-year-old indiana man in chicago over the weekend for a funeral was shot and killed after getting into a fight. joshua beale got into a fight during a road rage incident with an off-duty firefighter. two police officers nearby got involved. one of them shot beale after they say he pulledout a gun an off-duty sergeant on his way to work in uniform observed the
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and the subject was fatally struck. the officers and the fire department member were taken to the hospital. >> a witness said beale did not pull out a gun. the off-duty police officer and off-duty firefighter suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. a 10-year-old girl in fort worth texas is recovering after being shot in the face. she was leaving a store with her family when a woman started arguing with the family. police say that woman left, came back with a gun and one bullet hit that girl in the cheek. she is expected to survive. in london an effigy of donald trump went up in flames. the annual event traditionally burns a figure of guy fox. a man connects amazon echo's automated voice alexa to come from a singing fish, and
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listen. >> alexa, what's the weather? >> currently in cambridge it's 45 degrees with showers. >> so being replaced by a talking fish. brian cane posted this video on facebook. amazon does offer a program that allows them to embed the voices in third-party devices. >> how about that. >> can't top that. >> what'll they think of next. >> you're cuter though ivan. >> thank you ry obvious he has a lot of time. >> and he works for scale. >> oh, god. >> nice. >> we'll figure that for a monday. plenty of sunshine today. it will be breezy. we enjoyed the weekend. i wasn't here. i was in miami marrying my sister and that was lovely down there. i've always, of course, when i leave tampa check and make sure my forecasts were on the money and i think we did a decent job this weekend. a little breezy through the
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to look forward to as far as the next big deal here coming through, and that won't even be huge as far as the front coming in, just a couple of showers, i think, by wednesday. these temperatures very comfortable, right. low to mid-60s. of course this is frigid stuff for folks in south florida, and not so much for the panhandle. i think all of us from the i-10 corridor down to miami will warm up once again to the 80s this afternoon. look at all the nice weather acro a getting pumped in from the gulf. that's a front that eventually will swing through here. it will arrive wednesday so it won't be impacting us as far as being in line tomorrow and no rain for the entire state. back coming up in the next hour, i'll talk about some of the other areas of concern throughout the country. lower humidity, that's the front bringing us just a slight chance of a shower on wednesday.
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pretty good. and the seven-day forecast will feature more of the same. behind the front, a little cooler, upper 70s right, with overnight temperatures in the 60s. that will set us up for a nice veterans day on friday and a great weekend ahead. we want to get a look right now at part of your morning commute. this is i-75 south at i-4. not a whole lot of traffic out there this early morning. it looks to be moving smoothly. janelle will have a full look at your morning commute in about 10 minutes. tonight the and the panthers hope the lightning in south florida. john sabol has your morning sports. >> good morning, thanks for stopping by. the nhl season isn't even a month old yet so naturally teams like the lightning still trying to figure themselves out. consistency is what every hockey team tries to do by the spring. we're still a long way to go.
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playoffs should begin. saturday night against new jersey the perfect example of that, lightning started the game slow, getting out shot and trailing early 1-0. it wasn't until the 2nd period where the bolts woke up. lightning scored twice in the 2nd and twice in the 3rd to win the game 4-1. one of the goals came from the rookie, brady point. the facts is the lightning is starting the game sluggish just really needs to best and like i said earlier, too, the way we come out in the second and set the tone and over 20 shots and i think the third period as well we played really good. every season we've got to improve on. right now it's the first periods and going through this season i'm sure we're going to find another achilles in our game. you've got to find ways to win and we did that. >> the bolts were in sunrise to
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drewen will play tonight. he's been out since last tuesday after taking this shot to the head. to give the lightning some depth on the bench and tonight in case drewen can't play. buccaneers enjoy their sunday off so that means this morning we're not talking about a loss or a victory. the extended break thanks to thursday night's loss to the falcons gives the bucs much needed time to get healthy. me on mike evans, he's been in concussion protocol since thursday night's game. dirk koetter said on friday he should be able to practice this afternoon. take a look at the injured list from thursday night's game. anton smith and howard jones done for the year. they suffered season ending knee injuries. the other four bucs on this list injuries not considered serious. of course we'll know their status throughout the rest of
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sunday. the bears on a bye week this past sunday. now they have two full weeks to prepare for the buccaneers. we certainly hope that gets cleared up with the bucs injuries. busy day yesterday with the nfl. saints and the 49ers, tampa bay said good-bye to second place in the division thanks to new orleans, 41-23 win over san fran. the saints move up a game on the bucs. new orleans comes to town on december 11th. not ly second place in the division, they're now tied with carolina. cam newton, and the panthers beat the rams yesterday 13- 106789 bucs panthers will meet again in the season finale. that's your sports report enjoy your monday everyone. right now a gunman opens fire on two georgia deputies killing one of them. why investigators are blaming a feud between neighbors for this
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paid holiday for some workers. we'll run down the companies that are paying workers to
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it was a big day for marathon runners in new york. yesterday marked the 40th anniversary of the new york city marathon. the men also got started.
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from kenya. she finished in 2:24. it was her third consecutive win of the new york city marathon. the 20-year-old man who came in first is from the african country of eyra tia. >> and the bay area's premier light festival was this weekend. it was the event's 13th anniversary. there's another full hour of news ahead. has coe county official -- meet about rezoning. >> it would mean sending some students to different schools farther away, the areas where district officials might redraw boundaries. >> and one more day until election day. today donald trump is going to campaign in the bay area. >> and vice president joe biden will rally for hillary clinton in st. petersburg, the musician who will perform at the events
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we traveled the world sampling the best cheese for two reasons one, to bring them all back for you to enjoy and two, we got to each a bunch of really good cheese along the way. publix deli specialty cheese. over 36 varieties to fall in love with.
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. now at 5, cleared again, the fbi director stands by his original decision saying no charges for hillary clinton essentially closing this case. coming up, what clinton isn't saying on the campaign trail
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we have county by county local tally, and what it could mean for the presidential election. >> some parents rallying against rezoning in west pasco, why the district says it's needed and when those lines could be redrawn next. it is 5:00, thanks for joining us for abc action news. i'm dan shaffer. >> and good morning, i'm deiah riley. thanks for joining us. we want to get a look at your forecast. here's iva good morning ivan. >> good morning. fantastic out there, clear skies, comfortable temperatures in the 60s. a few low 70s out there. most of us in the 60s. it's very comfortable as far as the humidity, and i think that will continue for the next couple of days. we'll be dry today and tomorrow, and then we'll talk about radar beginning to pick up a few showers. that's not going to happen until wednesday, and i'll have the update on that in a few minutes. a cool start, sunshine by the afternoon, plenty of it. we'll have temperatures


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