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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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vote for your futures. >> just wanted to go until your votes shape our country's feature in the final push to get one key group to the polls and the details on the safeguards against any possible election day threats. good evening everyone. both donald trump and hillary clinton packing their schedules with last-minute rallies florida in these crucial hours. here is a live look at albert whitted park where joe biden is campaigning for hillary clinton in his second stop in the bay area this week. senior jimmy buffett will join him on stage shortly. many of you already have. you'll be watching tomorrow to see if florida sets a voter
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that means we could surpass a record set by the 2012 election with 8.5 billion people voting. >> trump underscored how crucial florida will be. his path to the 270 delegates is limited without the sunshine state. the timing of the election tomorrow could not be more important as he said. >> this is it, folks. four years. not in eight years. it will be over with supreme court justices. this is it. >> we will not know until the end whether trump will win florida. the newest poll says it is too close to call. quintin leaf trump by just one point well within the margin of error. the same goes for north
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>> among the millions of voters already casting ballots in florida there is one group growing so fast some experts think it could be the key in who wins. item is gonzales is in tampa where one group is not done urging latinos to get to the poll. brendaliss gonzalez? they are just getting started. right now these volunteers are making calls to voters who have gone out to the polls so far this is a tactic they are working on to move a group to become key in deciding who wins florida. here at the voting market they talk of politics makes its way over the spanish background music. >> host of us are afraid of what will happen. we are all immigrants. >> he came from cuba 26 years
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>> it is important for the country. >> reporter: when asked whether he will vote? >> no. >> reporter: he is the minority within a minority. latinos are voting in record numbers. more than twice as many so far than our last presidential election. >> in the -- the community is finally saying i am sick and tired. >> reporter: the push for more she plans to knock on doors up until the last minute on election day despite which party they will give their vote two, we tell them to go out and vote. >> he thinks the latinos of tampa will make the difference. >> i think they are right here where the decision will be made. >> reporter: perez may just add to the growing votes. >> it is possible.
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push to get people out and right now another group is knocking on around 600 doors trying to also get people out to vote. in the tampa, brendaliss gonzalez, abc action news. >> with both trump and clinton holding victory parties in new york city we are learning new york police are planning to deploy more officers tomorrow that on any previous out and that number is comparable to new year's eve at a visit from pope is. while police are dismissing terror threats, the council says the fbi questioned muslims in at least eight different states over the weekend. that includes right here in florida. be sure to join us tomorrow for team coverage on the biggest races in florida. we will be with you every step
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we will bring you live updates on air, social media, and push- ups on our free mobile app. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon everybody. likely the weather will not be an issue on election day with temperatures where we should be. we are rain-free right now and i suspect we stay that way at least until the middle of the week with temperatures actually in the upper 70s quite a few clouds out there. i actually think we will see more clouds than sun but for the time being we stay dry with makeup temperatures for the comfortable from the low to mid 60s. hour by hour forecast tonight partly cloudy to clear and a closer look tomorrow and when our next cool front is on the way coming up in a couple minutes. right now pope county
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early-morning home aviation. the suspects tied the woman and threatened her husband at gunpoint. as erik waxler shows us three of the bad guys made it easy for police to catch him. >> reporter: isaiah does not seem to feel too bad about breaking into a couple's home and stealing from them at gunpoint. police arrested him and two brothers from kissimmee into a ditch. before that the group ring the doorbell of this home and forced their way in. one of the suspects had a gun. officers said they tied up the woman who think there. >> do you like picking on older people? is that what you do? >> the home invaders got away with some electronics, cash, and the family car. a 2012 buick lacrosse.
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wrecking the car but that is not the one they took from the couple. officers are looking for at least one other person who is part of the home invasion. >> there will be a lot of potential evidence with that vehicle. we are assuming there has to be a fourth person. >> police did find the victim's stolen electronics and cash. in lakeland, erik waxler, abc action news. what questions are at the top of your mind? letting us know what you want us to take action on. polk county deputies renewing efforts to solve a deadly hit and run accident that has remained a mystery for two years. there is now a $10,000 reward for anyone who can help authorities tracked down the killer of jill braddock. a nissan altima hit the 20-year-
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and her body was in the streets before anyone found a. we are told he hit and one car is likely missing a mere with front bumper damage. some details about a delay for some and track travelers to amtrak travelers today. someone died of natural causes while on the train and the passengers were kept on board. the train did eventually depart to its next vaccination. we called amtrak waiting to hear others were affected. the tampa bay racers setting the record straight about reports they may be looking to move the team out of the country. the owner recently funded the stadium study near downtown montrial. we reached out to the race who said they are looking to keeping them in tampa bay for years to come.
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we have done everything together. >> and a mother in english the day after her teenage daughter is shot. the long struggle his family went through that makes the way she died even tougher for her parents. a woman missing a week and her husband said there's only one possible explanation. the new lead authorities are following up on. plus, the video that shows the new tradition. news app for your mobile phone and tablet. just search abc action news in
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right now taking a live look at albert whitted park in st. petersburg for jimmy buffett
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singing it is 5:00 somewhere. it is 5:13 in tampa bay right now. also joe biden is campaigning for clinton. keep it right here on abc action news and we will be here all night long tomorrow as those results for the election come in. manatee county is searching for the gunman who shot this teenager. >> someone shot mariah goode as she sat in her car afternoon. >> ryan smith explains the struggle that brought this teenager to the brink of death only for her life to be taken in an instant. >> reporter: to understand the significance of this teenager's death -- >> when she walked in, instead of the whole room. >> reporter: you have to knows the pain she endured for the last four years. why good have lupus since she was 14 sidelining the standout basketball player putting here
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family-based $30,000 for stem cell treatment. >> the community raise the money. >> reporter: and she lived a life focused on family. they adopted maria at her biological mother traveled to the u.s. on a raft from haiti. family pictures here illustrate the love between mother and daughter. this is a birthday collage got maria gave to jen on friday. two days later someone shot and killed maria as car in bradenton. >> we have saved her life and then someone took it away with a gun. because they were angry at somebody else. >> reporter: detectives spoke to the man in the car to see if he knows who shot into the car. right now they have not arrested anyone. >> that is my baby you killed and now she is in heaven. i am praying for your soul.
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make arrangements for their daughter they are pleading anyone to come forward with information that could help detectives solve this crime. in redington, ryan smith, abc action news. we are getting a new sense of the damage in oklahoma where a magnitude 5.0 earthquake really has damaged as many as 50 buildings. you can see bricks tumbling from buildings in cushing. there is a look elementary school as crews begin to assess the damage. they are actually closing down some streets because of water main breaks and they are afraid more bricks could fall. you are looking at new video of a near daily air cannon malfunction. watch again as the back door
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that woman is still in critical condition tonight. it happened at the pumpkin competition where home attendance lunch pumpkins into the air. now take a look at this. many fishermen have stories about the biggest catches but one man has quite detail to bring back from his order vacation. a man fishing in boca raton tries to will in and an enormous goliath grouper. the 500 fish switches directions catching the fisherman off balance sending him tumbling into the water. fortunately they met was able to get back into the boat and real in the huge fish. he later released it back into the water but quite a tale he will tell. >> i guess the water is warm. >> that is pretty cool. so how is the weather going to
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>> florida is going to be good. right now we got a mixture of clouds and the sun with a beautiful sunset. it is gorgeous with apollo beach even though there are clouds, don't look for any rain at least not until the end of the week. so no weather worries locally on tuesday. i don't see any in the entire state with a few showers possible on wednesday. i think anything that does is just to the north with a slight chance of a couple showers. the big question is whether or not we see cooler weather by the weekend. one of our models says absolutely yes, and the others say not so much. titan doppler radar is rain-free with temperatures they say it is cooler. remember it is actually 6:15 right now so these numbers are not really apples to apples we
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this is technically one of it later but it is still pretty pleasant with a mixture of clouds and sunshine across the area and dew points very pleasant. when we see dew points in the 50s all of the sudden you see nice words like wasn't and dry as opposed to humid and muggy like last week. most of this week actually feels pretty comfortable. temperatures are in the low 80s and 74 in clearwater with st. pete. pampa, texas dear near -- still near 80 degrees. this is satellite with some clouds at times across the area in the exact same set of tomorrow. probably a little more cloud cover later in the morning waking up to mostly cloudy skies. still a pretty nice day. and then all of a sudden by wednesday look at what is
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and area -- an area of low pressure is trying to develop. i doubt we see anything more than a couple of sprinkles. they forecasted high on tuesday is one or 2 degrees above normal with lower 80s across the viewing area and normal eyes 81 degrees. maybe a little warmer at apollo beach and down into sarasota and denis. here is a look at our election day forecast. you can see the green area rain with the swing states highlighted. it does not appear the weather be an issue across the u.s. with nothing tremendous to worry about. for the voters the east winds are at 5 to 10 knots tomorrow. i think the winds will come down a little in the afternoon with temperatures still hanging in at 75 degrees.
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hour by hour forecast right on through tonight is a beautiful evening with partly cloudy skies waking up to temperatures in the low to mid 60s. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast. 78 on wednesday and maybe an isolated shower on friday back in the upper 70s. there is a chance by this weekend that the european is 10 degrees cooler than this in the morning so at this point are not ready to bite on that but it is a possibility for later in the week. a single mother of six could spend a year in jail for a harmless hobby. the item she sold over social media that could cost this woman her freedom. plus ads targeting children and the perfectly legal items
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new tonight. authorities are following up on 100 tips about this missing mom right here. sherry's has been that he is certain someone abducted her while she was out for a job last week. he used the find my phone app and it was at the site of the road after she never picked up her children from day care. >> she could drop her phone, but she million years not pick up our children at the time she normally would have. >> at this point that these say they do not have enough proof that sherry was kidnapped. they they say the contact -- kidnapped local sex offenders and people on probation but it did not turn up any new leads. the family is offering a $50,000 reward for answers. health officials are
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food ads disguised in modern technology specifically targeting children burning them in smartphone apps and video blogs. some video bloggers get paid by junk food retailers to promote their food. the w.h.o. says this would contribute to childhood obesity despite their efforts. to come on abc action news, protecting your vote. the actual steps places are taking to ensure your ballot is safe. in weekend crash kills two and siblings and their father. the reason investigators are not looking closer. out of jail but not off the hook. we police are making sure the owner of a wrecked yacht does not make the same mistake for a third time. >> closed captioning is brought to you by lakeland toyota.
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> here are the top stories at 5:30 we are following for you. one final push to win the state of florida with donald trump rallying at the sarasota state fairgrounds. he said he is confident he will win florida and take the white house. right now joe biden is in st. petersburg urging floridians support hillary clinton. >> also lakeland police searching for at least one more person involved in an early- morning home invasion. the suspects busted in a home in cleveland heights boulevard and threatened her husband at gunpoint before getting away with some money. police arrested two brothers from kissimmee and a 19-year- old from lakeland. >> 500 staffers across the country are being sent to
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than the sent out in 2012. >> one of those monitors will be watching for civil rights violations. abc action news reporter isabel rosales joins us in the studio. what else our local election officials doing? >> despite data pointing to voter fraud being rare, some election supervisors are taking some extraordinary measures to make it clear to orders your ballot is safe. part it is always a ba is the most sought after area. those counting mail in ballots cannot bring purses or water and they counterbalance with green pens because most people don't have one. we did check in with his burke county. while they are not taking these type of precautions they say no one will mess with you or your ballot at any point. >> you come to the building site and you will be there was only


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