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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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than the sent out in 2012. >> one of those monitors will be watching for civil rights violations. abc action news reporter isabel rosales joins us in the studio. what else our local election officials doing? >> despite data pointing to voter fraud being rare, some election supervisors are taking some extraordinary measures to make it clear to orders your ballot is safe. part it is always a ba is the most sought after area. those counting mail in ballots cannot bring purses or water and they counterbalance with green pens because most people don't have one. we did check in with his burke county. while they are not taking these type of precautions they say no one will mess with you or your ballot at any point. >> you come to the building site and you will be there was only
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they are not allowed to intimidate at a polling site. if there is a problem, our deputies will call 911. more than 400,000 people have already voted in his burke county. that is more than 50% of the people eligible. those staffers sent in to watch the polls is pretty normal. greg latimer tells me they were in hillsborough county in 2008 and 2012. more about a pope county dad and his two kids killed this weekend and i have 75. ronald green was speeding when he lost control. his car flipped over the median and burst into flames. grade and his girlfriend, tiffany were thrown from the car. tiffany is the only survivor. the couple went to a comedy show for a date night and had
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>> when they say live every day like it might be your last, i will never forget this weekend ever. >> the two kids ronald and sayriah attended the elementary schools in bartow. both are happy with beautiful smiles. a crisis on campus to help the kids get through this tragedy. we are following a developing story here tonight th deputies identified -- identifying a man floating and they tell us now it is 64-year- old kenneth curry. his family reported him missing yesterday. he was last seen driving his scooter near his home. someone found his body this morning in the marine in south pasadena. right now detectives say the death is not suspicious.
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this woman. she robbed a bank of america on the 62nd avenue north earlier today. this is surveillance video caught of the incident. the woman claimed she had a bomb and left the bank with cash and was seen getting into a cream- colored van that had headed east. you should contact police with any information. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> temperatures are pretty nice with titan doppler radar hard- pressed to find any rain at all across the entire state. these guys are partly cloudy with dew points a little bit lower. temperatures right now mostly in the middle 70s under partly cloudy skies. after that a front that rolled through into saturday with a couple of showers, a nice stretch of weather with partly cloudy skies.
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today with high temperatures at 82 in tampa and 80 at parksville. still 85 in sarasota and the normal high this time of the year in the lower 80s. it is partly cloudy waking up on your election day to temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we will talk about that and beyond about the big weekend this -- in st. pete coming up. campaign is now speaking out denying his staff stopped him from tweeting over the weekend. >> the shut down his twitter account after some erotic tweets. president obama jumped on the report at a voter rally florida saint it trump cannot handle a twitter account, he cannot handle running the country. >> in the last couple of days they had so little confidence
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twitter. now, if somebody cannot handle the twitter account, they cannot handle the nuclear codes . >> one asked this morning about the report his campaign manager kellyanne conway said no. it is not true. hillary clinton is unable to stop selling in the battleground states the day before the election. she said she will not stop working until the counted. this morning clinton said she wants to appeal to every voter. >> i think i have some work to do to bring the country together. as i have been saying in the speeches in the last few days, i really do want to be the president for everybody. people who vote for me or against me. >> clinton also said she thousand to get a lot done when she defeats donald trump.
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in philadelphia. a few reminders as you prepare to head to the polls. the top three things you need to know. first, you should know your polling location and bring a valid id. workers will be checking to make sure everything matches up. you should know the vote by mail deadline. they must be in two the office no later than 7 pm november 8. turning now traffic alerts. pasco county deputies will be increasing the number of patrols around the county. there is expected to be a record turnout of voters and multiple road projects happening across the bay area. janelle martinez will break them all done for you to avoid those roads that will stop you from getting to the polls. >> we are starting off on the howard frankland. expects an overnight construction in both directions
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at all times. we also had some construction happening or tree trimming all along bayshore boulevard. this is during the day at least one lane closed in each direction and they will be working on the different parts of the bayshore. this will last for the next three months. let's talk about the veterans expressway. we have northbound on representative close from the highway overnight tuesday and wednesday. then on thursday ehrlich road will be closed and that is in did what 52 closed right under i-75 all this week 9 pm until 6 pm. for more on these and other projects which are you follow me on twitter at tampa bay traffic. how the fbi went through tens and hundreds of thousands of hillary clinton emails in just a week. coming up we will show you how they did it.
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south carolina. it pleased to much more chilling confessions -- it leaves to much more chilling confessions reading the case to a serial murder investigation. a violent sexual predator strikes again in the way this
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donald trump continues to question how the fbi was able to review the latest patch of hillary clinton emails so quickly. experts say the technology is complex. >> showing us how the fbi was
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manner of days. >> right now she is being protected by a rigged system. >> reporter: donald trump back to claiming the election is rigged. >> you cannot review 650,000 new emails in eight days. >> reporter: that claim that so many emails cannot possibly be reviewed so quickly just isn't true. according to people who often review that many emails expect you can take huge data sets in the hundds documents and get through that in a matter of hours. >> his office uses this technology all of the time so he wasn't surprised the fbi got through the emails so quickly. he was surprise it took a whole week. >> i am sure they did was to go back and double check and triple check but really one week is a long time for this amount of information. >> here is how the software
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its own special code called a hash value. every time they suffer comes across the house value against the computer will no doubt that email is a duplicate. >> the last series of documents, the fbi had already done that. it was very easy to run through 50,000 in a couple of hours. >> reporter: he has some insight into fbi investigations working with former fbi agents of a 10. fraud. >> using the same type of approach the fbi used to >> reporter: the registered republican suspects trump is either unaware of this technology or is not letting on that he does know. in tampa, adam winer, abc action news . an update to a story we told you about last week. voters in philadelphia should have no problem finding a way to get to the polls tomorrow.
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a deal was announced this morning with the transportation authority and the union representing 5000 workers. it includes higher wages and better pensions for workers. a plane was forced to live in jacksonville. officials tell us one of the passengers was making deadly threats and exposing himself while on the plane. officials say a man slapped a crewmember. police arr a south carolina investigator is looking for answers on the property of an accused serial killer. crews have been searching the property of todd kohlhepp looking for more victims. investigators have already found two bodies. one is still being identified and the other is charles david carver who disappeared with his girlfriend two months ago. she was found alive last week chained up in a storage
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hear of such a tragedy with so many people involved in the poor girl that was chained up. it made us cry. >> just horrified that anything this close to home in this wonderful place to live could happen. >> reporter: the services kohlhepp -- sheriff said kohlhepp has been incorporated confessing to several murders. if burning man accused of runn beach in september is out of jail tonight. it just decided thomas baker could be put on supervised release. a told them he had been drinking iced tea before running the 72 foot yacht. he will now undergo random drug and alcohol testing. baker is also fighting the town of palm beach on whose responsibility it was. he claims the book was in their
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a man behind bars for allegedly break into an apartment and eating an entire pizza while committing the crime. they say 31-year-old anton david broke into the apartment on fifth avenue and still $35 and used the microwave to make a pizza. it was his fingerprints on a pizza box that identified him. he is on a $10,000 bond. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. clark griswold, did you put up your lights this weekend? >> i put up the back of them. i will wait for the front have until the next couple of weeks. nobody else had them up. i do not like them, i just put them up.
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and i stayed on the roof. that is a plus. we have some great shots with a lot of folks on the facebook commenting on all of the clouds we had today. in fact, one of our pictures from joe in pasco county you can see a rainbow through the clouds. how do you get a rainbow if it is not raining? what actually happens is the crystal clouds turning into a rainbow effect. a lot of people commented that is what it was. temperatures right now primarily in the 70s with titan doppler radar rain-free. it looks to stay that way until the middle of the week and even then the chances are very slim. we might not see a prolonged period of time with any rate whatsoever as temperatures get up near 80 in tampa with winds
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it is pretty comfortable compared to the upper 80s in the last couple of weeks we were mid-80s with those of winds making it feel even more comfortable. tampa is partly cloudy with the computer putting a nighttime graphic now that the sun has been setting. there it is. you see the darkness but it has made the mo ready. 82 in tampa and the novel was 80 last year with 87 and the record 88. it is clear in sarasota and 79 degrees with east winds at 13 miles-per-hour. we did have some clouds this afternoon with election day looking almost exactly like
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but it will be dry. there is certainly nothing to bother anybody. if you are lucky enough to get a shower it will last a couple minutes and that is it. on one day we may see a little moisture coming in for my golf giving a chance of sprinkles around coastal counties. the european model is painting some rain along the coastal areas through the weekend. we are clearly in a and it is not going anywhere. and set up upper 80s and high humidity is pretty comfortable with relatively low humidity and a breeze from the east as well. here is a look at your hour by hour three tonight with temperatures starting off tuesday morning in the low to mid 60s. there is that election day forecast with 65 at 7 a.m.
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rate on through the day. looking at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast with continue to see rain chances on wednesday. this weekend is still up in the yard because some models hint we could cool off dramatic way. at this point we do not have it in the seven-day, but it is something we are watching. still ahead tonight, a local big changes that affect thousands of students. we will tell you about the brand-new boundaries. >> it was unreal that they were saying you could face up to one year in jail. a mother of six facing jail time over something she kept. the reason selling her homemade recipe on the internet has
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with just hours until election we are taking action for usc don't need to stay glued to your tv all day. news outlets like twitter and snapchat using social media in ways not possible four years ago. facebook users can bac and what is on your ballot. just have to facebook and search election 2016. you can follow abc action news on twitter, facebook and our free mobile app all day long. we will send out updates every time numbers from each state are in as well as push alerts. ridesharing companies are helping voters get to the pulls
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available to its members. uber and lyft offering specials with 45% of a trip to the poll. a single mother is facing jail time for selling an illegal substance but it is a full of homemade ceviche. a california woman said sometimes people would sell recipes and food to each other. turns out cop who charged her for not having a permit to sell food. she did not take a plea deal so she could actually wind up in jail over this. the ada says selling food without a permit puts the person who eats it in real danger. here is wendy ryan with a look at what's happening at 6:00. >> the one thing keeping hundreds of they area students from getting a crucial
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they don't miss out. convicted of raping a 13- year-old girl he is now in jail for attempting to to connect a 16-year-old. why this man was allowed on our streets. why are 4 to 5 writers striping you from -- florida firefighters trying to stop you from seeing this ad? it may change the way you boat.
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to these same amount attacked two teenage girls and tried to kidnap one. the trick he used to gain their trust and the shocking pattern coming to light. thanks for man right here, theodore coleman for a second shopping crime. he previously pleaded guilty to kidnapping and raping a 13-year- old girl in 2012. >> clifton french working to uncover the reason he never spent any time behind bars. >> reporter: this is the intersection were deputies say coleman attacked those two teenage girls. according to one of those
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them. little did they know, he was a convicted sexual offender. >> he told us we were going him. >> reporter: we are protecting the identity of this 18-year- old girl who says she and her friend were attacked by 52-year- old theodore coleman. the relationship with this convicted sex offender started one month ago at a gas station in her home for coleman approached her and another friend. >> he said nightclub or something downtown and that we could work for him and his nightclub. >> reporter: later he called a taxi to pick them up. incident dropping them off at the club, and brought them here to his home. he hired them to clean, cook, and go to the store with him. >> he said he doesn't like to go to the store alone so he wanted us to keep him company.


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