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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news. one man dead after a deputy involved shooting. plus a local teacher under investigation. his threat to students causing
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right now at 11:00 tens of thousands across the country out in the streets right now. protesters from d.c. to dallas to oakland, california, unhappy with the presid making their thoughts known. i'm jamison uhler. >> i'm wendy ryan. more on that but first a wesley chapel teacher and coach under investigation for a politically motivated comment. the pasco school district telling us the coach of the boys golf team is now on administrative leave, the district saying it took action after angry parents voiced their frustration. several african-american
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approached them and said, don't make me call donald trump to get sent back to africa, end quote. just outside of detroit kids who apparently support trump chanted "build that wall" during lunch hour causing other students to cry. the mother of the student who recorded this video telling abc news racially motivated bullying has been progressively worse at that school so her daughter recorded this. the 8-second clip has been viewed more than four million times. the principal released a statement saying the chant was unwelcome. take a look at this video out of chicago. several people dragging a man out of his car and beating him because they thought he voted for donald trump. you can hear witnesses yelling "don't vote trump" in this
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his car but the attackers would not let him, one of them even driving his car out of the way. it is still unclear if that man even voted for donald trump at all. thousands taking to the streets in downtown denver, colorado chanting anti-trump slogans. police are on the scene guiding protesters and say the protests have been peaceful there. in minneapolis thousands of protesters spilling out on to i- 94 blocking traffic fo an hour. organizers say they're part of a movement to fight racism, sexism, and islamophobia. and a look at portland, oregon with protesters blocking traffic on bridges and highways. a peaceful protest gets heated in the streets of ybor city as anti-trump protesters march
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michael paluska was there in the middle of it all. >> reporter: hats off to tampa police because these were two very large groups accidentally coming together in the streets at this bar. tampa police making sure those protests remained peaceful. "never trump" protesters marched right into a u.s. marine corps pub crawl, and things got out of control fast, tampa police quickly human barrier between hundreds of people screaming at each other. after some tense moments the protesters kept walking. >> i can't believe the things that came out of his mouth. i still can't believe that we elected him. >> reporter: all of these protesters believe that donald trump is a racist, sexist, and divisive for the country. but not everyone out enjoying ybor felt the same way. >> i think they don't really
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they follow the regular media and don't know the real story. >> reporter: but for protesters who feel disenfranchised they feel very informed on what they think trump thinks, and they're worried. >> i hope a lot of this rhetoric in the primary election and the election cycle, i hope that was like, this is a show. i hope it's not as bad as we think it is but we're here because we're scared about two hours. really didn't disrupt any of the entertainment district here. police made no arrests, which is always a good thing. michael paluska, abc action news. tampa's immigrant community also protesting tonight in tampa. cameron polom tells us why they're so worried about a trump presidency. >> reporter: for immigrants who
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heart. >> i got sick. >> reporter: there's growing concern. >> i said, oh lord, we are in trouble. >> reporter: people from cuba, the dominican republic and florida taking to the streets. >> i want him out of office. >> reporter: as a teen, this man ran through a mine field, then scaled the fence at guantanamo bay just to reach the anti-immigration stance could produce laws that rip families apart. >> i know men in the united states that have been here for 30, 40, 50 years, and they are illegal but they're paying taxes. >> reporter: cars driving by honk their horns in agreement. some drivers even yelling their support from their car windows.
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concerned trump's temperament could lead to a conflict sending her son to war. while their hope of trump stepping down isn't likely it's not stopping these immigrants from making their voices heard. good evening, everybody. clear skies across the area. temperatures already down to the low to mid-50s in our northern counties. plant city 59. warmer closer to the beac here is a look at wake-up temperatures. anywhere from the lower 50s, even upper 40s possible across our northern counties. clearwater 6 1, downtown tampa 59. 49 quite possibly low 50s in citrus county and low to mid- 50s down south. skies will be clear, temperatures will be cool, at least early on, then we look for a little bit of a warm-up. will that continue into the weekend? and when is our next cold front? >> we'll see you shortly.
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county. deputies forced to open fire on a man who shot his mother. marisela burgos is live. >> reporter: deputies say this started as a family dispute. mom simply wanted help moving a car to the backyard, and all of this got heated very fast. i'm going to move out of the way so you can see where deputies are investigating. they have been taking a ton of pictures and shining a light inside that car where you see the door open. they have been out here for those deputies, two of them, went into the home searching for a man. as they looked for him somehow he slipped out of the house and they heard gunshots outside. according to officers, john's brother bear hugged him after he threatened to shoot his mother. once the deputies ran outside,
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two witnesses saw part of the commotion, and they say they were scared. >> i did. i grabbed her like this, and i was like, oh my gosh, because the shots were just, you know -- >> i mean, he was loud. and that close, especially when you see cops involved, and then you hear gunshots. >> and you hear that, you know it's not good. >> reporter: the sheriff says his deputies are on administrative leave pending the resultof they were both hired in january 2015. we're told mom is 75 years old, and she is listed in stable condition at the hospital. and of course you can see deputies out here still investigating this case. reporting live, marisela burgos, abc action news. >> marisela, thank you. new tonight, the crooks behind a massive electronics heist in brandon on the run as we speak. it happened early this morning
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saying they broke in through a concrete wall. deputies believe they took off in this car with $150,000 worth of electronics. bucs defensive tackle gerald mccoy talking for the first time about the teen accused of breaking into his home just hours before the bucs lost to the falcons. mccoy wasn't there but the teen fought with mccoy's father. the bucs' defensive tackle telling fans to lose their anger. >> i would would pray for the kid who tried to break into my house. just a lost kid. probably just needs some guidance. >> mccoy says his family is fine. police eventually caught that teen. he is jailed on assault and burglary charges. police are on the hunt for this man right here who stole a gumball machine along with everything inside valued at more than $800. it happened last week in winter
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fix it and had to take it off the property. a toddler in miami recovering after falling from a fourth floor apartment. luck thal three-year-old girl landed in some bushes and did not hit the pavement. fire rescue officials saying she was able to move her arms and her legs and it looks like she's going to be okay. take a look at this dramatic rescue after this bald eagle got stuck in a storm drain. this happened in orlando. look at those pictures there. the eagle fell into the storm drain earlier today after anot the flew away. at one point it looked like it was trying to help rescue it. crews had to shut down some roads. it took about 90 minutes. many of you watched this rescue unfold on our facebook page. so much more all new ahead on abc action news at 11:00. black friday is right around the corner. why a money saving site says
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staying home. still ahead, the on-line retailer holding a hiring event in our area tomorrow. plus, free food. a list of places veterans can go tomorrow to get just that, straight ahead on abc action
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y24zwy y12fy more positive news for your retirement tonight, the dow gang more ground today, up nearly 220 points new all-time high at more than 18,800. get your resumes ready. amazon is hiring seasonal warehouse associates in ruskin. the hiring event starts tomorrow and runs through sunday at the amazon fulfillment center on laurel ridge avenue. apply from 1:00 to 4:00. be prepared, you may get hired on the spot. tomorrow is veterans day and a lot of restaurants are offering free food to men and
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country. you can see a list of the restaurants there on your screen. one site wants followers to pass up stores and spend black friday with family. they're calling it purple friday. people who pass on the shopping will be eligible to win prizes worth up to $10,000. black friday is two weeks away. to best buy started rolling out their plans. wal-mart and target will open their doors at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day. best buy stores will open an hour earlier at 5:00 p.m. we have all the ads on our website. macy's will also be open on thanksgiving day but don't look for donald trump apparel, the company announcing it will not bring back his brand. macy's dropped the line last
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am grants rapists and criminals. macy's still carries ivanka trump's apparel. a woman who was upset about clinton's loss took a hike in the woods to clear her head, and that's when she ran into hillary and bill clinton walking their dog. president clinton snapped this photo. take a years ago. the shipwreck hunters finding the wreckage at the bottom of lake superior. they used old charts from 1884 to figure out where to focus their search. then they used sonar equipment to locate the ship, the ship finding dishes still stacked on tables and shelves. how about that. 60 passengers and crew members survived that shipwreck. pretty amazing.
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weekend weather. >> i was looking although that sunset. today was perfect. cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon. this is from clearwater beach. you can certainly see how things are very nice across the area as they will continue right on through the next several days as we take a look at headlines across the area. there you see it. a cool start with temperatures in the upper 40s to the lower 50s. lots of sunshine this weekend. maybe a few more clouds later sunday into early monday but that is it. into thanksgiving week, i will look ahead to thanksgiving week, there's a hint that we might see a couple of cold fronts before then, and at least one of our models is pretty bullish on the possibility of some cooler air returning by then. that is definitely something we will keep our eyes on. there's a look at titan doppler radar with temperatures anywhere from the upper 40s to low 50s. and then by later on we will be in the upper 50s to lower 60s
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beautiful with feels-like temperatures down below the 50- degree mark because of all the dry, pleasant air. it's been awhile since we've been able to say this. look at the dew point. refreshing. over the next couple of days we will in the that same ballpark, although eventually warming back up into the lower 80s by later on. tampa right now 66 degrees and clear. clearwater 63 and clear. st. pete also clear skies with temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. there is a loo all is quiet across the area. it stays that way and futurecast continues to show beautiful conditions across the area, waking up tomorrow morning anywhere from the upper 40s to low 50s, maybe upper 50s to low sick along the coast. then will you notice some clouds. it won't be a big deal. certainly not the kind of clouds that will give us any chance of showers. an east to northeast wind will return.
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later sunday into monday on the east key. better chance come monday and tuesday. either way that's a very weak front. by the time it makes it here there won't be much with it. back behind it another shot of cooler air by the middle of next week. all in all, forecast highs for friday, about where we should be. typically this time of year we end up at 79 to 80. that's exactly what our forecast is for friday and again on saturday. maybe the lower 80s. maybe some mid-80s dow have planned this weekend the weather will cooperate beautifully. long range this is the one thing we're keeping our eyes on. notice a dip in the jet. this is the middle of next week. there is one possibility of a cool-down. that's one. then by the time we go into the following week with in other words, sunday before thanksgiving week, the gfs is pretty bullish on a decent cool front. now remember we're talking 10 to 14 days away but the euro is
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there is a shot that we could see some of our coolest weather so far this year. something to keep your fingers crossed if you are looking for some cooler temperatures. i know a lot of us like it around the holidays. partly cloudy skies to clear overnight, waking up to temperatures primarily in the upper 40s to low 50s up north, mid-50s along the coast, then back up to near 80 degrees by later in the afternoon. there's a look at florida's most accurate seven-day foreca. i do think late sunday into monday we may see a few clouds. should not be an issue for the bucs game whatsoever. monday into tuesday nothing more than an isolated shower. whatever you have going on this weekend, whether it's starting your decorations or the bucs game, the weather will be beautiful with highs each day around 80. it looks like the lightning
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season. t.k. has the good news from amalie arena next in sports. here's jimmy kimmel. >> we have a very educational show. >> we did a parody of the producers in which the prank was you were running donald trump for president, and, of
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hello folks. amalie arena has been a pretty good place for the lightning this season and it was again tonight against the islanders. the bolts keep montreal within eyesight in the atlantic division. the key tonight the power play when steven stamkos getting things rolling to make it 1 -0. nikita kucherov would make it 2- 0. here in the second, stamkos returns the favor on another power play, and johnson burying the shots. the lightning go on to beat the islanders tonight, the final in this one 4-1. now, i know this is coming from the department of the
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better post sunday against the bears. these last two weeks have been an abomination. head coach dirk koetter said if things don't change it's going to be a long second half to the season. so what needs to change? here's john sabol. >> the buccaneers have given up a combined 72 points and 1,000 yards of offense in the last two games. that's unacceptable by an nfl defense but that is exactly what has happened. >> we have all hasn't coached at the level that we need to coach coached. we haven't played at the level that we need to play. >> one of the reasons why the defense has struggled has been the drop in production of linebacker devonta. you can thank mike smith's defense for those stats. >> it is somewhat different. a pro bowl player in the past.
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season but he's doing everything that we're asking. we have to make sure that we put him in position where he can make some plays. >> is he and the bucs defense has to get ready for a bears offense that has had issues all season except for last weekend over the vikings. reporting with the burks john sabol, abc action sports. after starting 6-0 on a quick turnarou thursday night. this week at this point the lain has the bears main news one in vegas. i'm not holding out for doug martin. this one-point gift i am going to take at home. i'm going to go with the boys, plus the one, in what is a really most winnable game. let's face it, folks, they need
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on sirius radio he sent a message. number one, the team needs to spend more money to get back to a contending status. secondly, using a repetitive phrase has a negative effect on the players. in other words, they don't want to hear it. we're back in a minute and change. closed captioning is
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we're continuing to follow that breaking news of those anti-trump protests. right now thousands in the streets of denver marching through the streets. >> the scene is very slairn oakland and los angeles tonight. thousands nationwide very unhappy with the election results. one more look at the
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clear skies, temperatures start out in the upper 40s to low 50s in citrus and hernando county. everybody else probably in the mid to upper 50s. look at the afternoon. 80 degrees, sunny skies. how can you not give that an a plus. just as nice on saturday. >> continuing coverage on our top stories at >> have a good night, and we will see you back here tomorrow
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>> dicky: from >> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ? ? ? ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. thanks for coming. that's very nice.


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