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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 11, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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today on "the now tampa bay", when it comes to thinking veterans it does not get that her than this. 25 starting out the day homeless now they have keys to their own place. >> there is a difference that you can get involved with. anti-trump protests evolve into riots. why the police are sticking up for protesters. the fascinating explanation as to why two eagles ended up stuck on a busy for the hallway, it is 4:00 time for "the now tampa bay" breaking news, florida attorney general
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team. very public about her support for trump during his campaign, but there was controversy involving a $25,000 donation that trump made to the pam bondi campaign and whether or not that influenced her to not investigate trump university. still, no word on what position she may hold and no comment from her yet. with that, good afternoon i'm paul lagrone, we wish everyone a happy veterans day. >> i'm laura harri vice president-elect mike pence taking over the trump transition effort, chris christie had been in charge until now. the former new york mayor rudy giuliani and michael flynn will be vice chairs, and executive committee including members of congress is also being formed. trump says healthcare, the border and jobs are the top three priorities for his administration. we want to check in on the
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the second day in a row they are calling it the trump bounce. remember just after the election, futures were down 900 points, yesterday closed at a record high. a developing story locally a pasco county teacher under investigation for using the trump name making racist remarks to aro wesley chapel high school right now. >> reporter: good afternoon, father donnie jones immediately went to school district officials to get answers and he also took to facebook to vent some of his anger and frustrations, people are taking notice. the post was shared more than 5000 times on the site. the school district telling me
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school, a group of african- american students claim the teacher said don't make me get donald trump to send you back to africa. according to the facebook post it happened while the sophomore girls were in the hallway during a break between classes. jones has spoken to the teacher and she admitted to saying that comment. the teacher was placed on administrative leave while they investigate. wesp school. >> it is hurtful to people, and i know those little girls, i know that they were upset. i would be and i know my daughter would be.>> reporter: we also learned that this very same teacher was punished in september of last year for making an inappropriate comment to a student in front of a classroom about failing to graduate on time. district
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against making derogatory statements, two students and the teacher met with district fish -- officials. he faces possible suspension without pay. ryan smith for "the now tampa bay" we are seeing more protesting of donald trump's victory in florida. these are live pictures from the university of miami, another big protest is planned in a few hours in west palm beach. that more largo estate. a similar scene unfolding in denver, pictures of students walking out of class marching down federal boulevard. police tweeting they are in the area monitoring student's safety . a lot of people may have no place to complain or celebrate this election. >> the newest voter turnout
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55% of eligible voters actually cast ballots, the lowest turnout for a presidential election since 1996. keep in mind, that is a national number, some states like florida and michigan saw an increase comport to four years ago we will not have a final tally for a few weeks. senate minority leader harry reid has harsh words for of donald trump has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in america. he says people are living in fear of their own government because trump a sexual predator who lost the popular vote. he says the responsibility to heal the country lies with trump and he owes it to the nation to try.
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so far, no reaction from the president-elect, we will keep you posted. the new yorker out with its own obvious protest to donald trump. the cover almost an entire red brick wall, the art director saying when we first received the results of the election, we felt as though we hit a brick wall full force. president obama continuing unknown soldier at arlington national cemetery. he used his speech to bring unity after the election asking us to look to the veterans to understand what that means. >> as we search for ways to come together, to reconnect with one another. with the principles that are more enduring than transitory politics, some of our best
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we salute on veterans day. >> the president said the us military is our country's most diverse institution, but they are all forged into common service. let's take a look outside, beautiful out there, finally almost the end of one of the longest weeks in modern history. good news for the weekend. everybody in the newsroom asked if this went on for >> the weekend looks to be nice, we have a talking about veterans day celebrations, folks have been sharing dozens of the veterans day pictures, family and friends. we figured we would share some with you this is from 1951, us air force, look how young that is a lot of the pictures we have from world war ii and the korean war showing how young the folks were when they
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a look at titan doppler radar quiet with temperatures in the upper 70s flirting with 80 degrees. we started off mostly in the 50s, a little bit of cloud cover at times but more sun then clouds and the trend continues through this evening into tomorrow, futurecast shows may be a few high clouds at times otherwise partly sunny skies, not a bad weekend for the beach. temper the upper 80s, the beach forecast more of your pictures and a look at the forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. don't be so quick to download apps some of them might be trying to steal your information. we will show you how to tell the real ones from the fake. a cheaper solution to a common problem we have all had when you have to move something big who do you call?
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thousands of tampa bay area families will be in need of food and toys this season. >> this year to make donating easier, metropolitan ministries has teamed up with a local company that bills itself as uber for large deliveries. adam winer explains. >> donating for the holidays can be a full >> the giving was so intense they needed assistance in picking up the donations. >> for instance this one office in clearwater expects to donate about 1000 boxes worth of stuff. >> we are picking up their donations dropping off more barrels to them and they constantly call us back to pick up more. >> reggie would teamed up with metro ministries for the
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tampa bay area families this holiday season. if people have stuff they want to donate they can request a driver on the app. >> if you want to donate use this excel app to have someone pick up your donation and a portion of the transport feet go to metropolitan ministries. >> this is the second year this real estate office has donated. >> people drop off food all the time s moving donate large items. >> sometimes there is furniture that can be sold which benefits metropolitan ministry. >> we have more about the ministries and trucks on demand on for the now, i'm adam winer. >> by the way, trucks on demand is looking for drivers.>> the owner's father is a military
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looking for flexible work. speaking of apps, you need to know about dozens of fake apps showing up. >> which is weird you would think if it was from the app store it would be real, they seem legit because they seem to be straight from the store. some of them have malware stealing personal information without you knowing about it. apple says the bulk are coming from developers in china, they slipped removed more than 100 fake apps they are looking for more. >> here is what you need to look out for, the fake apps typically don't have reviews, and they will have a recent published date instead of an updated on date the store name may be a little off like overstock incorporated watch
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have spelling mistakes. more life pictures of protesting happening across the country, this is boston right now. minutes ago we saw similar scenes on the campus of the university of miami and in denver. it could be another long night across the country. you see this map you can see all of the different protests this one happening a couple of nights ago, in the meantime in portland they are hijacked the demonstration turning it into a riot. todd walker is tracking the unrest. >> feeds coming in across the country of anti-trump protests from california to maryland overall they are peaceful but they got out of control last night in portland. >> you are sitting there very confused lighting trash cans on
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just stupid. >> chaos in portland when protests turned into an all-out riot, windows smashed this man who didn't support trump armed with a gun. police forced to use tear gas. even portland police admit the chaos protesters by in large they tried getting the writers under control. >> we spoke with and saw some of the folks that we have built relationships with with black lives matter one of many groups in the event, and they made it clear they were not part of that. they were trying to get the groups to stop and they were not listening. a good number of them left.
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professional protesters are protesting, very unfair. this morning he followed up changing his tone, love the fact that the small groups of protesters have passion for our country we will all come together and be proud. for the now, i'm todd walker. meanwhile portland's police chief estimate $1 million in damage police arrested 26 people in the middle of the chaos. for a woman who vanished in california last week they have also ruled out her husband as a suspect. the man passed a lie detector test he was at work while his wife went missing. neighbors last saw her going for her usual job november 2. she is described as a super mom. her husband reported her missing when she did not pick up their
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her hair were found along the road, police are going through her cell phone looking at area surveillance video following up on tips trying to figure out what happened. there is no shortage of cool places to go and things to see outside this weekend and just eat until you drop, in st. petersburg ribfest is going on, meets smothered in various sauces and plenty of live music. tickets you like seafood go over to the famous sponge docks they are having their favorite -- famous seafood festival. denis is an expert on two themes. ribfest and the weather. ribfest spectacular, he we lewis and the news were there
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want superhot ribs that have thermonuclear sauce that will put you on the ground. some people eat it. it is insanity putting tears in your eyes. looking outside at rivergate a beautiful day, we were showing the pictures earlier and laura mentioned this is her grandfather. u.s. army world war ii.>> it is so funny, he used to call me lola and my he called us whatever he wanted. the greatest man. >> we are honoring veterans tonight we have in getting pictures from folks who are serving now as well as old- school. this is donald. and this viewer locally proud of her daughter. allison serving right now. we will be sharing these through the newscast and the
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beautiful weekend, those are the two things ribfest and the weather. that is all i got. temperatures primarily in the upper 70s maybe lower 70s in the northern counties new port richey, 72, saint pete 74, the dew points in the 40s and 50s, you have to figure we are in november or december because the air is dry. lower dew points, beautiful weather. a few clouds today this weekend, a lot of sunshine some periods of high clouds not expecting any rate until the early part of next week. long-range forecast if you want cold air look for a dip in the jet, the week of thanksgiving models are hinting a decent chance for cooler air rolling in. if not for us definitely for the eastern half of the us stay tuned, something to look forward to for thinks giving
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wake-up time, 50s across the area 80 degrees at the beach on saturday, 80 degrees sunday, mostly sunny skies with a water temperature of 73 degrees. we figured out what caused a couple of bald eagles to hold a standoff along the busy florida road. the unusual way this ended and
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okay, that was my first time seeing the video. oh, my gosh the deer jumped through a window at a store in
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i have got to see it again, this happened in oklahoma, and american eagle store, it got in needed to get out so it jumped out the glass window. ran off it appears to be okay. another bizarre wildlife tail. a lot of you were worried about these eagles we were streaming live on her facebook page while they were stuck in a storm drain this was happening near orlando, this out how they ended up there in the first place.>> a territory fight, they fight all the time. when they fight they take them down and hold them down until somebody gives up. >> this entire time we thought one was protecting the other, after one hour the one eagle had enough finally gave up and flew away, when the other bird was freed it slid into the storm drain they were able to pull it out, the eagle had to
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year-old female, her beak is cracked she hurt her chest and legs. we have seen a lot of eagles on the road in florida.>> so they fly south for the winter and wild they are here they are looking for food on the side of the road, sometimes they swoop down for it and sometimes they get hit by cars. by the way, i feel like that year when i go shopping with my wife. next time right window. a 90-year-old world war ii veteran has something very special to celebrate, his high school diploma.>> he missed out on graduation because when he was 18 uncle sam called. >> i remember when i went under the golden gate bridge. >> 73 years later he is still here with his cap and gown and
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a thank you lori handshake is always nice. >> for a lot of local veterans they need a lot more.>> my heart was just pounding. >> the life-changing moments for more than one dozen local veterans, you don't want to miss this. you are watching "the now tampa
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welcome back to "the now tampa bay", perhaps you shared a post on facebook or went to a parade or pay for email the reality most of our veterans need this attention and deserve it every day. >> nicole grigg spent the day with 25 veterans who went from
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sleeping in their own homes. if you knew what it took for daryl to get here you would feel the same way. >> there is a god and god is good. >> this morning darrell was sleeping on the streets of tampa bay. then early this morning darrell and 24 other homeless vets got an invitation to operation reveille. after a was treated with the respect he earned, a suit fitting to help them enter the workforce. and then, he was given a key to his new home for free completely furnished. no more walking the streets, darrell even had an escort to
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darrell served our country, but when he came home he got sick, lost his job and it put him on the streets.>> sleeping in dumpsters or in abandoned car. >> now as he served us his community is serving him. >> i want to thank god. >> thank k you, darrell for you service. for the now, i'm >> darrell and the other vets will have strict rules and case managers to stay on their case, this program started in st. louis and is growing with 25 different agencies helping. all the information you need to know on breaking news, you are looking live at a mental health facility, hopefully we will have the pictures in a
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bitterness online and the protests we have seen, in the past few days we wanted to share with you an entirely opposite message being spread in one town. someone broke this, and anonymous messaging talk outside of an islamic center in the nashville area, things like we love you and as the day went on people started stopping by adding to the message. >> facebook getting rid of some of the controversial advertisements you see they will stop allowing ads targeting certain ethnicities for housing jobs or credit offers. facebook has been under fire for allowing the ads in the first place, over concerns that the advertisements could discriminate. big news against the battle against isis this commander has just been killed he was hit in a coalition airstrike, sources
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intelligence officer in saddam hussein's regime, meanwhile today this video was released showing iraqi troops in eastern mosul getting rid of roadside bombs and minds. hundreds of residents have welcomed the troops, an effort to retake mosul has been going on since october 70. also president barack obama asking congress for an additional $11.6 billion to fight isis, secretary of defense ash carter says the money is important to the national security. and update about the water crisis in flint, michigan. a federal judge just ordering michigan state officials to deliver bottled water to flint homes immediately. people have been living with out access to cedric and water for more than two meg years,
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a case under the safe tricking water act. looking live at a mental health facility in homestead, pennsylvania where a hostage situation just ended, you can see the police activity in front, they ended up shooting the suspect, no word on his condition. we are being told he was inside stabbing people in the building. he also had a gun, we are trying to figure out how the hostages are doing and how badly hurt they are. the situation at this facility is now over. take a look finally a picture to share of the first ladies meeting continuing the white house tradition of the outgoing first lady hosting the incoming first lady. just like obama and trump yesterday this was the first time they met, they talk about what it is like raising kids in the white house and walked around the private residence. all of this while president obama and president-elect trump
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office. the election is over but the electoral college has not officially turned in their votes.>> could a petition with nearly 3,000,000 signatures
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e company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring?
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ointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. to learn more about our marketplace plan, visit or call (877) 753-8816 welcome back, we know donald trump got enough that -- electoral votes to win back but the votes are not official yet.>> the electorate don't cast ballots until december 19, so hundreds of thousands of people are petitioning to get them to change their vote. this is the petition right now,
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states did donald trump will win, but they could vote for clinton instead if they choose to. >> but anyway, could they do that? first it would take dozens of electors switching their vote which isn't likely. >> not so fast, the scary part there is nothing in the constitution or no federal law that requires electors to vote with the popular vote in the state, 29 states florida and dc have lost to get them to vote like they pledged. but this has never happened, that we know of. a lot of things that have never happened in an election happened this year so let us not be the ones to tell you that it is not. >> 2016, the year you will never forget. this may have happened to you or if it hasn't it is
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tablet or download apps or games playing with them racking up hundreds of dollars in purchases. i would be so mad. a judge says amazon has to reimburse you for that. >> the ftc accused amazon of making it too easy to make in game purchases adding up to $86 million in unauthorized purchases. amazon must now set up a process ne y parents if they are eligible for refunds, the ftc took similar action against apple and google two years ago. the day after the election more people signed up for obamacare than on the first day of enrollment. what the numbers mean and what could be in store for the program.
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tampa bay lightning games, now this army veteran is using that foist to help people struggling
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listen to this one, a strange issue on facebook today that people were getting all worked up about. >> there was some sort of bug starting to memorialize people 's facebook pages so it looks like to their friends they had died but they had not. it is happening right now a lot of people have seen it on the profiles.
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journalist from our abc station in charlotte, he posted a picture of what it looks like and commented facebook thinks i'm dead. i'm here. as of 4:00 it was fixed. can you imagine? president-elect donald trump has vowed to repeal and replace the affordable care act during the first 100 days in office but it may take up to two years. >> we look at the realities and what it means as >> mary hunter is seeing her options under the affordable care act. after surviving a brain aneurysm in 2014, she learned how valuable coverage can be. >> my hospital bill was $600,000. so, the insurance i have through obamacare took care of everything except $9000 pics present elect donald trump has
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program but hunter is not worried. >> not really. i have to go with what happens. >> luke clark says he has only gotten one called the concern about what is next he says people are still signing up for it. >> it will take some time for anything to change, you will have time to adopt the change. for now the laws in place the financial assistance is >> what would it take to repeal and replace the act? republicans are expected to have 52 seats in the senate when congress starts in january. a would be able to repeal a significant portion of the act but not all of it. they would need a 60 seat supermajority to get rid of the remaining sections like allowing young people to stay on their parents health insurance and preventing
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existing conditions. they would need 60 votes to replace the act altogether and overcome a filibuster. >> it looks like the plans will remain the same. >> hunter is moving forward. >> you have to take it day by day. >> staying optimistic. for the now, back to you. one day after the election about 100,000 people got online signing up for obamacare making at the busiest day so far since open enrollment started. released next week. they expect 11.4 million people to be enrolled in 2017. some women are rushing to get to the doctor because they are worried a trump presidency what it will do to the birth control. this graph you are about to see shows how much the searches for birth control and trump spiked. under the affordable care act
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no cost. they are concerned the cost and availability will change when trump takes over. a beautiful day to go do that, our producer took the cross bay ferry during its first trips last weekend, now we have numbers about how many other people were writing jake -- it as well. it ran a total of seven roundtrips this weekend and it things we learned from the first couple of trips, they did not have the beer license last weekend but there were people bringing alcoholic beverages onboard. they bought it at the convention center pavilion or downtown saint pete which is okay. >> obviously it is a boat ride so you can expect wind and water spray so bring a jacket.>> it leaves on time and by on
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>> parking in downtown tampa costs more than the ticket itself, $12 because there was a lightning game that day on non- event days it will be five dollars. they have a partner to offer discounts, but when the weather is great, it is a good thing to do. check out the moon on sunday night or early monday morning. it will be the closest it has been to the earth since we talked with nasa about the new things we are learning about the moon. >> one of the great surprises coming back from the spacecraft is that we are able to detect for the first time ever changes on the lunar surface, we have been mapping the moon for over seven years, in that time we were able to compare images we took today from previous images.>> the pictures are incredible.
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larger than the smallest full moon and it will be 30% brighter, the moon won't appear this big and bright again until 2034. >> it is cool. wait a minute, here is your copy of physics today. we are honoring veterans across the area, this is samuel snyder from the us navy in ii. this is edward british world war ii us navy, the last one made laura last. i don't know why, i have no idea apparently he is in town this weekend.'s another cool morning definitely something to keep our eyes on, a lot of sunshine across the area this weekend, showers early next
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as we move into the next several days, so again here's a look at titan doppler radar, all is quite right now with temperatures primarily in the mid to upper 70s, we have some very nice weather in store for the weekend, you will be dodging clouds at times but more sun and clouds temperatures near 80 degrees. a look at futurecast overnight, partly cloudy to clear skies, continuing into the weekend, next rain chance might be next monday or next tuesday, tomorrow morning, in the upper 60s, later this evening in the upper 50s,, wake-up time in the morning, do forecast extended through next week and through thanksgiving coming up at the top of the hour on abc action news. check this out, incredible video into the newsroom, a freight train car completely zigzagging happening in minnesota.
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restrictions in the area and people living within one mile of the train were asked to evacuate. one of the cars was carrying liquid propane which is highly flammable. nobody was hurt in this, we don't know what caused the accident. people steal weird things and now we have a box of missing miss america crown's. >> now we know the person won't get the miss congeniality award. the crowns were qualifying pageant in mesa, arizona. ups delivered them to a home and then someone took the package right off the front porch, the executive director was once a miss phoenix herself suggesting dreams will be crushed. >> they are dreaming of the shiny hats, dreaming of wearing the crown.
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but back to how they were stolen, a good reminder to have packages delivered to your office or another safe place so they don't attract these to your front porch. that is a classic. >> the first videogame console is back and you can purchase it starting today, i still have my house, that is if you can find it, the website listed they are all gone, already sold out, best buy may have a few in stores if we are lucky, no word if it is being restocked. it was going for $60. jamison uhler is like mouth wide open.
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1985, the 2016 version is a mini replica instead of the games being on the old cartridges, they are built into the system. >> remember the cartridge where you had to blow to make sure it worked? >> if you had a problem with the game that is what you would do. important meetings at the white house yesterday, the first ladies, the president and president-elect. this is what they are doing. they went full screen. >> the white house took a moment to put out this gem, white house staffers the cleveland cavaliers and first lady michelle obama doing the manikin challenge. if you wanted to freeze one moment in time it would be this, winning the nba title and visit the white house on the same day the president-elect
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awesome video. breaking news, a wildfire burning in georgia in a heavily wooded area, this is fanning county it has spread to 10,000 acres, you can see the smoke in the fire. check out this picture and abc meteorologist tweeted out you can see the smoke moving that way there are fires in north carolina traveling across state lines. >> much of tampa bay knows this powerful voice behind the national anthem at tampa bay lightning games and this veteran is raising her voice for more than just music helping people with a debilitating disease. >> the voice of an angel in sonja's case a guardian angel
4:57 pm
retiring from the air force just after getting the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, just getting started when it comes to helping those struggling with the same disease. >> the fatigue is very real, severe fatigue is more real, if you know how i was as a military person always on the go. always doing things. i just have to take care of myself a lot more.>> since s firsthand, she is doing her best to alleviate stress for others. dealing with exhaustion, pain or the money aspect. >> sometimes they have to choose to pay a utility bill or get medication. >> she started the voices of hope the tampa bay lightning giving some of those opportunities to make her platform a nonprofit. >> every knows about hearts and
4:58 pm
know about. i wanted to fill the gap even if it is just giving a ride to the doctor's office. making sure their guard -- yard gets mowed. >> on this veterans day this angelic voice continues to serve her community hoping them to live life on a high note. the power in her voice, for more on her story and her nonprofit go to i'm paul lagrone that is it for "the now tampa bay" abc action news at 5:00 starts right now. live from the station taking action for you, this is
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heartbroken after the symbol of their marriage goes missing the one thing that she fears the most about what happened and what it will take to get answers. a mother arrested for shoplifting almost $200 worth of stuff, the unexpected thing she left behind but first a pasco county teacher off the job while the school district investigate claims that he made racist remar. ryan smith at wesley chapel high school you talked to the district what are their plans? >> reporter: officials met with the teacher in question this afternoon. we want to mention we are not naming the teacher until we learn more about this ongoing internal investigation, i can tell you the alleged comments came to light after a father of one of the students at the high
5:00 pm
reactions are pouring in after a local father rights online about his daughter being confronted with racism at school. according to donnie jones the teacher told a group of african- american girls don't make me get donald trump to send you back to africa. he allegedly made the statement in the hallway during a break between classes at wesley chapel high school.>> i am disappointed to hear that. a person that is >> the post now shared more than 5000 times. also highlighting this as an example why some minority groups feel threatened with donald trump in the white house. >> as far as the country has come, to hear someone say something like that of any color is very disturbing. >> pasco county leaders immediately placed the teacher on administrative leave while they investigate.>> if he said


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