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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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fresh viral videos "right this minute." cries of a little boy pinned to the ground are ignored. >> he's just throwing a tantrum. clutches of a woman with one sinister plan. a bear cub caught in a trap is in a heap of trouble. see the nervous guys watching out for mama as they try to free hear baby. a winding road and a dash cam prove -- >> there is no room for assumption. >> especially when it's around a blind curve. >> no! and a prankster pulling one on his girlfriend.
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fake a home invasion but his lady isn't laughing. >> you can sleep on the couch from here on out. tantrums these days, they can be really out of troel. this 6-year-old boy is being thrown to the ground, and you see this woman just get on top of him and pin him down to the ground. >> restraining him doesn't work. it's not going to just suddenly calm down like, okay, cool. >> it escalates the situation. >> agreed. here's the crazy thing. you actually have past this woman as she's telling them, yeah, this is my son. he's just throwing a tantrum. they literally ignore it. >> culturally people are not going to get involved in other people's business, especially not family business. >> which is scary, though, because these people don't know for sure that that child belongs to her. >> well, that's funny that you say that, nick, because according to reports, that is not the kid's mom.
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reports say this was an attempted kidnapping. >> see? >> this woman was about to get away with this kidnapping until a university student believed the screaming boy as he was screaming, "that's not my mother." >> good for him. >> held the woman until authorities came. now she's going to be facing some serious consequences because of this and is also currently in a psychiatric hold. the boy was reunited with his family base jumping. where you jump off a building or a bridge or a cliff and then spend a couple of seconds contemplating your own mortality while hopefully everything goes according to plan. i've got a video for you. >> guy is standing there. i don't speak russian, but i'm pretty sure he says, one, two, three. >> with that, he jumps and starts heading toward the ground. >> the thing with base jumping,
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don't exactly have a lot of time to fix it. >> as his chute opens, you see it immediately brings him around straight towards that cliff. so he gets heavy on the handles, trying to pull himself away from that cliff. you can see he's just -- >> oh, gosh. >> dragging down along it. fortunately t doesn't get caught, and he does eventually land on his back, looking up at the sky, just, wow, that happened? >> that mountain was like a jagged. >> but he survived, i'm assuming. >> guys at the top of the cliff obviously worried about them so he lets them know. >> i'm okay! >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> we actually get a view from the guys up above that were watching as well. you can see them right there. again, you can see exactly what happened. a very, very lucky escape for this guy. >> yeah. >> you can imagine his friends are like --
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supposed to jump. >> yeah. that poor little bear is in a heap of trouble. these hunters were out in russia when they came upon this poor little bear cub caught in a snare. that snare was set out for an adult bear, but this poo creature got caught in it. so these guys are trying to get that metal rope from around it. bear cubs have to stay with their moms up to two and a half years. they cannot survive on their own. an animal expert in the area believes what probably happened was mom was probably nearby, waited with the baby, tried to release the cub, wasn't able to do it and went on their way. these guys were able to get that bear free after working on that rope. the hunters said they were going to track the bear to make sure
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said they were going to make sure it got to a nature reserve because this bear obviously is going to need care. one baby that is okay is this little creature. this is an elephant calf right after he's born. you can see it standing up on shaky legs. this little creature was the first elephant born at the zoo in new south wales, australia. as you can see, this little bundle of love is adorable. >> you could just marvel and creature that will grow up to be so large, it could mess up your toyota tercel. >> i like baby elephants because they don't have that much control over their trunks. they're just like -- what about this show makes me never want to drive or walk
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you see there are pedestrian crossing signs. he's another one right ahead. [ skracreeching brakes ] >> why would that person do that? >> you see cars in one lane have stopped, but the other car continues going, hits those people, and slams right into the car they're riding in. >> did he hit the people or just miss them? >> no, he hit those people. see that? takes them right out. the camera flips and now we see inside of the car whe >> i'm not even sure that was somebody not paying attention. it looked more like somebody that didn't want to slow down. >> fortunately, it seems like everybody is okay. the woman was taken to the hospital, and will recover. the people of the people in this next video say there is no room for assumption and the responsibility is on the truck driver. you see several trucks coming the opposite direction. >> no! >> that truck should have known better. >> completely overtakes the lane and slams right into this man and his friends.
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>> wow. >> what kind of irresponsible truck driver is going to try and pass -- >> on a blind corner. >> how could anybody think that would be okay, especially when you're in a big truck? >> right. >> unfortunately the men inside of this car were trapped inside the car. once they were freed, they were taken to the hospital. they suffered multiple fractures, bruised limbs. there's no report on the truck driver's condition. the family posted this video because they said the company of the truck driver still hadn't reached out to them, and they want everybody to know that they're involved. they're taking their stance. >> they bow like you're supposed to before you take on your challenger. >> see the most charming match ever. >> it appears to me she's showing so much restraint. and airport officials stop a lady because -- >> her hair looked odd to them. >> what they discover when they look through her locks. s ] you're right. we need to get ready for the big show.
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closed captioning provided by -- on your worst heartburn, bloating, and gas. that's better. kick acid and gas with rolaids? advanced. you go to the airport. most of us know how to get through security. and what we are and are not allowed to take. officials in istanbul, turkey, stopped this woman. they noticed her hair looked odd
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there? >> no. they pulled her aside and began to go through that wig. >> are we thinking animals, or are we thinking sort of drugs? >> drugs. she's got a kilo in there. >> i'm going to go like a tiny little turtle or something random. >> look at this. >> an egg? >> that's an egg. >> oh. >> sack. >> what is it? >> it's drugs, packaged drugs. >> is she literally a coke head? >> you're right. drugs. they look like cheese to me at first. but, no, two large balloons of cocaine. >> i'll tell you where she went wrong. you can't just have some random something on the back of your head. you got to like, you know, get it in there good. >> here's a photograph of what the drugs looked like in her wig. >> subtle. >> they didn't even try. >> turkey does have some very, very strict drug laws.
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jailed already. however, her sentence hasn't been officially laid down yet because that's coming at a later court date. >> i think she's going to be spending extra time in istanbul. these two children have gone viral because this is wonderful. >> oh, i remember this little girl. she's the one that got mad at her little brother because he took the microphone away from her while she was p ever. >> i recognize virals and don't forget them. >> she had the best death stare i've ever seen. >> this is little diva right there. her brother pushes the mike stand down to let her know what he thinks of her singing. >> right there. these two are now done with music and have moved into the world of karate. >> oh, great. >> they bow like you're supposed
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>> oh! >> he's going to be a really good stuntman when he grows up. >> i'm just looking at her face. it appears she's showing so much restraint. >> she hasn't forgotten about that interruption. >> she's looking at him like, oh, man, give me a clear shot. >> as soon as mom looks away. >> i love how big sister is taking her role very exacting her revenge. >> she punches or pretends to punch. he falls dramatically. >> he's great or he's going to grow up and be a soccer player. this video is going to make all of us feel completely useless. watch. she's been laying on the ground.
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proceeds to push herself up. then after a pike, she does a hand stand. are you kidding me? >> there are times when i go to tie my shoes, i'm like -- >> and you take your back out. >> oh, those shoelaces are a long way away. >> i love to see her excitement at the very end in this juking video. you can tell this is definitely a huge accomplishment for her. >> oh, my god. >> now, this is also an accomplishment for mr. alejandro here. notice there's a disc in his hand, and he's about to toss it. >> oh, they're playing golf. >> he's going to take a shot, you know, wish for the best. >> very similar to golf except you play it with flying disks. >> so he takes the swing.
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go. go. go! >> oh! >> he did it. he put his back into the toss. he sent it flying across the field and lands it. >> that was so good. >> so good. >> yeah! this octopus has found its better half. >> kiss. >> but the feeling isn't mutual. >> like a clingy girlfriend. and a mom takes her daughter on a surprise trip. >> there's someone there that is a huge deal to her. >> see how long it takes after he sneaks in for it to sink in.
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pain strikes at the nerve level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. lacy is going on a pretty epic road trip with her mama. >> hey, hey. >> connections in chicago. >> it's going to be a bit of an adventure. instead of staying in the car, they're going to make little different, like taking the train. >> where are we? >> little lacy, she's not asking many questions other than are we there yet, mom? but she's going to be so thrilled when they finally get to their destination because there's someone there that is a huge deal to her. he's wearing the red shirt. he sits down on a couch right next to her, puts his drink down and kind of smiles at her. going to wait and see how long it takes lacy to notice that he's even there. >> it's going to take a while.
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take very long. as she's sitting there, he calls to her. she looks up, and then here's the moment she realizes that's her daddy. >> daddy. >> aww. >> oh, my gosh. >> they've just taken a trip to see dad, who is a service member. instead of just waiting for him to come home, they decided to go where he is. his face. >> it's like she's saying, you're really here. >> she's only 2 years old. even if he's gone for like three months, that's still like a massive chunk of her life. >> yeah. now they get to spend a lot of quality time together. >> can i have a kiss? mwam. . this dog loves window
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nothing like taking a drone out on the water in new zealand and capturing some animal life. what's really cool is one sea lion was overcome with interest when it saw the drone and just decided to be playful. >> that's the way people responded to drones when they first came out. >> i love this moment because that's when it gets really close. >> come on, get me. >> i'm going to play for you. i'm going to give you a show. >> they did put on quite the show. so did this octopus. i think its theme song is can't let go by mariah carey because this guy was in greece. this octopus swims up to him. >> take him out to dinner first,
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off, but it does take a little bit of effort because he's trying to be gentle. >> i thought that only happened in cartoons. >> yes! >> it's crazy because he was remarkably calm. honestly if i had an octopus on my face, i would have freaked out to a level 11. >> like a clingy girlfriend. >> he gets it off his hand. then it's going to move to other body parts. it makes a beeline -- >> excuse me. >> yes. he makes a beeline toward the nether regions, but he's able to gently get it to float away. >> so was it attacking him, or was it making sweet, sweet love to him? >> i think it was sweet, sweet love. >> because after all, it is greece. the award for the dumbest boyfriend goes to this guy. >> worst nightmare is for
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reaction. 145-ish degrees. >> woo! ouch. candy bag. ? [ siren ] the problem with pranks is es calation. this prank, i have the suspicious feeling this one day may be called -- >> katherine's worst nightmare is for someone to break in the house. >> come on. you don't play like that. >> when we cut to the bedroom
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>> it's not only her, but it's also her child. >> he's playing with fire. >> as a father myself and a husband, i'm like, don't. >> around this point, he hides her phone so she can't call anyone. he's texting his buddies, time to pull the prank. you hear. immediately, they're kind of wait, wait, what's goi serious. she goes for the baby while he locks the door. >> they're going to hide the baby inside the cup board. she's obviously looking a little panicked. >> nimy boyfriend is on the way. i already called the cops. >> why isn't she like screaming help, help something? >> she's a mother, and she's got to keep her cool. >> my purse is right in the kitchen. that's all i have. there's nothing up here. >> you can hear them coming up the stairs.
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pants. the door handle now. she doesn't quite know what to do. this is where he's like, push the bed. push the bed. >> austin does the only smart thing. >> surprise. >> and her reaction, just falls the floor, hands over her face. that's what i'm going to call the face of regret. >> i had a child with this man. >> it's just awful. >> this is not funny. >> as the silence continues and she just stands there -- >> hi, guys. >> he knows he's in trouble. >> as a woman, all we have is the solace of safety and security with our man. >> and i'm completely, in every single way, agreeing with you. let's just put a right this minute psa. i'm going to get my official
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everybody. we'll see you on the next
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now at 6:00 a little boy is dead after an atv lakeland. and heartbreak from a community as we learned more what led up to the crash. and hillary clinton pointing fingers off her loss on election night. who she said cost her the presidency. supermoon is on the horizon. if you miss is this time, you'll have to wait 20 years to


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