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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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his way to the bus stop. >> ryan raiche reveals why she said she did it. >> that spring morning when kaylynn clerk got hit and killed on the way to the bus stop. he was trying to cross busy clubhouse road like he did every day. according to the district investigation, transportation manager brenda young tried to cover up the little tidbit telling supervisors just hours after his death none of the kids have to cross >> i am disheartened, a child died and i feel that the school board has some accountability. >> the fate of young in the hands of the school board. and ministers have recommended firing her, she plans to attend the board meeting. we stopped by her home to try to understand what she was trying to hide. the district claims not only
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to the computer system and added a bus stop on the other side of the road, if the stop was there, no child would have to cross into danger and kirk would likely be alive today. younger briefly told me she was district to keep the other kids safe. clubhouse road still remains an issue, drivers go fast, there are no crosswalks and pedestrians still have to find a way to get to the >> and improvement a single light. >> there is still a problem. i see pedestrians and cyclists every day. >> the kirk family is staying silent on the matter, the transportation manager worked as a manager for more than 10 years and has a clean record until now. ryan raiche abc action news. hillsborough county working to find out who set a fire that appears to be
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a home set on fire and graffiti painted on the home next door. the graffiti includes an expletive next to the word trump saying burn everything with an arrow pointed to the home that caught fire. neighbors say they saw two man running from the home this morning. >> they are wanting results they want to make a statement. this is extreme from spray painting to lighting homes on fire. >> investigators ask anyone with information to come forward. hate crimes on the rise the fbi releasing shocking numbers tonight, crimes against muslims reaching 67% nationwide the second-largest spike since 9/11, overall all types of hate crimes went up nearly 7%. these crimes could only be getting worse, the southern
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have been 300 reports of hate- based intimidation and harassment since election day. many of them directly referencing president-elect donald trump's campaign. although this prompting mr. trump to address those responsible on 60 minutes last night.>> i am so saddened to hear that. i say stop it. if it helps, i will say this, stop it. >> the reassuring protesters not to be afraid saying he will bring the country back together, somehow about to protest every day until inauguration day. the president-elect's attorneys are trying to get the trump university trial pushed back filing paperwork to delay the lawsuit until after the presidential inauguration. mr. trump's attorney says the extra months would give both sides to reach a settlement. the lawsuit claims trump
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real estate, it is scheduled to start two weeks from today. morning commute turning dangerous, a car unexpectedly submerged in a giant hole. erik waxler tells us what caused the whole and how the driver managed to escape.>> it was unbelievable. >> a normal monday morning drive to work as matt jakes went down truman boulevard the ground opened up not wasn't happening. it started sucking my car in. water started coming to the bottom. >> happening in front of heidi gillespie's house. >> likely they got here fast. i have never seen this happen before. >> his honda sinking until it was submerged. >> i'm okay, i got out but it is a hassle.
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now i have no car.>> most people thought it was a basic sinkhole but a water main break under the road caused the mess. >> i am glad that is the case. hopefully it is something they are able to fix so it won't expand. >> jake's ride was salvaged, the road was closed for most of the day as the waterline the water main is operated by rolling oaks utilities. we have not heard back from them. erik waxler abc action news.>> upset parents are sounding off on school boundary changes. enrollment is exceeding capacity and school boundaries need to be changed. parents say the changes for mitchell high and seven springs middle school would move the kids seven miles further from
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tonight at 11:00. we know that you want answers about the issues facing all of us. here is a way to let us know what concerns you, click on the good question logo on tell us what we can get to the bottom of for you. now, abc action weather. >> good evening, a lot of clouds out there, temperatures in the 60s for most of the afternoon across the northern counties. making it to the ground, there are sprinkles and light showers. the heaviest from hernando to citrus county, pine island to brooksville and south of saint pete toward bradenton light showers, temperatures in the low to mid 60s, even tampa at 68 degrees, mostly cloudy overnight, skies clear in the
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it arrives coming up. two brothers on trial for the murder of a veteran, the case against the brothers getting underway today, someone stole 53-year-old's veteran car keys from his home, thinking they would come back he slept in his car. the other men showed up to steal the vehicle and killed the veteran when he tried to a man wanted for murder behind bars in georgia. deputies finding the man last week, they ran his name finding a warrant for his arrest, he shot and killed a woman in october. the woman was a mother of three dating the man at the time. no motive has been released. allegedly raged taking a violent turn, and off-duty
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chasing this man on fletcher avenue saturday night, he threw a coin at the car that is when the security guard followed him home while in uniform and shot at him all times. >> the first shot i started ducking and dodging. >> he ran for cover in a neighbors house. the security guard is now out of jail. numbs in four to. going down 7% last year, governor rick scott says the decline means the lowest number in more than 40 years. in hillsborough county juvenile arrests went down 2% last year. a brandon woman who gives so much to her community lost everything in a house fire. this house has had decorations
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the neighborhood. kids even put their letters to santa in her mailbox before getting gifts on christmas eve. the family was also getting ready to host thanksgiving for the entire neighborhood. they have been collecting toys since june. >> everybody comes here. family friends and neighbors. it is hard to not have the her christmas tree may have started the fire, she will find somewhere else in the neighborhood to carry on the holiday tradition. she hopes to rebuild her home in the same area. st. petersburg mayor in washington dc trying to solve homelessness. the city has done everything from creating housing voucher programs to building homes for veterans.
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white house taking part in this event. cars bursting into flames without warning in your family in danger. the shocking number of potentially dangerous vehicles on the road and the simple thing you can do to protect your loved ones. >> package these out in force. the ingenious plan allowing one homeowner to turn the tables. big changes to the weather, a lot of su but clouds and cool today the sunshine will return and the cooler weather will get chillier. e company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting married?
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y2623y yy6y settled six weeks of issues i went through. cars catching fire while not running millions of potentially dangerous vehicles on the road. >> jackie callaway is taking action for you showing the simple ways to find out if your right needs a crucial repair.
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flames seconds after the owner smelled smoke, cut the engine and got out. >> i was in the car. one minute before it started. >> fires like this take place every few hours in the us. that amounts to cluster 300,000 vehicles per year.>> i saw the smoke and i saw a liquid fire flames two hours after she parked it here. >> i can't believe it happened. >> we obtained a database from safety research and strategies. >> vehicle fires represent a huge portion of the total fires in the united states. >> finding more than 300 recalls related to fire dangers in various makes and models. >> we are talking over 42
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>> three-foot flames coming from the car. under the hood. >> in pasco county another hyundai owner says his car burst into flames. >> i wanted to warn other people as true, you know the car catching on fire in the garage. >> the fire appears to have started in the engine. the manufacturer often sends out investigators email, hyundai states it is not possible at this time to conclude definitively the fire was the result of a vehicle manufacturing defect, and we found no fire danger related recall on the hyundai a launcher. in the case of the mini cooper bmw recalled 89,000 in 2012 over a smoldering water pump issue, a recall that denise had
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>> because of the fire and whether or not it is related to the recall remains under investigation. there is no way to determine the true risk of the fire danger in any car but checking your make and model could certainly set down on your wrist. i'm jackie callaway taking action for you.>> to check your car for a recall just go to and click on taking action. new information about drain, the female eagle has taken a turn for the worse. officials moving the eagle from one animal hospital to another. she has fluid around her heart and lung. temperatures may be starting to drop around the bay area, but we are on pace to break a record for heat.
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the 17 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. the only exception was 1998 which was an el ni?o year. >> that is why. record hot. over the last couple of months we have been warmer than typical, but today different. cloudy and kind of cool and dreary isolated showers, last night you look outside night folks were saying they could not see the supermoon because of the clouds. we had a few folks getting a great shot, tonight there will be breaks from the cloud cover mostly cloudy skies covering the area and a few widely scattered showers, most of this won't make it to the ground. you can see by the time the rain tries to fall in many cases most of that is
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but it doesn't show up on the ground or on your lawn where a lot of folks could use it. if you does even today you won't see any for the next 10 days maybe longer. but we will see changes, temperatures now in the 60s, 64 brooksville, 67 new port richey, clearwater 64, apollo beach 69, lakeland 68, the dew points in the upper 50s to the low 60s dropping as drier air roles in. clear waking up to upper 40s to the low 50s. a cooler start to the day in the metro. all the way down to sarasota and manatee waking up to lower 50s, clouds and the airport at tampa, 64 clearwater, 68 saint pete, there is the satellite you can see the moisture coming in ahead of the cold front, the
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continues to come off the gulf, a lot of clouds with widely scattered showers, overnight watch what happens, drier air coming in, we will wake up to more clouds than son but the rain should be over and then watch in the afternoon the drier air filters from the north, by 4:00 most folks from i-4 north sony and then by wednesday morning skies are clear temp then we are in the status quo through the weekend, a lot of sunshine, very little cloud cover with highs in the mid to upper 70s, a few degrees below normal. that sets us up for next week. forecasted highs on tuesday 75 in that range, normally we
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-- below normal tuesday and wednesday into the weekend, here's the change for cooler air to arrive we need a dip in the jet stream, the blue colors. early next week there will be snow in the northeast, we will be in the fringe of the cold stuff but we will see highs in the 60s monday and tuesday morning possibly the northern counties could see the upper 30s, the rest of us in the 40s, definitely some colder weather, by thanksgiving day probably back t look four winds out of the north at 5 to 10 knots, there are your upcoming tides sunrise and sunset, mostly cloudy overnight with the hour by hour forecast mostly cloudy in the morning and then clearing. a look at your seven-day forecast, highs in the 70s, all week long until the 60s next week, but lows in the 30s and 40s by tuesday. package these are
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denver managed to get even with somebody trying to steal packages from his front porch. he tied a bungee cord to a package, the thief takes the bait to have the package yanked from his hands. the homeowner filed a police report but he has not been found. buccaneers head coach dirk koetter reacts to mike evans protest during the
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10 points behind montrial in the division and a five-game road trip a big week for the lightning especially starting
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islanders and then going to detroit to take on the red wings down one of the frontline defenseman. he is out tonight listed day-to- day with an upper body injury. he might not play the entire trip. he will get the start in net, bishop will go tomorrow. it is victory monday, a players day off after a victory and it is the win we should be talking about, but the headlines by sitting during the national anthem yesterday. on military appreciation day. evans said his actions were not intended as disrespect, it was directed as a protest to donald trump being elected as president and he didn't even vote. today dirk koetter the head coach was inundated with his thoughts on the protest. >> i hope it doesn't affect the
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necessary to try to minimize what effect it has on the team. i am not sure. this is uncharted water. >> are you disappointed? >> yes, i am disappointed for that, but i also respect his freedom of speech and freedom of expression.>> congratulations to quinton flowers named aac getting over 400 yards of total offense. that was a great day. we have continuing coverage of today's top stories on we will see
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tonight, tonight, breaking news. inside trump tower. the trump white house now coming together. and the controversial choice. also, after that meeting in the oval office, president obama late today on what the meeting was like. trump does not have the temperament to be president? also breaking, the verdict is in. the father charged with first degree murder, accused of intentionally leaving his toddler to die in a hot car. the states of emergency tonight. more than 40 fires burning in the east. and this evening, the american city where families are being told to wear masks. the major new guidelines tonight about the kind of drug millions of americans take to help prevent strokes and heart


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