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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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know why. a murder in a st. petersburg family pleading for answers and the reason timing kept this mortar from turning into a bigger tragedy. the pasco county school district making an odd request to keep more parents from getting angry. good evening, everyone. i am jamison uhler. >> and i am wendy ryan. why the district is reaching out to real estate agents for found one of the countless homes and properties up for sale in pasco county. a lot of folks are looking at this area for its close proximity to good schools that depending on how school districts redraw the school boundary lines that could see students from the same neighborhood split up. built on a cozy 1 acre piece of land. >> it is a beautiful place to limit.
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richey neighborhood is the perfect fit. >> schools were a big issue for my family and to see my kids thrive in their environment was exactly what we needed. >> reporter: jw mitchell high school sealed the deal. >> you paid attention to the schools. >> reporter: that was the most important factor. >> reporter: rezoning neighborhoods is reality. >> with the growth in florida will go with a house forever. >> reporter: this letter was sent to local real estate agents saying it is unfair to allow families to believe the homes they are buying come with a certain school with the rapid pace of growth. agents are now adjusting their sales pitch. >> that was a selling point. now we have to sit back because we do not know where certain areas will be. >> i think there is a very few
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home and not pay attention to the area they are living in. >> reporter: some owners scrambling to sell their houses they somehow the result must pasco county while we found out today housing permits is painting a different picture according to the permit requests we could see 12,000 new students hitting pasco county schools along the state road 54. ryan smith, abc a pasco county assistant principal overdoses on edible marijuana and tonight she is an initiative lay. donna haff went to the hospital sunday. she told deputies she got the cookies because her mom wanted to try marijuana for her 50th birthday. donna haff is the assistant principal at the alcove high
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accused of a shocking cover up will get to keep her job in the longer postponing the hearing of brenda young. it is scheduled for tonight but it will now be in december. she died in may. the major was hit and killed while walking to the bus stop in the district says young added a new bus stop in the system hours after his death to make it look like he did not need to cross a busy street. information the bald eagle rescued from a storage train has died. the center for birds since this was the 65th eagle treated so far this year. rick scott seems to be said in his eyes on washington. the governor says today challenging the seed for bill nelson as an option in 2018.
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he did run and when republicans controlled both of the u.s. senate seats. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good evening, everybody. the cloud cover is pushing to the south with rain chances pretty much nonexistent through this week and probably next week as well. a very nice stretch of weather with temperatures on the cool side self. 64 in bradenton and by tomorrow morning skies will help clear completely and we will wake up to temperatures mostly in the 50s across much of the metro area. we will see upper 40s across the northern counties and low 50s in polk county over to sarasota county. a bigger cooling trend is on the way. a violent robber is now
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they captured a thief who hit a clerk with a cash register drawer. police say griffin robbed the speedway and hit the 56-year- old store clerk who tried to stop him. the clerk suffered only minor injuries. an agent behind bars. he sexually assaulted a child. santa rosa county depu being held in jail right now without bond. a family pleading to find a killer. tonya brown's family speaking publicly as police announced a new reward. we have their plea just over one month after the murder. >> reporter: the car wash behind me is something johnny
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they are hoping a reward will lead to his killer. >> they do not know what you go through. nobody knows what we are going through. >> reporter: diane breaking down talking about the man she raised. >> my nephew had a heart of gold. he would give you the shirt off of his back in the shoes and the sox off of his feet. >> reporter: a month ago someone tracked brown on opening fire on the 36-year-old as he sat in his car. >> it could have easily resulted in another tragedy to another family. this is a cold-blooded targeted violence. >> reporter: brown leaves behind 12 kids including a one month old baby. >> he was taken away from them. they don't know what to do.
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the tip that they need. >> you know who you are. will you please contact the state police department and help us get closure? >> reporter: the family tells me brown held a lot of barbecues right here at this carwash to get back to the community. the timing has affected the investigation because of the early hour eyewitnesses. i am sarina fazan, abc action news . police are searching for a driver after a street brawl needs to a car crashing into a ybor city bar. tampa police say five or six people started april on the street and the suspect slammed into a man involved in the fight and then drove into the bar. the victim broke his leg.
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and police are still looking for the driver. making tarpon springs safer by targeting properties near the downtown area. we are talking about sunday motel as well as eureka apartments. as abc action news reporter ashley york explains it goes beyond police. >> reporter: the tarpon inn is one of three properties police adding lighting outside the building. that is just one piece of a plan to cut crime. these streets hold a lifetime of memory but recent memories include violent crimes like the murder of a police officer. >> the lighting was so poor that it was almost nonexistent because the trees had overgrown
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went. >> reporter: new lights and trimmed trees at the eureka apartments show some improvements they are making to clean up three nuisance properties. the other two is the motel and inn closer to downtown. >> we are known as a sleazy place. my office has been broken into three years ago and took the police 24 hours to find out who it was. >> reporter: with hanson is relieved to see efforts for a safer neighborhood. police for adding patrols and cracking down on code violations. >> people are calling in tips and organizing watch cruise. >> it is nice to have a safe neighborhood. we would like to have it safe for the young people who are
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for them. >> they plan to add more streetlights in his technology to help report crime. in tarpon springs a ashley yore , abc action news. still to come , a woman sinks thousands into a pool but said it is not safe and the one thing the state does not require that could end up costing you. the mixup that saved a police chief his job. still quite a few clouds with temperatures cool in the 60s. by the weekend the coldest weather in six months is on the
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st. petersburg police releasing video of suspected car burglars. you can see the man getting into an unlocked car early
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recognize them call st. petersburg police. kim fuller will not let her family near it. taking action reporter jackie callaway found a problem with the installation. tonight she is going after answers. >> all that water weight is pushing this away. >> reporter: steve bock said it is not a but when this metal gives way. >> if the wall gives way, that water is going to go really fast and rush out of that pool. >> reporter: kim fuller noticed her pull leaning after the installer puts together. she worries for the safety of her grandchildren. >> you can see where it is
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messages she sent in june and august. the owner of totally wet insisted the pool was safe and offered to return in the winter to make repairs. >> i don't want to have to wait. >> it is not safe to use. >> reporter: the owner of sunkist pools says the water level is off by 5 inches and there is more. >> we are >> reporter: after getting a second opinion i caught up with the owner by phone. >> as soon as you guys contacted him, he tried to calm me. >> reporter: admits the pool is an even but denies it brings danger. >> hopefully i will get a report -- repaired. >> reporter: florida does not
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you'll be following up to make sure the work gets done. i am jackie callaway taking action for you. one third of people student loans could get a lower interest rate. report shows 8 million americans are eligible for refinancing. it is an opportunity to lower your payment. the study found those people have federal loans which you can only refinance with a private lender. they saved $18,000. we knows what for you to let us know what concerns you. just go to our website at and tell us what we can get to the bottom of. at 11:00 a special investigation on half a dozen local publix grocery stores filling the latest inspection. for those in the kitchen and the favorite foods at dangerous
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on it passing and what the corporate office blames on abc action news at 11:00. it is officially starting to feel like file. a little chilly i am ready. >> the mornings are looking at 50s in the afternoons are still upper 70s. a cool picture from apollo beach where the sun has now se we are looking at partly cloudy skies across the area. cool mornings and warm afternoons. lots of sunshine all week long but by early next week much colder air comes in sunday and monday and more than likely the coldest air we have seen so far this season. titan doppler radar has rain gone for at least the next week.
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spring hill 69 degrees. and partly cloudy skies. the dew points are in the low 50s and on the scale those are some very nice numbers with increasing the limit to the pleasant side but still two words most of us can deal with the i do not see much impact in tes back up to near 80 in the morning is back in the upper 50s and low 60s. the clouds we had this morning have now pushed down to the south. that is the front we have been tracking and it is bringing in some dry air. you can see the orange color and that is dry air coming in. through tomorrow italy mostly
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probably through thanksgiving as well. looking at futurecast you will see mostly sunny and clear conditions. what we will be tracking is change of temperatures because there is still another front coming in late friday. i do think that will bring in the change in terms of the temperature. by sunday morning we already see a significant dip in the jet stream. cooler air from up north to come down. but later on thanksgiving there was a big storm that tried to develop from it mid atlantic tuna england. there is the potential for philadelphia, boston, new york, hartford with weather and travel issues right around thanksgiving. for us that would be a second
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it will then form up down the road as well. we are looking very nice and even though we may have tropical storm there is a good chance this becomes otto with the track taking it to the northeast away from florida. northeast winds are 10 to 15 not and water temperature 71 degrees with next 12 days. here is a look at florida's most accurate seven-day forecast with 78 wednesday and 79 thursday. 80 on friday but look at sunday with a high of 67. i think we see some 30s and 40s on monday morning. >> an ohio police chief on the
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say he used the amazon account to make personal purchases. he paid for his orders with his own money but because he used the account he did not pay $13 in taxes. he claims it was a simple mistake saying his personal account is linked but officials say it happened more than once. mike evans national anthem protest is over
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z2623z zy6z y2623y yy6y hello, folks. buccaneer wide receiver mike evans's national anthem protest
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evans apologized to all military members and their families and fans who he offended on sunday. evans said he has strong emotions toward some of the issues existing in society and he chose to sit in expression of frustration toward the election. he said he will not see it again during the national anthem and will be back standing with his teammate. i will have more on at 11:00. it seems like all good things come in threes. the bulls have two three-game win streaks this season. that is a team that has made some gains from a year ago. >> coach morris is doing a great job with the football team. i say to myself we were not too far away from that football team not too long ago.
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again. we know that i've got to be ready to play. >> reporter: jose fernandez's team opened tonight against north florida ranked in the top 25. i would not be surprised to see if they do not make it up in the top 25 by the first of the year with the lightning in back to jack games -- back-to-back games in detroit. i do believe that come in heart. >> we have all of the top stories on our website at >> we will see you back here
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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security abruptly reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this hour, passengers stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the


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