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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, breaking news. the shakeup inside trump tower. president-elect donald trump's team, one of his top advisers on national security abruptly reports now that that staffer is also now out. also breaking, the airport halted at this hour, passengers stuck on planes after a deadly shooting. at one point, passengers told to shelter in place. the new isis threat tonight involving the thanksgiving parade here in new york city. brian ross standing by. the high school stabbing spree. multiple victims. authorities say the suspect was a straight-a student. and the stunning letter tonight from the mother of the
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her ex-husband guilty on all counts. what she reveals. good good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we have several breaking stories. first, the trump team. what it reveals about this new white house. and tonight, the new tension also revealed. president-elect donald trump today out of view at trump tower, as word comes in of a key national security adviser who bowed out. and after 24 hours of to get national security clearance for the trump children, now comes word that that staffer is now gone, too. abc's tom llamas, leading us off. >> reporter: tonight in trump tower, the first cracks in the trump transition now starting to show. one of the president-elect's top advisers on national security abruptly resigning from the transition team. former congressman mike rogers reportedly pushed out. today, vice president-elect
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tower. pence only recently put in charge of the mammoth transition operation. and tonight, word a low-level trump staffer is out after requesting national security clearance for trump's children, ivanka, don jr. and eric, who are all on the transition team. senior adviser kellyanne conway forced to respond this morning. >> i am not intimately aware of that particular line of questioning, matt. but i only know what i read, which is that the inquiries were made very informally, and that's all i know. >> reporter: campaign sources say it was never a formal request from the president-elect or his children. but it comes with ivanka trump facing new scrutiny over this image. her own company using the new first family's interview on "60 minutes" to promote her jewelry line, sending this alert to fashion reporters. noting ivanka was wearing quote "her favorite bangle from the metropolis collection on "60 minutes."
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between the trump family businesses and the white house trump's children are helping assemble. >> people think that you're going to be part of the administration, ivanka. >> i'm going to be a daughter. but i've -- i've said throughout the campaign that i am very passionate about certain issues. >> reporter: today, ivanka trump's company blaming the bracelet incident on a "well-intentioned employee," adding they are "discussing new policies." the trump children not the only ones on the transition team facing questions. democrats sounding the alarm over the president-elect's choice for his chief strategist, stephen bannon, former chairman of breitbart news, published headlines like this -- "hoist it high and proud: the confederate flag proclaims a glorious heritage." >> people didn't vote for donald trump so that he could bring a white supremacist into the white house. >> reporter: but house speaker paul ryan, who bannon has repeatedly attacked, today refusing to criticize him. >> this is a person who helped him win an incredible victory and incredible campaign. the president is going to be
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>> reporter: as for trump himself, the president-elect still tweeting about the election he won. today, firing off this message, "if the election were based on t total popular vote, i would have campaigned in new york, florida and california and won even bigger and more easily." as it stands, hillary clinton is now winning the popular vote by more than 770,000 votes. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight at trump tower, and tom, on trump's incoming team, there is word tonight that dr. president, has now removed himself from consideration for the cab net, citing experience? >> reporter: david, carson's top adviser telling reuters that carson's life has not prepared him to be a cabinet secretary, a an interesting thing to say, since carson thought he had enough experience to run for president. carson himself saying he as a federal bureaucrat would be, quote, a fish out of water. david? >> tom llamas leading us off. tom, thank you. and you heard tom report
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tweets over the popular vote, which hillary clinton won. he also tweeted about the electoral college. but those two different outcomes this time are helping to fuel the protests and new katss of hate. tonight in washington, d.c., young people walking out of school, flooding the national monuments. and it also comes amid new and disturbing images tonight from supporters of both sides. abc's mary bruce now. >> we reject the president elect. >> reporter: in the nation's capitol today, hundreds of students put down their pens and picked up a protest sign. >> we want to let donald trump know that he cannot divide us with his racism, sexism, all that bigotry. >> reporter: they took over pennsylvania avenue, shut down the lincoln memorial. hundreds of d.c. students walking out of class to walk to capitol hill and make sure their voices are heard. many of those frustrated that those who are now protesting elsewhere and who could have voted did not. >> you should have voted. if you didn't vote at all, you pretty much voted for trump. >> reporter: and listening at
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>> give it a chance, accept the election. if you don't like it in three and a half to four years, vote him out. >> reporter: since the election, a dramatic uptick in reports of hateful harassment and intimidation. according to the southern poverty law center, more than 400 incidents in seven days, four times more than an average week. this maryland church vandalized. at the university of michigan last night, a community rallying around its muslim students after incidents of ethnic intimidation. >> it's just absurd. it's horrie. >> reporter: in west virginia, two officials under fire including a mayor who resigned after agreeing with disparaging comments posted about the appearance of first lady michelle obama. >> and mary bruce with us live tonight. and mary, you've also learned late today that the number of cases of intimidation and harassment have doubled since last friday, just the last five days? >> reporter: that's right, david. many, but not all of those incidents, made reference to
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acts, followed by texas, washington state, new york and florida. david? >> mary bruce with us live tonight, as well. mary, thank you. in the meantime, we do turn next to the other news this tuesday night, and an american airport on lockdown for much of this afternoon. a deadly shooting at the will rogers airport in oklahoma city. passengers told to shelter in place. the suspect on the loose, police searching car to car in the parking lot there. a complete ground stop, paralyzing the airport. and oklahoma city tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt for a suspected gunman at oklahoma city's airport. >> they just ground stopped the airport, they've got some situation going on here. >> reporter: just before 1:00 p.m., shots fired in the parking lot. >> a victim has been shot on the sidewalk outside the southwest ticket counter. >> reporter: the victim fataling shooting 52-year-old michael winchester. a pool of blood seen from above in the departure area. >> we're just getting told to
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>> reporter: officials shutting down the airport. telling everyone to shelter in place. some passengers stuck on planes for hours. officers in tactical gear, going car to car, searching for the suspect, and a possible second victim. >> we've done a basic sweep of the entire airport. we've done a basic sweep of the entire parking lot area, all the levels, but obviously, until we can either find the suspect, we're not going to be satisfied. >> reporter: david, this is still a very active scene. the airport remains closed, planes still grounded at this hour while authorities search for the gunman. david? >> phillip mena tonight. phillip, thank you. and from that airport, to other security concerns tonight, and with thanksgiving now approaching, homeland security officials this evening with a somber warning, that the coming holiday season could mean opportunities for violent extremists. and this comes as isis is now publishing a picture of new york city's thanksgiving day parade, along with an ominous invitation
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here's abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: with its giant balloons, huge crowds and national tv audience, security officials have always seen the thanksgiving day parade as a possible terror target. and now isis, in a message that features a picture of the new york parade, is calling on its followers to use speeding vehicles to attack outdoor events. >> it is very difficult to protect large gathers such as parades from these types of attacks using vehicles, and we saw that, for example, last summer in nice say 86 people were killed in the nice attack, as a man claiming allegiance to isis drove a huge truck through the horrified crowds celebrating bastille day. it's a see their yore federal authorities and new york police said today they are well aware of. >> we have seen instances where isil has put out the call, and people have risen to that call, >> reporter: not the least because the parade route on thanksgiving day goes right past
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preparations for the big parade are well under way. they are setting up the bleachers here along central park. and new york police have visited some 135 truck rent allocations to set up a kind of early warning system for anyone who moigt be planning an attack like the one in nice. david? >> brian ross and your team. you'll stay on this. brian, thank you. and next here, to terrifying moments inside an american high school today. a stabbing spree, several injured. a 16-year-old student from utah going on the attack. th authorities say the suspect is a straight-a student. abc's clayton sandell is in utah. >> reporter: tonight, this utah high school is reeling after a stabbing spree, allegedly carried out by a straight-a student. >> mountain view high school four possible stab victims.
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five classmates. coaches and school staff come running to help. >> actually had boxed the suspect into a little bathroom area, staff members did place themselves in harm's way. >> reporter: a police officer assigned to the campus shooting the suspect with a taser. >> suspect is down. >> this has been alarming today and kind of a wakeup call. >> reporter: the suspect also stabbed himself in the throat. tonight, the five victims are recovering. their conditions, fair to critical. and david, you can see, investigators are still on the scene here, and tonight, the big question is why. a motive, and the school district here items us the student had no history of trouble. david? >> clayton, thank you. and next tonight, to those states of emergency, and now, a sweeping ban of any kind of burning in several states. wildfires raging for more than a week. no campfires, no cigarettes, no stopping of cars by the road side for fear that hot tail pipes could trigger more fires. smoke drifting far from the fire zone. air quality and health concerns in atlanta, charlotte, several
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developments. several arson suspects are now in custody. abc's eva pilgrim from north carolina again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as firefighters on the ground and in the air battle the blazes that have scorched a hundred thousand acres -- authorities in tennessee announcing two new you a rests of arson suspects, and warning those thinking about setting fires. >> we're coming for you, and we're not far behind you. >> reporter: air quality alerts up across the region. at hospitalized. the smoke briefly stopping some flights into charlotte's airport. in north carolina, janet mccraw nervously watching the hills above her lake hour home. >> oh, i'm concerned. it was up there at the top of the ridge and now it's down to here. >> reporter: firefighters from around the country digging in. >> we're going to manage it until we get some help from mother nature. >> reporter: david, this fire moving, growing, prompting fire officials to order more
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david? >> eva, thank you. next tonight, the heartbroken mother whose little boy died in family's hot car. she's speaking out tonight, after a jury fold her ex-husband guilty of murdering their son. lee anna taylor says that blaming the parent here will not help. abc's steve osunsami with the mother's letter. >> reporter: it's pretty clear tonight that jurors didn't believe leanna taylor, who in court defended saying that she, too, feels he accidentally left their 22-month-old son to die in this silver suv, outside his atlanta office on a hot summer day in 2014. >> he was the sweetest little boy. >> reporter: with harris convicted on all charges, taylor is taking her frustrations to facebook. "so, now you may be saying justice has been served. but guess what, you can convict every parent that this has ever happened to, and i can promise you two things. one, it will never bring our children back and two, it will not prevent this from happening in the future. the problem is a society that refuses to believe this can
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and i pray you never have to walk this path." child safety experts have made the same point. the number of children dying this way accidentally started climbing in the 1990s, when cars started coming with passenger side air bags and parents were told it was best to move child seats to the back. carmakers are working on solutions, including alarms that can sense the weight of a child in a car seat. david? >> steve, thank you. overseas tonight, and russia launching a fierce new round of launching missiles from warships, saying they targeted isis and al qaeda militants, but human rights observers say they struck hospitals and neighborhoods, too. these new scenes of the devastation in aleppo, the attacks coming less than 24 hours after word that president-elect trump had a conversation with vladimir putin. tonight, senator john mccain saying of putin's hope of improving relations, he said, we should place as much faith in such statements as any other
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has plunged his country into tyranny, murdered his political opponents, threatened america's allies and attempted to undermine america's elections. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the new medical headline breaking this evening. the cholesterol drug that may help cut the risk of heart attacks. the intense manhunt for an accused killer. the prisoner who walked out through the jail door. also, the dramatic police chase on the highway here, speefding up to 125 mes hour. and the discovery in the back seat. and with millions set to travel for thanksgiving, the holiday rush is on. nearly 50 million travelers. the one thing you can do when it comes to your luggage to make sure you do not lose it. we'll be back. hey, jesse. hey, jesse. who are you? i'm vern, the orange money retirement rabbit from voya. orange money represents the money you put away for retirement.
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it's now here. in nearly a decade, the busiest rush set to again. nearly 50 million americans expected to travel over thanksgiving. air lean passengers paying baggage fees, hoping their checked luggage doesn't get lust. abc's david kerley tonight, on the new device allowing you to track your bags as you fly. >> reporter: with heavy holiday traffic just around the corner, tonight, help from this baggage tag. it looks normal, but inse there is something special. oh, there it is. >> that little black dot is the computer chip. >> reporter: a chip carrying your bag information. sending a radio signal, allowing delta airlines and passengers to track their bags on an app on their phone. >> the bag was loaded in honolulu, and it automatically zooms in down in tucson. >> reporter: from check-in to conveyor belts, receivers pick up that signal. as the bag is being loaded, that little chip is being read by a reader right underneath here. when you get the green light, it sends a message, your bag's on
6:49 pm
each mishandled bag costs the airline about $100. a cost passed onto flyers. >> we believe this is going to drive the industry. >> reporter: delta believes its $50 million system will cut the number of mishandled bags by 10% to 20%. so, you're never going to lose my bag again. >> i will never lose your bag again. >> reporter: a bag tag to cut one of the biggest complaints from flyers. david kerley, abc news, baltimore. >> let's hope it works. david kerley, our thanks to you. >> tonight, a new cholesterol drug. also, new gop p developments in the search for an accused killer. the new headline here. and then, that high speed chase on the internet. 125 miles an hour. and what the police did not know was in the backseat. . hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather."
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allegedly shooting two people. they say he snuck out through a jail door, propped open because of construction. the suspect then stealing a pickup truck. he was caught after 16 hours on the run. the high speed chase and it would turn out there was a baby in the backseat. a couple in arkansas suspected of drug trafficking, trying to outrun police at up to 125 miles per hour. the driver swerving to get off the interstate, then getting back on. he crashed into four police cars. the four-month-old daughter a new drug showing promise tonight. researchers say the drug repatha may help reduce artery blocking plaques, when used with a statin such as lipitor. they say it could help prevent heart attacks and cut bad cholesterol levels. more results are needed. when we come back here tonight, america strong. and for any parent, any grandparent out there, rooting for a son or daughter on the team, you've got to see this sprint to the finish.
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finally, america strong. and the young track star at the university of wisconsin milwaukee, who is setting an example for anyone trying to overcome life's hurdles. we team tonight with take a close look at this college senior, a track star who is leading his team by example. taylor is deaf, but the message he's sending has been resounding. >> get your shoulders tall. >> reporter: coach eric kramer heard by the rest of the team, but when it comes to taylor, the coaches learned as much as he's been taught. >> it's definitely opened my eyes to help me with my communication. >> reporter: taylor is a green bay native. he was born deaf. joining his college team, but at first, the coach explains, it
6:58 pm
at practice each day and they would sign everything that i was saying. >> reporter: but the coach would learn how to sign himself. taylor excelled. at the 2016 horizon league outdoor championships, taylor placed second. and his time in the 400-meter hurdles broke a 35-year-old deaf track and field record. and just listen to what he tells the interpreter. >> we can do things just as well as people who can hear. and so, i wouldn't consider myself disabled whatsoever. >> i always joke that taylor kids on the team. and he's deaf. >> reporter: and taylor says that oftentimes, the only hurdle for him is the way the hearing people see us. and we are rooting for taylor, too. thank you for watching on a tuesday. i'm david muir.
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my wife is cheating on me. >> the drone video that he claims caught his cheating. there it goes, boom, 18 years. >> the heartbroken husband speaks out. is it real? >> who things of sending a drone up to follow his wife. >> bill o'reilly versus megyn kelly. more post-election chaos. the body check seen around the world. >> then, ivanka controversy. did she really try to sell the bracelet she wore on 60


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