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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the mother who told me the 20 month old baby will be okay, the shooting happened over here where you can see the pink homes, neighbors i spoke with told me the area is so dangerous, shooting was inevitable. >> temple police say a young father went inside of his home after a group of men started threatening him. the men fired into the home. >> several shots were one of them bounced back hitting the toddler in the leg. they are not surprised something like this happened in the public housing neighborhood. >> it is tragic. >> the neighborhood council president. >> gangs are here, i expressed that months ago. >> police asking anyone with information to come forward. >> i it is dangerous a situatio where somebody was firing into
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feel unsafe. the resident council president says it is the city that needs to step up, they need to add more lighting and they want private security company to patrol the area. from tampa isabel rosales abc action news. people who live near this massive home say they are grateful the flames did not spread to other homes. you can see the fire leveled a large leaving mostly charred rubble behind. firefighters say the home is in such a remote part of hillsborough county they had to pump water out of a nearby pond to fight the flames, the family who lived in the home kept to themselves. >> no matter the size whether it is small and humble, it is
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easy.>> firefighters say no one was injured in the fire. mike evans says he has felt the backlash following his decision to sit during the national anthem. looking back he says he should have done things differently in his protest of donald trump's election. erik waxler spoke to evans about why he regrets it and why he did not vote in the election. >> reporter: that is right, he did not to, he also said he did not change his mind about the national anthem protest because of what anybody told him to do. >> i don't want to bring that negative energy toward my commute. >> mike evans intended to make a statement but he realizes he hurt a lot of people. >> especially those in the
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when i sat seeing my teammates all stand up. >> social media went wild with opinions some supporting and others bashing him including racial slurs. evans took the decision for protesting without voting. >> i tried to vote and i realized i am registered in texas and it was too late but that is my fault.>> through it all his teammates have ha back including quarterback jay ms. winston. >> mike is a standup guy. what he does on the field and off the field the type of man he is speaks for itself. >> when i was a kid i used to love standing for the national anthem and i still do love it i think of our troops but most important i think about the american population everybody as a whole.
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area. i will stand up. >> he will be standing sunday in kansas city. he wants to use his platform to help minority causes including african-americans hispanics and the lgbt community. live from one buccaneer place erik waxler abc action news. donald trump's white house preparations, things are problems with the transition, all day we have watched a steady stream of potential nominees entering trump tower. trump taking to twitter to criticize media reports. a spokesperson for mr. trump says any reports of chaos are coming from people bitter about the results. despite president elect trumps promise to replace the
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million people signed up for the program most are renewing their coverage and the number of new customers is down. you have until december 15 to enroll if you want coverage to start on january 1. one of these trains you see here just left polk county before crashing into another freight train in marion county. firefighters say it is a miracle four crewmembers onboard the trains survived. the train hauling phosphate collided with another carrying coal knocking 20 cars over spilling diesel all over the place. the coal train was going to at the time, some roads are still brought -- blocked. now, abc action weather. >> what a beautiful day, a nice time of the year where the morning circle, the afternoons are very warm and we are raintree, we will stay range
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maybe longer than that, temperatures in the low to mid 70s. bartow, 73, apollo beach 72, this morning we started off on the cool side, 42 brooksville, 45 crystal river, 52 lakeland and lower 60s closer to the coast, this evening skies remain clear and we are in for a beautiful evening, for the ybor city tree lighting clear skies, 7:00 to the evening temperatures starting around 70 cooling to the mid-60s by mid- evening. we are hearing from philando castile's family after the officer accused of killing him is facing manslaughter charges. his girlfriend streamed his last moments alive live on facebook live. authorities say under minnesota law the deadly use of force in this case was not justified.
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we don't want any protests to get outrageous.>> saint anthony police officer is due in court friday but must turn himself in before then. prevents the likely motive at will rogers airport in oklahoma city. police say former southwest airlines employee lloyd buie killed another employee michael winchester he then turned the gun on himself. retaliation. last year he showed signs under being the influence of alcohol at work when he was asked to take a test he resigned. florida's population is growing and that could be trouble for a limited resource. look at this map showing what demand for water could look like by 2070 concerning the dark red in hillsborough county
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there is a risk of not having enough water to meet our needs. agriculture groups say it is crucial the state conserve water. a local trafficking victim taking a big step in putting her past in the rearview mirror. gte financial and wheels of success teamed up to give her a car. she works as a florist and says the job has changed her life and this car will do the same.>> from work. i will be able to maintain my employment. >> i am so grateful i will be able to better my future. >> more good news, she can accept a promotion at her job. insult to injury, the reason many of you feel the pain of sticker shock at the hospital. even if you take every possible step to cut your cost and the one thing being linked to a
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two usf students targeted in one day. the crimes that police are trying to solve right now and the precautions students are taking to stay safe. download the new abc action news app just search abc action news in your favorite app store.
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scrap one of the subjects of making a murderer will be free by friday night, the decision just made a few hours ago shooting down an emergency motion to keep him locked up. he was found guilty of helping his uncle killed a wisconsin woman more than 10 years ago. when he will be released will be forbidden from contacting his uncle. after years of highway safety improvements, traffic fatalities are suddenly on the rise. many are pointing to smart phones for the drastic spike. adam winer shows us how one local case has become a national example of the growing danger.>> chilling video posted to snapchat. just how fast a temperamental
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speeding was clearly a factor, the use of a smartphone before the deadly accident may be part of a larger trend. >> the influx of electronics entering the vehicle. we are having more problems. >> the first half of 2016 the deadliest on american highways in eight years, a 10% spike compared to last year. florida on pace to be deadlier this year than stay active. they are designed to keep your intention, the problem if the driver keeps their tension on the phone that is the problem. >> some say we need tougher laws, florida one of nine states where law enforcement officers can't pull you over for texting while driving. just a secondary offense, the penalty just a $30 fee. the most recent florida law on
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speed filter used minutes before the crash was created. >> is the application the cause cracks no. he used poor judgment and cost himself dearly. >> sergeant steve points out legislation can't be expected to always keep up with technology. in tampa adam winer abc action news. your visit to the emergency room may be costing you more than we are committed to getting your answers and saving you money, a review of 2.2 million er visits shows even though you are going to win in network hospital the physicians might be out of network in some areas 89% of doctors were out of network. that means they are sharing you more sometimes charging you double. the average out-of-pocket spent is $622.
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facing the issues all of us, here's a way to let us know what is keeping you up at night, click on the good question logo tell us what we can get to the bottom of. an update to a story from last week you may remember the woman over my shoulder, she reached out to us when her husband's wedding ring went missing when he passed away at st. joseph's hospital, we contacted the cremation societ apologized giving the family $1500 to cover the cost of the ring. she says while no amount of money can replace the heirloom she feels this proves her husband is watching over her. she can now pay her bills for the month. some of the biggest names in music jamming in tampa bay leading up to the college football playoff national championship. flo rida, usher, gavin degraw
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park as part of a three-day free music festival. several other free events leading up to the big game, a full list on our website. now, abc action weather. >> it is finally chilly out and it will get chillier. >> you get the christmas tree lighting in ybor city today. >> and park. >> today great american teach in for multiple counties. a lot going on and the weather has cooperated dutifully. there is a look at the sunset from the main cell, you are hard-pressed to find any clouds across the area. the weather this time of the year about as nice as it gets pleasantly cool in the morning,
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temperatures now in the low to mid 70s, we started in the 40s in some areas, low 50s downtown tampa, mid-50s along the coast and the dew points are very comparable, this is why all of the folks from up north come visit us this time of year. can you blame them? especially with that cold air blasting the northeast later this week. for us, 69 74, st. peter's mp3, all areas reporting tons of sunshine, satellite picture very little going on. dry air covering the area, this will be around for at least another couple of days. you will start to feel maybe a little more humidity later in the afternoon into the evening and then we are not backing off. the blast of cold air comes in sunday night into monday.
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futurecast shows as nice as it could be, the morning is cool so you need to check it first thing in the morning, by the afternoon we are back in the upper 70s near 80 degrees, a little bit tricky to get the kids ready for school because you want to get in the jacket and on the way home they will not need it. they will be leaving it in the carpool or on the bus because it wil friday afternoon. thursday back to the upper 70s, clearwater 78. tampa around 79, same thing from crystal river, spring hill, brooksville dade city over to newport richie holiday hudson down to tarpon springs barto to avon park, arcadia sarasota all areas right around
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the 80 degree mark, cool mornings sunny and mild afternoons until the change arrives by sunday. that is a front, a dry one but definitely the coolest air we have seen this season, yet we are talking tropics. here's the possibility it could develop, a good chance if it goes northeast or to the west time will tell. at this point it does not pose a threat, rt a light chop on the bay, uv index between seven and eight thursday, the sun isn't as strong in november and december as it is in july and june and august. here is the upcoming tide sunrise at 6:54, sunset 5:37. your hour by hour forecast through this evening and through tonight, through tomorrow, through next week sunny skies this nice weather
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store through thanksgiving and beyond, before that as we said, upper 70s closer to 80 degrees and by sunday that is when it comes in, cooler air with highs in the 60s, morning low sunday on the mild side, by monday morning i think we will see some 30s in the northern counties, 40s for much of the area, low 50s closer to the beach and as quickly as it cools off we are back to the up wednesday. i will extend the forecaster thanksgiving and talk about travel conditions in the next half hour. a man caught on camera trying to mow down total strangers in a parking lot. why no one has been arrested after a stranger killed a man in front of his brother at a
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come to your tv and watch this video, good samaritans rushing to help a woman under attack become targets themselves. police near southern california say this man began arguing with his girlfriend when the violence spilled into the parking lot, strangers jumped in to try to separate the couple, that is when toward the good samaritans. there it is, they tried to smash his windows but there was no stopping him. [ indiscernible ] >> the people in the parking lot did manage to slow them down so police could catch up to him and make an arrest. the man is facing domestic violence charges, it is not
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police in eastern pennsylvania have not filed charges after a customer with a gun killed a would-be robber in a pizza shop work two men with guns ordered people to the ground and pistol with a customer, that person pulled out his own gun and shot the attackers. one suspect died the other is in serious condition, they were brothers. the customer fired his gun because he feared for his life. he does have students violated, two violent robberies, one happening on usf campus, the one thing that students are doing to help protect themselves. newlyweds less than 18 hours later they come home to this. what has them so grateful
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> temple police working to track down a gunman who shot a little girl, a 20 month old in the hospital tonight after she was shot in the leg, her father was the intended target. a full recovery. bad news for the tampa bay lightning in the last 20 minutes we are finding out steven stamkos is out indefinitely. the lightning general manager says he has an lcl tear in his knee. not the first injury for the captain as of late he mr. two months last year because of a blood clot and four months in
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a plan and rehab has not been decided. a researcher from the moffitt cancer center facing charges, the 32-year-old took pictures of a man in the shower at the campus recreation center. tonight he has been placed on administrative leave. that evening, i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris, investigators are trying to track down the people responsible for two violent robberies targeting students. >> live from the campus at the spot where two men confronted and robbed a woman. >> reporter: good evening to you, this victim was walking in the heart of the usf campus last night in the dark all alone when one man approached her to distract her while the other man snatched her backpack taking it and her necklace.>> it was definitely a little bit


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