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tv   Action News at 5AM  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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vandalism outside a st. petersburg church. the hateful words written here that had the congregation worried.>> a deadly gaslight explosion rocks nearly 3 blocks of in illinois city. see the new video of the moment happen crews are looking to keep the area safe. rick scott is headed to new york city today . what we know about his expected meeting with president-elect donald trump. morning. we want to help you get your day started off right with a look at traffic and weather. here is either in the forecast center.>> you can call it whatever you want but i will call it cold. again crystal river and brooksville good morning waking up in the 40s right now but 50s
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i think we will warm up big time. st. pete a warm spot next to the water at 63 but the rest of us are very chile this morning. zephyrhills is down half-mile again patches of fog out there and it will be dense. by midday already look at the temperatures. 76 by your lunchtime and we will hit highs close if not hitting 80 degrees this afternoon. that will not be the case a pretty potent cold front coming our way. good morning everybody. serious crash on i275 that had most of the northbound lanes blocked. you can see the crash involving a motorcycle. motorcyclist was killed so the interstate right around downtown just before you get to i-4 was shut down for most of the night. it did reopen about 30 minutes ago. i could show you what the area
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see we are all clear so no more delays on i275 or i-4 . also ahead serious crash in pascoe state would. braydon kenwood drive. 52 is closed in both directions between us 41 and the park. however within the past few minutes all the lanes have just reopen. the interstate is looking great. all in the green. two minutes after five new this morning take a look explosion in can't illinois. one person died in the blast. the blast was so strong it shook several buildings on the block. it damaged buildings two blocks away. 11 people were hurt. a gas company released a statement think third-party contractor damaged or gaslight. the company says it was in the process of making repairs when the explosion happened. yes employee is one that was
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stickers and donald trump's campaign slogan was written outside a community church. this congregation is mostly lgbtq. >> reporter: yes. that is why the people who go here are concerned about this's . it has been washed away . it was in shock right here. once again on the sidewalk but it has been washed off. these are people -- pictures it. this hate speech was drawn in? so it was hard to clean up but it is the message that the pastor of this church says scares the 300 people who go here. >> it heightens the level of anxiety in the congregation i think. people are frightened by this sort of thing and i
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latest example of this political pushback that we have had -- this backlash and that is why the pastor put the sign up -- love one another please. she was trying to get people together but she says as soon as that sign went up the hate speech was written right in front of this church. i'm reporting live in a st. petersburg i'm clifton french. florida governor. rick scott will be new york city . the governor tweeted he will congratulate trump and offer his help to reinvent federal government. the trip fueling speculation that scott could be joining the trump administration. earlier this week scott suggested he would run for senator. in two years against senator. bill nelson . also at that meeting today will be south carolina governor nikki haley. resourcefully
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the president-elect may be considering her for his secretary of state. henry kissinger will also be there. trump and haley have clashed in the past the haley says she is not a fan and trump called haley's stance on immigration week. >> rudy giuliani expressed interest in being secretary of state. clinton made her first postelection speech last night. she got emotional her campaign said there were times in the past week where she just wanted to curl up with a book and never leave the house again she urged her supporters to keep moving forward. >> i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. we need to. america needs you district energy enter ambition and your talent. that is how we get through this. >> ?clinton started her career as an intern at children's
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away this comes forward to help identify a gunman who shot a toddler. detective sent it started when the men argued with the girl's father yesterday . he ran inside and they fired to his door and a stray bullet struck the girls leg. doctors say she is expected to recover. a toddler fell into a family pull and pronounce county. kaylee steve installs mother found her pictures at the bottom of the pool. the mother jumped in and pulled the baby until paramedics arrived. thankfully the baby brigade consciousness and doctors say she is going to be okay. the coast guard is searching for a missing boater on the treasure coast. he was supposed to back by 5 pm but never return. the coast guard started searching for the 66-year-old early tuesday morning and are looking from port st. lucie all
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detectives are searching right now for 35 stolen guns. thieves not only stole the gone -- the guns but they took the gun safe. adriana shattuck says her husband collects tons this guns. the police department is looking into this case and seeing if it is linked to several burglaries in the area. they could have just gotten lucky was it because i would hate to think that someone would take a personal vendetta and bitterness out to this extreme. that is really sad. but i would like to think it was really just random. >> detectives are looking for a lincoln with a beige top. there may be a second car involved -- a white toyota echo or seller -- several a malibu.
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department. over the past two years house and senate committees have issued more than a dozen subpoenas to drugmakers and collected documents and company shamed executives over high prices. the list prices of nearly 30 brand-name and generic drugs have not changed since coming under scrutiny. enough but applying for financial aid can be even harder. what organization wants to help students and parents. the event runs from 6 pm until 9 pm at the river you boys and girls club. represent us local colleges will help you navigate the complicated and time-consuming applications for federal student aid . if you want to go make sure you know your federal student aid id and bring your parent and 2015 tax returns and parent and student w-2 forms.
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performance that will be part of the ncaa playoff music festival in january. the free three-day event is happening generous 6 to 8. >> that will be a that is for sure. freezing right now. 40 2m brooks and crystal reservoir -- a very chilly start for the bus stop. 3 pm will be around 79. and then of course it gets colder heading into the weekend. saturday looks good. this cold air is going to be barreling down the southeastern strip and we will get a piece of that by sunday. we'll talk more about that
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in the deadly police officer shooting streamed live on facebook. the new charges the officer is facing. my wife started yelling. she saw smoke over the two or three cars in front of us. >> firefighter reunites with the family of a driver he pulled from this burning car. we will show you more of this amazing video coming up.
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a judge is expected to rule on monday whether the charleston charged shooter is competent to stand trial. the hearing is said to happen behind closed doors prosecutors and media of bike to break it open to the public dylann roof is facing the death penalty for killing nine people at an african-american church. the jury selection in this trial could start as soon as november 28. minnesota police officer who shot and killed a black man reaching for his wallet is now charged jeronimo yanez is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. deadly force was not justified. yanez killed philando castile after pulling him over for a broken headlight. the shooting aftermath was live streamed on facebook. people in three states are waking up to air quality warnings because of what you see behind us there.
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burning out of control. nine new fires reported just yesterday and experts say one thing is making it nearly impossible for fire crews to contain them . it was considered their quiet season.>> is just try and the forecast that they have provided days to drought conditions, are going to continue throughout the country. hopefully we will get a snowpack that we need but they have not forecast that we are going to see that wet winter. investigators say all of the active fires were started by people.>> we need some rain heading into the weekend. the problem is it will not be enough and gusty wind as well. there is a ways to go before we can make up what we are seeing here which a lot of georgia is extending towards the peninsula
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across the panhandle. this has been a problem. look at this chunk of clear air across the southeast. there is nothing as far as any rainfall. you have to look to the west. that is a feature and a front that will be moving to our neck of the words by saturday night and will drop our temperatures even more so than what we are seeing right now which is cold enough. low 40s across the coast widespread 50s even a couple 50s. milder along the straight then at the airport we are at 59 right now. cold air and calm wind and clear skies. as you make your way as you make your way, west from pope you'll likely see patchy fog. satellite perspective up above we have dry air that will once again set us up for a sunny day today. nothing doing as far as any
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again this is the one that will bring some gusty wind to the southeast and fanned those fires that are still going. for us in moves through saturday night. then we will see temperatures drop by sunday morning completely different saturday and sunday. say that in the second. for today and like tomorrow we will have temperatures in the upper 70s and maybe low 80s. a little milder tomorrow morning but still cool and a layering kind of day as far as dressing because afternoon you could be warm with low 80s. friday and saturday looks great temperatures 80 degrees. saturday night front moves in business with gusty wind early on. will only get to the 60s with widespread 40s and 30s across the north by monday morning. we're starting off of polk county we have a serious crash. us 27 or at county road 546 all
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block. this is north of dundee . if you are heading north to take such as tree instead. we will let you know as soon as it clears. an update state route 52 between us 41 the lanes are back open now but we are still seeing some delays here in both directions. this crash happened about an hour ago by kent grove drive. you may want to avoid that area. this is what it looks like. the tampa side of the howard franklin no crashes of breakdowns across the water. less than 10 minutes to get across all the bridges. an off-duty new york firefighter will behind this crash. many so it would have turned out deadly if not for captain. apollo tonto. you can see the smoke pouring out of the car seconds away from a possible explosion and then you see captain. apollo tonto working to through the driver . the driver was pinned under the dashboard.
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just in time. paula tonto's wife was recording on her cell phone. >> the mother called me the next day she could not stop thanking me. she said i was an angel. i only did what my heart tell me what to do and what i was trained to do. the drivers family pay for captain. apollo tonto to visit them in person as well. another credit card skimmer pop. we will tell you where it was found just ahead. texas police department spent $12,000 on this gadget that won't be used to fight crime -- at least not directly. a new app allows amazon customers to see what is inside the package without opening it. we had the details.
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bytes amazon is offering customers x-ray vision. maybe need to know what is inside a box that has been deliver. ios uses can scan the boxes barcode using the amazon app camera icon. everything inside will show on your screen. amazon is cutting the price of prime membership from $99-$75. the same as for one day only. some perks for three members include a 30 minute head start on friday >> uses can virtually fly over a city, stan on top of the mountain and even soar into space. google earth er is available free. i like it. those are your tech bytes. have a great day.
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the things c
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welcome back. it is 5:24. we attacking a kreidler in sarasota county that targets your bank account. a new credit card skimmer was discovered on monday at a bp gas station on north at a bp gas station on n. lockwood ridge road. in sarasota . the police removed it but they are not sure how long it had been there. if you have any information call the sarasota fired --
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is the latest addition to the k- 9 unit. officer shepherd is controlled remotely invoiced by a nearby officer in real time. separate is part of the dickinson police department commitment to community outreach. its mission is to let kids no law enforcement officers are the good guys. >> he's awesome because he could talk and he can drive. [ laughter ] >> $12,000 and with paper by private donations. -- and was paid for by private donations. a legal maneuver attempting to prevent brendan dassey from being released from prison
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at 5:30 speculation soaring and we have new details this morning about governor. scott's meeting today with
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post is a woman car with her dog and said. her plea this morning as police tracked down the car but her dog is still nowhere to be found. and a water shortage addicted for florida. the call to take action now. the morning and thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning. -- we prefer friday. [ laughter ] >> heidi cabrera standing by. in the 40s. you need them right? this is called stop talking about temperatures widespread in the 50s at this point but we do have plenty of 40s up to the north. the milder spot will be at pinal us.


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