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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  November 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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one minority community is coming together. the one thing they say you can do to help stop the violence. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us, i'm john sabol. >> and i'm sarina fazan. first we bring you breaking news. an officer shot in san bell. he's in the hospital and his condition at this time is unknown. we're told this happened during a routine traffic stop around 8:00 tonight. the suspect took off but officers eventually tracked him down in a neighborhood. they say he exchanged gunfire with police and residentsed in neighborhood were asked to stay indoors as police tracked that man down so far, the officer or the suspect's name has not yet been released. another shooting this one in st. louis, police say an officer was shot twice in the face. doctors say he's in serious condition but is expected to live. the attack may be related to a recent carjacking there. the suspect in this case still on the loose tonight. and another police shooting to tell you about. san antonio police are still searching for the person who gunned down an officer in front
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he had just pulled over a vehicle and was writing a traffic ticket when investigators say another car pulled up next to him and a gunman shot him in the head. >> we consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous. and a clear threat to law enforcement officers and the public. >> police have released a surveillance photo of the suspect's car fleeing police headquarters after the shooting. well, in the wake of the spike in hate crimes nationwide, one group is now calling for peace and many in the transgender community continue to live in fear. >> as abc action news reporter kera mashek explains -- >> reporter: 26 names read one by one. >> crystal edmond, maryland. >> reporter: these there transgender -- are the transgender people who have been murdered in the u.s. in the past year. just a fraction of the nearly 300 transmurder victims around
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we always know that could be us next. >> reporter: many in the lgbt community know it's a lot, but the number is probably even higher. because identities are often misrepresented. that actually happened in may when mercedes successful of haines city was killed and police initially reported it as a man's murder. >> you know, we are people. we are all different orientations and all different religions and all different colors justliken -- just like everybody else. >> reporter: so while canals are lit and heads are -- candles are lit and heads are bow today mourn those -- bowed to mourn those lost, there's an important message about moving for ward. >> there's hope within everybody here open to working towards the future. values diversity, the acceptance and the importance of life. >> reporter: educating friends, neighbors and the community is key to overcoming the obstacles they face.
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unstoppable force. >> i know just like everything else a change will come. >> reporter: those here hope that education will help stop acts of violence against the community so that vigils like this get smaller every year, kera mashek, abc action news. anti-trump marches are still continuing. here's dozens of not my president protestors marching in willton manors on saturd president-elect trump continues to talk with politicians who have reputation for voting against the sights of the -- rights of the lgbt community. right now an investigation is into how a polk county inmate died. deputies found 23-year-old brandon levin unresponsive in his cell on saturday. they couldn't save him. levin was under a suicide watch and facing numerous charges including assault. now to the update in the north port shooting investigation.
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that juvenile was airlifted to the hospital. but was released shortly after. charging in this case is pending. now to pinellas park beknow the name of a man murdered and left behind a dumpster. two people collecting cardboard saturday found the body of 38- year-old joe hodges near the shop at park place just off of highway 19. the search continues for the killer. is joining us now with a chilly forecast and this is going to be the coldest in some time. >> yeah, you know we just talked about this. i won't for dinner break and -- went home for dinner break and turned my heat on for the first time ever. but the boots we have the turtleneck you're ready. >> have to take advantage of it because it doesn't last very long typically in florida. >> we are seeing chilly conditions. in fact it was very chilly this morning. the well, it's going to be even chillier tomorrow morning. current conditions right now are cooling off quite a bit
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tampa and 55 clearwater and 58 in st. petersburg. and around the rest of the bay area, temperatures are quite cool also 52 in myakka city and 50 plant city and zephyrhills, check this out right grees in brooksville. and believe it or not, the temperatures the will still drop from there. so early morning lows will be 38 in brooksville. 36 in crystal river. and in the 40s in the remainder 44 expected in tampa overnight. how long will these cool weather conditions stick around? well, i'll relate you know about that and your thanksgiving forecast and the travel forecast if you're traveling to other parts for this thanksgiving holiday in just a little bit. guys? all right thank you so much. well, a faulty fuel pump may be the reason behind a boat explosion in clay county. the blast on saturday sending two people including the owner to the hospital.
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burns. paramedics streeted a -- treated a third at the scene. there was a lot of damage. a he has in largo after a sewage -- mess in largo after a sewage overflow. some 540 gallons over the flowed from a manhole. it happened saturday in the 1900 block of 134th avenue north. thankfully it's cleared up now and they blame a blockage in the pipeline and say some of the water flowed into nearby mccay creek. as a precaution they posted signs anar here. talk about giving back. one clearwater family does it in a big way. hosting a thanksgiving dinner at their home. over the years it's grown into a huge feast for more than 1,000 people. the backyard becomes the serving line and the kitchen a place for pies. the community meals started in 2000 when o'neill larkin decided to give back to his home, the city of clearwater.
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about cooking some -- and the thought about cooking some food. >> the first year they served 85 meals. the second, 220. this year? they're estimating they served more than 1600 meals. and happening now, across in st. pete is giving free rides. it will be able to ride free every third sunday of the month from now until april 2017. to king things off. cross bay ferry is giving free rides tomorrow on monday of this week tickets for free rides are first come first serve and you must be present to receive them. and mayor buckhorn is raising the awareness on global poverty. he was the keynote speaker at the global poverty walk atwaterworks park in tampa this morning. it is a first time the event able held in tampa. orlando has hosted it for the past 8 years. the goal is to raise money and educate people in hopes of combating the problem. still ahead on abc action
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meets with individuals to fill key cabinet positions. the decisions he's made this weekend. and a warning for parents apopyle already toy bursting into flames just -- a popular toy bursting into flames just minutes after being purchased temperature move to keep -- purchased. the move to keep continue soupers safe. -- consumers safe. and we've got highlights of the american newsic awards. -- music awards. who won after the break.
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z26krz zy6z y26kry yy6y welcome back. in 16-year-old boy and a 17-year- old girl now in custody for murder of a congressman's grandson. police say the 15-year-old was killed in an argument over basketball shoes on friday. today many stood outside congressman danny davis' office in show after support. of support -- of support. this raises questions of easy access of guns specifically for teenagers. >> guns should not have been
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guns out of our environment. >> the death of the congressman's grandson is putting chicago's murder rate in the national spotlight once again. this year alone, there have been 673 homicides. the faa is now saying the pilot killed in a recent nevada plane crash likely saved other lives by crashing the medical transport plane into a parking lot. that plane could have hit a nearby apartment building. the plane was headed for a hospital in utah friday night and crashed takeoff. all four people on board died. investigators say a mechanical failure could have been to blame. ling and right now the holy era of mercy officially e.king today. pope francis shut the holy doors to mark the occasion. he's now urging people attending mess in st. peter's square to stay open to opportunities for reconciliation. new tonight, rescuers in northern india are looking for survivors after a train derails
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about 70 people maybe trapped in the wreckage. over 150 others were hurt. it's not clear what caused the crash. and a democracy 2016, new questions now popping up about donald trump's top candidate choices. >> the president-elect met with the handsful of top prospects today to fill key cabinet positions. hearsays min amere. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump kicking off another day at the private new jersey golf club meeting with high-pro among those new jersey governor chris christie who is removed as head of trump's transition team and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. set to be on the short list for secretary of state. the same role former massachusetts governor mitt romney who met with the president-elect on saturday is also being considered for. >> the president-elect was very grateful that governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting.
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exchange and i know he's under active consideration to be secretary of state of the united states. >> reporter: as the transition team continues to sort through viable candidates, trump already made a few selections. kansas representative mike pompeo as the next cia director and alabama senator sessions as attorney general. both of whom still field senate confirmation and retired army lieutenant michael flynn national security adviser. and the president-elect is showing interest in retired marine general james mattus as one of the cabinet members, he says he is the real deal and considered a top contender to lead the pentagon but trump didn't official say that he was offering him the job. columbia university is suspending members of the wrestling team. several members were caught sending lewd, racist and homophobic messages. student website published a
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week. columbia since apologized on saturday saying the incident has been big wakeup call for them. a consumer alert tonight. toys "r" us is pulling a specific line of trucks off the shelves. and that's after the tonka 12 vote ride on dump truck burst into flames during a ride home. grandparents in washington state say they just bought the toy as a gift and the toy not only caught on fire, so did their pickup truck on the interstate. no one got hurt thankfully and there's not an official recall at this time. but the store pulled the truck website and while this incident is being investigated. sabra hummus has a voluntary recall and it may be contaminated with listeria. consumers are urged to discard any product with a best before date through january 23rd 2017 on the lid. more families in need can make thanksgiving a hung success this year after the -- huge success the year after the generosity of community
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year. the giveaway started at 9:00 a.m. and organizers say it grows every year. and the american music awards, a big hit tonight hosts had the crowd laughing with their jokes and big winners tonight for rap artist drake and ariana grande has the artist of the year the biggest award. so nice to see cool will be warming up by thanksgiving. >> oh absolutely. warming up. but in the meantime it's going to be the coldest temperatures so far of the season. >> and you may want to turn your heat on then. >> i turned it on already. i already turned it on. >> yes. that's right. it is chilly and chillier than it was last night. we have to get tower camera in tampa right now about 54 degrees in tampa. big difference from what will it was just a few days ago. in fact, early morning this
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temperatures. it dropped to 50 degrees in tampa. 55 in various. in bartow -- sarasota. in bartow it was 48 this morning and 49 in clearwater and 39 in crystal river. but it's going to go even colder this evening. tight now we're going to take a look at current temperatures in fact our current temperatures are dropping in some areas colder than our early morning lows were this morning. so that just goes show you that we -- to show you that we are definitely going to have some cooler temperatures. right now it's 50 in plant city and 41 in crystal river. the cool spot 9 degrees right now -- 39 degrees right now in brooksville. this is the 24 hour temperature change. it's a double digit pretty much everywhere. now that doesn't mean that our minimums will be double digits but just shows that at this time yesterday, we were certainly a good amount warmer, now tomorrow morning our lows will be 50 in seminoleling and 54 st. pete -- and 54 in st. pete and 44 in tampa and 42 palm harbor.
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county, those are the cold spots with temperatures in the 30s expected in the early morning hours. you travel down south and inland, temperatures for the most part will be in the mid- to upper 40s. so it certainly will be a chilly bun with you there are no freeze warnings in effect for the bay area. all of this freeze warnings are in northern florida that doesn't mean though that you shouldn't bring your pets in. it's very, very chilly out there. obviously your pets aren't used to just like we aren't that's why i turned m good toy in the out-- idea to bring in the outdoor pets. highs on monday, well it's going to warm up pretty nicely. out of the upper 60s and into the low 70s over much of the bay area and the temperatures will continue to moderate as we head through the workweek. now if you're going to be traveling before thanksgiving, wednesday is a big travel day. there will be a cold front slicing through the nation. and probably the biggest travel trouble spot will be in the upper midwest where we're going
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through the mississippi valley. so if you're traveling into those areas, you may want to check for delays on wednesday. also we're going see some snow out in the west especially in the mountainous regions but right here in tampa? thanksgiving looks fantastic. mild, sunshine, warm. in fact by thanksgiving day, 79 degrees. in the meantime though, we got to get through a little bit of cold weather. so overnight tonight 44 this evening and in the early morning hours. and then tomorrow afternoon, we'll warm up nicely to 69 degrees. sunny and pleasant. but a cool afternoon. very sometime what we saw today -- similar to what we saw today. here's a look the seven day forecast -- look at the seven day forecast, you can see the temperatures moderating through the week we go into the mid 70s. in fact by thanksgiving day, -79d close to 80 -- 79 close to 80 and then our lows in the up ears to near 60 by then.
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guys? coming up, a stunner in arrow head stadium. the buccaneers up consistent chiefs with a dominant -- upset the chiefs with a dominant and rare road win. what was the turning point for the bucs with this win? keep it here, sports is next. >> on third down, winston
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we were talking in the showers. it was like plan, it felt great and then jared mccoy was like -- you know that's excted and i just paused and i was like, you're exactly right. >> well you ever wondered what nfl players talk aut of course that's after a stunning victory in a place that not many road teams win. the bucs shocked the chiefs at the stadium today winning by just two points. bucs dominated kansas city in every phase, defense offense and special teams. when was the last time you can say that about the bucs? it's been a while. but what make this is even sweeter that the bucs did it in the loudest stadium in the world. chiefs entered the day with a the 10 game home win streak and
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were the national anthem. late second quarter and chiefs driving. alex smith has open space and slides in for the 11-yard touchdown run. kcup 10-6. interesting move here by dirk cutter. 11 seconds late in the left. the bucs facing third and 4 and he opt for a field goal. no shot at the end zone. guess what? it paid off because he drill this is 41-yarder. bucs cut the lead 10-9 at the break. third quarter more of the same. anot this one from 36 yards. remember he entered the day 9- 14 from field goals entering the day. 4-4 today. big step for aguy woe. early fourth, kc on the bucs' 6 and smith to the end zone that's picked off by chris on chris conti. 55 yards returned on the int the longest bucs' interception return since 2013. a few plays later bucs
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third and 0 on the 3. first career touchdown for the fourth string bucs' tight end and it comes on the second nfl catch can you believe it? bucs lead 19-10. back comes the chiefs now. here he redeemed himself on the goal line finds wilson for the chiefs' touchdown. it is now a 19-17 game. we have ourselves a ball game with 2:27 left. chief get the ball back with three seconds left. no time-outs. looking for a miracle no hail mary, instead they the bucs win and stun the arrow head crowd winning 19-17. snapping the chiefs' ten game home winning streak dating back to october of 2015. a huge win for tampa bay. the bucs did something that many thought was impossible, win at kansas city. >> you know it was a very tough place to play. a team that's won i think 17 of the last 19 games and shoot i'm
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atmosphere. always an awe? place to play at arrow head. >> we were a good team. but we will be here -- we're a good team also. and this is my sixth year in the league and always see that good teems find ways to win in november and december. so today was a huge win for us. and rusty -- such a huge move besides winning in arrow head. the bucs are at the .500 mark and now just a game back of the falcons for first place in the nfc south. boost of confidence and not at a better time with seattle coming toway ray j next -- ray j next saturday. >> by no means have we had the easy go around this year. we played against some tough times and this is the nfl. every week you going play against a great defense and a great offense, but next week will definitely be a challenge with the seahawks but we have
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losses this year two of them have come on the road. that bodes well for the bucs next week. seahawks at home today against the eagles. from one of the loudest stadiums in kc to another one at century link. in seattle. wilson threw for 272 yards and one touchdown here to jimmy graham. s hugs wane easily over philly. 26-15. now 7-2-1 they had a tie a few weeks back but get this seattle hasn't won a game in tampa in stay tuned. more news reasons after this time-out -- returns after this
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you're taking a look at bay shore boulevard right now. actually downtown tampa. and it's a pretty chill little night. >> -- chilly night. >> it is a pretty chilly night and even chillier, chillier than what we saw this morning. and last night.
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the most part. almost everywhere. and in fact in the northern counties? citrus and hernando counties, it's going to drop into the 30s. how about that? >> so you people up in citrus and hernando may need to cover plants possibly? >> well, we're not going to see freezing temperatures there, there's no freeze warnings there but it is certainly going to be cold and colder than we've seen all season. but you can see doesn't last very long. >> i was going say look at the temperatures i mean they climb back up. >> yeah for wednesday. degrees by thanksgiving. but the good news is it's lots of sunshine and our low still stay in the upper 50 toss low 60 -- 50 50s to low 60s no rain in the forecast though. >> you know i was telling dennis yesterday that i don't remember a cold thanksgiving. >> always warm. >> it's always warm and a lot of times it's wet. i know that because when i had my family over, they can't sit in milling room and i went to
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always end up in my living room because it's raining. >> have great night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] z26lfz zy6z


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