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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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that's great. this isn't helping, low to mid- 40s right now. ybor city checking in at 47. 42 in brandon. milder along pinellas, 53 in pinellas park and 56 in st. pete. lets widen the shot out. low 30s now freezing in crystal river. they have in the last couple of hours. brooksville at 33. we're looking at 41 in zephyrhills, look at these 30s, plant morning, upper 30s right now. all of us warming up by later this afternoon. it's going to take a while. as soon as we get to lunchtime, we'll get those temperatures up in the 60s. one more chilly night tonight, not as cold as this morning, but still it is going to be uncomfortable this morning and then we'll begin the warmup heading into midweek. upper 60s, a couple of us touching 70 degrees. how about 80 for thanksgiving.
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western caribbean headed for central america in just a few minutes. and good morning everybody, an update now on this crash in pinellas county, southbound tar pin avenue is blocked, utah southbound u.s. 19 is blocked at tarpon avenue. we're told it could be like this for another hour or two. if you're getting ready to head out the door you might want to leave yourself a time, alt 19 might be the best option. we're looking great out there, take a look behind me i-75 around 301. more cars are out there on the roads now. no crashes or delays on any of the interstates. back to ewe you dan. the search continues for the person who killed a man and left his body behind a dumpster in pinellas park. the name of the victim, two people collecting cardboard found the body of 38-year-old
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park place. police still investigating and searching for possible suspects. we're waiting to learn if charges will be filed in a north port shooting. police say two kids were firing bb guns and one ended up getting hit in the head. the juvenile was airlifted to the hospital but was released shortly after. happening right now, rescuers in northern india are still looking for survivors after a train derailment kills at least 133 people. that number has been steady rising overnight. we know at least 200 other passengers were to be life-threatening injuries. it's unclear what caused accident. new information this morning, the faa now saying a pilot killed in this nevada plane crash likely saved many lives on the ground. he crashed the medical transport plane into a parking lot avoiding a nearby apartment building. all four people on board the plane unfortunately including the heart patient died in the crash. they were headed for a hospital in utah friday night but crashed moments after takeoff.
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malfunction. two people are recovering from injuries after their boat exploded in northeast florida. it happened in green cove springs about 30 miles south of jacksonville. police say several people were working on that boat when they heard a loud pop. then they were surrounded by flames and had to jump into the water. the two people taken to the hospital suffered burns. the electricity was off the boat while it was being worked on but a pump may overflow. sanitary crews reported 540- gallons of untreated wastewater overflowed from a manhole. it happened saturday on 134th avenue north. it's all cleaned up now. they blame a blockage in the pipeline and say some of that water flowed into nearby ma cay creek. as a precaution they posted signs and are also analyzing samples. >> in south florida a woman is
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surgery before dangerous bacteria in her ear begins to spread. they're keeping the bacteria in her ear in check with antibiotics. her doctor thinks she contracted that bacteria while swimming in martin county. she's gone through multiple abilities fighting this bacteria. she's now on her last one. >> if it becomes resistant to that there's nothing else they can do, that's it, and eventually it bloodstream. >> graston is trying to raise money to pay for her surgery. the go fund me account has raised $1100 of the o'$10,000 goal. getting a ct scan isn't usually very exciting unless you're a vet giving a ct scan to an alligator.
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melanoma once. recently it started acting strangely. it lost its appetite. they brought in mobile vet imaging equipment. the vets are working to analyze the results. the tampa bay buccaneers remain in the thick of the playoff race the. >> bucs ended the chief's five- game winning streak. chris conte picks up alex smith's pass in the end zone and returns it 53 yards to give the bucs great it's conte's second interception in two games. a few plays later, jameis winston connects with alan cross for the touchdown. the bucs win 19-17. >> it shows us what we're capable of. it sets that standard. by no means have we had an easy go around this year. we played some tough teams. this is the nfl. every week your going to play against a great defense and a great offense. >> the challenge for the bucs only gets tougher.
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west leading seattle seahawks. the florida gators men's basketball team continues their early season barn storming tour across the state. the gators won't play in gainesville for another month. tickets for tonight's game are still available. talk about giving back. one clear water family does it in a big way staging a huge thanksgiving dinner at their home. the larkin family started this tradition 16 years ago. it's gotten bigger every year. this year they're gearing up to feed 1600 families. the their backyard is being turned into the serving loin, the kitchen a place for buy. he got the idea to go big from his wife. >> gave me the idea and the thought about cooking some food instead of giving away a thanksgiving basket to a needy family. >> the first year they served 85 meals, the second 220, and this year they're estimating
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served. 5:36. a local law firm is saying thank you and giving back to the tampa bay community for the eighth year in a row for thanksgiving. at 8:30 this morning, the law firm on west mlk boulevard is handing out hundreds of free turkeys. anyone needing a bird for the holiday can pick onen. you may run into traffic delays on mlk because of that turkey give away. >> a texas police department is pulling people over and making their day. instead of tickets they're handing out turkeys. it's happening in drivers pulled over for minor infractions get a warning and a turkey. drivers can use the food and the officers are building goodwill as well have they're surprised. it's a great feeling it really is. >> the turkeys were donated to the police department by a local church that had some extras. >> if you thought it was cold this morning, you're absolutely right. so far this season that takes
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crystal river at 32 right at freezing. look ahead to your big travel day on wednesday in just a couple of minutes. where i live in seattle it's such a prevalent thing for kids to know him as kind of the mean man. >> mom comes up with a unique way to ease her children's fear about the country's new president-elect, how that idea is now spreading on facebook. >> you're getting them in mailbox. you're getting them in your e- mail inbox, black friday ads are everywhere. these people are ready. are you? we're going to give you the best prices on the best
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new black friday ads are out. the big question now, where are you going to for your buck. james tully is live at the best buy in east tampa. anybody on the market for a new tv is going to have a lot to choose from. >> those 4k televisions, if you haven't pulled the trigger this holiday season might be the time for you to do so. i talked to some people here stocking the shelves tonight, they told me samsung products that's ticket. consumer say the same thing, although i'm kind
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here know something i don't know. look, i shouted in those tents once to see if somebody's awake or in there. i'm going to let them sleep, even if it is in a tent outside of best buy, people have to sleep. this is from your sunday paper and a couple of the products in consumer reports backs this up. here's a samsung 65-inch television, 4k smart tv. it's going for 8.99. that's about 200 $off the retail price. many of these samsung televisions are $200 off. if that's a little too steep for you, no big deal. look on the back page. this also noted by this is a sharp 50-inch tv, it's 1080p, 50-inch tv for 279, that also about $200 below retail price. now, looking for something else, maybe you're not even thinking about appliances, but there are some really good
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dishwashers, stoves, they're up to 40% off. at sears they're offering 40% more on kenmore products. you want to check online and see if some of these major retailers are offering their black friday prices now. that way you don't have to wait until friday. however, maybe you prefer to wait. some people i guess don't mind being the first in line. we're going to check in with them see what these folks, when they wake up what they're planning to get. can't stress it enough guys, televisions, that's the big ticket item this black friday. best buy opens at 5:00 on thursday. they're going to close at 1 a.m. ask reopen friday morning at 8. live this morning in tampa, james tully abc action news. thank you james. for those of you who don't want to camp out, abc action news is getting you ready to score big
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on our website you'll see this article right here. it says black friday and thanksgiving weekend mall hours. we've got this posted on our mobile app as well. you can find the hours for all the malls from tampa bay to orlando this weekend. we've got hillsborough county, hang on, we've got all the different malls -- okay, it just disappeared. i'll find it for you. trust me we've got all the mall hours from hillsborough county to orlando to show you what to expect and when the malls are going to be open thursday through sunday. if you do plan on camping out, you might need an extra layer. >> who's camping out. that's the thing, i mean, lets talk about that for a second. first of all, james, probably a good idea not to knock on those tents. maybe they're not waiting for the store to open. i don't know. maybe they just like that part of town. we'll have to find out. or hopefully we won't. temperatures this morning are in the 40s. coldest air mass of the season. we are going to recover. this is florida, not the northeast.
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and begin to warm up. as you saw james there, layers is the key once again today. if you just have one big coat on you're going to be sweating by this afternoon. that's incredible. we're in the low 30s right ,000 upper 30s across portions of polk county as well. mid-40s in tampa. we are going to get back to temperatures near 70 this afternoon. where are we compared to this time yesterday when i was with you here, we're running anywhere from 5 to 15 to 20 degrees cooler as the winds have calmed and that set the stage for the first freeze the season, widespread across the southeast as far south as marion county, ocala getting in on that this morning. the rest of us here looking better as far as that. we don't want 20s in our area. dry, that's the orange you see there all the way down. this is the furthest we've had cold air and dry air spilled down into the caribbean, which is amazing because we have a new tropical depression just south of that dry air. this is tropical depression 16 and incredibly forecasts here
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center is 35-mile an hour winds. this will become otto, very close to shore along the central america coast here. it is going to punch to the west, and intensifies. the official forecast has this turning into hurricane otto thursday before it heads in. this is going to be for central america i think a big rainmaker, not is much wind, category 1 hurricane but the folks towards the west will be dealing with some rainfall and the potential for flooding with the mountains there. for us no rain. it's going the difference will be the position of this high and that will be key for us, because that will begin to moderate our temperatures. we'll tap into that easterly wind. that will bring us partly cloudy skies, not as sunny as today and will also bring us milder temperatures. we'll be pushing 80 degrees by the middle part of the week. not today. still another cool day with temperatures out there in the upper 60s to low 70s. by tomorrow a chilly start, no question. another cold morning, not as cold as this morning, still chilly. 75 by the afternoon, and then
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thanksgiving, and yes, for all the black friday extravaganzas, we're looking at temperatures at 80 degrees janelle. 80 i can handle. we are still watching crash in pinellas, and right at tarpon avenue. you can see the delays building. southbound lanes are blocked right here. you're going to want to use an alternate. head to alt 19 or depending where you're coming from and heading you can always take east lake if you're heading south. either way we'll keep our eye on this. i'll let you know when it clears right here and on twitter at tampa bay traffic. your drive through pinellas county on 27a the lanes wide open, still up to speed in both directions. crossing the bridges, looks like all three under 10 minutes right now. 12:until 6 right now. happening right now we're
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out when airport workers at chicago's o'hare international will go on strike. it could cause a ripple effect across the country during the busiest travel period of the year. baggage handlers want union rights and $15 an hour. at 11 this morning, they'll announce when they plan to go on strike. chicago's aviation department says the strike will not disrupt service because it does not involve critical operations like security screeners or air traffic controllers. we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us, all of us. [ cheers and applause ] >> you've probably seen this clip by now. the cast of the broadway show hamilton addressing mike pence. this weekend president-elect --
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on what happened. >> when we arrived we heard a few boos, and we heard some cheers, and i nudged my kids and reminded them that's what freedom sounds like, but at the end, you know, i did hear what was said from the stage and i can tell you i wasn't offended by what was said. i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> pence wants to reassure people mr. trump is preparing to be the president of all people in the u.s. and he wants to bring together people with diverse views. a seattle mom came up with the idea to ease her son's fear about the president-elect. now it's going viral. other parents are encouraging their children to write down their fear and concerns and mail them to mr. trump. >> i'll often say if someone's mean why don't we talk to them. you're good at being kind,
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and so that was the idea. we decided to write the president-elect a letter. >> she started a facebook page for other kids to send their messages to mr. trump. some are letters. some are drawings. many are hopeful for the future including one from a 13-year- old girl who wrote, quote, i hope since many people dislike you you can prove us wrong. the country is counting on you. something a lot of us consider to be junk mail could be a way for you to make some extra cash. >> and inspire you to pay it forward today, what she did with the huge tip two customers left behind. z26l7z zy6z
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y26lny yy6y good morning, a warmer spot this morning in pinellas, low 50s, mid-50s in st. pete. the rest of us are in the 40s. brutal out there as far as temperatures this morning. look at crystal river sitting at 32, 33 in brooksville. we are going to warm up nicely. by the time we get into your lunch, low, mid-60s and eventually highs near 70 for today. another cold night tonight. we'll talk about that and your thanksgiving forecast coming up in the next hour. thanks ivan. 6 until 6 right now. the 2016 american music awards celebrated fan favorites. the show issuing a rare award to a pop legend.
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game you play, every night you stay, i'll be watching you. ? ? >> sting received the first award of merit given out in eight years for his exceptional contributions to the music industry. and no surprise politics also came up last night. groan green day adding anti- trump lyrics to a son. also men deena mensal and mark cuban mentioned the president- elect as well. >> what are you to? >> not being invited to the inauguration is a good start. >> i know how you feel. yeah, scary theater people wouldn't be invited to the inauguration either. >> the big winner last night ariana grande who won artist of the year beating out justin bieber and rihanna. now to common way people are throwing away.
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lawsuit you may be eligible to a class action settlement. it's easier than ever to find settlements. consumer action created a database listing hundreds of settlements that could net you anywhere from 3 bucks to 5,000. >> it was a postcard that just said we could collect something. >> among the current hot cases you can still join, unsolicited home mortgage calls. if you drive a hyundai sonata, you could be in line for a free warranty extension and those diesel volkswagen, owners can collect up to $5000. an alabama waitress who recently received a big tip is now paying the act of kindness forward to complete strangers. carley astock works at a seafood restaurant near
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couple who paid their $26 bill and left a $330 tip. carley is so thankful she's now doing random acts of kindness for other customers at the restaurant. >> i just paid for a few people's meals in the drive through. i gave them a certain amount of money and told them just to use it until it runs out. >> the couple who left carley the tip also left a card from a local church. the pastor of that church says this is not only a campaign but a way of life. across the country, including one here in florida and one in texas where sadly the officer died and the gunman got away. we're following that man hunt. >> search for a killer, new at 6, defense are detectives are looking for clues after two men find the body of man by these dumpsters, this morning what
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this monday morning at 6, tampa police are investigating a crash involving a police officer and a wrong way driver. >> our crew just arrived on the scene in the past hour. i want to show you all new video from the scene want so far we know the officer was traveling eastbound on kennedy boulevard when a wrong way driver entered his lane from northbound high park avenue. this happened around 3:30 this morning. the driver was not hurt, but hospital. the officer is being treated for minor injuries. we'll go live coming up at 6:45. ivan cabrera is in this morning, we're feeling the coldest temps so far this season. >> they're colder than 5, and we're going to continue to do that through sunrise. temperatures in the low 40s, tampa at 43. the airports now coldest we've


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