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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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targeted. what should people watch out for now? >> reporter: neighbors here and on davis island say someone is walking up to their tour selling magazine subscriptions saying the money is going to be ronald mcdonald house charity. the problem is that is not how those organizations to business. >> reporter: the streets can feel secure but in the last week a door to door. >> had you discern when you are just trying to help somebody? >> reporter: a man came to her house friday selling magazines. >> i said i would love to help you but i do not need any magazines. that is when you told me if i got a subscription i could donate it to be ronald mcdonald house. >> reporter: that got her to
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he had a list of the names of 20 other neighbors who did the same. >> it made sense to me and i thought i was helping them out. >> reporter: neighbors i sharing this online. the charity said they will never come to your door or call you asking for donations and if anybody tries ask these questions. >> are you a paid solicitor and wait for the response. what percentage of your dollar is going to the program? >> reporter: $.87 goes directly to families. she was trying to help the ronald mcdonald house in the man who approached her at the same time. >> i was just trying to help somebody. it felt awkward all of the sudden he left and i felt scammed. like i should know better. >> reporter: the local ronald mcdonald house says they
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they actually have an online wish list for the 2000 families they help. we will have a link to that on reporting in tampa, i am ashley, abc action news. we are getting our first look at a robbery in action in st. petersburg. this guy reaches across the counter and grabs a cash register drawer yesterday afternoon at the store on mlk street. he bolted as soon as he snatched the drawer. this guy is not the serial burglar you see here who targeted at least three other convenience stores. coming up we will show you the bold move one victim made to try to stop him. making meth at a home with a child inside. serious charges. reporter clifton french has more on the
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to a popular park. >> this is hansen park one block away from the home were deputies found meth and plenty of dangerous chemicals. we were confronted by a young woman outside of his home. refusing to comment, she went back inside and she and a man left in this white mercedes with a towel covering the license plate. just yesterday this home was filled >> he set up an appearance with his house to be as though he was a regular family. >> reporter: an american flag on the outside of this home where 42-year-old vandy hoffman lift with a 16-year-old child. one neighbor did not want to show his face or use his name. >> he says several years ago he
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>> it has been steadily going downhill. >> reporter: he saw traffic going in and out. he never expected meth to be made here. the chemicals could have caused a fire putting his family in danger as well. >> you just never know. >> reporter: it is not that common here. we did some digging and found two other cases within a half- mile of this home. tonight this neighbor hopes this woman gets the help she needs for the sake of her family and this neighborhood. >> i feel bad for her. >> reporter: in carrollwood, clifton french, abc action news. the fight against zika it is now cleared. we are talking about a 3 mile stretch of miami beach that hasn't seen any new cases and
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beach is still active. it could be cleared but governor rick scott said there will still be increased effort to kill mosquitoes. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> good afternoon, everybody. we started off around 32 degrees with another frigid start by the afternoon warmed up beautifully. it is a taste of things to come and today we are a. 80 by thanksgiving with 32 in crystal river and lakeland was 39 with another cold night for northern counties and closer to the beach a lot warmer with 56 in st. pete. skies are clear and they should stay that way with the only exception a few clouds pushing in. i don't think it brings any rain with clear skies overnight. i will tell you how long the
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up in a couple of minutes. right now a manhunt is underway at the south florida college for somebody shot a man with investigators arriving at the florida memorial university. they say the victim was shot outside the front gate of the miami gardens campus. the school was put on lockdown. we are still checking on how the victim is doing, but we do know new information about this horrific schoolbus crash from yesterday. authorities say this chattanooga bus driver john tony -- john tony walker was going over the speed limit when the bus flipped over. witnesses say it was swerving before the crash. six students are still in
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>> it could have been my kids. [ sobbing ] these are some babies that were just trying to get home. >> ntsb expects to stay in chattanooga to help with the investigation. we are looking to see if seatbelts would have helped. walker is now facing several charges. president-elect donald trump is now considering dr. ben carson for a cabinet position even just last week he is not prepared to be a secretary. after a meeting at a trump tower he is thinking about making carson the head of housing and urban development calling him a greatly talented person. rudy giuliani refused to discuss the development but he did say mr. trump may be backing down to call for a criminal investigation into
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there is a tradition that after humid and election you put things behind you. i would also be supported of continuing the investigation. >> the president does not have the power to decide who is under criminal investigation but he said it is not something he feels strongly about. a pinellas county fire station is preparing to scrub down a building. the east lake fire rescue station shutting down for the next 3 to for takes care of the problem inside. temporary buildings are set to house fire crews so they should not be any impact on response times. i feel like they actually abused the law. >> not out of a wheelchair. the reason a woman says she confronted deputies and washes the only one facing charges
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coming up we have your complete
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right now texas deputies
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she gets taste twice. once while already handcuffed and on the ground. this all began when holman confronted deputies. you can see she goes back and forth with deputies for some time. someone grabs her and really tries to restrain her. >> they say she is really nasty. i am going to taser you. >> reporter: she used a wheelchair. >> she was charged with resisting arrest and spent three days in jail. they will stay on the job until the investigation. university of kansas suspending a tribute after posting a photo to snapchat. these men are all wearing kansas sweaters. it is the caption that got the young woman suspended.
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photo but still her teammates called it unacceptable and set her behavior will not be tolerated. they are still investigating. quick thinking likely saved this home from burning down after a half report exploded inside. >> we heard crackling and it was like some roman candle fireworks. >> zachary thompson said the flames were so intense they that is when the roommate picked up the mattress and put it in the pool. earlier this year a recall came out for half 1 million hoverboards. if you choose to buy one, make sure it has this label on it. that means they made globally recognize standards for safety. take a look here because one third of all of you say you will start your black friday
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and 9 a.m. jackson kelly shows how with planning you can get the best bargains in the least amount of time. >> reporter: black friday is not for everyone. >> i don't believe in the black friday deals. >> reporter: for the many who plan to shop it requires a game plan. for. >> reporter: first you want to preview the ads with most circulars up. next, evaluate be deals. >> the number one thing is preplanning. >> reporter: this part is easy. you'll find the black friday price comparison cheat sheet right on the site.
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let's say you were hunting for the cheapest barbie. just type in barbie. some of the best bargains we found were for a tv. a tenant tablet for $99 at walmart. a fitbit for $59 and over 100 toys at 50% off at toys "r" us. >> i save by shopping >> reporter: take advantage of the price match policy. many stores will pay you the difference. >> i was shopping at walmart and i saw it cheaper at target. i came here, and they matched. >> reporter: check at the presales. you can square black friday deals on wednesday or just after midnight online.
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>> i really feel like you can get everything today online. >> reporter: jackie callaway taking action for you. now the most accurate weather team in florida. abc action weather. >> the question is how is the weather going to be. >> there has been many years where it has been frigid, but not this year. they are talking around 80 degrees on it is what we do in florida going with the territory. look at the circle with apollo beach. a beautiful sunset with skies clear this morning. we were down around freezing in our northern counties with titan doppler radar quiet. outside of that back in the low to mid 70s today after the
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coast. mid-70s from tampa over to clearwater with skies clear not just across the entire bay area pretty pretty much the entire southeast with a beautiful stretch of weather in-store. a lot of dry air and futurecast shows the easterly flow i talked about. tomorrow morning you get an east wind and you showers on the east coast. there could be a couple of sprinkles with maybe hardee and otherwise i don't think we have anything more than a few clouds. so those perfectly blue skies that you have had they are going to be taking a break. i do think a little more moisture and maybe a little but a fog developing some time on
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the water has now cooled off and then all of a sudden you have some warmer air on top of that and you start to see some fog. that is something we have not yet been this season. if you are planning on taking the boat, it shouldn't be a big deal. we will give you updates because if you are stuck in fog, practically zero visibility in the gulf of mexico. thanksgiving day is be but notice may be a few showers on the east coast. i really don't think we have anything to worry about with rain chances below 10%. we have another front coming in to give us dry air and it will not be a blast of cold air like the last one arriving on saturday. the forecasted high on wednesday is right back up near 80
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late summer or early fall with temperatures in the 80s. for travelers on wednesday tomorrow you have got nothing to worry about out of tampa with temperatures in the upper 70s. if you are going to a major hub, there's been issues in new york but otherwise it does not look like a big deal. chicago could get rain tomorrow. the one thing you are not seeing is no snow in any of bit in new york on thanksgiving day. i doubt near the coast because the water and the air. but there could be some showers before the macy's day parade on thanksgiving. otherwise not a bad day. we have a new hurricane and can you believe it? we now have the seventh hurricane of the year, otto.
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an issue for costa rica for the next few days. it is something you will need to keep your eyes on. the water temperature has come down to 64 degrees in your tied at some -- tide at sunset. right through the weekend and beyond highs each day back in the upper 70s to still ahead, a family living in fear and the one reason a home break-in has them on edge even though nothing was
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i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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i'm here in the abc action news lobby to tell you about
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our lobby and it is our salvation angel tree. you can pick as many as you want. just something as easy as this. h9 says he would like clothes and a jacket. he also wishes to get some sports toys and maybe a game called minecraft. it is really simple. you take the tag off before friday before friday, december 9. when you are here and you drop them off you can register to win some great prizes that we are giving away. one of them at this year is a $500 gift certificate you can win. come down here to the abc action news lobby before december 9 and return those unwrapped gifts check to us to make kids have a great
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>> our tv station is right across the street in tampa. our abc action news lobby is open weekdays and if you live in a different part of town you can find another angel tree near use -- near you. the warning before you buy those toys, there are several that you should know to avoid altogether. this year's report is out in the popular items that could put your kids in danger. one of the things is this pencil case with magnets on the red and it could be a choking hazard. also these chairs right here. 6000 imported from china containing lead causing health problems. we have a full list on
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clearwater convenience stores in cameras rolling the entire time. the attempt of one worker to stop the attacks. >> i learned that true joy is to get back. >> and outreach helping kids achieve their dreams. i am carson chambers and how this keeps students on the right track. cl toyota.
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live from the station taking action for you. this is abc action news. >> a warning tonight if anyone comes to your front door asking for donations. the ronald mcdonald house says
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their behalf. they say they would never go toe to toe or or make phone calls. >> authorities in tennesee say is school bus driver was driving over the speed limit when the bus went off the road yesterday. a child on the bus telling authorities he heard the bus driver saying ready to die before the crash. it killed five children. president obama awarding a medal of freedom a new port richey mother so someone tried to break in to the bedroom of her daughter with special needs. >> erik waxler shows us the critical clue left behind. >> we are living in fear. >> reporter: christine's mind is running wild after


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