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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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>> you don't just dye in there willy nilly. you've got to have a plan. you have to have it set or there's no reason to do it. >> they have a plan and they're out in full force. we are out talking to black friday shoppers to see what deals are up for grabs. >> it's one of the busiest shopping days of the year, but crooks also looking to cash in. i'm isabel rosales with details on how police are working to keep you safe. good morning, thanks for >> and i'm janelle martinez in for deiah riley. we start with a check of the weather, and it was nice yesterday, a little bit warm, a little bit of the same today. >> pretty much the same. if you liked yesterday, you'll definitely like today because conditions haven't really changed much. in fact, after a mild start this morning, it's going to be warm once again with increased humidity, and then by this evening pleasant but definitely above normal temperatures. in fact, our high today will top out at 81 degrees with lots of sunshine. if you're planning out your
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need a jacket. that's for sure, at least maybe in the mornings if you're a little thin blooded like i am, temperatures in the 60s over most of the bay area. cooler to the north. our highs today will top out in the low 80s around the bay area. there are a few changes to your forecast. i'll let you know about that in just a little bit you guys. we're also checking the roads this morning. this is a live look at the howard franklin heading north into tampa. looks like we ve stalled car there, maybe troopers are there helping them out. no delays across the howard franklin this morning, less than 10 minutes to get across all three bridges. ready, set, shop. black friday is here and folks across the bay area are expected to fill stores. >> we're talking everything from deals to security, and we have live team coverage from wesley chapel to st. pete to bring you what you need to know if you're heading out to shop today. let's start with abc action news reporter rodney dunigan
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>> janelle, you are right about that. the mall here opened up at 6:00 last night, and it doesn't close until 10:00 tonight. let me tell you, there have been a steady flow of shoppers coming in to enjoy black friday deals. what i love about this time of year, not only thanksgiving to be around the family but a lot of families take today to start a new tradition, a shopping tradition. i have one of those families here with me. grandma, first off let me get >> we have my daughter, my grand baby, my granddaughter, my niece. we have my best friend sheila, and my niece elizabeth with us. >> wow, okay. >> you guys got out at 4:00 this morning? >> 4 a.m., it's our tradition every year for over 20 years. we're up at 3, out at 4. >> and tell me what sort of deals are you guys looking for this morning? >> we're looking for the morning specials, which usually end at 10 a.m. we're up here every morning at
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starbucks, of course, and we just move along. carters for the little guy and toy store. >> these guys were a bit nervous to talk on camera. what stores are you guys looking forward to going to today? >> we always go to forever 21. we spend a lot of time in there. i like polo store. we go pretty much everywhere. >> what about the gap? i saw the 70% percent off. any interest in that? >> no. >> sorry. the gap is out of there. you had a free commercial but they killed it for you. thank you guys, we'll let you get back to shopping and i apologize to anybody who works at the gap. that wasn't on me. i promise. >> a lot of families out here -- >> she likes the gap. how about that. >> a lot of families out here having fun, packing malls. something else we have to think about, safety and security top
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team coverage this morning in st. pete with thattening a that angle of the story. >> reporter: rodney, unlike what you're seeing, not a lot of people out here, not what you would expect out of black friday. but if we do see those crowds start to form, you can certainly bet that this baby right here, this armored surveillance vehicle is going to be on the watch. it's going to be out here in the parking lot making patrol officers, all of them keeping an eye on cars and the peace. their main points of concern are certainly going to be crowd control, and then those break- ins which we commonly see on this day. all of them keeping an eye out. live in st. petersburg, i'm isabel rosales abc action news. we're learning more this morning about a u.s. service member who died in an ied blast on syria on thanksgiving day.
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was killed in syria during the current conflict. military officials did not release the soldier's identity. right now u.s. troops are advising and assisting syrian, kurdish and rebel forces fighting isis. a brevard county man climbing near a north carolina waterfall has died wallace parish was trying to climb up and across the water fall tuesday when he fell. he first fell 10 feet feet or so. rescue workers found parish at the base of the waterfall but could not resuscitate him. it's a crisis of epic proportions affecting children in florida and across the country. long wait times at hospital emergency rooms for kids in a mental health crisis. a scripps national investigation revealed a severe shortage of psychiatric beds for children. it's a systemic problem forcing
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weeks. >> we stayed there for eight days, then to the er and waited i'd say at least 25 times. we waited three days, five days, and then the ultimate was 21 days. >> pennsylvania congressman tim murphy is trying to help those families. he's sponsored a bill to overhaul how the federal government treats mental illness, which could mean shorter wait times for families. that bill has bipartisan support but it may its session next month. one couple is new york is thankful for 9-1-1 dispatchers, that's after their little one couldn't wait until they made it to the hospital to make her entrance into the world. tarish thomas and her husband were rushing down an interstate. they were halfway to the hospital when she started yelling at him to pull over. the dad to be called 9-1-1 and they walked him through the
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the baby's going to be slippery. you've got to catch it. don't let it fall. >> all went well and taris gave birth to a healthy baby girl named talia. firefighters arrived quickly and checked baby and mom before taking them to the hospital. they are doing just fine this morning. a local law firm is getting a huge shipment of christmas trees for the sixth year in be donating 600 trees to families that otherwise would not have a tree. they will arrive this morning and be given out at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon at the firm's office. one of the bay area's most famous christmas light displays will be lit up tonight for the first time this holiday season. the oak dale christmas house in st. pete has been featured on hgtv and in people magazine. if you want to check it out, the house will be lit up from 6
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january 3rd. it will actually be a great night to go out tonight and watch the christmas lights no. rain in the forecast at all. we're taking a look at titan doppler radar and we see no rain and expect no rain for the next several days. current temperatures right now are relatively warm for this time of the year. we're about 7 degrees above normal. we're in the low to upper 60s all around the bay area. the cool spots up north in citrus and hernando county, but your planner looks like this if you're out planning your holiday shopping, temperatures will be in the 70s by noon and by the afternoon our highs top out right around 81 degrees. i'll tell you what changes are coming up in your forecast in just a little bit. 5:38. also still to come, she was just trying to invite her grandson to thanksgiving. instead, she ended up a hit on social media. we'll show you how grandma
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to feed total strangers this holiday. >> he was completely covered in fire from head to toe. >> an unlikely hero comes to the rescue for a man severely burned by a power line. how a woman nine months
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5:42. happening today, charges should be announced against a man being held in the fatal shooting of a wayne state university police officer. prosecutors obtained a warrant in connection with the shooting, but are not releasing information on the suspect. officer collin rose was on patrol tuesday night when he was shot in the head. he later died at the hospital. new this morning, an argument over a parking spot turns deadly in nevada. we know a gunman killed one there are no reports of any other injuries. police say they're still looking for the gunman. we do know that wal-mart was open for black friday shopping when the shooting happened. it did stay open with police on the property. a police chase turns into a fiery car crash near pittsburgh killing three people. charges are expected to be filed against the wanted man police say caused it all. the fatalities include one child and at least three more
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after police tried to pull him over yesterday. that suspect hit two other vehicles during the chase. police say the want was wanted in a drug case. right now an iowa firefighter is fighting for his life after suffering an injury battling an inferno at a recycling plant. you can see just how intense the fire was. its thick black plume could be seen more than 10 miles away. crews say the plant recycles highly flammable oil and other solvents. one witness at retirement home heard the explosions before seeing all those flames. >> they were sitting in the chair watching tv, and it just exploded, looked out and it was just involved in smoke. >> i seen the flames coming out the side door. so i whipped afternoon to go to the grocery store to tell somebody. brians store owner is a firefighter so i knew he was running out the door. >> the fire could have been
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stopped the flames from reaching grain trucks parked 50 feet away. a worker suffers severe burns after coming into contact with a live power line. he might not be alive if not for a woman in the right place at the right time. monday ariel boggs was stopped in her a. that's when one of the workers touched a live electrical wire and within seconds was covered in flames. boggs who is nine months pregnant ran to administer cpr, actually having to climb a ladder to reach the roof of the trailer where the worker was. >> oh, my god, i just watched somebody die right in front of me, and that was my first thought. i wanted so bad for what i was doing to work but there was a part of me that didn't think it would. >> ariel believes what happened was a miracle as she had only taken a cpr course three days earlier. the worker did regain consciousness. he was taken to a hospital burn
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weren't just dealing with hurricane otto yesterday afternoon, they were also worried about a potential tsunami. the powerful 7.0 earthquake rattled el salvador's coast shortly before 1:00. there were fears a tsunami up to 6 feet high could hit coastal areas but the waves never developed. tokyo blanketed in snow for the second day in a row. it seems pretty ordinary, except snow hasn't fallen in japan even then it was just flurries. snow hasn't accumulated in japan this time of year since1875. that's a pretty picture, but i'll take this weather we're experiencing right here. >> me too. wow, ably. that's right. we don't expect any snow in the forecast. that's for sure. it will be a very warm black friday. great shopping day for those if you're hitting the mall. now tomorrow we do expect a front to start to slip through the area.
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just a little bit of cooler air and certainly drier air, so it will feel a lot more comfortable, and then by midweek that's our next chance for seeing some rain. current temperatures right now are in the 60s around the bay area. we're going to warm up to the lower 80s. that's about 7 degrees above normal for this time of the year. our weather pattern is this cold front to the north which will be slipping through the bay area for the weekend, and behind it on sunday some slightly cooler and certainly drier air. it will feel more comfortable for the second half of weekend. hey, it looks great if you're out boating taking advantage of this black friday holiday. wind out of the east 5 to 10 knots. seas 2 feet or less with a light chop on bay or inland waters and our uv index is at a 4 your forecast looks like this, our high temperature today of 81 degrees, warm, and just a little bit humid with dew points in the 60s. so a little humid for this time of year.
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pleasant and mild. and in your seven-day forecast, you can see that front moves through saturday into sunday. that's going to drop our temperature just a few degrees and so our overnight lows will be able to drop into the upper 50s. maybe some 40s in the northern counties. then as we head through the workweek, temperatures increase once again, and our next chance for rain will be midweek ahead of the next cold front. janelle. yeah, we're keeping an eye on the roads. a lot of you may be getting ready to hit the malls for those specials for black friday. i just checked with fhp and no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about. you're looking at a smooth ride across the water this morning. president-elect donald trump wants to make your holidays merry by decorating your christmas tree. look at this, this is the make america great again hot ornament on the trump campaign website. it costs $149, it's brass finished in 24-carat gold. as you may expect there are a lot of reviews on, most of them are fake and they're not positive with one
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with instructions on how to build walls or make deals with putin. we told you about this story last week, a grandmother trying to talk turkey day plans with her grandson ends up texting the wrong number. >> so the arizona woman ended up inviting that teenager back to her thanksgiving dinner. >> oh, yeah. perfect. >> a bird in the oven. >> ta da. how guests arriving from out of town. it's the family's social event of the year, but this year thanks to social media at wanda's house the table is set for a thanksgiving unlike any other. >> hi jamal. >> her big family. >> growing by one more. >> thanks to a text message mixup and an unintentional invite that grandma wanda decided to extend to jamal henton anyway. >> this is our home and let's go do some eating.
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everyone the feels and won over the internet. >> i actually had to look up what does it mean hashtag. >> hashtag can i get a plate, hashtag everybody's grandma. >> but no one's more thankful than these two, thankful for a lesson in kindness. >> she welcomed me into her house. that shows me how great of a person she is. thankful for people like that. >> thankful for a blessing in disguise. >> it's come from god above that he's just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message, you know, >> two strangers that made the world smile with their selfies now standing together smiling over a friendship that's sure to last a lifetime. >> that is a great story. >> i love it. >> she had to ask what hashtag was. i had to ask what a goat was. >> we all know about the great deals on electronics and clothes and more on black friday. seaworld has a blue friday deal today.
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while walking along the beach. wait until you hear how it connected her to a family
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5:53. 7 minutes until 6:00 on this black friday. welcome back, kind of quiet at the malls this morning. this is a live look at wesley chapel at the tampa premium
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he says that they're kind of in a lull between the rushes. they had a big one last night, there's another one expected later this morning. some folks are still out there, though. pretty nice morning for it. >> nice morning to get out and shop, right debra? >> absolutely. in fact, if you're planning your strategy, the good news is you $1.have to dress in a lot of layers. after a mild start this morning, temperatures currently in the 60s over most of the bay area. we're going to warm up with a little bit of increased humidity by noon. our high temperature today top out at 81 degrees under mostly sunny skies. this evening pleasant but still above normal temperatures. we do have a few changes in our forecast. in our seven-day you can see a front moves through the area tomorrow, that will cool us down just a little bit. no rain in the forecast, at least not until midweek. that's along with our next front. guys. >> thanks debra, 5:54 now, today st. petersburg mayor rick kriseman will turn on the
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tree. he will flip the switch at 7:30 this evening. the festivities get underway at 5:00. it kicks off the snow front and waterfront holiday festivities, st. petersburg santa parade will be held next weekend. and starting today you can see the holiday light display at the florida botanical gardens in largo. it features more than 1 million led and laser lights. you can see it now until december 31st. that holiday display has been available to florida botanical garden. sea word starts offering its blue deals. blue deals offer special prices on park experiences and admission to seaworld. seaworld says these online deals start today at noon. you have to register online to receive seaworld orlando's e- mail updates. a west coast family now has
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their late son who was killed while serving in afghanistan. a woman was walking along a cape cod beach and found a military bracelet. it's engraved with kia specialist john pello. he was killed in afghanistan in 2014. the whom found it contacted pellum's dad in portland oregon. >> that was a gift to us from an artist we affectionately refer to john as the gift that just keeps on giving. >> the family believes there are about 30 of these bracelets in the world. they are typically engraved with a fallen solver's information and given to members of their battalion. the family is looking for who the bracelet belongs to. 5:56. coming up at 6, our team coverage continues this black friday morning. we are waking up early, hitting the stores, or maybe you are too. perhaps you're returning for
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last night. the measures in place to keep you safe while you shop. >> and she was known as the nation's favorite television mom, but many of you are waking up to the sad news that florence henderson has passed away. the touching tribute from her television family for the woman behind carol brady.
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z26krz zy6z y26kry yy6y live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. now at 6, black friday happening right now. we've got live reports from two of the hottest shopping places
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shaping up. >> plus, the boosted measures police are rolling out to stop criminals from targeting you while you shop. thanks for waking up with abc on this black friday, i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm janelle martinez in for deiah. we'll check in on black friday shopping in just a minute. first let's see how the weather is shaping up for us today. good morning debra. >> reporter: good morning, definitely the weather is cooperating. you can see on titan doppler radar there is no rain, in fact, no rain in the forecast for the next several days. current temperatures right now are in the low to mi60 actually, a little bit warmer in tampa, 68 in tampa a little cooler in citrus and hernando county. high temperatures will top out right around the 81-degree mark. you can see your day planner, 69 by 8 a.m., by noon, 79 and again, topping out right around 81 degrees. we do have a few changes in our forecast. i'll let you know all about that coming up in just a little bit, guys. >> yeah, we're also watching


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