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tv   Action News at 9AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. thanksgiving is over and black friday is officially here, and shoppers have already packed local stores this morning. ahd black friday has become a family tradition for some. >> americans getting ready for big deals this black friday, but shoppers could be making themselves easy targets for crooks. i'm isabel rosales with details on how local police are amping up security measures. >> a heartwarming call to a florida 9-1-1 dispatcher, how one little boy brightened the day of a sheriff's office by dialing in to their emergency
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news at 9, i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm janelle martinez. >> turkey day is done texas officially black friday. >> shoppers across the bay area packing stores to get in on those great deals. we have team coverage this morning, first we're going to head out to abc action news reporter rodney dunigan. he's live in the tampa premium outlets in wesley chapel. it's been pretty steady there since last night. >> you are right about that, dan. they opened up at 6 last night, and they'll be open until those shoppers but a lot of people who work at this mall as well. a number of those shoppers not only looking for a great deal today but they want to have a bit of fun on black friday as well. >> the shopping rush started early here at tampa premium outlets in wesley chapel. >> 4 ram, it's our tradition every year for over 20 years. we're up at 3, out at 4. >> those here up bright and early looking to stock up. >> we always go to forever 21.
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we go pretty much everywhere. >> and i just thought, you know, it's florida you need a little extra help to be festive so i thought i'd don my glowing lights today. >> prices at most stores slashed 30, 50, even 70% off. >> michael kors, the ralph lauren store, the disney store. lots of good deals, express, and a couple other stores are running really good deals. >> the athletic stores are a really big hit with my teenage >> you were telling me earlier your mom is going to get you some cool makeup too? >> yeah. >> check out the crowd at this tampa toys"r"us, folks trying to get the hot new thing for those holiday gifts. >> wal-mart, target, kohl's. >> for some black friday has turned into a fun family tradition, not only about spending cash but bonding as well. >> we have my daughter, my
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>> for these folks, this is just the start to a fun holiday season ahead. >> and of course safety and security on the top of mind for many of these shoppers as well. isabel rosales live for us this morning in st. pete with a look at how malls and shoppers are handling that aspect of this big day. isabel. >> the most obvious sign that police have really amped up th surveillance truck. up here you can see that they are watching people too. now, a lot of the security is really going to be focused here into the parking lot area with them trying to prevent break- ins. you're going to see a lot more officers patrolling and even mounted police. now, like the truck says up here, they are going to be watching and keeping safety and peace around here for this black friday. live in st. petersburg, i'm
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and take a look at these aerials action air 1 captured from international mall and bay street. you can see all those cars packed into the parking lot around 7:30 this morning. >> shoppers around the country are flocking to stores this black friday. here's a live picture out of livermore, california. folks living it up. black friday shopping well underway there. a little after 6 a.m. there right now. what kind of identities are shoppers looking for this items on your list. a new survey says the most coveted deals for black friday and cyber monday are tv and entertainment systems, clothing ranks second on the list followed by computers and laptops. meteorologist debra schrils with the most accurate forecast. >> certainly no problems weather-wise today if you're heading out to the stores. looks like a beautiful start to the day, warm with increased
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our temperatures are about 5 to 7 degrees above normal both for highs and lows. our highs today topping out at 81 degrees under mostly sunny skies. currently we're seeing temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. it's 70 in tampa and apollo beach and lakeland. the cooler spots up north, crystal river at 66 and brooksville at 66: temperatures will climb into the lower 80s as we head through the day. we do see a few change that and when you can expect your next rain chance coming up in just a little bit. it's been a light morning on the interstate, a lot of people still have the day off for the thanksgiving holiday. here's what it looks like i-275 in west shore right near west shore mall and close to international, not too busy out there. again, no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down, breaking overnight, we've learned everyone's favorite tv mom florence henderson has died.
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bunch. she passed away from heart failure last night. maureen mccormick tweeted a photo of her with her television mom. she says henderson was a dear friend to her for so many years and in her heart forever. two days before her death henderson was in the audience for the dancing with the stars finale to support mccormick who competed in the season. this is video of her from earlier in the season when she appeared in a bry mccormick. florence henderson was 82. we're learning this morning a u.s. service member died in an ied blast in syria on thanksgiving day. this marks the first time someone in the u.s. military was killed in syria during this current conflict. military officials did not release the soldier's identity. right now u.s. troops are advising and assisting syrian, kurdish and rebel forces fighting isis. a brevard county man
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falling 75 feet. deputies say 23-year-old wallace parish was trying to climb up and across this waterfall tuesday when he fell. we're told he first fell about 10 feet on to a ledge, but then fell the additional 75 feet or so. rescue workers found parish at the base of the waterfather but could not resuscitate him. law enforcement officers will pay their respects today. a wake for deputy eric oliver will be held this afte he was killed when he was struck by an suv while chasing a man running from border patrol agents. the twice deported guatemalan man was being sought after pleading guilty to dui in august. thanksgiving dinner turned violent in central florida. police say a man stabbed his parents during an argument last night. edwin doherty was arrested affidavit deputies responded to the incident. they say he got into an argument with his mom before
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the 76-year-old father thomas doherty is in critical condition after being stabbed four times. his mom, 72-year-old patsy is listed in serious condition. . >> don't you think holidays sometimes brings out the worst in people, and perhaps whatever the argument was, if there was an argument, it just got out of hand. >> sadly, the incident happened in front of friends and family members who came over for counts of attempted murder. and in new jersey, a shooting outside of a mall this black friday turned deadly. it happened early this morning near macy's department store. the mall was scheduled to open at 6 a.m. for black friday shoppers. police have not announced any arrests. 9:08. new video this morning shows the damage done by a suspected drunk boater who's now facing charges for taking out several
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a commercial fishing boat with two men on board caused that damage. the pinellas county sheriff's office and the fwc are now investigating. they took two men into custody. a witness says the boater nearly hit some kids who were fishing on one of those docks. >> they were on the dock fishing. good thing because one of the parents saw them coming and started yelling at him and they just veered off quick enough to not hit the dock and those kids all over the dock. that would have been an ugly sight. injured. authorities still investigating exactly why the boater lost control. right now an israeli and a belarusian are facing serious charges for trying to export a million dollars worth of anti- aircraft ammunition to iraq and sudan. the u.s. bans the export of weapons and ammunition to both countries. the federal magistrate in broward county calls the charges the two men are facing very serious and ordered both
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panhandle dispatcher expected to receive on thanksgiving day. >> a young boy dialed 9-1-1 to invite deputies to his family's dinner. the walton county sheriff's office sharing these photos on social media. deputies say the boy named billy melted the hearts of staff and deputies. the boy was paid a special visit by two deputies who gave him a sheriff's badge and even let him sit in their patrol cars. the sheriff's office says while they do not encourage the use the invitation. >> it was just a rush of relief and a lot of tears. >> a happy reunion in california, a family back together after a mom who had been missing for weeks is finally found. coming up, why the investigation into her disappearance isn't even close to being over. >> plus, a wanted man leading police on a chase in pennsylvania, but the pursuit
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innocent lives. how it all unfolded and why the suspect was already in trouble
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welcome back, 9:14 now, that wanted pittsburgh man who led police on a high speed chase that ended with a deadly fiery crash has been charged with homicide and other crimes this morning. police say 22-year-old demetrius coleman hit two other vehicles during the chase before his car crashed and caught on fire. two adults and a young killed. police say coleman has been stopped for making an illegal left turn but sped away. happening today, charges should be announced against the man being held in the fatal shooting of a wayne state university police officer. prosecutors obtained a warrant in connection to the shooting but are not releasing information on the suspect. officer collin rose was on parole tuesday night when he was shot in the head. he later died at the hospital.
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identified and a french prosecutor says the violence is not linked to terrorism. police are still searching for the suspect who broke into a retirement home and stabbed an elderly woman to death yesterday. that retirement home is for catholic missionaries. prosecutors say the suspect's believed to be someone quote, in the entourage of the retirement home. the woman does appear to be the intended target. residents have elsewhere. isis is claiming responsibility for a deadly truck bombing in iraq that killed at least 73 people. 65 others were hurt in the attack. it happened at a gas station near buses carrying shiite worshipers from iran. about 40 of the people killed were iranian pilgrims. isis says it was a suicide truck bomb. a missing california mother has been reunited with her family after three long weeks. >> but for police, the search
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just beginning. yaz mean amir has the latest. >> a family's prayers answered, 34-year-old sherri papini was found alive thanksgiving morning. the mother of two went missing on november 2nd while jogging in northern california. she had been freed by her captors and left on the side of the road about 140 miles from where she was last seen. according to police papini freed motorist. her husband keith papini broke down as he spoke about what it was like to live through this nightmare. >> the worst thing in this world. it's never -- it's the worst thing ever. >> community members who helped search for her were overjoyed at the news. >> it was just a rush of relief and a lot of tears in realizing
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possible sense. >> officials say it's not quite over, the sheriff says the alleged kidnappers are still at large. >> we're looking for a dark colored suv with two hispanic females armed with a handgun. >> police don't know the identities of the two women, and they still don't have a possible motive, but for papini's family all that matters is that she's finally home. the thanksgiving holiday did not stop rallying yesterday. hundreds of demonstrators faced off at law enforcement officers in north dakota, about 50 police stood across from the protestors and the crowd eventually disbursed, at least one demonstrator was arrested. that crude oil pipeline has been embroiled in controversy for months. a san francisco officer is recovering this morning after a man attacked him with a skateboard. police say the officer was rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon. we're told he was hit in the middle of the street by the
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and bothering people. the suspect bolted from the scene but was later found. and we're tracking new information this morning in a deadly scaffolding collapse in china. the death toll now rising to 74. two others were hurt after the work platform at a power plant cooling tower that was under construction collapsed yesterday. it's the country's worst work safety accident in over two years. this morning two inmates in california are still on jailbreak. officials say four inmates in total cut through window bars and tied clothes and bed sheets together wednesday night to escape the santa clara county main jail in san jose. two inmates were immediately stopped just outside the jail, but chavez and lanin campbell managed to escape. take a look at this rain hurricane otto brought to nicaragua. yesterday forecasters say the
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after making landfall on the caribbean coast as a dangerous category 2 storm. it was the southernmost hurricane on record to hit central america. the u.s. national hurricane center says otto has changed to a tropical storm. tokyo blanketed in snow for the second day in a row. seems pretty ordinary except snow hasn't fallen in japan in november in the last 54 years. even then back in 1962 it was just japan this early since 1875. >> wow. that's like heavy, wet snow. >> yeah, it does, it looks very well. >> pretty pictures but i like our pictures better. >> i think our pictures are a lot better. take a look at this picture, circles from apollo beach. a beautiful start to the day. i'll take that over snow any day and i think most floridians would agree with that. our temperatures now are climbing into the 70s as we
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70 right now in tampa, 68 in clear water and st. pete. we're seeing sunshine and a few clouds and we'll see more sunshine as we head throughout date. so our hour-by-hour forecast shows we warm up nicely. in fact, our high temperature will top out right around the 81 degrees mark. no rain, though, in the forecast. just a few clouds moving around, not much in the way of moisture. we do see moisture in the pacific northwest, and that is the only travel trouble spot if you are traveling today. but back here at home, we don't see much in the way of rain, in fact, a front will be moving through, but it will be moving through dry and back behind it on sunday a bit cooler and lower humidity. so we'll see drier air and our temperatures will drop just a few degrees, really just about seasonal for this time of the year. you can see all the cold air back in the southeast, and we're really not going to tap into that even as that cold front moves through. if you are, though, heading to tallahassee for the florida, florida state game, things
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temperatures should be in the upper 50s. you're going to need to grab a jacket if you're heading to that game. 81 degrees is our forecast high today with an overnight low of 64. your seven-day forecast you can see that our temperatures will drop just a bit behind that front as it moves through on saturday into sunday, but no rain along with it. in fact, our next best chance for rain is on wednesday. guys. still ahead, you've got to those were one dispatcher's directions to a father during a frantic 9-1-1 call from an interstate, the thanksgiving surprise that changed this couple's life. >> and you probably have lots of leftover turkey and you might plan on eating it over the next few days, but this warning this morning about how
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time now 9:24. welcome back, going to a live look at local black friday shoppers at the tampa premium outlets, getting a little busy out there. today's black friday sales and the weekend that follows crucial to setting the tone for this upcoming holiday season. a live picture of black friday shopping at the mall of america, the largest -- one of the largest malls i hear in the country. bloomington, minnesota. the national retail federation says it expects about 137 million shoppers this weekend.
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computer and shop that way. >> a lot of people do. >> and a reminder, if you're planning on eating leftover turkey today. >> make sure it's stored correctly. it could make you sick. the cdc says november and december are peak months for illnesses from a certain bacteria that grows in improperly stored leftovers. no doubt your turkey's already in the refrigerator. if you don't eat it within four days, freeze it in an airtight bag or throw it out. one couple in new york is extra dispatchers this morning. >> that's after their little one couldn't wait until they made it to the hospital to make her entrance into the world. therese thomas and her husband were rushing down an interstate near yonkers. they were halfway to the hospital when she started yelling at him to pull over. the dad to be called 9-1-1 and they walked him through everything. >> i saw the baby's head. the baby's head was out, so he was saying to me that, listen, the baby's going to be slippery, you got to catch it.
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you got to catch the baby. >> all went well and therese gave birth to a healthy baby girl named talia. firefighters arrived quickly and checked baby and mom before taking them to the hospital. the whole family is doing just fine. tonight st. petersburg mayor's rick kriseman will turn on the city's christmas tree lights. kriseman will flip the switch at 7:30. the festivities get underway at 5:00. it all kicks off the snow fest and waterfront holiday festivities. starting today you can the holiday light display at the florida botanical gardens in largo. it features more than 1 million led and laser lights. you can see it now through december 31st. 9:26. still ahead, it may only be the morning of black friday, but shoppers are already looking ahead to cyber monday, why it's expected to be the largest online shopping day in history
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. black friday is officially kicking the holiday shopping season into high gear and here in the bay area, people are packing the stores to find the best deals. all these crowds we're finding out how police officers are working around the clock today to keep shoppers safe. >> good morning, thanks for joining us on this black friday, i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm janelle martinez. deiah has the morning off. >> a lot to let's get to your forecast first of all. ivan cabrera is taking the day off. here's debra schrils. >> how about that shot from sir koas is apollo beach. if you're not shopping, then probably a nice day to be out on the water as well. our temperatures are pretty mild for this time. 70 degrees right now in tampa, 72 in apollo beach. 72 also in plant city, 66 right now in brooksville. we'll warm up nicely. this afternoon we'll be in the low 80s.
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normal for this time of the year. take a look at our titan doppler radar. we don't see any chance of rain at least for the next several days. we do see a mild cold front moving through the bay area over the weekend. i'll let you know how that will affect your weather coming up in just a little bit. >> thanks debra, 9:31. now that thanksgiving has come and gone, the action has just started now for holiday shoppers. >> folks are heading to area malls early to get in on all those black abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live at tampa premium outlets in wesley chapel, and rodney, i know it can get pretty intense on black friday. what are you noticing out there? >> well, you know, janelle, not too intense so far, which is good, but the crowd pretty steady here. you know, they opened up this mall at 6:00 last night and since that time the crowd has pretty much been steady for the hours after that, believe it or not. they don't close until 10:00 tonight so there are plenty of tired shoppers out here.
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video that we shot overnight. many of those shoppers have actually been out here throughout the night looking to pick up some of those great deals. some of the stores here we're seeing sales of 30, 50, even 70% off, and you know something else i noticed this morning. spoke with a lot of families and they're turning a black friday shopping day into a family tradition. >> we have my daughter, my grand baby, my granddaughter, my niece. we have my best friend sheila. >> yeah, are a big hit with my teenage sons and just, you know, going out to find what i don't even know that i need yet really. >> mm-hmm. >> that's the thing i'm hearing from a lot of folks. they aren't even sure what they're looking for exactly. they're just looking for a great deal. it was pretty busy last night. things kind of slowed down early this morning, they're starting to pick up again here this morning. i'm sure a lot of these store owners and shop keeps
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of course the shoppers having a lot of fun out here this morning. reporting live from wesley chapel, rodney dunigan abc action news. thanks rodney, and we are of course looking ahead to cyber monday. it's expected to be the largest online shopping day in history. online shopping is predicted to increase 11% this year with nearly $92 billion in total holiday online sales. the doll by digital insight found for the first time more people are browsing on phoned in of more than half of shoppers visiting mobile store sites. many switch to a desktop to purchase items. we're learning more this morning about an unthinkable crime in fort myers. a baby-sitter killed a baby he was supposed to be watching. they arrested rafael carrion, the 8-month-old was not breathing when first responders showed up early thanksgiving morning. they tried to save the baby but were not able to. an autopsy found the infant suffered massive head injuries
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violent beating. detectives say carrion couldn't explain the injuries. they charged him with second degree murder and aggravated manslaughter. we're getting our first look at a polk county deputy recovering at the hospital after he was nearly killed by a hit and run driver. polk county posted this photo of deputy adam pennell along with his wife on their facebook page a few hours ago. deputy pennell was helping a polk county mother who was having some car trouble when detectives say charles lewis veered off the road hitting the deputy and killing on october 29th. a thanksgiving tradition ends in a hail of gunfire. hundreds of people scattered in louisville kentucky when someone opened fire at a popular holiday flag football event. six people were shot. two of them were killed. police say it's lucky there weren't more victims. >> the good part about it, there were lots of people that were here for the number of shots that were probably fired.
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>> i heard it. we were standing on the sidelines watching the women's team play, and all of a sudden you heard gunshots and people started scattering. >> all the football games in the park were canceled. police say the shootings were not related to the event but don't have a motive or a suspect yet. in chattanooga tennessee volunteers boxed up thanksgiving care packages for the families of those elementary school students involved in a deadly school bus crash this week. six children died when their bus hit half earlier this week. donations came from all across tennessee. volunteers say they know the gifts will not take away the pain they're feeling but it's a reminder to those families they are not alone. president-elect donald trump may have spent thanksgiving in his luxurious mar-a-lago home, but he says it's all about work this holiday. he tweeted this yesterday saying he's trying to get a carrier air-conditioning company to stay in the u.s. the
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jobs to mexico. staffers also say mr. trump is busy trying to fill his cabinet. the washington post is reporting president-elect donald trump is skipping out on most daily intelligence briefings. he's only been to two since winning the election two weeks ago. vice president-elect mike pence has attended nearly all of the briefings. meanwhile, hillary clinton gave a thanksgiving shoutout to supporters of her presidential campaign after tweeting happy thanksgiving wishes to everyone, she tweeted a picture of a thank you signs that were posted on the corner of her street. the message went on to say thank you to all of you who did this. the dow opened this morning at a fresh record high closing up 59 points wednesday. right now the dow is up 41 points to 19124. after taking thanksgiving off, traders enjoyed a shortened
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afternoon. a local law firm is getting a huge shipment of christmas trees for the sixth year in a row lorenzo and lorenzo will be donating 600 trees to families who otherwise would not have a christmas tree. the 7-foot tall fraser fir trees will arrive this morning and be given out at 2 tomorrow afternoon at the firm's office on armenia avenue. one of the bay area's christmas lights displays will be lit up tonight. the oakdale christmas house st. pete has been featured on hgtv and in people magazine. if you want to check out this spectacular display yourself the house will be lit from 6 to 10 each night through january 3rd. we hope you stop by our angel tree this year. >> abc action news is once again teaming up with the salvation army to take action for local families in need. we want to encourage you to adopt an angel from our angel tree. we're right across the street from raymond james stadium at
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tampa. our abc action news lobby is open weekdays from 8:30 to 5:30 through december 9th. if you live in a different part of town you can find angel tree near you. go to for the locations. 9:38. still ahead an incredible story out of kentucky of an unlikely hero saving a man's life, why the rescuer believes god prepared her for that moment. >> but first, a deadly road rage shooting at thanksgiving night. after the break, we'll tell you why police believe a parking
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5:41, we have just this video in from arizona, not much left of that car that crashed head on into a greyhound bus early this morning just west of phoenix. officials say that driver was going the wrong way on interstate 10 in the city of good year when the crash occurred. the driver of that car died. 13 passengers on board the bus were taken to hospitals. 22 passengers who were not hurt were allowed to continue on their trip. back to the black friday shopping frenzy.
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>> but safety and security are on everyone's mind. abc action news reporter isabel rosales is live in st. pete with that side of the story. >> reporter: well, let me tell you, it has been a ghost town. i've been here since the early a.m., and it is now just now starting to pick up where you can see pretty much every spot here filling up, and let me tell you that police have stepped up their game today when it comes to security. a lot of the security being focused here on what seeing, the parking lot area because while you might expect crowd control to be a main focus for them, it's really keeping these vehicles safe from break-ins so they're going to be patrolling here more often with more officers. they do have an armed surveillance vehicle on site, and even mounted patrol making rounds around here. they're also reminding any drivers, any shoppers to, of course, lock your doors.
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new this morning, an argument over a parking spot turns deadly in nevada. we now know a gunman killed one person in a wal-mart near reno. police say they're still looking for the gunman. we do know that wal-mart was open for black friday shopping when the shooting happened. it did stay open while police were on the property. a west coast family now has another momento to remember their late son who was killed while serving in afghanistan, and it's all thanks to a woman on th she was walking along the cape cod beach and found a military bracelet. it's engraved with kia specialist john pellum. he was killed in afghanistan in 2014. the woman who found it contacted pellum's dad in portland, oregon. he says he still gets phone calls and facebook messages about his late 22-year-old son. >> so that was a gift to us from an artist in philadelphia.
9:44 am
as the gift that keeps giving. >> the family believes there are about 30 of these bracelets in the world. they are typically engraved with the fallen soldier's information and given to members of their battalion. the family is now looking for who the bracelet belongs to. this is an incredible story, a worker suffers severe burns after coming into contact with live power lines. might not have survived if not for a woman in the right place at the right time. monday ariel bogs was stopped in her car waiting for a crew to move a off the street. that's when one of the workers touched a live electrical wire and within seconds was covered in flames. bogs who by the way is nine months pregnant, ran to administer cpr climbing a ladder to reach the roof of the trailer where that worker was. >> oh, my god, i just watched somebody die right in front of me. that was my first thought. i wanted so bad for what i was doing to work, but there was a
9:45 am
think it would. >> ariel believes god put her there at that time, and what happened was a miracle. she'd only taken a cpr course three days earlier. the worker regained consciousness, was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> let's get an update on our action weather forecast. >> it is very nice. we have a lot to be thankful for this holiday weekend. that's for sure. take a look at this, isn't that gorgus anna maria island. we'll see a good amount of sunshine today after a mild start. it should be a beautiful day by the afternoon warm with increased humidity, though, and then by the evening pleasant but above normal temperatures. our temperatures about 5 to 7 degrees above normal topping out today at 81 degrees. currently we're in the 60s or 70s rather around the bay area. 60s along the coast, moderated by that cooler gulf temperature and. really not much happening in
9:46 am
to really occur over the next few days or so. we do see up front to the north of us, but it will be a dry front as it moves through and back behind it just a few degrees cooler, certainly drier air. the second half of the weekend will feel a lot more comfortable. no lightning in the forecast except at amalie arena. tampa bay lightning will play the columbus blue jackets tonight. 7:30 is the puck drop. as you're heading into the arena temperates as you're heading out temperatures will be right around 70 degrees. it looks great. tropical storm otto is now moving off the nicaraguan coast out into the pacific. no threat to the u.s., so that's good news. in fact, we have a few more days left in hurricane season. but back at home, things looking great on the water. wind out of the east 5 to 10 knots. seas 2 feet or less with a
9:47 am
at 12:12 p.m. so your forecast looks like this, high temperature 81 degrees, warm, a little bit humid, although again we're going to see drier conditions move in for the end of the weekend. overnight tonight, 64 degrees, pleasant and mild, so your seven-day forecast looks like this. that front moves through on saturday, then our temperatures back to seasonal levels by sunday. we dry out a little bit, and no rain in the forecast until we head into the workweek. then by the mi workweek that's our second cold front and the possibility for some rain out ahead of it. guys. still ahead, the black friday madness officially in full swing this morning, and things did get a little heated in some parts of the country, how shoppers are battling crowds to get the best deals.
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little bit of a turkey hangover. others probably have yet to go to sleep. >> they've been up for hours shopping for the best deals of black friday. janay norman. >> instead of focusing on food and family, some anxious holiday shoppers took their appetite for sales straight to shopping centers. some of the biggest retailers in dallas opening at 5 p.m. allowing of deals. across the country, businesses are now calling thanksgiving gray thursday as shoppers are staking out stores to gobble up bargains instead of gobbling down turkey. >> just going to look at some baby stuff real quick and head over to wal-mart for a tv. >> experts say the biggest deals are on electronics like an hp laptop at best buy for $170. these amazon fire tablets for 33 and a 55-inch phillips hd
9:52 am
bucks. but in new york, some shoppers say the deals came with more than they bargained for. >> a lot of shoving, a lot of pushing. >> i think it's too crowded. it's crazy. >> and as those shoppers are stuffed their carts with thanksgiving deals, that means store employees are missing out on stuffed their stomachs with their families. >> you're taking care of the customers i guess, i stepped out of my house and there was so much food being done already. at this poin my family eating and drinking and having fun. >> some stores are resisting the urge, opting for empty parking lots and registers than the frenzy of anxious bargain hunters on thanksgiving. others say that's just the warmup. >> it's not that bad, but tomorrow is a real challenge. >> janay norman, abc news washington. >> a lot of parents are chasing one of these, hatchimals are the hottest toys of the season, and they hit store shelves in
9:53 am
get what he came for? >> probably the last one to be in line. >> i didn't get one. >> that's all right. maybe next time. >> maybe next time. >> when they come out again. >> thank you, very much. >> he did get one. the store only had 16 of these toys. they went on sale at6:00 and they were all gone in a few minutes. two brothers in arizona cashing in on this craze. a month hatchimals they could find, 100 in all. they spent $5000 on the toys hoping it would be the holiday gift. they posted them on ebay with a list price at $60. they say people are already bidding as much as $200.
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a warm day, temperatures topping out at 81 today under mostly sunny skies. we'll see a front move through over the weekend, and it will just drop our temperatures by sunday back down to seasonal levels. no rain in the forecast, at least not until midweek. shoppers around the country flocking to stores on this black friday, here's a live picture from the mall of america. by the way, i just checked it's 34 degrees right now in minneapolis. >> yikes. >> i'd much rather there. >> me too. i can't complain. this weather is beautiful. >> it sure is, it's gorgeous. >> continuing coverage of all the day's top stories right now on >> tampa bay's morning blend is
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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: good friday morning. good black friday morning. >> i am natalie taylor. thank you so much for joining us. it is a fun friday. people are out early shopping. >> it's the friday after thanksgiving. we officially kicked off the christmas season. >> yep. >> hence our christmas sweaters that they told me would fit. >> and it's sticking out the bottom there. >> don't you like it that the day after thanksgiving after we all pigged out yesterday, it's time to be comfy today? >> which i will say, maternity jeans came in handy for


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