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tv   Action News Weekend Edition at 9AM  ABC  November 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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right now on action news, breaking world, the longtime revolutionary leader of cuba, fidel castro is dead. we'll take a look back at his life. >> celebrations happening now in florida and what one florida congress woman said. we have ways to save big
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on this saturday, good morning. >> still searching for my hatchimal, maybe you can help me find one. >> well, that's the toy to have, i mean, it's a must have. if you haven't bought it -- >> good luck. it's like a ferby in an egg. >> my kids are too old to want any of >> it's like the cabbage patch doll for 2016. >> i remember mine, terry diane. >> of course. >> the current conditions here, we have warmed up to 70 here in clear water. under partly cloudily skies and around the rest of the area, into the upper 60s to near 70. 63 in crystal river and we're
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up into the upper 70s today. we're looking back to the north here and there's a cold frontpushing through the area to the north. >>. . that will allow -- the cooler air to come in. the game is happening right now and looks like a beautiful day with temperatures in the upper 70s by kickoff time. i'll give you all the details coming up. we're staying on top breaking news from overnight. former president of cuba fidel castro has died. >> he led the nation for almost half a century and headed the communist government in the western hem miss atmosphere --
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cuban missile crisis. >> he watched his brother, raul castro make a deal with obama. that was the first time -- his death triggered celebrations and mourning. some say it's a day they have been waiting for. we have their reactions. >> the streets of miami as the news spread of the death of fidel castro. >> it means lot for us cubans, i mean we're free at last. the man that made so much suffering and people to be sad in any country passed away and the dictatorship, it's now dead. >> this is freedom and everything for your people and
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community and i think a lot of good things will come for us. a lot of good things are coming for this country, for the relationship between us and for the peace and the love that we always had in our country. >> florida congresswoman tweeted her response to the death calling for a free and democratic cuba. meanwhile, oth ]. >> his brother anannounced the death late friday. he says his brother will be cremated in cuba. >> they are reacting to his death here in morning and we're at the west sandwich shop. how would you describe the mood there this morning? >> reporter: well you
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here. this is a very iconic cuban restaurant. the owners came here 30 years ago and they opened 23 years ago. so some people are saying this is good news and others are saying that fidel castro was a good man. i do want to bring in one of the customers here. good morning to you sir. >> good morning. >> reporter: now you left cuba 40 years ago -- >> probably a little more than that. >> reporter: okay. so tell me, you heard this news this morning, what are your thoughts this morning? >> that most of cuba is happy. miami celebrated the death of castto. castro. so they're happy now, including me. >> reporter: okay. so that's one perspective out of many.
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in the studio. >> okay, jake, thank you. of course we'll continue to follow this death all morning long. you can check for updates on now to a developing storyout of texas, black friday turned deadly in a walmart. that person saw a man assaulting a woman, that's when the suspect shot and killed him. a by stander was also hurt, the suspect is in custody this morning. police say that two people were shot in the parking lot after some sort of fight. two people are in custody and the store was able to reopen last night. authorities in alaska, four people including a child found
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death. they found a man crying in the hotel and he directed them to the bodies. we're still learning more and we'll bring you the details when we get them. a new showing of support after that deadly school bus crash. the company that owns the bus has offered to pay for the funerals and the costs for everyone involved. it crashed earlier this killing six children. the driver faces criminal charges and there's new reports that they raised concerns about the driver weeks before the crash. let's go to that mystery kidnapping in california. they're searching for two
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two weeks ago. the victim's sister speaks out. >> we are overjoyed with how supportive people have been to bring us to a family again. everyone's tireless efforts has helped through this holiday. >> the victim okay. this is the scene in a bradenton neighborhood after a recycling bus went into flames and why they think the driver nearly ruined their thanksgiving. >> evacuate, that car is fixing to blow up!
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car. >> i am grabbing everyone out of the house. >> reporter: earlier this week a fire starts in a recycling truck at a dead end street and no where to go. >> all of a sudden it erupted into a ball of fire. >> reporter: this driver trying to save the truck. >> this guy was not safe, standing on top and trying to put out the garbage truck. >> reporter: it melted this mall box into the ground -- mail box -- the driver put everything out of the truck -- the company says he did everything right, but the witnesses disagree. >> kids and pets and people and everything was in jeopardy. >> that don't know the cause,
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mixedchemicals or flammables into the recycling. >> i'm so glad we didn't have our vehicles over there, they would have blown up. this morning a destructive boat ride and the man responsible. it was caused by a suspected drunk boat on wednesday night. the damage stretches from the dock to the cause-way. >> a working holiday for the president-elect. now he's facing questions about possible conflicts of interest.
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storm over conflicts of interest. mc began's job will be to separate his personal and presidential life -- trump telling the new york times he could do both jobs at once. >> i could run my business perfectly and then run the country perfectly. so in do anything. but i would like to do something. >> reporter: democrats already making ten separate requests to deal with conflicts of interest and named a former aide to kissinger they come amidsts
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of state. >> i would never discuss politics and what he selects or doesn't select on thanksgiving and probably never at all. that's between him and me. >> reporter: that could open the door for others. while he deliberates, he is spending time in florida wiwith his family. the salad and sea bass and 8 types of dessert. holiday shopping can be a dangerous time for shoppers, one man learned that the hard way and now he wants to make sure you stay safe on the roads. a fantastic weather weekend, tomorrow even better than today. i'll give thank you details and the football forecast coming up
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when you're out christmas something weekend, the troopers are urging you to watch out for drunk drivers -- shopping -- >> and we're looking at the loss of one life is now helping to save hundreds of others. >> 14 years lives changed forever. it was right here at 275 on the hillsborough exit, a man drives the wrong way on the exit. >> no matter how many years pass -- >> i felt a terrible feeling
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being told basically, the dreadful truth that i was responsible for taking a life of a young woman by drinking and driving. >> he carries her photo of her in wallet. >> it was part of his sentence,two years in prison and carrying her picture. >> them down. >> he wants to make sure his mistake doesn't happen again. his family operates this recovery, a state licensed alcohol center. >> substance abuse is rampant in our society right now. it's a labor of love and a way to give back. >> giving back in julie's memory.
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safe this weekend. they're offering the tow to go, put this number in your phone right now. you can also find other ways to safely get home, uber, lyft, call your parents or friends. >> there's no excuse at all. >> exactly, there's no excuse. well, facebook live, we're broadcasting there as well as on the air. the show behind the air. debora works on her forecast and it's a good one, especially forfootball. >> it's a great one. >> my alma mater is right next door. >> right, next to mine. i have a few [ laughter ]
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no named one in pennsylvania -- >> well a gorgeous start to the day, some sunshine with clouds mixed in. here's the headlines. we're seeing a weak front move through the area today. it won't bring us any cold air, but slighter cooler and drier air for sunday. so it will feel even better tomorrow than it feels today. then our next front comes through the week. and that will be the next chance for rain. 73 in sarasota, and the hour-by- hour, looking like this. by noon, 75 degrees and then we top out at 79 under partly cloudy skies today. we have a few clouds and we
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then we see the drier air behind it. that will allow us to drop down to seasonal levels and some of our counties may even see 40s. then dry conditions for sunday and it should be a gorgeous end to the weekend as well. then our next front takes its time to get to us. that system is in the west, so if you are traveling to the west today, you may want keep in touch with the airlines, because there's that big storm from california to the pacific northwest. right now, looking like no delays at the major airports and that's great news. grab a jacket if you head to tallahassee, because it's looking like a cool evening with the 50s. the kickoff is tonight at 8:00
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grills and it's going to be in the mid to upper 70s by the kickoff. if you're boating, things are looking great, out of the east, 10 knots here. so the forecast looking like this, a high of 79 and a partly cloudy skies and pleasant today. overnight tonight, a little bit cooler than the nights. 59 and mostly clear skies. the forecast looking like this, temperatures will continue into the 70s to 80s as we head into the work week and then the next chance of rain ahead of the cold front that will get to us by the end of the week to cool us down for the next weekend. looking for a new companion to add to your home? >> well, it's a good one. we have max here and he may be
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my friend bill with second chance is here and you have
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>> yes. >> you are excited about him right? >> yeah, he's a great dog. >> you said that a lot. he's 4 years old and a pitbull mix, and looks like a tough guy, but he's anything but. >> yes, very sweet and wants to please. there was a little dog in the waitin just laid down. >> he's crate trained in . >> yup. >> good to go. >> kids? >> yeah, good around kids and dogs, not sure about cats. >> so as he gazes lovingly what is the best way to contact
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the number on the screen.
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welcome back. you're watching action news
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-- fidel castro has died and he led the island nation for almost a century. he was 94 years old. black friday turned deadly for one good samaritan, killed at a san antonio walmart. he saw a man shot by the suspect. is suspect is behind bars now. trump has nominated a secretary manager and donald -- as council. he confirmed the picks yesterday. a lot going on today, a nice day to get outside and enjoy football and shopping out
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lately with the weather. >> we have had beautiful weather and this one is no exception. here's a look from the circles tower cam at the beach. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. a little more sun later today. a cold front, but going to really going to bring us too cold of air. in the 60s and 70s and around the area. after a mild start, a bit humid, but it's all relative. the dew points in the 60s and we'll see them drop into the 50s. so it will feel even drier tomorrow. that moves through by midday tomorrow and then cooler today
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partly sunny clouds. no real rain is expected for at least another week or so. the stadium, yeah, they're out there tailgating a u.f.c. bowl there and the kickoff is at noon. we're expecting the 70s here and after the game, and if you're par we'll give you your football forecast for the florida state game in just a bit. let's get back to breaking news, people are reacting after finalling out that fidel castro has passed away -- finding out
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schools and went on to study law. he became a activist for people, and went on to rule with an iron first. >> i'm honored to be a communist and i hope to be in my last breath. >> he joined forces with soviet union. john f kennedy approved an invasion force which went to shore at the bay of pigs, but in 1962, american spy planes found he had allowed them to put missiles in cuba from
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missiles in exchange that the u.s. would not attack cuba. thousands of cubans braved the rough seas to make it to america. the fall cost them billions leading them to widespread shortages. >> we have suffered the equivalent to we have felt betrayed. >> in 2000, there was more conflict. the eyes of the world once again focused on the fate of a 5 year-old cuban boy. in 2002. bush wanted a new cuba and said they would put on a new embargo unless he stepped down.
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>> fidel castro temporarily handed over duties to his brother for health reasons. he then celebrated his 80-year- old birthday from his bed. many are left now to ponder, if the communist government will continue under his brother. >> people in tampa are re shop, how are people reacting this morning? >> reporter: well, good morning to you. still mixed emotions here as this news is really starting to set in here at the breakfast table. this is a very iconic cuban restaurant here in the tampa bay area. the owners came here in the
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parking for cubans only. a woman told us that fidel castro was a good man. we spoke to a man that left cuba 40 years ago. take a listen. >> we didn't lose any sleep, he's not a big deal. >> reporter: are you >> absolutely, people will probably celebrate today. >> reporter: of course that's just one perspective from the community here, but you can bet that people will share their perspectives in the days to come. >> jake, thanks. of course, we'll follow the
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our website at let's go to our caught on camera this morning. minnesota, a would be-robber sneaks up to an employee and the employee fights back here desperately. the gunman pistol whipping him and then escaping. fortunately that's all that happened. from that, we go to this. surveillance throws him off with throwing snacks at him. the robber quickly gave up and went back to his get away car. troopers found 71 pounds of marijuana and other drugs hidden in toys.
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well, this time of year, many people miss work outs. you can park further away from the stores. at the mall, just take a full lap before you shop. that will burn some extra calories. when spending time it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. there we go. we have been on the air for three hours here. this is the first lady and her nephews and the first daughters were sleeping. michelle said -- >> well, they bailed on the turkey carving too.
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>> always so beautiful. still to come, could your christmas lights bring down a plane? >> well, they could, so we have tips for what you need to do
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so a texas man has developed an app that keeps
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can you download that? >> yeah, working on that. >> they encourage kids to behave. you push a button and the app sends a prerecorded message letting them know he's always watching. for more on this app go to our app -- can you play the naughty one? >> oh, sorry, this is been a good girl this past year and you're on the nice list, congratulations. i want you to be able to find everything you want -- you get the point. i don't know how much we paid for the app.
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really the best bang for your buck? the answer coming up. = i'm a coupon guy... i signed up for the publix digital ones... i clip the paper ones... in fact if there was a third kind, i'd probably love those too. that's how i save at publix. how 'bout you?
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when we shop it is kinda like a competition. it is exactly like a competition. whoever finds the most bogo's wins! which is usually me. that's how we save a lot at publix.
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it's small business saturday. right now we're already looking ahead to cyber monday. expected to be the largest shopping day in history. it's expected 11%this year with 90 billion in sales. adobe found that more are breaking more -- shopping on their phones. make sure you have a list of promo codes, use a credit card and monitor your accounts.
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for what you want? find out the details on most of the sales have already started though. >> totally, absolutely. i will be at the amazon warehouse on monday. >> right. >> so watch on monday morning, because we're showing you that. if you plan on buying a new t.v., the screen sizes are bigger than ever and the prices -- decent. >> ultra hi-def and super hi- def. we have helpful t.v. buying advice. >> reporter: this man is on the hunt for a new tv. >> a lot of research -- >> consumer research has been
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brands are on sale. other years they were just the lesser known brands. >> what that has done is putting the pressure on the bigger brands. >> reporter: so for $400 you should be able to get a h.d.t.v.. >> as the new features come in and of course and they become less expensive. >> reporter: that's why for $750 you should be able to buy a higher tier ultra h.d. set from the name brands. spend more, you will get better
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for 7 to 10 years, they say it's worth it to spend the extra150 to $200 to get a high quality one. well this weekend looks to be beautiful. here's a live look from the beach cam. we're seeing sun, mixed with clouds today. the high temperatures topping out at 79. 79 on sunday, but even more sunshine and less in the way of humidity. current temperatures right now, we're in the 60s and 70s around the bay area. 73 in sarasota, 64 in crystal river. our highs in the upper 70s to near 80. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. we have a decent amount of humidity, but that will be
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of hours. then we have the cold front filtering behind and we'll see cooler and drier air. so a beautiful day for sunday with lots of sunshine and lower humidity. we can see the temperatures, seeing the front here with that colder air to the north. in fact, tallahassee, 56 degrees so if you head out to the florida, florida-state game, it's going to in the mid50s, so chilly. kickoff today for the ucf game, upper 70s and then as you head out and plan your parties, the temperatures in the 60s and
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here's the tide, next coming up at 1:05 p.m.. the forecast looking partly cloudy and 79 and pleasant. then overnight tonight, a little cooler than the last few nights. 40s in some of our northern counties. temperatures stayed the same today as tomorrow. tomorrow will feel nicer because the humidity will drop and we'll see more sun. then next week, we stay into the 80s and we see our first chance of rain next week, through thursday into friday. that's when we see our next chance for that rain and cooler weather next weekend. guys? >> all right, thanks. this weekend, many people will be putting up their christmas decorations. of course, right? the big trends this year are these lights that shine over your house.
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neighborhood, but they're also dangerous. we show you how to avoid putting others at risk. >> reporter: the traditional way of decorating for christmas meant getting on the roof, untangling lights and spending hours if not days, making everything perfect. >> this is just a laser light we picked up last year. >> reporter: now there's something to cut out the work. >> laser lights. >> reporter: they're flying off the shelves >> it's a lot easier and faster and it looks even better in my opinion. >> reporter: the potential down side doesn't include the user, just the ones flying above. last year, they had 3 incidents of the lights temporarily blinding pilots. they shot into the air -- >> we'll be thinking about
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has been a problem for the last five years. this past spring, they arrested a man for shooting a laser at the chopper. >> the laser was bluish purple and that's a felon charge. >> reporter: people caught, facing a federal crime, prison and a fine. it's not likely they could come at you for accidentally doing it. >> i have up into the air. >> might be just the best way to get ripped off, getting the packages delivered to your door. >> what you need do before using those amazon lockers. they're popping up all over the place, i'm sure you have seen
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havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't. [music playing] mmmmm.....oohhhh... yeah.... skunks apparently have two glands on either side of the stop talking!
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as you shop online, keep this in mind, 23 million people have had their packages stolen just last year. now there's more options to protect them. >> each of these dots here, you can see them, it's an amazon
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here. 40 locations claim to securely hold them until you can pick them up. >> reporter: 137.4 million people will shop in store and online this weekend. so we decided to start early and try out amazon's yellow lockers. first, make sure you're logged in and find a in the search bar, type in amazon locker and put in your zip code. after i found what i wanted, we went with same day delivery. with a click of the mouse, a laser show was ordered. within seconds i got an e-mail to where i can track my
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extra if you're not a prime member. they gave me a timeframe, saying it would arrive by 9:00 p.m.. so i decided to wait until the next day. lockers are pretty easy to spot. this one here at the 7-11, down the street from our studio. you need the bar code to scan. then you find the locker that is holding the catch? you have to pick it up within 3 days or it gets sent back to amazon. it's a process that guarantees that you're the one that opens up your package. well a beautiful weekend weather wise, temperatures in the upper 70s. a few clouds and tomorrow as the front moves through, a little less humidity and lots
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forecast until midweek. florida, florida-state, today. and santa has a message for us. >> santa knows you're not a happy little girl right now, you need to mind your daddy all the time. remember, santa is watching. ho. ho. ho. >> that will work [ laughter ] >> i'm sure that will work. >> hey, and if you're going the florida, florida-state game, bring a jacket, it will cold. >> the knights play in two hours here. >> we'll see you dark and early
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