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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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animals at a nearby aquarium. >> first this morning, breaking news, deputies are on the scene of a smash and grab break-in at the tampa arms company. this happened at the store on waters avenue just before 3 this morning. deputies on the scene are trying to figure out exactly what was stolen. we've got a crew set up. we'll have a live report from the scene at 6:30. good morning and thank you for joining us on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. >> warm and humid is the story here the next temperatures this morning in the mid and upper 60s. we're running 5 to 10 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the dew points are also up, right, into the 60s so we're not getting into the muggies here and beyond, so a combination of warm temperatures this afternoon and the humidity are going to make you feel uncomfortable until a front comes in. it won't come in until the latter part of the woke.
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we're starting off our morning drive at i-75 at state road 60 right in the brandon area. traffic looking great here, slow and steady on the interstates this morning. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down. in fact, it looks like we haven't really hit the heart of the morning rush hour. we are still in the green, i-4 into tampa, 275 down there at the bottom over in pinellas county and i-75 from the apex to i-4. deiah. thanks janelle. 1 minute after 6 right now. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of tennessee. take here. raging wildfires are continuing to tear through gatlinburg. a family shot this incredible video of those flames right there, dangerously close to that building. everybody in the city has been told to evacuate immediately. tennessee emergency management officials have been going door to door throughout the night issuing those mandatory evacuations in the popular tourist area. so far we know at least 30 buildings have burned and a 16
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dolly wood theme park. firefighters are working to protect the park. the staff at ripley's aquarium had to evacuate and believe behind the more than 10,000 animals living there. conditions are constantly changing. we'll continue to keep monitoring the scene and get you another update later in this hour. five people survive a plane crash in columbia. more than 75 others on board consider i would, and we just learned minutes ago investigators are now looking into plane ran out of fuel. their main focus right now is possibly electrical failure on board the aircraft. that plane crashed on its way to the city of metta queen. the crash site is in a mountainous area near the city. the brazilian soccer team was set to play in a tournament tomorrow. the south american soccer federation has canceled all activities until further notice. it's called a day of
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concerned involving fast food workers, uber drivers and others. >> it's all in an effort to raise the make to $15 an hour. erik waxler is live at a mcdonald's on hillsborough avenue where a walkout is planned in less than an hour. good morning erik. >> reporter: things are underway outside the mcdonald's on east hillsborough avenue. we have a group of people who are protesting. it's called a day of disruption, and they are making efforts to try and get the mini now, how will this affect things today, this remains to be seen. there is police precious here at this mc-- presence at this mcdonald's location. the drive through is still open. we haven't seen workers from this mcdonald's come out here. this is a group that came in in cars and vans to take part in this protest right here. we have patricia walker here,
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here. >> we're here today to show support to the fast food workers going on strike this morning in 340 cities in the u.s. that are going on strike. as home care workers we're here to support them about fight for better wages, and we want them to know. >> we're hearing there could be some sort of disruptions that are planned or that people are encouraged to even get arrested today; is that true? >> well, you know, it's to be an event later on today. 4:30 is going to be a big event. i'm not going to reveal the secret but there's going to be a lot going on. so stay tuned. you'll see. it's going to be very exciting. >> we'll see. there is a rally planned in st. petersburg later today and then ybor city this evening. but for now live in tampa erik waxler abc action news. there was a guy crashed his car into a bunch of people.
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students that were standing outside. >> that is just one of the stunning 9-1-1 calls from the horrifying attack at ohio state university. you can hear that caller out of breath describing the terrifying scene while running for safety. and this morning students are heading back to class after that attack that injured eleven people. we're waiting this morning to find out how those injured are doing. we watched the first of many vigils held last night in columbus. st. stevens episcopal church has been working students, staff and also people in the community. authorities say 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan crashed his car. he got out and started stabbing people with a knife. a campus police officer is being credited with saving numerous lives after he shot and killed the attacker. officers spent the rest of the day searching that student's apartment. we know he is of somali
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the attack at osu to cope their students safe at home. lieutenant charlotte domingo said they train for active shooter scenarios and review incidents at other campuses to determine whether they need to make adjustments to their own plan. students are told to run, hide, and fight. that's what the department of homeland security say people should do. run away, hide if you can, fight if you have to. it's the same alert osu students got yesterday morning. >> thought about your plan of action, whh people to do. then you're more likely to respond quickly to the incident and take action that might save your life. >> lieutenant domingo says their officers constantly receive training and they want to assure students and staff there are a number of safety protocols and programs on campus. we're waiting on some big announcements today from president-elect donald trump. >> mike pence says today is going to be a benchmark day for the trump administration.
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congressman tom price from georgia as health and human services secretary. price has been a vocal critic of obamacare calling it, quote, a threat to quality and affordable health care. mr. trump has made repealing and replacing obamacare one of its earliest goals. he's also pledged to keep parts of it that are working. still to come on abc action news at 6, stopping businesses from suing you. the change lawmakers are trying to make to protect you and your opinions. >> plus trapped in a giant sinkhole. the one thing firefightersay that hole, a 12-foot hole for hours.
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good morning on a tuesday here in the weather center we're looking at warm this morning, mid and upper 60s, widespread at this point. we have shut down the cold air big time, and in fact, with that head start we're going all the way to 83 and some pockets of mid-80s as well. we partly sunny skies and high humidity. we'll talk about a cool front coming in later in the week in just a few minutes. this morning the government is trying to protect your right to give a restaurant a bad review. congress now sending a bill to president obama to protect people who post their opinions on websites like yelp and trip advisor. it protects them from legal repercussions if they write negative things about the business.
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for a million dollars over a 1 star review. the case was dismissed this past summer. 11 minutes after 6 right now. take a look at this huge sinkhole right there. rescuers saved a man after finding him at the bottom of the sing hole. it is 12 feet deep. it happened in north carolina. they say that he was trapped and shivering in the cold by the time they found him, and they think he may have been be there for a while. it's not clear how he fell into the sinkhole. it opened on a rural road. spot, and firefighters say that is probably what saved his life. they think a fisherman heard the man's cries and called 9-1- 1. crews took the man to the hospital over the weekend. that hole first opened up after hurricane matthew swept through the area in october. 11 minutes after 6, coming up, a bizarre airport incident, a woman jumps from a moving
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disturbing message to muslims and how others are now reaching out with much more peaceful
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14 minutes after 6. new this morning, a bizarre security scare at a houston airport. a woman on board a plane opens an emergency exit just after
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passengers snapped photos of the chaotic aftermath. witnesses say the woman opened the emergency door after the flight from new orleans landed while the plane was still taxi'g towards the gate. she climbed out on to the wing, she jumped out on to the tarmac and made a run for it. police officers arrested her on the tarmac. she's undergoing a mental health evaluation. police are investigating half a dozen hate letters se to mosques in california and georgia. the handwritten letters call muslims vile and evil. the writer props that president- elect donald trump will, quote, cleanse america. one letter was sent to a mosque in savannah george. others in that community went to that same mosque to leave flowers and their own letters of acceptance. >> and we're glad they're a part of this community we share, and i said an assault on them is an assault on all of
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feel the same way. >> the facility's manager of the mosque says he was moved by the letters and notes. the fbi says it's not investigating because the letters don't mention a specific threat. fidel castro's death has many cubans worried about their future and a tweet by president- elect trump is not helping matters. he's threatening to reverse relations between the u.s. and cuba if the cuban government doesn't make an acceptable deal with the u.s. we spoke with an about mr. trump's tweet. shawna bomb says the changes made under president obama have given many cubans hope and mr. trumps comments shocked her. >> it would be disastrous for the cuban people. anyone who cared at all about the cuban people would be really working to find a diplomatic solution and really working to find a business solution because you know, that's sort of where the two
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for castro. she cannot play music or serve alcohol. the new judge in former university of cincinnati officer ray tensing's murder retrial may recuse himself as early as today. tensing is accused of killing sam debose during a traffic stop last year. the new judge in the case may recuse himself because he represented one of the debose's children in probate court. a mistrial was declared earlier this month after jurors were you been able decision. show you how you can participate in giving tuesday today. is the single biggest day for giving to charities. 34,000 charities across the country are participating including 1900 here in florida. if you want to help surpass last year's record of $117 million in donations just go to and once you're there, scroll down and click on search nearby to donate to a charity here in the tampa bay area.
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over the weekend in california after getting trapped in snow. susan and rory holliter vanished sunday after telling their son they were stuck in the snow. officials say the two were found alive monday. the family now grateful for everyone who worked to help them. >> thank you very much for all the hard work. you guys do not know how much goes on behind the scenes and how many people are involved >> authorities say the holliters are in good condition. searchers found them in their stranded truck. their children joked they're leaving the truck buried and not letting them go 4 wheeling in the snow again. >> always got to be prepared and have that snow emergency kit in your trunk, absolutely. the passes out there have been treacherous with very heavy
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talking about temperatures tumbling out there. for us, look at this, a completely different story here with high pressure still in charge. we're looking at temps in the mid and upper 60s. the high to our east brings us a south to southeast wind and also brings us temperatures from this time yesterday, 5 to 10 degrees above average. we'll be 10 degrees above average for our daytime high today. look at these dew points here, getting juicy into the muggies. that combined with the heat this afternoon will feel like october, i think you'll agree with me by 2, 3:00, a little oppressive. south, southeast wind will turn breezy. that's the one thing. we'll have a nice wind out there to cool us off a little bit. over my shoulder a slow moving front that we'll talk later how that will impact the wildfires, i think a big improvement as far as the rainfall where they need it most right now. but for us the front will weaken and will get here eventually. it doesn't get here until thursday. what it will do is replace our warm and humid air mass with a
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and that will get us back to average temperatures. unlike the few fronts that have come through so far, this is not going to barrel in with cold air behind it. that will feel nice with low humidity as well. until then, until thursday and friday, we're climbing into the low to mid-80s this afternoon and a heat index, the feels like temp going a little above the numbers you saw there because of the humidity. so we'll take that for tuesday and wednesday, and then on thursday that will be our transition day with behind it drier and cooler for friday and into saturday. good morning everybody. it's been a great drive so far across the bay area. take a look behind me here. this is the junction i-4 and 275 looking great. no crashes or breakdowns and i- 4 heading into tampa up to speed. 22 minutes from lakeland into downtown tampa. check this out, our map of the greater tampa bay area all in the green and no crashes on
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miles an hour. the average speed there on i-75 down through hillsborough county also in the green this morning. deiah. thanks janelle, 6:21. in just over four hours an american bald eagle hit by a car last month in clear water is going to be released back into the wild. i'm going to show you video of police officers and firefighters corralling that eagle on countryside boulevard. a veterina after seven weeks of rehappen the eagle will be released at 10:30 this morning: a criminal targets a pregnant woman heading to the hospital. the items meant for her unborn child she is now begging to get back. >> and do you ever get home from a day of shopping and think why did i buy that. it turns out the places we're shopping may be influencing what we buy. we'll explain the shopping psychology and tricks that stores use.
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6:25 now. a pregnant cell phone woman is pleading to get her car back after someone stole it while she was going to the hospital. cody rail thought she was in labor sunday night. she and her fiancee started to load the car. as they went back inside to grab more things, someone jumped in the car and took off.
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all of her new baby's clothes. >> there weren't just things that we had bought. there were things that were given, and you can't replace it. >> cody called 9-1-1 and an ambulance took her to the hospital. turns out it was a false alarm. doctors told her to come back when her contractions become more frequent. she's hoping police find her car. do you ever get home from a shopping trip and think why did i buy that. stores are using psychology and research to encourage us to spend our money. that is how i lump myself in there too, it's not my fault. >> yeah, buy me a present. >> all right, if items are on the middle of a shelf and the price ends in 9 studies show people are more likely to buy it. other things that influence shoppers, how salesclerks treat customers. unfortunately rude salespeople in luxury stores are more profitable.
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if you think the music you hear is random, think again. the right tunes can make you happier and lose track of time. >> coming up, 9-1-1 calls give us an idea of frantic moments at ohio state as investigators follow clues to figure out a motive in yesterday's knife attack. >> hillsborough county investigators on scene right now of an overnight smash and grab at a tampa gun store. why investigators say this is not only a threat for the general public but law >> and we're going backwards weather would i say, warm and humid. >> but your drive across the howard franklin looking great across the bridge. coming up we're going to check your drive from pasco down
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live from the station
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now at 6:30, capturing chaotic moments on campus, for the first time we're hearing 9- 1-1 calls from people at ohio state during yesterday's terrifying knife attack. >> and flames close in on popular tourist attractions in eastern tennessee sending residents is visitors fleeing. we're following this breaking news as crews push back agai just dozens in fact burning there shutting down an entire city. >> plus fears that stolen guns are now on the streets, the dramatic way thieves broke into a tampa gun store while you were sleeping. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday. i'm deiah riley. >> and i'm dan shaffer. a live report on the overnight breaking news in just a few minutes: first a quick check on traffic and weather together. ivan cabrera starts us off from the where weather center.
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change here. if you like the warm weather, this is your forecast. the 70s by 8:00. wore going to do this with partly sunny skies, a few clouds continue to develop through the afternoon. i think we'll stay dry, but it is going to be humid and much above average. we'll have some areas hitting the mid-80s combined with the humidity, it will start feeling closer to 90 degrees. we have a cold front on the way. we'll talk more about the changes with that, of course just in a so far so good out there on the roads. we're checking your drive coming off the veterans expressway on memorial highway shedding south towards i-275. people starting to tap their brakes a little bit there. we can handle that right. checking your drive from pasco all the way down through hillsborough county looking good on the learns and i-75. we -- veterans and i-75. we start to slow down on 275 once you hit fletcher. thanks janelle. breaking news right now,
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morning break-in at a tampa gun store. >> rodney dunigan is live outside tampa guns and ammo with updated information, and it looks like these crooks, rodney, made it in and out pretty quickly. >> dan, all within minutes these guys were in and out pretty quickly. this is a pretty active scene as you can see behind me. investigators have been here throughout the morning trying to piece together exactly what happened here. investigators have been walking around the cameras to get that video a lit bit later this morning. it appears that the suspect or suspects had in this case simply drove right in through the front door, right in through the front of this storefront smashing it in leaving behind plenty of damage. if you can see right to the right there, the shelves completely everyonety. at this point we're still trying to determine what, if any weapons were stolen from this business. now the security company for
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morning. by the time they arrived, the suspects are already gone within minutes. deputies had a hard time finding the owner of the store this morning. they weren't able to tell us what if anything was stolen. the owner just arrived on scene helping investigators. deputies are also hopeful that surveillance cameras inside the business caught something they could possibly use. deputy on scene tells me the very concerning thing here is they don't want these weapons out on the street only the general public but law enforcement as well. of course we'll stay out here throughout the morning gathering as much information as we can. for now reporting live in tampa, rodney dunigan abc action news. thank you rodney. we're also following breaking news in plant city. the state fire marshal is investigating a specific fire that damaged a home on johnson street. the fire broke out around 3:30 this morning. anti-trump graffiti was spray painted on the house which
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there's no word on the amount of damage that fire caused. >> the guy ran across through a crowd. he did it purposefully. >> we're now hearing some of the 9-1-1 calls from ohio state university's campus during a knife attack that injured 11 people yesterday. >> abc action news anchor james tully is live now in studio this morning. investigators are still trying to figure out a motive. >> reporter: they're not ruling this out as a terror attack, they jumping to any conclusions. students are going to head back to class this morning, less than 24 hours after this man behind me abdul razak ali artan plowed had his car into a crowd of students standing on campus, then used a butcher's knife to cut and stab several others nearby. a campus police officer arrived on the scene within a minute of the attack and shot and killed artan. this was initially reported by
6:35 am
that situation. >> i saw the car ran into him and then plowed into a crowd of students that were standing outside. >> okay. i've already got help heading that way over there. >> oh, thank god. >> all right. >> we definitely got help coming over there. >> we know this about artan. he was born in somalia and was a legal permanent resident of the u.s. officials at this point, again, uncertain if this was an act of terrorism. they are looking closely at a facebook post on artan's in it he said he had grown sick and tired of seeing federal muslims -- 6:35, breaking right now, syria's devastation in eastern tennessee, hundreds of wildfires beg your pardon, many of you might vacation in the smoky mountains and know the area well. flames are spreading into gatlinburg, a popular resort town. a number of buildings in that
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total according to emergency crews. many people wanting to know about the popular ripley's aquarium, home to more than 10,000 living creatures. you can see flames glowing right behind the aquarium which is let up in green. no damage reported there but workers were forced to evacuate loving the animals behind. we're now waiting on sunrise to get a better look at the new damage caused overnight. heart stopping video, evacuees were you can see flames raging on both sides. o'road as embers rained down. at some points they drive around fall ever trees. they've made it out safely and they're okay this morning. mandatory evacuations remain in effect for gatlinburg and areas of pigeon forge. conditions there are changing by the minute. we want to get right to ivan cabrera. looks like they got a little
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that is excellent news. setting the stage is the severe to exceptional drought we've been experiencing. gatlinburg, one of the personal weather station from a gentleman reporting 118 degrees before it went offline. we have this front. it is a slow mover. this is the one that's going to bring us the cooler weather thursday. the key is its slow movement and that will provide this very area that needs desperate rain with 2 to 3 inches over the next few days. that is going to be great for them. we'll keep you posted on that. out ahead of us some gusty winds as well. early on not guilty going to help things out. it is 6:37 right now, former green party presidential candidate jill stein is close to her goal of raising $7 million to fund recounts in
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however, stein may need even more to pay attorneys because she's filed a lawsuit against the state of pennsylvania after missing that state's deadline to request a recount. meanwhile president-elect donald trump is under fire from elections officials for alleging widespread voter fraud allowed hillary clinton to beat him in the popular vote. he made that accusation on friday night. elections officials say his claims the clinton campaign says there's no evidence of any massive fraud but still plan to support the recounts. a former polk county teacher is sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with three of her students. she appeared before a judge in bartow this morning. jennifer fichter pleaded guilty to 37 child sex changers last year. she wants her sentence reduced
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among them she says her victims were willing participants. she's also citing mental health issues and a lack of treatment options in state prisons. a tainted thanksgiving dinner is suspected of killing three people in california and making five other sick. they ate thanksgiving dinner at an american legion hall. more than 800 people ate the same food. now local health officials are investigating to see if more people got sick. one person is still in the hospital. four released. florida's no longer the only state with locally transmitted zika cases. texas reporting a locally transmitted case. health officials say lab results cob firm the virus in a woman living in brownsville last week in south texas along the mexico border. that woman has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. later this morning we'll get our first look at how you and your children can enjoy downtown clear water's
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expanding coachman park and adding views of the intercoastal waterway. the plan is going to be publicly unveiled during a presentation before the city council at 9:00 this morning. going to check in now with ivan to find out what kind of weather we can expect. >> temps in the upper 60s. a gorgeous sunrise coming up. eventually we'll turn partly cloudy with the heating of the day. not looking for showers but we are looking for above average temperatures, 83 right at the airport. there will be some mid-80s across the interior counties and that will feel warmer because of the humidity. both going down by late in the week. i'll have that in the seven-day forecast just ahead. >> reporter: i'm erik waxler in tampa, a protest for a higher minimum wage is underway all around tampa bay and the country including this mcdonald's here on east hillsborough avenue. coming up, how things could get even more disruptive later on
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you be taxed for streaming your favorite shows. the government's looking to cash in on more people using
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hillsborough county deputies are going through surveillance video right now. they're trying to gather information on an early morning smash and grab at a tampa gun
6:44 am
tampa arms company completely smashed in. it happened around 3 this morning. investigators say the suspects were in and out quickly. at this point investigators are still piecing together what was taken from that store, but deputies on scene tell us they're now worried that stolen guns could now be on the streets. leaders of mosques and muslim organizations in ohio are strongly condemning the knife attack at ohio state university that left 11 people injured. the attacker ohio state student abdul razak ali artan identified artan was shot and killed by a campus police officer. 76 people died overnight in a plane crash in columbia. miraculously five people on board survived. one of those a flight attendant reportedly said the plane crashed after running out of fuel. the chartered plane was carrying members of a brazilian soccer club. president-elect donald
6:45 am
announcements today according to vice president-elect mike pence. one announcement could be the appointment of georgia congressman and obamacare critic tom price as health and human services secretary. the president-elect also set to meet with mitt romney for a second time as he considers who to select for secretary of state. today is giving tuesday, the largest one-day effort to help tens of thousands of american charities. last year a record $117 million was raised. organizers hope that you can help them beat that amount year. on you can find a tampa bay area charity to donate to by clicking on search nearby. if you decided to skip the crowded malls last weekend, contrary to popular belief you don't find the best deals on black friday. old navy and target are offering big sales right now. says many items will be cheaper later this cyber week and closer to christmas. once the stores take inventory of coats, boots and xboxs
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more. toys are traditionally cheapest two weeks from now. about the only toy you won't be able to get cheaper is a hatchimal. you probably won't be able to find that toy. >> if you do you're going to pay a whole lot for it. you may have to pay more to enjoy watching orange is the new black, house of cards or daredevil. according to the new york times dozens of california cities facing a budget crunch may decide to tax video streaming services to make up for revenue loss by people ditching cable tv. pasadena is a 9.4 tax for any streaming service. if it proves successful you could see taxed ad here in florida as well. do you like frosties from wendy's? >> how'd you like to get free frosties for a year. >> oh, you're sipping my song. >> could just cost you a couple of bucks. if you make a $2 donation to the dave thomas foundation for adoption, you get free frosties for a year. get all the information on this including a link on how to get the deal on our abc action news
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seats in hopes of saving lives. this happening from 9 this morning to 11:30. they're asking for a $10 donation in return for every seat. those seats are worth $37. to get one you have to have your child with you. and good morning everybody, we are just hearing of a crash over in pinellas. this is going to be at u.s. 19 and cur lieu road. i was checking with fhp. we are seeing some roadblocks here in the southbound use caution if you're heading there over in pinellas county. also reports of a crash approaching the sunshine skyway northbound 275. this is right at the toll plaza. fhp telling me the left lane is blocked here, although i'm not seeing any delays approaching the sky way. i am seeing delays on 275 right around fowler, and this is where we typically see the slow downs start to happen on 275 approaching downtown tampa. lets go ahead and check your drive times on 275. you can see once you get to bush it slows down 8 minutes
6:48 am
thanks a lot and good morning here on tuesday, partly sunny this afternoon, a lot of sunshine as you saw there. it is going to be warm, 10 degrees above average for this time of the year. generally not only during the afternoon but in the morning as well. i'll show you the numbers in a second here. we're going to stay warm right through thursday and then a front comes in and saves us just in time for the weekend as far as the heat and humidity, which continues to increase. look at this, mid and upper 60s. balmy stuff for this time of the temperatures anywhere from 5 to 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, along with the temperatures rising the humidity is rising as well. our dew points are now mid and upper 60s. feeling sticky out there. this front will stop that, behind it cooler, slightly cooler and drier air. that will just get us back to average for this time of the year. all that rain is not coming in. that's going to stall out to the southeast and obviously the fires we have been covering
6:49 am
smoky mountains, warm and humid, dry, mid-80s, a few cumulus clouds through the afternoon. the next rain chance doesn't come in until the front arrives and that would be thursday. temperatures cooler then because of the cloud cover and then behind it, a drop in temperature, a drop in humidity and that will make it feel nice on friday. tracking our next system, it will attack the weekend there with a few showered on sunday, so drier the two weekend days for saturday with highs in the 70s. 11 minutes until 7 now. a south florida man who survived a gator attack says he thought the reptile was a log and tried to kick it. he and a friend went duck hunting in the everglades the day after thanksgiving. >> they were walking in waist deep water with their kayaks behind them, after he kicked that log the gator bit him. >> saw his mouth coming towards me again. my buddy shoves the kayak in between the alligator and me. i think if he hadn't have done that, he would have bit me
6:50 am
firefighters happened to be hunting nearby. >> those firefighters applied a tourniquet to his leg, drove him to a rescue helicopter that flew him to the hospital. he's going to be just fine. >> good for him. >> in this morning's gma first look, passengers on this jet were stunned. >> just opened the door and jumped out of the plane. >> landing in houston from new orleanss but not at the gate yet the emergency door is gone as well as a passenger. spotted on video kprc she's seen running across the tarmac toward the terminal. but authorities quickly realized this is not a threat but a medical case. >> psychiatric problem, airport response team 92. >> the woman hospitalized overnight, but this is not the first time in the past few years we've seen flight attendants who died to quit by deploying the emergency chutes and bailing out of the aircraft and their jobs. and we'll have more details
6:51 am
latest on the airport worker strike at chicago's o'hare airport. with gma's first look i'm david
6:52 am
6:53 am
southbound u.s. 19curlou road, one lane blocked there,
6:54 am
there. elsewhere on the interstate, no crashes or breakdown, looking good i-275 right through downtown tampa. warm start to this tuesday, look at these temperatures mid and upper 60s, no jackets needed today. we're going to climb back into the low 80s this afternoon. a little more humidity, so feeling less comfortable, a heat index in december. mid and upper 80s is what it will feel like in the next couple of days. before a front comes in, cools us off. great weather friday and into producing some good rains over the big fires in the smoky mountains. >> they sure need it. sunrise now about 30 minutes away in gatlinburg tennessee where so many people are waiting to find out if their homes and businesses are still standing. large wildfires are burning out of control near the popular resort destination, at least 30 buildings we're told are now damaged or destroyed in gatlinburg proper. these are some of the jaw dropping images people are sending through social media.
6:55 am
evacuated. still unclear when they'll be able to return. gma will have much more on this in a few minutes. before we go we're going to lighten the mood a minute. how does free super bowl tickets for life sound to you. really good right? >> sounds expensive. >> no, no you can win. here's how, you just -- you could win. you just have to find one of the 37,000 golden bud light cans being distributed around the country, and then take a picture with the can and then post it on social media with the hashtag sbtics for life and hashtag sweeps and leading up to the super bowl sixties winners are going to be chosen per week to get a pair of season tickets. and then from that group the big winner is going to be picked between the week of january 16th. get all the details on our website. what it amounts to is you have to be really really lucky is one really really lucky person is going to win. >> and really really thirsty. >> you drink beer and you get free super bowl tickets.
6:56 am
gold can at the store and buy that one? i guess you can't see it. >> oh, yeah. >> by the way, the hatchimals i just looked up on the ebay machine, $300,000. one of them is going for $300,000. can you imagine. maybe something's in it we don't know about. >> this fight for 15 going on right now may disrupt your morning routine. a lot of mcdonald's workers going on strike demanding a higher minimum wage. you see these live pictures from action air 1 mcdonald's on hillsborough avenue. they expect to do this all day. big rallies in downtown tampa and downtown st. petersburg. not just with fast food workers but uber drivers. >> could affect your drive home. be aware of that. good morning america is going to have much more on those wildfires burning in gatlinburg. >> you can keep up to date on our mobile app on facebook and twitter. iran and janelle will be back
6:57 am
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goo good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders sea state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfires tear through the southeast. >> if you are a person that prays we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student


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