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tv   The Now Tampa Bay  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we are following multiple breaking stories the first, a man convicted of killing his front of his daughter. >> police releasing brand-new details a short time ago about the shooting at ohio state university. will come to "the now tampa bay" i'm paul lagrone. >> and i'm laura harris, we start with the case we were talking about. the video you see right there is from a previous court appearance, trevor dooley was
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charge. he is 75 years old, he was in a wheelchair in the courtroom today and has been behind bars for three years serving an eight-year sentence, he was given a $100,000 bond and is restricted from trouble, we have a crew at the courthouse talking with the family of the victim. also breaking on the air developments about the suspect in the attack at the ohio state suspect was not on the radar before the attack. he did purchase a knife at walmart that monday morning, they have yet to confirm if that is the knife he used in the attack.>> we know the time of the attack and we know we have footage from the university about where the vehicle was. it is that time in between the
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campus we want to fill in. >> still working on the timeline, authorities confirming he may have been inspired by isis and a former al qaeda leader. four people confirmed dead in gatlinburg, tennessee from a wildfire. the fires destroyed more than 150 homes and businesses in the touristy town, the mayor is among those who lost his home but today he says they recover. that is our message, we will be okay. if you want to do something for gatlinburg, we will be back on our feet in a short time, come visit us, come vacation here. >> gatlinburg is expected to open up friday more than 14,000 people have evacuated, the wildfires have burned more than 15,000 acres in the great smoky
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that sparked several others was started by someone. lesko live to a press conference in tennessee. >> i recently met with our sheriff. are highway superintendent. and our director of schools who you will hear from in a few moments. regarding the situation in the county we are updating numbers from 150 structures either damaged county into an excess of 400 structures in sevier county. we will keep you updated on that situation as it develops and as we continue to get into some of these areas that we haven't been able to access because of debris and because of downed lines and other
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in those areas in the county and the city officials are moving into those areas as well. let me emphasize, something we have talked about, we are crossing jurisdictional lines like have never been crossed before. we are no longer cities and counties, we are one entity. so, we are working together say city and county i say that for references not because we feel like it is city and county because it is not, we are one unit working together trying to address this disaster. that is a positive note as well. and, i want to thank, before i go on i want to thank the
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officials because sometimes you don't see that across the area but i can assure you this is happening on every level. i can assure you it not just extends to the city and county, it extends to the state and federal government as well because the park services, i can't tell you how vital they are in our efforts and how important they are and how cooperative they have been, it is very important to us and we thank all of those officials. now, to some distressing news, we have recovered three more bodies. we are up to a total of seven that we have recovered. we are still working on identifying those seven. we want to notify the families
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might understand and i know you will, this is a long process. that we are involved in. we will certainly let you know when the information is ready to release, but we do not want to release it until they have been positively identified, until we have been able to notify the families can certainly i can say at this time all of us are praying for those families and distressed at the loss of life in this situation and we continue our efforts to move into these areas and recover and we have zones created across the county that we are moving into as rapidly as we can and moving forward on that. we have found three more bodies.
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in the process of working with the state and we will probably, we will be addressing this in the morning at 11:00 we will have another briefing at 11:00 in the morning and we will be addressing that, in working with the state we were trying to set up a couple of programs, one where we have a central location. >> you are listening to a press conference in gatlinburg, tennessee. this on the heels of the massive wildfire, 400 structures destroyed, you heard them say they found three more bodies, seven people have died in the fires, 50,000 acres have burned. despite this there are reports the touristy areas will reopen on friday. the plane that crashed in columbia monday may have run out of fuel, just before going down. a recording leaked today from the air traffic controller
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and he asked to make an emergency landing. investigators say the lack of fire damage on the ground does suggest that the plane did run out of gas. the crash killed 71 people on impact including most of a brazilian soccer team as the plane slammed into the andes mountains. immemorial will be held at the stadium where the soccer team was supposed to play. we know the name of the former new officer who died in a fire monday morning. the 79-year-old james morgan was retired and disabled. a woman who was in the house is recovering at the hospital, she says there were smoke detectors in the house but they did not work. hillsborough county fire officials say the couple was burning candles when they fell asleep. in manatee county a manatee was rescued from a
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we have been streaming this live on our facebook page, the manatee has been taken out of the drain, rescue crews digging up the drain earlier found the manatee. a construction worker discovered it earlier this morning probably about 11:00. let's talk about trump and the transition, the subject of debate since he was elected, the potential conflict of interest that comes with being a businessman and the president. today addressing that. he turned to twitter to make the announcement saying he will hold a news conference december 15, legal documents are being drawn up to completely remove his involvement in his business and he will in no way have a conflict of interest when it comes to leading the country. the man chosen to lead the u.s. treasury department promises to simplify the tax code. donald trump tapping steven mnuchin today to be the next
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goldman sachs executive. he was the term campaign finance director as well. >> we will have the most significant middle income tax cut since reagan. >> trump tapped billionaire wilbur ross to become the next commerce secretary. ross will focus on bringing back jobs to the us and eliminating the trade deficit. we on the rivergate tower tampa camera where we had clock of earlier, even showers rolling through now looking over harbor and davis islands, look at the radar. nice and dry across all of hillsborough and pinellas counties. as we look at the radar you can see where the showers have rolled through mainly coming from the southwest and then around sarasota and also inland around highlands county and de
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if your kids have afterschool sports, right around the i-75 corridor things are drying out, anything inland you could have a brief shower rolling through. i doubt it is anything to be canceled check ahead by 8:00 we will be mild and on the dry side with temperatures in the mid-70s. a rain chance going galt into tomorrow. i will let you know what that means for wet roads as you are headed out for the commute tomorrow morning. a local museum set to shut its doors permanently. the reason why and the desperate plea to stop that from happening. what looks like a gun being waved around on the side of the road. why this man is not stopping. "the now tampa bay" is back in
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gas could be going up due to the agreement the organization of petroleum exporting countries just made. it will be producing less oil per day you will wind up spending -- paying at least an extra $.16 at the pump. here is a look at the numbers, nationally the average for a gallon of gas is $2.15, in florida $2.13. in tampa bay paying dollars and 07 cents per gallon. thousand of dollars in debt and set to close at the end of january. >> the owners of this museum are going public asking for help. isabel rosales taking you inside this rare museum. >> $25,000 the price to keep this 35,000 square-foot museum operational every month. a price the owners can no longer pay. >> we basically have to stop
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>> a former marine started collecting military memorabilia 55 years ago. his passion for veterans and teaching history led to the opening of the museum. when he died last month's family struggled to maintain his legacy. >> it has been a very very tough decision. >> also tough for those who run it. >> a beautiful place with so many memories. >> average of 25,000 people per year. >> it's terrible, all the memories. >> the museum director tells me a big part of the problem is the location, the warehouse is hitting down this industrial street. >> it is difficult to find.>> what will happen to the more than 100,000 artifacts and 50 operational vehicles? they will likely go to bigger
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smithsonian. this visitor calls the announcement a shame. >> this is local, you drive off the highway and come here. >> staff are feeling optimistic. >> we are really hoping. >> hoping someone will step in and cover the monthly bill or purchase the museum. reporting for the now i'm isabel rosales. imagine if people are calling the police in california because of what the man is holding. but the gun is not real, it is made out of cardboard. it turns out it is an advertisement for a gun shop and the owner who is a marine veteran fought for his rights so he is not changing his campaign. >> it is a slap in the face as a veteran, all of the
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my rights matter, every american matters. >> he is happy it is bringing in business. also triggering a first amendment debate. a look at destruction from deadly tornadoes in alabama and tennessee, five people confirmed dead dozens others are hurt. you can see homes ripped apart in this video from alabama, dozens of buildings damaged or destroyed. these pictures are coming from the national weather service, checking out the damage in alabama with a tornado. look at these pictures closer to us this was happening in atlanta today, downed trees, this was a sky camera from our abc affiliate in atlanta. what you are looking at here is the aftermath of what may have been a tornado going to the area outside of atlanta. still not confirmed as a tornado yet check out this
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to shelter in place so their teacher gave them books to read and this is one of the area hospitals it looks like things are getting better. this weather is headed in our direction, we have a potential for severe storms in the panhandle of florida through 6:00 tonight, there is an active tornado warning in south carolina, this yellow box indicating a severe thunderstorm watch box the tornado watch is in effect which does extend into the panhandle of florida. if you're doing any traveling that way or you have family in the area you want them to be aware, anywhere around panama city we are looking at the potential for severe storms this evening, that continues through parts of georgia and into south carolina, you can see that line, the cold front moving through our area, bringing our temperatures down
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for now, 78 degrees in tampa, 77 clearwater with plenty of sunshine, saint pete 77. as we look at futurecast a few showers today, by 8:00 we start to dry out there is the frontal boundary at 7:00 in the morning we could see some rain in citrus county and then the moisture begins to expand into the rest of the area with those hit or miss lighter showers by noon on top of tampa bay. by 5:00 south. and starting to let up, we are not looking at heavy rain or a risk for severe storms as the front pushes through, but tomorrow we are going to see a few more showers and then we start to dry out, tomorrow morning you may see a shower to the north for the morning commute. by noon if you're having lunch outside there is a chance you could find showers anywhere, by
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if you plan to hit the beach it won't be a total washout i will show you the best time to hit the beach coming up. we are looking for ways to make more money, a study to date -- day
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doctor: oh yeah... right there. oh! you got a nickel back there! heh heh! when we say a health care company
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operator: it's gonna be ok, and i'll be right here if you need me. member: really? operator: really. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. learn more about our marketplace plan visit or call (877) 753-8816 the popularity of drones is triggering a cyber threat, security experts are warning against drone jacking. mcafee putting out a report saying hackers can target drones because they don't have good
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control. security experts the toolkits to do that will be on the dark web by next year. there calling on drone makers to update the software to make them more secure. now i have to worry about drones diving toward me. something everyday. any of us struggle with getting enough sleep and that is costing us a lot of money.>> we should all listen economy is taking a hit of $411 billion per year because we are not getting enough sleep because we are missing a lot of work for not getting enough. coming out to 1.2 million days of work per year. that is me on the daily. according to the new report, the hate is not just people coming to work but also being at work and not being
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night just one hour can actually make a big difference. everyone who sleeps less than six hours per night which isn't good right now if they started sleeping seven hours it could add more than 226 it could add more than $226 billion to the economy. i had a line when my new baby was born that six is the new eight.>> you get six? >> i used to get six now i try to stretch it to seven. >> i wish i could sleep uninterrupted. >> you have heard the recommendations about how to get better sleep, but it is worth a reminder. >> this report recommends setting consistent wake-up times limiting electronics before bed and working out during the day. how about this, a historic african-american community is
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being left in the dust for a decade. the changes coming for the area known as for duces. >> we are helping you save money on your cable bill. >> the company announcing a $35
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some breaking news, a police officer will not be charged for shooting and killing a man in charlotte, north carolina. the officer involved acted lawfully, a key factor was this video of keith scott at a convenience store moments before the shooting showing something on his leg that looks like a holster and a gun.
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his pant leg up and an empty holster. >> a historic part of st. petersburg known for its african-american heritage is seeing new life coming to the struggling area. >> nicole grigg explains the challenges that is nearly destroyed the community. >> 22nd street south is better known as the dukes. >> at one point it was the economic center. >> over the past two decades gloria campbell has watched the 22nd street court or lose its spark. >> people used to tell me you could find everything you needed on the duces. >> she owns a small insurance company. gloria is talking about 275
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from the historic black community. >> the interstate kind of routed people around the community. >> now she is seeing what working together can do as it has been a long struggle to see change. >> you are allowed in the city but it has disappointed us in the past. we are looking forward to that changing and for things to be different. >> now gloria sees life returning, new businesses coming in and old ones getting updates with these murals. walkable. >> the idea turning to action as the new businesses known as the warehouse arts district plan to do events together to bring people across the divided line. >> they are purchasing some art they say they will come down the street and eat dinner at the cafi. >> the next goal is to build new storefronts where the old ones were torn down.
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90 minutes from now there will be a kickoff event for the new revitalization plan starting at 6:00 at the marine center on 22nd street south. a job opening in bradenton the police department needs dispatchers, part-time and full- time available you can make $14 per hour, you don't need a college degree just your high school diploma or ged. you can be as young as 18 all you have to do is go to twitter and find me at laura harris wfts. looking to cut cable cost, we have a new option at&t launching a streaming service called directv now. it is a monthly service starting at $35 per month, you can stream up to 120 channels watch your favorite shows through your smart phone also
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let's take a look outside, you can see how gorgeous it is at the apollo's beach camera beautiful sunshine breaking through the clouds, tomorrow if you're planning on heading out to the pinellas county beaches it will be a bit cloudier and there will be a chance off and on for a few showers especially in the first half of the day, by 3:00 we should be drying out with more sunshine working its way in making temperatures will be in the upper 70s and there will be at least a chance for a few showers rolling through, 69 degrees the water temperature right now. we have the cooldown ahead, how for the temperatures will drop after the front coming up. if you use reviews online to help pick purchases, they could be fake. we are showing you how to spot them "the now tampa bay" is
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will come back to "the now tampa bay", a lot of those cyber monday deals are going on. while you are shopping watch out for the reviews because it turns out some of the reviews are fake and c now, jaclyn allen will show you how to spot the real ones.>> when tyler checks off his christmas list, he is reading the amazon reviews. >> very easy to mount. >> this cyber security expert learned how to spot fake reviews the hard way. after he bought these goggles. >> they had great ratings. i was excited and it wasn't
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was a big bummer. >> amazon has been fighting fraudulent reviews pursuing sellers who purchase fake reviews and banning fake reviews. >> we intended this as a double check. >> the chief strategy officer for fake spot a site that analyzes reviews examining the language timing and the reviewer. >> they put that together and it sticks out a great that tells you algorithm tells us if the review is authentic. >> tyler says he takes fake spot remember those goggles, he entered the address and found the truth. >> it had an f grade most likely the reviews are not legitimate. >> he recommends changing the amazon review filters to most recent and only verified buyers. not all reviews are created
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the reviewer.>> if you're not alone in cracking down the fake reviews, amazon has new rules where people can only write five per week for the things they did not buy, if you are wondering why there are fake reviews in the first place it is about money. people make money selling these. >> christmas is around the corner. santa has posted new pictures of his house this is the view of h feet in the north pole. santa must be making bank this house is $656,000. three bedrooms, two baths you can see the christmas tree and the fireplace in the kitchen he has got to have fresh-baked cookies. some of them are already in the jar and i love this one the dining room table as the milk and cookies and the hot
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you can forget santa's workshop we can only get a little piece you can see the typewriter to check off those who are naughty and nice but don't worry santa isn't going anywhere. they just wanted everyone to see his house. you can see more pictures at the "the now tampa bay" facebook page. the rain is coming down in gatlinburg helping th walker, i will give you a tour
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breaking news as seven people have now been killed in
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because of the terrain in the area. >> some of the images we are getting today a better look at what is left behind in gatlinburg, tennessee. >> the now's todd walker made it behind the fire lines and shows us why the fire is so destructive.>> i was doing a facebook live video trying to get people out. >> a cop for 11 years luke walker knew the bad situation when he saw there were still restaurants and bars open, i ran into them. >> he is living at the evacuation shelter waiting to go back home which did survive.>> there are roads you have to go one mile out of your way to get back 50 yards up the hill to find and fight the fires. >> north of gatlinburg, tennessee getting into the hardest hit areas from the fire and the rain starting to come down. they got plenty of rain
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before the people had to navigate out of here and homes and cabins are built on steep heels -- hills it is hard to drive in and out with any vehicle. we saw some trucks coming through to mop up hotspots. >> you go up if you're driving a big rig it will be s there is no vegetation to hold onto the water when it does rain they will be dealing with mudslides for months if not years. a lot of the houses did not stand a chance they are built on top of each other. the main driver of the fire was the wind, embers would blow in the wind torching some houses and completely saving others. >> you can see fires on the mountain from the street.
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this. this has just been one street, there are hundreds if not thousands all over the valley. for the now, i'm todd walker.>> unbelievable pictures, dollywood is staying closed until friday because they focus on supporting the community. >> the theme park posted on facebook asking people to donate to the red cross. dolly parton put out a message about preventing forest fires help firefighters avoid wildfires, hold off on burning leaves tie up change on trailers don't park vehicles on dry grass. even a cozy campfire can cause a wildfire. the staff at dollywood says they are safe but they are asking for continued thoughts and prayers for those affected.
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area but some places to get some rain. >> that cold front coming through is part of what sparked the strong winds and you can see in gatlinburg, 17 miles per hour sustained winds, this gray box that is to the east of gatlinburg it is moving to north carolina that is where the high wind advisory continues for several hours this evening. those wings have let up across the ha the rain is starting to let up so the rain chances have come down, we don't have a lot of weather working to help the situation with the lack of rain , the good news the winds will be letting up tonight as well, the frontal boundary has also been rolling through our area, we will see the effects of it into friday with cooler
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tampa, 79 in brandon and brooksville as well as crystal river, 78 haines city warmer than average temperatures. tomorrow we are making it to highs in the upper 70s close to 80 degrees, a 20% chance you will see a shower in the neighborhood at some point and on friday temperatures drop to the mid-70s to warm back up saturday up to 77 and by sunday up to 80. after that giving a better chance for rain, but will there be a cool down? denis will have more on that at 5:00. she was at the helm of the overhaul of america's health care system, and overhaul that will now undergo big changes if not thrown out altogether. mike sacks talking with the health and human services
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it.>> i believe the healthcare law violates every principle we hold. >> donald trump picking tom rice to head health and human services. >> there is no question representative price has been one of the most vocal critics of the affordable care act. he has voted to repeal it over 50 times. >> kathleen oversaw the massive president obama's first secretary. what is she think about the successor undoing her work. >> it is not about me or the president of the united states, it is about the people i met all over the country. the parents of a cancer surviving child who said to me i know my daughter will always have health insurance. she won't ever be denied. people who can pay for an operation or get a vasectomy.
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insurance companies give young healthy people cheaper plans. older people will benefit from higher tax credits than younger people, price's plan is one of many that will be considered. >> up until now it has been hypothetical. looking at real people who are hurt by the plan having a doctor leave and then better healthcare it becomes complicated. >> if confirmed it will be up to him trouble and republican- controlled congress to prove their prescription is a better fit for america. for the now i'm mike sacks. do you want to have a candlelight dinner with donald trump and mike pence? how about a ladies luncheon with the women of the first
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wouldn't it be nice to have that cash lying around, the group responsible for planning and playing for the events surrounding the inauguration have finalized a benefits package to bring in big donors, the lowest price offering $25,000. that gets you two tickets to the inaugural parade the victory reception the inaugural concert and the black-tie ball. >> to raise $65 million for the inauguration and it won't accept money from registered lobbyists. president obama's team raised $53 million in 2009 which is a record. taxpayers pick up the tab for the swearing in ceremony and security. the money raised goes to pay for the other big celebrations. if you're craving ribs, hot
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can get it anytime of the year. >> this restaurant announcing 365 offering yearly subscription for your favorite meals. 365. every day of the year, the most popular dishes delivered to your home every month, some of the meals include italian beef sandwiches, full slabs of ribs chicago style hot dogs and the famous chocolate cake. one dollar per day. police in kansas city set out to catch a mountain lion but found something bizarre. the camera caught somebody dressed as a guerrilla. a suspicious man that somewhat looks like santa claus and an older lady with a walker and bow and arrow. the police department got a
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facebook. a dumping disaster caught on camera. this happened in denver. a denver dump truck releasing garbage in front of several houses. >> there was so much garbage left behind people could not get their cars out so they called the city to find out it wasn't the city truck. the city told them to figure it out with the dump truck company. >> i told the city what am i supposed to do? tell them i will write them a ticket? i don't have any power to tell this company what to do. >> you've got to love that when they say not my problem. the dump truck company says it was an accident and the truck malfunctioned. the driver did not know it happened.
4:55 pm
canada will be listening to if they get pulled over, the kensington police putting this post on their page warning drivers about the christmas edition of their gift to drunk drivers not only will they get pulled over but the officer will unwrap a copy of nickel back and play it all the way to jail. the band is from canada and so many people say they don't like them. police say they don't hate nickel back trying a different approach. >> i actually don't get it either. i like nickel back. if you want to catch some football this weekend now is the chance to get discounted tickets. >> there is a deal for the atlantic coast conference championship game saturday in orlando. print your past 48 hours
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you don't even need to stop at will call. clemson takes on virginia tech saturday at 8:00. if you're looking to sell your home chances are you will make some good money. >> if you're looking to buy it might pay off to wait. zillow says it could become a buyers market over the next year to three years. people selling are in command getting good prices construction and more existing homes to go on the market buyers could regain some say in what they will pay. by the way, zillow says only 46% of buyers get the first home they make an offer on. >> there are 6% fewer homes on the market right now than one year ago. interest rates have only gone up since the election everyone says they are likely to go up
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out as a mistake is now giving people who are colorblind a new view of the world. >> shannon sims shows us how. >> jason beck 26 years old rediscovering the world. >> i have never been a big fan of the outdoors or nature.>> he suffers from a condition that affects one out of jason is colorblind. >> during the day the green traffic light looks white. >> at night. >> i can tell the difference between red and yellow. >> don't ask them to grill meat.>> i can't tell you when it is done. >> jason learned there were glasses to help them see what he had been missing. >> they work for four out of five colorblind people. >> the inventors set out to
4:58 pm
perform laser surgery accidentally creating a lens to help colorblind see color. the specialized lens enhances colors and filters specific colors. >> the most common is their red green deficiency. with that is difficult for those individuals to distinguish the different shades of red and green and that is due to how the cones and the retina are light. >> this app allows us to see how jason views the world, when i point the ipad at this jungle gym you see green red and yellow. with a click this is how jason now sees the jungle gym with his glasses. >> it is hard to comprehend the fact i have been living in this world my entire life and i figure out there was a world i wasn't aware of. >> the manufacturer says it is
4:59 pm
>> they enhance the saturation and vibrancy of colors and they improve detail and depth perception but they are not a cure for colorblindness. >> for jason the glasses have changed his life. >> i wish the four-year-old jason could get these glasses. i'm laura harris, that is it for "the now tampa bay". "abc action news at 5:30" starts right now. live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. pinellas county neighborhoods becoming an easy target for thieves. how the crooks are stealing what they want. >> fire rain and damaging winds, severe weather leaving a trail of distraction across the south, tornadoes tearing up the
5:00 pm
in tennessee wildfires ravaged towns. the hope is they will merge bringing an end to the devastation, but first thieves are hunting for easy targets in several neighborhoods. good evening, i'm sarina fazan on. >> and i'm paul lagrone, carson chambers is going to show you how unknowing neighbors are showing the crooks what they want. >> this is a neighborhood where everybody talks to each other so this news also a lot of people have cameras on their homes.>> it was my first nascar. >> this is video of tammy's brand-new infiniti sedan. stolen out of her safety harbor driveway one week ago around 4:00 in the morning. >> a violation of safety but it is up to us to be vigilant. >> her garage was open and so


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