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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> i'm paul lagrone, if you have noticed a bigger cable bill you are not alone. >> bright house networks recently became spectrum the company is getting flooded with calls and complaints.>> kera mashek looking into these issues and why one woman says it is a matter of life and death.>> lisa likes to check in on her 87- year-old dad and disabled husband, she can do that by checking her home cameras on her cell phone. >> i need to make sure i can pull up the camera and see. >> those cameras need the internet and that has been less than reliable lately. so was the home phone and cable all pervaded -- provided by bright house networks which switched to spectrum. >> that is not acceptable. i need the phone working. i need to call 911 the cell phone is not always reliable. >> getting help from the
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she took this screenshot of her whole time over one hour and that was the second call after getting disconnected. she is calling it quits switching companies. >> after almost 14 years it is sad to say i have to leave. >> the company facebook page is filled with concerns the past couple of weeks lost channels to skyhigh bills without changing packages prices should not change unless a promotion expires >> i have never had a problem until the last year, everybody started having the same problems. >> spectrum says the call volume has spiked and reminds you if you get frustrated with calling customer service you can use live chad on the website or tweet to get help. they say a lot of work with the transition continues behind the scenes kera mashek abc action
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his neighbor is getting ready to walk out of jail as he waits for a new trial. brendaliss gonzalez is live outside of the jail where trevor dooley will go free and the victim's wife says letting this guy out of jail is not fair. >> she started a petition this year to keep him in jail, now that he can get out at any moment she is not concerned about safety, what bothers her is another issue.>> three years after trevor dooley walked into this jail he is free to walk out. this comes six years after admitting to shooting and killing his neighbor david james during an argument about a skateboarder at their neighborhood best buy court. >> while it is extremely disappointing to hear, we were kind of expecting it.>> james whittle has been through this
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bail before trial. >> you would think after all of these years going through this over and over, it would get easier to deal with. but, it is not. >> especially for their daughter was there when he shot her dad. >> she is going to be terrified, she has nightmares that he is going to hunt her down. >> there's a trial to claim self-defense. the biggest concern is the fact that he is getting another chance and time with family. >> that is really disheartening to know he will have alall of those happy times with them, and we will never have that ever again. >> reporter: the judge said bond for $100,000, he also said conditions, he is supposed to hand over his passport, he
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and he cannot have any contact with any of the victims family. reporting live brendaliss gonzalez abc action news. a sarasota-based circus operator will pay nearly $25,000 in fines more than one year after a tent collapsed killing a six-year-old girl and her father. walker brothers international did not have the proper license for certain events and federal safety officials say walker ignored high wind warnings before a performance in august. winds whipping at 75 miles per hour brought down the tent. a tampa man accused of molesting a child is out of jail. here is a look at the 46-year- old, according to arrest documents he forced a child to touch him on at least two separate occasions. jail records show the men worked as a maintenance mad --
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victim outside of his job. this man caught on camera stealing more than $1 million worth of gold flakes in new york city and he may be hiding out in florida. watch the guy in the black vest, you can see him walk onto an armored truck grabs the bucket of gold flakes. the bucket was 86 pounds, containing $1.6 million will worth of gold. the video came out today, now the crook is believed to be on the run in miami or orlando. we are keeping our eye on strong storms in the southeast, thousands grappling with nasty weather during the evening commute, this video we got from atlanta, you can see the city skyline showing how the storm moved to downtown. take a look at this, trees and power lines knocked it down
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there are about 2000 power outages in the atlanta area. let's turn things over to denis the question is the threat over? >> most of the threat is over for georgia. the tornado warnings have expired and there is now just a tornado watch and severe thunderstorm watch for the carolinas. there are warnings in south carolina but clearly the line is getting weaker which is for us because it is coming this way. what is left of the front will arrive tomorrow and we are getting rain across interior counties. a lot of folks on facebook letting us know. the scattered showers continue to pop across the interior counties. that is because we have this warm air and this rich flow coming in, tomorrow another story, a front coming in in the morning clouds thickened by
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weather behind the front how it impacts your weekend coming up. we moved to donald trump and his transition tonight learning a familiar name joining his transition team likely representative dennis ross is part of a new group of lawmakers helping mr. trump prepare for the white house. ross says he is looking forward to working with the trumpet administration to create a stronger more pros he joins pam bondi on the trump transition team. efforts to force a recount in michigan are moving forward. green party candidate jill stein filling the request three hours ago. on top of that she is asking 5 million votes cast be recount by hand. michigan just confirmed monday mr. trump did beat hillary
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state. a product nearly all women use if a lawmaker gets her way everyone could be paying less for it. a bill is due to put away the tampon tax calling for tells -- sales tax exemption for feminine hygiene products. a woman sued the state claiming a sales tax on these products amounts to discrimination. the bill is up for consideration in next year's legislative session. hoping someone will come to the rescue so they don't have to close their doors for good. it takes $25,000 per month to keep the museum of and running, that is the price the owners cannot pay any longer. the man who founded it has just passed away. his family is failing to maintain the museum. the artifacts will leave for
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be saved. >> it has been a very tough decision for the family.>> it is a beautiful place with so many memories that so many people benefit from. >> a rare collection of military memorabilia. the museum hopes someone will help cover the monthly bill or better yet by the museum for $2.5 million. we are getting our first look at the amenity pulled from a storm drain in jacksonville. this manatee is going to seaworld where marine biologists will check them out, a city crew spotted the trapped manatee , they work for hours to free it from the storm drain, florida fish and wildlife want you to get involved to protect the manatees in our local waters. officers are planning to safely capture and relocate manatees
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officers have been getting reports and think there are at least three manatees that need to get to warmer waters before winter, help them out by reporting sightings like these two officers. people in northport have a new way to get city leaders attention to make the community we share a little bit better. partnering with a new service called north report where you can report anything from tallgrass to streetlight issues to illegal dumping, if it sounds familiar we have told you before about it, st. petersburg clearwater and other communities have intimated the same thing. once aware of the problem you can receive notifications about what is being done to fix it. breaking details about the
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who we know was beaten and branded. the one comment from her husband that might damage the investigation. expensive clothing getting sold at half the price sometimes cheaper than that. the big changes shoppers are making leading to these huge
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authorities looking into the abduction of this california mother. husband might hurt the investigation. two hours ago sheriffs confirm the kidnappers were two women, deputies are saying the attackers branded a message into her skin a detailed her husband revealed to good morning america today. she disappeared this month while out for a jog and was found alive three weeks later covered in bruises and chained at the wrist. a consumer alert making
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dehumidifier needs to check if the one in your home poses a fire risk. 2.5 million dehumidifiers from a variety of brands including general electric and kenmore, the company that manufactures them issued the recall in 2013 and then again in 2014. people who are using the dehumidifiers which are blamed for hundreds of fires. that is the problem. we have made it yours we have an article with the model numbers on our website. new items at half the cost or less. we are always looking for ways to find bargains especially for the holidays, as serena for sans shows us thanks to online shoppers local stores are seeing the benefits and passing on the savings. >> 25 years ago mindy opened baby boomer and a consignment
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online shopping really hurt her business but within this year a 360 degree turnaround. >> people order things online and they can't return them or they get charged they give up and bring it in. >> consignors don't lose the money they spent online and owners like mindy can re-tag them to sell. >> you can save a lot of money. and on many high-cost items. >> this lady ordered ski suits. >> mindy slashed the price 50%, countless new items in her store it is not just strict online return policies bringing in the merchandise. >> you can return them in the store but they don't have the time. >> sarah owns this boutique half the items in her store our brand-new like these boots the retailer price to them over
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she can price it solo because of the volume she gets. >> what surprises me the most is the designer labels i get you would think they would return. >> this one is tagged at $438. clothes coming from mainstreet department stores are a lot less and shopping consignment is fun. >> you never know what you're going to g news. now, abc action weather. >> 80 degrees outside. >> i put up my christmas wreath and that was all i could do. >> we have a blast of cold air tomorrow it will be 75. here is a look at rivergate some clouds out there they are
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counties, highlands county a couple of reports of rain, taking a closer look there it is very light stuff over the last hour or so there have been a few areas with heavier showers, de soto into southeastern polk county. that is a strong southerly wind with moisture from the south spotting showers. tomorrow morning our rain chances on pop in the front, temperatures in the upper 70s to the lower 80s after highs in the low to mid 80s, mid-seventies from tampa to clearwater to saint pete skies ranging from clear to cloudy looking at the satellite picture this is what we have been looking at all day, clear skies to partly cloudy a few showers popping up east of i-75. overnight skies will cloud up
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showers there won't be a ton of it, you might see 10 to 15 minutes of rain i don't expect any thunderstorms. this is the same front spotting the severe weather and tornadoes across the deep south. usually in november these fronts are not strong enough, it is usually more common come january and february. so by the time the front makes it to florida there is not much left, some clouds and a tomorrow mostly cloudy but breezy with an isolated shower or two, friday morning it is gone. the front fizzles out skies clear we get the cooler drier air, not like the last front we will have highs in the mid-70s with lows in the upper 50s but the humidity will drop. the warmer air ahead of it will be replaced with cooler and
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will warm up a chance of some moisture returning by monday maybe some showers by then, forecasted highs i-4 north tomorrow in the mid-to upper 70s, notice the cooler and drier air in the afternoon, south of i-4 low to mid 80s it will take longer for the front to come in. it may stall out, sarasota county it might not make it. cooler and drier by saturday counties. long-range forecast the warmth returns tuesday but the european is showing another front by the end of next week bringing serious weather snow to the northeast next weekend and for us may be a decent cooldown. it is something to look forward to if you are looking for cooler temperatures. here are your boating conditions. a look at our seven-day forecast, showers tomorrow
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perfectly, showers next week and the cooldown toward the end of next week. still ahead, jameis winston honoring buccaneers fans for their support what did he do?
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hasn't been kind to the buccaneers, they entered the season winning just six games in the last three seasons but the trend is starting to change. this past sunday the buccaneers stunned the seahawks with their second home win of the year but the scene was different, if you were there you felt it, the energy has not been like that
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state to the very end and that loyalty did not go unnoticed, at jameis winston's conference he did something you probably haven't seen before. prior to answering questions winston presented the game ball to the buccaneer fans.>> i really just want to give this game ball to the fans. they did an amazing job they really helped us out. this game ball goes to for doing an amazing job, i hope that is in the future every sunday at raymond james. >> the buccaneers go to san diego this weekend returning home on the 11th. usf will still play in a bowl game when and where they will play will be revealed in 10 days. the usf quarterback guided the team to the first 10 win
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named the conference offense of player of the year. this award voted by the conference head coaches this afternoon almost 4000 yards of total offense and 37 total touchdowns. he isn't the only player on the team getting accolades from the conference. nine total honored by the acc. good for them. the forecast looks pretty good for football this weekend temperatures cooling to the 70s. >> continuing coverage of today's top stories, we will see you today at 11:00.
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breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the deadly tornadoes. the watches late today across several states. more than two dozen twisters in 24 hours. in atlanta, the sirens. the system stretching from the south to the northeast. also, the state of emergency at this hour. seven dead. the wildfires out of control. fueled by the winds. families racing to get out. breaking developments in the plane crash. tonight, what we have just learned. what the pilot said moments before the crash. inside the meeting. the dinner with president-elect donald trump and mitt romney. and we have new reporting tonight, the post that could be given to sarah palin. the house explosion. the mother of three, the family dog crawling out from the


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