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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> they've been camped out for 44 days. if they don't leave, they'll start making some arrests, police say. >> they've started making arrests, i'm standing in front of the homeless camp we've been telling you about for the past 44 days. they're blocking off the road, no traffic except for officers, they've taken this man away for something, we're not sure what it is at this point in time. i want to take you back over this way. this is the homeless camp we've been telling you about. 250 north beach street. officers showed up 15, 20 minutes ago. they started telling men and women who have been camping out, they want to help them get to a shelter and they'll put their things in a storage unit and get everybody to a bed tonight. that's what they intend to do. i spoke with the chief a while ago. what happened was the city came up with achings. they're acting on that, now, at this point in time.
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they've not been able to legally remove people from this property because they did not have the legal authority to do so, but now, because they have that adequate shelter in place, they can come out here and start getting people to those shelters, there's 50 men and women out here or so. they have that shelter in place, and they want to start moving them. they do have the power to a folks out here. if they don't want to leave, they, of course, are seeing that right now. as soon as we have more information as to what's going on out here, how many people who have made that arrest, we'll bring that information and we're live on daytona beach, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> a family was held hostage in their own home for hours. >> now, the gunmen who did it are on the run this evening. >> three victims were tied up during that home invasion including a mother and her daughter.
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reserve subdivision which is a gated community in st. cloud. you've been asking if that was random or this family was targeted. >> reporter: well, vanessa here's the thing. it's not a gated community. it's surrounded by walls here and it has the gates there. it has security cameras around here. right now investigators are trying to figure out not only how they got in, but why? osceola county detectives are investigating a ten hour home invasion, it happened near st. cloud. this he don't think other neighbors are in danger. >> they believe the family was targeted, they don't believe that this was random. they haven't disclosed specifically what leads them in that direction. >> at least four men burst into the home at dinnertime as hours passed, a mother daughter and mom's boyfriend were all tied up as money was stolen. then the boyfriend was taken away in mom's stolen car.
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yet, but two men remained behind with the tide females. >> animals -- the tied up females. >> i want to find out why. they were animals. >> that car was found nearby at 2:00 a.m. with the male victim still inside. >> he was tied up when they located the car and him in the back seat. >> it's scary where it was that close to your house and you've got kids and you wondered what the motives are and i hope they catch these guys. >> and one way they might catch them is all of the security cameras i was talking about, that's a lot of security cameras, you can imagine they're going through that video. here's the thing, when this happened at about this time yesterday, it started, it was pouring rain out here, it's unclear how much those video cameras are going to be able to show. reporting live in osceola county, eyewitness news. >> south street in downtown
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now while state agents investigate an officer-involved shooting. this was over in bunby avenue, an early morning carjacking street. the suspects were trying to drive the car aggressively back out of the parking lot. officers feared for their lives and shot the female driver in the arm. people in the businesses said they were shaken by the gunfire. >> when they pulled out, the cops shot observe ten to 15 rounds, and the suspect is okay and no one was hurt. this week the death of a marion county woman who was found dead in her home is ruled a homicide. her estranged husband found her body and it looks like she was
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cash and jewelry were stolen including a tennis bracelet with very nice stones and a wedding ring with diamonds. >> she wore very nice jewelry and they're looking for who killed her. >> anyone who passed that home and please, call investigators if you saw anything suspicious late sunday night into early monday morning. an orlando doctor's office is at home tonight and accuse of treating patients while under the influence. 9 investigates told you, the state has ordered doctor to stop practicing medicine now. and they're digging deeper why his medical license hasn't been pulled permanently, there's a lengthy appeals process that the doctor goes through before
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he plans to fight so he can continue to treat children. >> reporter: on wednesday the florida department of health shot down his practice. 9 investigates, they found documents, the doctor treated patients under the influence. under the emergency order to restrict his license, the state surgeon general said his unrestricted practice condition substitutes a danger to the public and he says it's all false. >> i'm being persecuted by the state for no reason. >> he gave fair warning. they recommended because of public abuse -- substance abuse problems he go into a program. he failed to comply.
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>> this is the process for the state of florida. it starts with a complaint here in the case of this doctor, he is right around here and the prosecution attorney review and the probably cause stages, and there's a process he has to go through before he can lose his license. >> i searched for doctors who have ultimately had their license revoked. out of 77 health care professionals in central florida who had their license revoked since 2014 only one was a doctor. and state finds crimes, standard of care, drug use as well as student loan defaults as serious violations to do this. an orange county couple faces animal cruelty charges. this couple were arrested nearly six months after a dog
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inside a cage with its head stuck between two of the wire bars. the dog had no food and water and its skin was rubbed raw from the metal. the dog was able to be saved and has since been adopted. take a look at the damage of this ambulance, it was headed to pick up a patient in mount dora, a passenger was ejected and all employees were sent to the hospital all with non-lifethreatening injuries injuries. she's pushing about the -- this woman is pushing for the daughter's death. it says a contributing factor was from bleach. hill says someone poured that bleach on to her daughter. >> it's the bleach, the bleach attack is what killed my daughter.
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into the hospital the day before she died. someone had poured bleach on her. they're calling this a death investigation and not a murder. a long time brevard county public school employee is accused of stealing resources. investigators believe he and others were taking equipment and using school accounts to order items for their personal use. the loss to the district may approach $100,000. >> the message to send is you can't hurt children and you can't hurt children while being an employee of the brevard public school system. a man convicted of second- degree murder in kidnapping learned he'll spend the rest of his life in prison. he and his friend beat this man to death before setting him on fire.
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he was sentenced to 20 years in prison. sanford police say a couple used their two young boys to steal a tv and other merchandise from wal-mart. this couple sent two young boys to be looked out while they removed an antitheft device from a television and to use old shopping bags to wheel a tv out of the store. the couple was caught and they contributed to a delinquency of a minor as well as theft. they need $8 million to build a national african- american museum. and the tax dollars they want to use to get it done. a run in with a snake that a local attorney says may have led to death of the family's great grandmother. police are working to clear out dozens of homeless people in front of the volusia county government building. we're speaking with the police
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for you in a few minutes.
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. we have more on the breaking news in daytona beach where police are clearing out the large homeless people -- large group of homeless people they're trying to clear them out. >> you spoke to the police chief, what did he say about all of this. >> reporter: he told me -- about all of this? >> he told me there was drugs, crime, fights, this is something they needed to step in. the city dame up with a solution and they were able to do that. the officers are still here. if you're joining us, this is a major scene out here right now. we have a few dozen police officers who have closed off beach street right now.
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in case anyone has to be arrested who will not leave this property. we've seen one person get arrested at this point. there's an ambulance on stand by, we'll come back here to the building and so far everybody is cooperating, packing their things as officers are instructing them to do. they're hoping to get them to shelter tonight and those who do not want to leave, they'll be arrested, the chief told me that they would be violating an order demands, an order demands that didn't work before, because they didn't have adequate shelter in place and they do have that shelter in place, that's why they were able to come here now,. this point 44 days later to remove the homeless people at this point in time, we'll deep you updated on this situation later on tonight. the town of eatonville announced today it wants to build an african-american
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facility is planned on the school site owned by the public school. there are still questions though about the money. >> reporter: while people filled down for the festival celebrating african-american arts and communities. >> we've been coming here ten years. >> the town's mayor came out with an announcement. >> today is an important day. >> the mayor is flanged by other black cities has plans for a 124,000 african-american mooch. it's seen a handful of development projects fall through in recent years. he said it will be the largest research center on african- american history in florida. funding is up in the air. the mayor plans to ask for the tourist development council for
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government, he believes tax dollars can help. in an e-mail spokes women said information on the presentation today is news to ocps, we're not aware that the council has taken any action on a new plan. the school district which owns the property would have to improve any new development. the town hasn't firmed up support or the money issue, the mayor seems confident they'll get it. >> i'm excited about the opportunity, i believe they will be very receptive to it. >> jeff field channel 9 eyewitness. >> his goal is to break ground on this five years from today. >> you can take a look at the design plans for the museum. we posted them on our website. a family is planning to sue disney claiming a little boy's encounter with a snake in 2014 caused his great grandmother's death. >> a boy says a snake fell from a tree and landed on him and bit him.
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died for a heart attack and they're blaming disney for the responsibility of her death. >> we don't have questions, we don't know what happened and what they knew and when they knew it and what steps they took. >> the snake was wild and did not escape from any its displays. any claims of negligence is a misrepresentation of the facts. >> counting news where you live, in osceola, florida fish and wildlife officials will be treating lake kissimmee for an invasive water plant. it clogs waterways and harms native plants. the treatment starts the first week of february but there won't be restrictions on fish organize swimming. they need your help on tracking down this missing man. george hand checked out of the good shepherd assisted living facility.
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he never did. if you see him call police. the daytona beach police want you to call them if you come face-to-face with a gunman. they want to see if people are shooting in a public place. that work shop is held from 10 in the morning until noon. >> you need things like that. >> exactly. >> rolex starts tomorrow. we have an arts festival too. >> you'll be there sunday right. >> a fantastic day. there's our time lapse, we're backing up the beautiful sunset shot, we've been watching that in severe weather center 9. the high clouds and 61 degrees. what a breath of fresh air it's been after back it back, wet soggy days. 50s and we'll be in the 40s for most of us overnight tonight.
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dropped by 2/3s over what we had yesterday. that will make for a trip drop in temperatures. it won't be excessively cold tonight. that will die down later on tonight, a bit of an early chill to our temperature. it's a busy friday evening for the out door plans, low 50s by midnight and upper 40s and we'll be out here tomorrow morning, starting at 5:00 mountain morning by daybreak for these showers. you will see 45, and clear skies, no showers, 45 in orlando. 50 in cocoa beach for tomorrow. in the early-morning hours, a good looking afternoon, sunshine, a few clouds early on, high pressure will be building in. it will keep us dry and slowly warming up day by day. we need a break from the rain. look at the rain totals, so far this month we won't add much to this, melbourne we've had over
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we should have two inches in january, we've also had over 7 inches of rain in daytona. you are the third wettest for this time of the year, orlando only 10. we've had a lot of rain for this time of year. high clouds spilling through tomorrow. giving as you nice afternoon, a beautiful day on sunday, clouds will start rolling through, not the kind of clouds that bring any rainfall, we'll keep it dry this weekend. low 70s for tomorrow, we'll up it to 4 to 5 degrees on average as we move into sunday. great weekend for rolex 24, sunny a little breezy, 69 degrees, it's better than a lot of weekends. the bad weather hits for the races in daytona, it starts with the rolex and goes on to 500. hopefully this year will be better. a cooler evening, pleasantly dry, here's your five-day forecast, the weekend always in view. we'll in the upper 70s and 80s
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sim gets here in the middle of the week.
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. welcome back, orlando city's first week of training is in the books. coaches say they're a month ahead of where they were compared to week 1 of has year. kevin is back from his acl injury. he's hooking up and richy and hodgey received high praise from the head coach. he was pleased with his line squad after five days of training. >> we're going good down the road. i've tried to explain this before. when people come into a new club and people are nervous, you don't know where you are, when you have the first day of school, we had all that last year. everyone is coming in flying. >> on to hoops, the drop continues for the orlando magic
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they announced the all star reserves last night. the magic were shut out of the high profile exhibition, they look to end their seven game skid against the celtics, side. they've not dropped # games in boston. this will be the first of back to back games and on sunday, back here at the am way center. finally the solar bears are having issues, they dropped three straight, they'll end monarchs. >> we wish them luck. we're staying on top of that situation in daytona beach right now where they're forcing dozens of people to clear out. these are live pictures of that scene. >> we'll be life in daytona beach to see if any arrests are made. we'll be here on 10, and 11
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