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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning Sunday 600am  ABC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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this subpoena eyewitness news. >> i want to know what happened. this morning, this woman is begging for information about her son's murder. the search for the gunman who killed a 15-year-old in broad daylight. a local boyscout group taken for $25,000 worth of equipment. darlene jones. time now is 6:00 on the dot. i'll have more on our top story. here is allover look at
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and severe weather center 9 and more 80s aare on the way. >> 80s returning this week. we'll be flirting with record highs and we're going to be looking at a day today where we will be fighting the clouds. they are very stubborn. as i warned you yesterday, it isn't going to be as sunny. hopefully, we'll see some peaks of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. it keeps the temperatures a little warmer or night. acts as a nice little blanket. we are still dealing with a couple of host. over the last 24 hours, we have seen up to eight degree temperature hikes, so it is definitely warmer and that warming trend is just beginning into the week as we see the 80s return. everyone will be in the low to mid 70s as we head into the day today. darlene? >> developing this morning, a seminole county mother is pleading for answers in her son's murder. it happened at the middle of the afternoon friday. eyewitness news this morning is live at the
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she believes someone can help find her son's killer. >> she is begging for that person to come forward, and as you mentioned, it happened in the middle of the day around 3:00 in the afternoon. now, the sheriff's office is investigating his death as a homicide. in some ways, the family considering the death of 15 #-year-old harris a very private, very personal struggle. >> he did not deserve to be killed. he did not deserve to be killed the way he was killed. >>reporter: washington believers someone in this neighborhood knows who shot her son. >> so they could speak. >>reporter: the seminole county sheriff's office is now investigating her son's death. harris was riding in a car on central street when someone with a gun fired several shots in his direction. he crashed into a pole and later died. his family can't comprehend how this happened in the middle of the street, in
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>> i just want justice. i hope and pray whoever did this to my baby please come forward. >> and the seminole county sheriff's office told us they are aggressively following leads. if anyone has any information, they are asked to contact him. julie salamon, eyewitness news this morning. >> right now, orange county deputies are investigating what they believe is a murder suicide near sea world. this happened at the mission club apartments on international driver yesterday morning. deputies say aryl differ found 29-year-old hall dead along with her baker. >> so it is a sad event. they're going to look at everything regarding this case, every angle. the couple died. there is. people with her car as they try to stop her when he stole a 79-year-old purse.
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employee she wasn't getting a tax -- deputies say -- no one was hurt. detectives used the service employee to track her down at home. a man's body was found burned near a called deputies yesterday after finding the body near a budget inn on east new york avenue. that is just west of i-4. deputies were called to the same area been sweeping -- sleeping on a bench and refused to leave. no word yet if that man is the same man was found dead. we'll let you know once deputies release more information. we're now one day away from the start of the iowa caucuses, and the candidates have been all over iowa trying to rally votes. abc's brandy hitt reports the presidential hopefuls are taking in to 57 different event this is weekend. >> the countdown in iowa is getting ugly. >> ted cruise who was not born on u.s. soil. it's a problem.
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attacking ted cruise. deceitful campaign at the things he's saying. people see that. >> six wokes ago, everyone in the field was attacking donald trump. now, everyone in the field is attacking me. candidates are state. democrat hillary clinton joined by both bill and chelsie. state department's decision to declare 22 e-mails top secret in this interview with ce inn. q i didn't send or receive any me im-- e-mails marked classified. >>reporter: each town hall now critical in undecided voters. >> what i am looking for is the genuineness that maybe you can only get from seeing them in person. >>reporter: but his opponent bernie sanders is also drawing big crowds confident he can win monday and in november. >> many of the polls out there should people like pretty badly.
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sanders forth on whether the two should debate next week along with the with possibly adding three more de-- debates spring. donald trump leading ted cruise by five democrats sanders are locked in a statistical tie. you can get the latest on the 2016 presidential candidates by downloading a free wftv news app. today is the last day to enroll in health insurance. if you missed today's deadline, you'll have to pay a fine for each person in your family or 2.5% of your household income, whenever is greater. as of wednesday, 300,000 people have coverage. florida is leading the nation of the number of people enrolled in the healthcare program. police say three violent men escaped from a prison a week ago are back in prison this morning. yesterday, police say they captured jonathan tayu thanks to a tip.
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were arrested in san francisco more than security prison officials say they had help from an english teacher. the third man say -- on friday morning. at sanford police officers on a busy sanford road is set to face a judge. here. they saw him waving a gun around on friday night. they say he hope opened fire. we spoke to a witness who saw this gun back. two or three burst of rounds. i don't know if it was the suspect that was shooting at the cop at first. after that, you heard 13 or 14 shots. he really unloaded his clip. >> police say a bystander was shot and expected to be okay. we looked into smith's crawl history and found out he was charged once before accused in a vehicle
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you know what a judge decides today on eyewitness news at noon. this week, the daytona beach police department is expected to release video of criminal activity they say they saw outside of a homeless camp. homeless people were camped outside for 43 days. they had to be removed because of inappropriate activity. and the homeless were sent to a shelter at the salvation army. one person was arrested for refusing to leave. an orange county troop was working to replace $25,000 worth of equipment after their trailer was stolen from a church parking lot. the scout leader of you troop 966 e e. for camping trips. they had extra gear they were planning to give away but now working to replace what was stolen. >> i would feel bad that somebody would do such a thing, but it is good that we are come back.
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step up and help. you're asked to call the original county sheriff's office. on tuesday, the florida and as permit. the other will allow guns. florida is one of five states. will remove the airport plaza. and knees with that station will be added on the west plaza. and drivers will be eligible for a rebait. time now is 6 to -- 6:09. severe weather center 9. >> we are looking at close to record numbers as we move into the day today. but we are going to be looking at a pretty decent day along the coast. we have to be the mid to
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be in the low to mid 80s is we get awfully close. today, all of us will be in the 70s. your better chance for sunshine will be in the coastline. heading up to velutia. now, watch out for both today and into our monday. keep that in mind. seventy in daytona beach. darlene? major changes will coming for moneys of thousands who rely on food stamps. why some say the move to grocery stores could hurt some families. >> the presidential candidates are doing some last-minute campaigning before the iowa caucuses tomorrow.
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it is 6:13 on this sunday morning. i hope you're having a great weekend so far, and as expected, we are waking we're hoping to see there throughout the day. we have a lot of clouds know around. satellite and radar is act. acting like a blanket and keeping temperatures up. warm temperatures will continue with the southeasterly flow. we will be looking at 80s for a part of the workweek. we're going to be flirting with records this week. current temperatures right now mainly in the 50s. we have a couple of host. our warming trend will continue. we're
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our increase as we move workweek especially as we hit the low to mid 80s. once the cold quiet winds. we'll look at south/southeasterly winds sunday. pretty mostly cloudy skies. huge track hour by hour, huge breaks in the clouds. but overall, we looking for a cloudy day. we have a 10% shot at a few coastal sprinkles as we move into the day. our rain chances will increasing as we move into the rest of the week. hour by hour in downtown orlando, 70 degrees by noon. a little bit of sunshine as we top out at 74, 75 degrees.
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fog will be forming tonight and tomorrow. you might want to set alarm clocks a little bit earlier, but 50s and a few 60s are going to be ruling our overnight tonight as we continue our warming trend into the you five-day forecast. 83 degrees on our tuesday u. our rain chances increasing. the cold front kicking in on thursday into friday. thursday looks like our wettest day of the week. darlene. >> as we mentioned, the iowa caucuses is tomorrow. asked politico if thursday's debate gave florida's two big games -- games any momentum. >> joining us from iowa is the writer of the florida playbook. how is iowa treating you? >> a little colder up there. jeb bush also making his final push.
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>> i don't know if thursday night's debate produced a lot of momentum. it wasn't helpful to ted cruise. literally right after the debate, ted cruise who had been saying this is a two-man race between me and donald trump. he's reprogramming rubio on high high television to keep him down. >> we keep hearing that . >> i thought that jeff had his best debate night ever that evening, but i don't think it's enough to be a game changer so to speak. but we see signs that jeb is eternally. >> sure, they would rather he be running first in his home state. remember florida is a tv state. we're not one state.
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media markets, and a lot of what people feel is trump, trump, trump. >> we'll see you in the . >> eyewitness news teams up to bring you. mel martinez was here for a taping of central florida spotlight. he explained how important it is for recandidate. he explains how important it is . >> you can hear more today on central
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it starts at 12:30 right after eyewitness news at noon. big changes are coming for hundreds of theosoph food stamp recipient whys here in florida. we found out it's an effort to keep grocery stores stocked. the change involves the day of the month you'll get your benefits. >> a trip to the grocery store wouldn't be possible for hundreds of thousands of fl -- floridians. >> i only get you $165. we're a family of five. >> this woman has three kids and her husband can't work due to a disability. their ben gets will be spread more thin in an effort to keep shelves fully stocked. >> it is a very big shock. like what are we supposed to do? >> currently food stamp cards are loaded in the first 12 days of the month. but the department of children and families is changing the dispersement to be -- that
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month of march, if you are set to receive $100 on the second, you'll possible get 50. the other half woman won't be loaded into the car until later that month on a newly assigned day. that money will have to be stretched in until your next benefit payment. >> how can anybody live like i'm half of that. >> the goal is to keep grocers keep commonly purchased items available to customers all month long. this mom says the change may help companies, but it could hurt families like hearse. >> is that realistic? >> no, because when you have a five-year-old and two teenage boys, they eat, so there's no way to go about doing that. >> carla ray, eyewitness news this morning. now, the amount of money you will get per month will not change. and we put everything you need to know about the changes in the web link section of next, this young man is one of hundreds of children in florida looking for a forever family. what he dreams of doing in his future.
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this morning, turn to
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he's about to show you what he really needs most right now is a
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hey everybody. of life. >> he's laughing. he's asking questions. he always wants to be, not the center of attention, but he's so happy to be alive. >> yeah, for firing brown in the center here, we wanted you to have a few things. >> thanks. >> and he's so happy just to do everything and so i think he's just going to bring you a ton of smells. -- smiles. it's not all about him and he knows how to show affection to other people, and he's such a sweet little boy. >> i want my m inion guy with me. >> you want your minion. >> he needs to be on tv with me. >> david needs a home, and when you meet david, you'll understand for him to find a mom and a dad and somewhere where you he can live and just be happy.
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home. and david, more than anything, that is what he needs right now. >> marcus, eyewitness news, this morning. >> what a sweet boy. to learn more about adopting david or any of the children we feature here, call the number on your screen or go to we are warming up, and we are just starting our warming trend as the 8 0*s are around the bend. i'll give you all those details coming up after the break. ask a seminole county mother is looking for justice after her son was murdered in broad daylight. next, her emotional plea from answers from neighbors and deputies. but first, here are some ideas on how to spend your day. ifer a complete list, go to mornings. they' re bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together. they' re showering, shaving, and shuffling.
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i just hope and pray that whoever did forward. >> right now, a local mother is begging old son's murder. it is sunday, january 31s. time now is just about 6:30. let's get you outside to get a live look over downtown orlando.
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the warming trend continues. yes, it does. it is cloudy. that is the big difference between yesterday and today. yesterday, we saw a lot of tun sunshine. >> we're at 55 in orlando e. 4 in delan and 46. we have seen up to a nine degree temperature hike from yesterday. that is rarely mentioned. temperature increases only just beginning. from west to east, clouds are going to be stubborn. a few little bright rays of sunshine from time to time. seventy-one will be your high. in winter park and the i-4 corridor. a bit of sunshine with a high of 42. that is where it will be stubborn the most with a high of 70. a seminole county mother is pleading for eyewitnesses to come forward forward with information about her 15-year- old son's murder. this all happened in the middle
6:28 am
afternoon friday on central and marriage streets. eyewitness news is live. and julie, snower knows who pulled that trigger. have seen something since it happened in the middle of the day, in the middle of the neighborhood. and now the seminole county sheriff's office is investigating that 15-year- old's death as a homicide. today, this family prays for answers. harris's mom doesn't know why her son had to die so soon, truth. please tell us something. took place. the seminole county sheriff's office death. on friday afternoon, harris was riding not a car on central street when someone fired shots in his direction. later died. around 3:00,
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>> and i don't understand. he was only 15 years old. he was a kid. he didn't know any better. he dent deserve this. >>reporter: the family is fighting back tears and wants people to stop turning a blind eye to violence. >> i am not a fan of senseless violence. i wish people would stop with guns. put the guns down. >>reporter: the sheriff's office told us they are aggressively pursuing leads. if anyone has additional information, they're asked to contact them. ocalla police are working to find two people they say shot a man outside this memo home. the shooting happened yesterday afternoon on northwest 16 had the street off highway 27. neighbors say two people in a white van fired three shots. the victim was hit in the chest. detectives say the victim the victim's condition has not been released. stokers and ocalla police say a man behind more than
6:30 am
car burglaries is in jail. kevin coleman jr. faces 40 counts of autoburglary and grand theft. investigators say he's responsible for burglaries spans across ocalla in november. coalman was caught on camera committing some of the crimes. more charges are expected. orlando police say a woman will now be charged with attempted murder after a carjacking that lead to an officer-involved shooting. thirty-four-year-old daniel evans carjacked someone on curry ford and conway roads friday morning. they found the vehicle a few hours later at south police say they shot her in the shoulder when she crashed into the patrol cars. two other men were arrested. your help a week. disappeared haustella sunday. investigators say she may have gone back to west virginia with her boyfriend. he drives a green toyota with a
6:31 am
anyone who knows where she is asked to contact police. an orange county chief $20,000 worth of equipment stolen from their trailer sparkled outside of the church. we were there as the scouts sifted through their storage container. as eye witness news reports, the group says the thief took things that can never be replaced. >> just the history of our troop. >> talking about this big trailer that disappeared this parking spot at this orange county church. inside the trailer was about $25,000 in camping gear and other equipment. just a day after they discovered the theft, these scouts are going to work, going through a lot of old stuff that they had in storage and hoping that they have at least enough for a few of them to go camping now. >> the scouts had planned to give away their old camping gear. at least those items that aren't rusty, molded or broken. the scouts are cleaning up what
6:32 am
donating equipment to troop 996. >> it is good that we are still getting helped and we can come back. we teach them values and thing. they see this and the boys are up et is. this is all stuff they have worked hard for. the hope is that et will stick out. otherwise these scouts say they'll work hard tore replace what was rightfully theirs. teacher: barrett, eyewitness news this morning. >> if you know anything about the missing trailer, you're asked to call the sheriff office. a motorcycle e poe turned deadly after a fight broke out. it happened inside a conference center. at least one person was killed and seven others injured. victims were taken to denver health medical center. that building had to be put on lock- down. no word on somewhat sharked -- sparked the violence.
6:33 am
out between two motorcycle clubs. >> you're a rider. you are aware of what's going on. when you start seeing looks in club -- from club members, it's time to go. >> police are interviewing a person of interest. they believe there was more than one shooter. so far, no one has been arrested. method officials are fighting back against the mosquito-bourn violence. -- virus. the virus is affecting pregnant women in north and south america. officials say the symptoms are mild because the virus is hard to spot. no vaccine or treatment. so far, more than 4000 babies have been born with microcephally, a condition with mothers with -- -- babies with abnormally small heads. think it's a direct connection with the virus. >> it was a surprise for if doctors and mothers. they were not expecting it at all. >> the cdc is warning pregnant women to stay away from countries like brazil where the virus is spreading. we posted loves of other
6:34 am
go to officials are warning families that the filters handed out may not be affective enough to make the drinking waters safe. city officials say read levels -- lead levels are too high to filter out the water. the city switched to detroit. e-mails now reveal the state shipped bottled water to city workers more than eight months before residents were told the drinking water was unsafe. >> we pay for water we can't use. and no one seems to have an interest no it. about 200 children have tested positive for lead poisoning in that area. the governor is expected o to have a plan to fix the water crisis by the end of this week. why a new safety village is in the city. over ten degrees above normal.
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most people who sign up for health insurance on qualify for financial help to make coverage more affordable, lowering their monthly premiums. many find low premium plans for less than $75 dollars
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if you don't sign up, you have to pay a penalty of $695 or more. your last chance to enroll is january 31st. we're keeling with clouds today. >> that southeasterly flow of the clouds. are still going to keep us milder in the morning. a little cooler in the afternoon today, but with that southeasterly wind, we're going to continue to warm up. by tuesday will be our hottest day at 83.
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this time of year is 716789 we're going to be in the 80s all the way up until that cold front employees through on thursday. get ready for a warm start to the week. but today, we're going to be in the 70s, and that has a lot to do with the cloud coverage. we're going to be seeing a high of 71 degrees in the villages h. we're hoping for some peaks of sunshine here and there. overall, we will be mostly cloudy. celebration in the i-40 corridor will get a lot more sunshine to start the day, and a lot more clouds later on in the evening as we top out around 72. in. >>gary cohen: beach, we're going to be looking at a lot of clouds, stubborn clouds all along the coastline today. our best chance for seeing a little more sunshine will be in melbourne, palm bay area. tar lean. >> a new video about golf carts. golf carts are the vehicle of
6:38 am
residents about seatbelts and sharing the road with cars. >> you could get hurt in a golf cart in you -- if you are involved in an accident. >>reporter: we found there were more than 600 golf cart crashes last year. >> ment cooing up on eyewitness news, how red light cameras seem to -- to be hurting the push to make school bus safer. >> and up next, an audit- recommended safety upgrades for community centers that house head start programs. tonight
6:39 am
a new audit raises urn concerns about security at some community centers. some of the centers house head start programs for young county auditors first recommended 2009. we asked long. family services with your tax money. >> and this is from the county general fund revenue and also from the federal grants. action division oversees 11 community centers, some of which house head start programs for low income families.
6:40 am
of the centers every day. in audit, nine centers have implemented many recommendations from a 2009 efficient and better managed. but auditors said security something the new director is focused on. eight of the # 1 community centers do not have security cameras. cameras have head start programs. >> of all the -- of all the things we saw during the course of this follow-up, this is the one that stuck out to me that someone should take action on. >>reporter: here is a look at where community centers are situated. some of these centers are in neighborhoods known to have violent crimes, and although nothing violent has been reported at the community centers, this audit points out several have reported incidents which required calling 911. nine investigates learned the department previously requested funding for cameras, but for some reason, a council -- a county security committee denied the request.
6:41 am
the works to add cameras one community center at a time. one estimate shows cameras at just one community center could cost about $100,000. auditors say it should be a priority. auditors also a head start program has cameras. that center keeps its insternal doors with access to children locked during the day except for one hour in the afternoon during drop-off and pick-up. this week, a bill that could make changes to adoption laws here in florida will make its final passes in the senate. adoption can ask to place children in homes the birth parents prefer. some lawmakers say that means to change. if approved, the proposal would allow judges to give the best interest of parents, of children priority. expected to take in the senate floor on does too. a bill that would protect good samaratans to break into cars.
6:42 am
give legal immunity to anyone who causes damage to a vehicle if they see someone like a child or senior citizen or an animal locked inside of a vehicle. the state senators passed the bills last week. rescuers would have to call 911 before they break in or immediately after. they would also have to stay there until investigators arrive. a new weekly cargo service is set to start at port canar v -- ca navral. port canaveral will be its only u.s. stop. it provides refrigerated and dried services of fresh produce and parishables. it will come here from central that america america. and the latest version of the space x falcon 9 rocket can now compete for national security space missions. space x was certified because of upgrades and that means space x can continue its bid against united launch alliance for upcoming military missions. space x has put in a bid for a gps mission scheduled for
6:43 am
crews at cape canaveral are preparing. the rocket was pushed back because of concerns over the electrical connectors on the rocket booster. the rocket will carry a gps satellite into orbit. the launch bin with doe opens at 8:38 a.m. on friday. if it does go up, you can watch it live right here on eyewitness news and on time now is 6:48. row of if you have a minute, come to your telly, and it looks beautiful. we have all those gorgeous hues. that doesn't have anything to do with the cloud coverage. we need clouds to get those beautiful colors. the last couple of days we started out obviously cloud they are morning, gorgeous colors minutes. make sure you enjoy it there. and that is a beautiful
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sunday. seven. yesterday, we saw a lot of sunshine. we're warm. we started our warming trend. we're going to continue it through the week until our next cold front moves through on thursday. a lot of host up north, but everyone else is in the 50s. we are up to nine degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. we'll continue to warm into the workweek and you'll feel it as the 80s return. and futuretrack. and later on socked in with the clouds. by monday, we get sunshine and we have a 10% shot at a coastal sprinkle tomorrow afternoon and evening. overall, it's tuesday, wednesday, and thursday that we start to
6:45 am
chances. we can see that nicely on our futuretrack into our thursday and friday. that is when the actual front will push through. we'll be dealing with rain and potential of storms until the front clears. will we be beating record this is week? no, but we are going to get close. so 86, 87 are where the record highs stay, and then of course once that cold front comes in, a huge dip in temperatures friday and saturday of next week. fog will former night. go to so you be on top of the fab mouse weekend events we have here in central florida. grab the umbrella especially after wednesday. we'll see a few isolated showers before that. thursday looks like the wettest day of the week.
6:46 am
cameras to catch drivers who pass illegally. his daughter was killed as she walked home from school. the proposal may never get rolling because of red light cameras. abc news learns opponents are concerned about adding more cameras to our roads. this memorial is dedicated to 12-year-old gabby struck and killed walking home from her bus stop in 2010- u. >> she was my daughter. ever since to improve the safety of bus stops. lawmakers are considering a bill that would stiffen penalties for apassing a school bus and adding cameras on buss to record and fine drivers who break the law. >> the most perfect piece of legislation tail filed this session, but it's not moving. and i don't understand what. -- why. it boggles my mind. >> i called to find out why the bill has stalled. his sponsors tell me that some lawmakers consider bus cameras to be similar to red light cameras and can't
6:47 am
surveillance on our roads. >> those are legitimate concerns, and at the same time, the safety of these children is paramount. ask g actionbby's dad says it's like taking the teeth out. to catch these violateers and issue citations. >> under the proposal, the installation companies will pay for the cameras and part of the fines will benefit trauma centers. don will still support the bill but says it won't go far enough to protect children on their way home from school. eyewitness news this were monthing. the fate gather -- state gathered numbers last november and found nearly 11,000 drivers illegally passed school buses on the day of that survey. a live look. another gorgeous view over downtown orlando as the sun makes its way out. coming up, another check of our weekend weather.
6:48 am
and me during the show. find us both on twitter and facebook. but first, here is a look at what is happening around central florida and the weeks ahead. for a complete list, go to
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scientists found oxygen in all of them. this lead scientists to believety moon was formed mostly from prehistoric earth, not the small planet thank earlier theorists believer crashed into it. new scans show the planet pluto has thought. the the map shows water, ice, the crust at the surface. experts say part of pluto's icy foundation is well hidden beneath a thick blanket of other ices such as methane, nitrogen, and carbon monoxide. coming up in the the next hour of eyewitness news. >> the seminole county sheriff office is old was shot and
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his family about how they are begging for answers. >> and we have just started our warming trend. things are going to get very warm as we move into the workweek ahead. i'll have all those details at 7:00, so
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