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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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announcer: this channel 9 eyewitness at 11, coverage you can count on. tonight. >> we miss him so much. >> reporter: deputies and a family are pleading for anyone to come forward about the murder of a 15-year-old boy. >> and this is a story we've been following since last night. 15-year-old tamar harris was shot and killed in broad
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we're hoping deputies catch the person responsible. >> he did not deserve it. >> reporter: ms. washington is finding it hard to believe she will never see her 15-year-old son again. washington said one moment harris was listening to music in her car, and the next, he was found shot dead. according to seminole county sheriff deputies, harris was gunned down just after 3:00 in the afternoon friday near central and merit street where the car he was in crashed. >> not even 15 to 20 minutes later i get a call that my child is laying on the ground dead. >> reporter: it has been two days since the shooting and you can still see crime scene tape on the ground at the intersection where investigators say this all happened. this is the poll he crashed into before he was shot. >> we pray and hope someone has heart to tell what happened. >> reporter: residents like shakayla believe someone must have seen the shooter.
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was in the middle of the street and started shooting at the car harris was in. he was taken altamonte hospital. >> i just want justice. i just hope and pray whoever did this to my baby, please come forward. >> roy ramos channel 9 news. >> seminole county deputies are urging anyone with information to please give them a call. the teen's mom gave a very emotional interview pleading with witnesses. you can listen to everything at police are trying to figure out who broke into dozens of cars in the tourist district at several hotels universal boulevard at the country inn and suites, as police accessed the damage. police said this is a reminder never leave valuables in plain
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crews began removing a busy toll plaza on the beach line in orange county of the this is a live look at the demolition project to tear down the airport toll plaza on 528. the booth was supposed to come down during the first two weeks of january but the date had to be changed to tonight. we're working to find out if this change will mean more money for drivers for other tolls. we have in about 15 minutes. detectives in ocoee need for a week. 17-year-old kailey posey hasn't been seen since sunday night. this is the first time she's been reported for running away. investigators say she may be trying to head back to west virginia. contact police with any information in this case. also developing a suspect in seminole countyie is being held without bond accused -- county is being held of pointing a gun
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injuries when crossfire broke out between smith and an officer. this morning the suspect appeared before a judge and he found out he has a criminal history. he was accused in another case during the shooting. >> you're also on bond in fleeing and allude case number 15 cr 1561, i'm revoking that bond. you're on no bond also. >> police have not said if the bullet was from an officer or smith's gun. a pilot in brevard county somehow lost control of his airport craft flipping it while it was still at the airport. it happened at the merritt island airport. he was the only person inside the aircraft at the time of the crash. the cause is unknown. this week, the daytona beach police department is expected to release video of criminal activity inside a homeless camp. we told you homeless people were camped outside the volusia administration building for 44 days.
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to be removed because of inappropriate activity. the homeless were sent to a shelter at the salvation army. one was arrest order for refusing to -- arrested for refusing to leave. eyewitness news has found more information about a couple found dead on international drive not far from mission club boulevard. ty russ cell live outside, and ty, neighbors told you -- russell is live outside, and neighbors are talking? >> reporter: some of those neighbors want to know if they are safe where that couple was found dead. neighbors confirmed this is a picture from facebook of 29-year-old katy ann hall. a res depth found katy and her boyfriend dead near the busy tourist district. neighbors told us hall lived at mission club apartments on
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we're still working to figure out who killed the couple and how in this complex filled with families. investigators told us yesterday it may be a murder/suicide but they have not confirmed it. we followed up with deputies and learned the name of hall's boyfriend. authorities identified him as 32-year-old marvin baker who just celebrated a birthday friday. today we went door to door in this building and none of the neighbors we talked to knew him or remember ever seeing him. they were even too afraid going on camera since they don't have many answers to what happened. the death investigation is still ongoing but we're still working to find answers to several questions like whether this is a murder/suicide and weather neighbors are safe tonight. >> reporter: we are live tonight
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russell -- in orange county, ty russell channel 9 news. walter ambrose was arrested for raping a girl at knife point. ambrose previously charged in orange, and daytona beach counties, and bond is more than $15,000. volusia county deputies found a man's body near a budget in inn of i-4. the medical examiner's office is scheduled too conduct an autopsy tomorrow -- to conduct an autopsy tomorrow. two people are dead after a rollover crash on u.s. 1 near harper road. troopers say a driver lost control and rolled over on to the median. a driver going the other way pulled over to help.
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hit and killed the good samaritan. there's no word on whether the drivers will face any charges. with less than two hours before the iowa caucuses, the race is too close to predict. hillary clinton has a slight advantage with democrats, as donald trump leads the republican field. the latest polls show donald trump is once again the g.o.p. front runner. today, his entire family getting involved in their rallies. >> he will be unbelievable, the best deal maker, the best master negotiator. >> everybody is really liking us. i hope we're going to have a good result. >> reporter: the billion air has support from 28% expected at caucus. ted cruz has 23%. both candidates are fighting for those key evangelal votes. >> i'm lifting up in it prayer, that god's love and peace be
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>> marco rubio rounds out the top three and promises this to voters. >> i will never embarrass you. >> bernie sanders is three points behind hillary clinton. that's a stativity category tie. the secretary was joined by tie. the secretary was joined by her daughter, chelsea. >> please join me in welcoming i hope the next president. >> clinton's campaign is defending the revelation 22 e-mails were deemed to be top secret. >> i just have to point out that the timing and some of the leaks that have led up to it are concerning. >> reporter: the senator from vermont has been promoting a message of unity. >> dismantle health care. i've spent my life fighting for universal healthcare for every man, woman and child.
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hampshire in nine days and will immediately focus to that state after tomorrow's caucuses. you'll be able to keep up with the votes tomorrow night. greg warmoth and myself will keep you posted starting tomorrow at 9:00. the next debate will be the respect debate held saturday february 6th in new hampshire. you'll be able to see it in its entire on channel 9. new tonight, there's an intense search in ocala for gunmen doing drive byes in a white van. ocala police say by the middle of the afternoon they received several reports of what appears to be random shootings in the southwest and northwest sections of the city. they say two apartment complexes on southwest 7th were hit by gunfire. one res depth told us a bullet -- resident told us a bullet went through his apartment and through his tv. nobody was hurt. a major construction project is set to move forward tonight.
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traffic on the 528, and deputies are searching for the person who stole $25,000 worth of equipment from a boy scout troop. the evidence that could help catch the thief.
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up. if you drive on state road 28 in orange county, get ready
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the plaza on the beach line will no longer be in service. the $2 million project, for drivers in the area, the changes come at a cost. >> the demolition is part of a $32 million project to widen the 528, and tear down one of the old evaluate toll plazas in central florida. a plaza that frequently causes problems for drivers. >> it will probably help the traffic pattern. >> reporter: cutting down on traffic comes at the cost of drivers who use cash and driver shorter distances on the 528. only those with passes can get refunds only credited to a driver's e-pass or sun pass account since all of the new ramps and plazas won't have people collecting money. drivers taking certainly routes two and from boggy creek will be eligible for a rebate. the central florida expressway authority says consolidates the toll collection will make travel more efficient by eliminating bottlenecks.
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the beach line west plaza. the airport plaza demolition will take about six weeks to complete. an orange county boy scott troop is working to replace $25,000 of equipment that was stolen out of their trailer. the scout leader of troop 996s dozens of tents and equipment was stolen. the scouts were planning giveaway the extra gear. this is the trailer that was stolen. if you asked to see it, call the sheriff's office if you have any information about its whereabouts. a woman who was charged with attempted murder had her first appearance delayed today because she's still in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. orlando police said they shot 34-year-old evans in the shoulder because she rammed their cars and tried to run them over. she's accused of car jacking someone at gunpoint on curry ford friday. developing tonight an patrol
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health officials to stop the spread of the dangerous zika virus. repeatedly the mosquito-borne virus known for causing birth defects has been spreading across the americas. the world health organization will meet tomorrow to consider if it's an international health risk. >> so far in older children and adults, we don't know too much about babies but we think there's not -- after you're born we think the impact of the disease is not very high and >> so far the zika virus infected about 37 people in the united states. if you don't sign up for affordable care act, you'll have to pay $69 for each person of your family, or 2% of your income. there's 300,000 people, that have coverage, and is leading the healthcare program.
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maitland may be a little more difficult for a couple weeks. the eastbound lane of horatio between u.s. 1792, the intersection of horatio will be closed until the project is completed. the first rocket launch is scheduled this week at port canaveral. concerns over the electrical connectors on the rocket booster forced the launch about a week. the rocket will carry gps satellite, and the launch window opens 8:38 friday morning. if it goes up you can watch it live on eyewitness news and on our certified meteorologist george waldenberger joining us. my november jacket's back in style right? >> that hadn't stopped you from wearing it before. it's been dry this weekend, but
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over five and a half inches of rain in orlando. that's more than double normal. and check this out. in melbourne we had almost 8 inches of rain this month and that's more than triple the january normal rainfall and that's actually near records. daytona beach was also near records for january rainfall. but we're dry for now, and temperatures at 64 degrees this orlando, about 10 degrees warmer than last night. if you're in palm coast, deland, deleon springs, all in all this is a mild night for january standards. by morning we're still in the 60s downtown orlando. 61 winter garden and ocoee. winter park, red bug lake road, towards apopka and zellwood, you'll be in the 50s around 7:13. in marion county, sumter, lake, volusia, watch for your patchy fog tomorrow. brian shields is on eyewitness news starting at 5 a.m., he'll
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developed and is hampering or will hamper the morning drive. be sure to tune in tomorrow morning f. you're in orlando, kissimmee -- if you're in orlando, kissimmee, st. cloud, polk county, we're at 80 degrees, and clermont and sanford, leesburg, 78. let's take it county-by-county. i just realized in orange county, downtown orlando, east brook and field stream, 80 will be the high temperatures. same goes for ocoee and the attractions at lake buena vista. even 80s in spots of seminole county. winter springs, oft, altamonte springs, the southern tier of seminole county, 80 degrees tomorrow. and it will be so warm over the next couple days, our sea breeze will return. it could actually generate a few showers here on tuesday west of orlando. do you see that? and then on wednesday and thursday, our rain chance will go up. i'll show why you in a second. this is our weather pattern. a south breeze and temperatures
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we'll hit 80 monday, tuesday, and wednesday, those will be the warmest days then wednesday afternoon we start to see rain develop ahead of the next storm system. it's a front. the front passes thursday, so the highest chance for the heaviest rain and the strongest thunderstorms will come thursday afternoon and evening. now right now, the severe weather risk on thursday is low. the main threat would be heavy rain but we're still five days out so i want you to monitor that forecast over the next five days with the wftv weather app. we'll put special videos that you can watch on your smart phone, just download that free app. the next three days in the 80s, and the high chance for rain wednesday, thursday, friday, and a dry weekend ahead and cool are, chris. new data shows central florida economy getting a big boost, the industry that's leading the big way. >> i'm license, on eyewitness news this morning we'll have that new information how much warmer we got ahead of the next
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that, plus all your latest news starting at 5 a.m. announcer: you can have the power of eyewitness news on the go with the wftv news app available for free on apple and android devices brought to you by:.... find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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toeptd, 13 13-year-old nicole lovell disappeared three days ago after climbing from her bedroom window. her body was found 80 miles from her home. the discovery led them to 18-year-old david eisenhauer. >> based on everyday we have determined that eisenhauer and nicole were acquainted, and eisenhauer used the relationship to his advantage to abduct and kill her. >> police say 19-year-old natalie keepers helped him get rid of the body. police have not released a motive about how eisenhauer met the 13-year-old girl. now the california jail escapees are back behind bars, investigators, working to find any more possible conspirators. they got help from a woman who helped them scale down the believe, and supplied them with
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out of jail nine days ago. >> we're investigating other suspects who might possibly have helped. >> all three are being held in separate cells and three people may be charged soon for lending a hand. more people than ever are visiting local hotels enjoying an increase in occupancy and revenue. according to str incorporated, occupancy averaged 77%, 3% increase compared to 2014 and above the u.s. average. room rates went up from $86 a night to $112 a night. more travelers were comfortable spending time and money, an recovering. tomorrow, nasal induct to u.s. astronauts -- nasa will induct two names tomorrow, the two veteran astronauts will be recognized for their extraordinary accomplishments in furthering nasa's mission of exploration and discovery.
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of a new weekly cargo service that stopped at port canaveral. this is the only stop for streamline, that provides container services for produce and fresh goods and head to central america and to europe. there's an event tomorrow for those looking for a job. west game cocoa beach pier is hosting a job fair for servers, culinary, and restaurant management. it lasts from 11 until 3:00 in the afternoon. announcer: this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando. january was a terrible, horrible, no good very bad month for the orlando magic but found a way to close it out with a little bit of excitement. magic hosted the celtics down by 14 in the third but eventually woke up from their month long slumber. victor oladipo knocks down the
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nick vucvuch, at first you don't succeed, try and try again. 74-73. to the 4th, hezonja was on fire. the look he a career high 17 points. then the exclamation point from erik gordon, someone get that man in a slam dunk contest. magic hold on 119-114. orlando machines january 2nd and 12, so fornir thinkinger, saying hello are, february. >> we have to be mentally focused. racing fans crawled out of hieberination and were -- hibernation by the new international speedway. the two time prototype champs catching fire in the pits, every would be okay but a rear axle issue would end their day three hours before the finish, then
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buried in the tires so no repeat for the defending champs. a little bit later, apopka's own rookie taylor, and number 2 corvette in the lead, but can't hang on. and for the second time in three years, the petron esm car all the way to victory lane. and one of their starters may
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forecast. tomorrow morning february 1st, '62 degreesity 4:30 a.m. -- degrees at 4:30 a.m. may be foggy for the drive to work. then five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, 80 degrees. even warmer on tuesday and wednesday, then watch thursday and that's our day for showers, even a couple thunderstorms, all right, chris? >> thank you, george, and thank you for watching eyewitness this morning, tomorrow starting at 5:00 to get weather and traffic every ten minutes. sports night on 9 is coming up next.
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