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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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traffic every 10 minutes. let's get started with certified chief meteorologist, brian shields. we have the 80s on the way for the next couple of days i will take you through this week as we go throughout this half hour. here are the 50s and 60s this morning, 62 now in kissimmee, st. cloud, harmony, 62 melbourne, satellite, harbor satellite, harbor beach, 60 daytona beach, 59 deland, though 60s clermont and orlando. we have a few high clouds. we will see that again, but mainly drive for today. clouds. here is your planner, most of us just miss out on 80. 73 by lunch time, the kiddos can have shorts on today. some of us may want a a.m. temperatures around 77. 70 for by the time we hit 6 o'clock.
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city high temperatures. take a break from breakfast, take a peek, 80 in ocala, kissimmee 80, 79 groveland, used to 78, there is your day today but coming up we will track how much warmer gets in the next few days and since we are starting out a new month i want to show you an outlook on the temperatures, not just this month but over the next three months. we will have that coming up at about 6:08. let's get a check of traffic. edgewater drive right atlee road, a crash, this is causing a partial road lock you have one center laid blocked off on edgewater. nothing too serious just give yourself a little bit of extra time. and then we are pulling up our f-dot camera at the beach line near the airport toll plaza this is because dzhokhar tsarnaev grizzle be out there today, you'll you will even see your drive get a
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eyewitness news this morning janai norman is live where tolls at that toll plaza. they will soon start tearing nothing down? >>reporter:it is one of the oldest toll pauses in central i was zooming to show you the problem for drivers here. there are e past lanes for some past users but no express lanes. and as many of you know, that can cause some major plot -- issues here. if you drive on state road 528 in orange county, this morning you will save a little extra money. as of sunday night, the airport toll plaza on the beach line is no longer in service. it is the second busiest plaza on central florida expressways 109-mile system and it set to be demolished as part of a 32 million-dollar project. that project aims to make the drive easier for the more than 75,000 vehicles that travel through the plaza each and every day. that demolition will take about
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here, you will pay at the beach line west main plaza or at for new ramp plazas. we are taking a closer look at the new tolling structure for next half hour. at 6:30 i will break down the route some drivers can take to get a refund. that is some good news. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. now that the homeless are gone from a camp they set up outside a volusia county administration building, we are waiting for daytona beach police to release a video of criminal activities that happen inside. we have been telling you about the camp the homeless set up for 40 for days. on friday, they were sent to a shelter at the salvation army. police chief says they had to be removed because of inappropriate activity. one man told us he would go but more work needs to be done. >> is more for them to get us off the street right now because their race is coming around they do not want taurus to see homeless people on the street >> city officials say they are committed to building a
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homeless in daytona. the person who gunned down a seminole county teenagers on the run this morning. the teen's family is begging his killer to come forward. while deputy search for clues that could lead to a suspect. eyewitness news this morning's kimberly eaton reports it has been three days with no leads. >>reporter:devotees think someone stood in the middle of the street an and opened fire on a 15-year-old boy. three days later, there are no -- they are no closer to finding his killer. >> i miss him so much. he was a loving kid. >>reporter:72 hours, after someone gunned down tamar harris, his family is begging the killer to answer to the crime. >> i just want justice. i just hope and pray that whoever did this to my baby, please come forward. >>reporter:washington last saw her 15-year-old son friday afternoon. minutes before he was shot and killed at the intersection of central and merit. seminole county deputies found harris outside her car, after
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he had been hit by gunfire. car and listen to music, never crossed my mind he would take >>reporter:deputies say that teens killer sit in the middle of the street, and opened fire. that person is so wanted, washington hopes that someone will come forward with information that could put the gun man behind bars. if you have any information, seminole county deputies want to hear from you right away. coming up in the next 30 minutes, the concern from other people, in this neighborhood, that this murder my not be the last. reporting in seminole county, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning. >> you can hear more of that emotional interview with the victim's mother, just go to covering marion county, the gun man behind several recent drive-bys in ocala are still on the run this morning. afternoon, they had gotten several reports of what appear to be random shootings. in the southwest to northeast sections of the city. they say to apartment complexes
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shot at yesterday. witnesses say they saw three shooters in a white van. no one has been hard. ocala police are also looking for two men accused of shooting a man outside his home saturday on northwest 16th street. police believe the victim and the shooters knew each other. they are also looking for a witness who was in the house when this happened. no word on the victim's condition. we will be checking with the orange county sheriff's office to see if they released more details about the couple's death. the relative found the bodies of 29-year-old hall and her boyfriend 32-year-old baker. at the mission club apartments off i drive on saturday. investigate or investigators say it may be a murder suicide that they have not confirmed that. but also told us they are not looking for any suspects. detectives say the couple does not have a history of reported domestic violence. after months of big talk, and several debates, the election season is officially underway. big day today, because today is the iowa caucus. three democrats and 11 republicans have been all over
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trying to rally up last-minute support. it's really a tight race. the most recent iowa poll found five points, or less separating the first and second place candidates in each party. >> i think a lot of people will make that decision when they are listening to their neighbors. >> on the republican side, results are expected to start coming in around 8 o'clock tonight. for the democrats the result often take a little longer. you can get the results from tonight iowa caucus and get live analysis on our facebook page. eyewitness news anchor craig and investigative reporter christopher will keep you posted online starting at 9 p.m. the first debate following the iowa caucus will be held later this week for the next republican debate in new hampshire february 6, you will be able to catch that right here on channel nine. the florida house is expected to discuss two controversial bills involving guns tomorrow. one would allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry their guns on college campuses. the other would let permit holders carry guns in public places.
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five states that doesn't allow people to openly carry guns in some form. covering brevard county, if you're looking for a job you may want to head out to cocoa beach today. they are hosting a job fair it starts at 11 a.m. this morning they are looking for servers, bartenders, restaurant management and other positions. it is being held at keith's oyster bar on mead avenue. nasa will and -- and docked to astronauts into the hall of fame and the in the kennedy space center visitor complex for they are not announcing to those astronauts until the ceremony starts at 10 a.m. we will let you know who the astronauts are today on eyewitness news this morning at noon. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, brian shields severe weather center nine. we are warming up. >> we are going to see those temperatures bouncing up there, 66 at 9 o'clock, by the time we have lunch, we will have low to mid 70s right in downtown
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then we will approach 803 -4 o'clock and then into the evening hours we will be in the mid- 70s as a sun goes down. kissimmee, harmony near 80, some of our warmer spots, winter park toward full sell, out toward fairbanks we will have some of the temperatures near 80, 708 downtown orlando, 78 degrees oviedo, temperatures around 80 casselberry, winter springs, altamonte springs. let's take a look at the average highs for this month. about 74. by march the average high 78, april the average high in the 80s. and we are going to track some 80s, i'm going to show you some warmer weather on the way before our next front rolls in. we will have that just ahead in
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crash edgewater at the road and southbound edgewater is blocked right at libra. you can still get through northbound and it does appear one eastbound lane of the road lee road is also black. right now i would say that force city road can help you get around this. you can see troopers and officers out there trying to direct traffic. they will still help you get through there. forrest city could be one of your best alternates at this point. social media is a popular place for buyers and sellers to get together. the hotselling item that will be removed from instagram and facebook. the new technology just launched into space that will help predict natural disasters here on earth faster than ever before. i would feel bad that somebody would do such a thing >> some coldhearted crooks stole camping gear from boy
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sky witness live over the scene of a crash on edgewater and lee. we have lanes blocked in both directions. you can see traffic being diverted there. we will have your alternate routes coming up in just a few moments. and ocala woman is still in jail this morning after marion county deputies say she stole a 79-year-old woman's purse and then hit two people with her car as they tried to stop her. deputies say antoinette went to the walmart on south highway 200 on saturday to file her taxes. they say an employee told her she was not getting a refund. when she left the store, deputies say she snatched a woman's purse and then hit two people who try to pull her out of her car. no one was hurt. and orange county boy scout troop is hoping that someone can help them find their
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church parking lot with a $25,000 worth of equipment inside. the scout leader of troop 996 told us that dozens of tens -- tents, cooking gear and other equipment was inside the trailer. it was parked at the all saints lutheran church when it was stolen last week. had extra gear they plan to give away but will now needed to replace what was stolen. >> we are going to teach them values that this -- what happened is the wrong thing and they need to do things the right way. they will learn from this. >> this is a trailer that was stolen. if you see it or know where it is you are asked to call the sheriff's office if you are headed toward orlando's tour stereo you may want to make sure you do not leave anything valuable in your car. burglars smashed dozens of car windows over the weekend at the country inn & suite on universal boulevard. it is not clear what was taken from the cars but police say you should never leave anything valuable, in plain view, even if your doors are locked. good advice, no matter where you are. people are visiting central
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according to a study, hotel occupancy from kissimmee to sanford average 77% last year. that is up 3% from the year before. and higher than the us average. the cost of an average room in orlando went up $112, this shows the industry is recovering because more people are comfortable spending the money. the space x falcon nine rocket cannot compete for a chance to go on national security space missions. >> space acts recently certified because of upgrades and made to the program and that means a company can keep betting against united alliance for upcoming military missions. space x has arty put in a bid for a gps mission set for next year. the first rocket launched in 2016 from cape canaveral air force station is expected to go out this week. the launch of the atlas five rocket was originally set for last week but was pushed back because of concerns over the electrical connectors on the rockets booster.
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satellite into orbit. the launch window opens 8:38 friday morning, you can catch it on eyewitness news this morning or a new satellite is orbiting the earth this morning, the european space agency launched this mission from keswick stan. the stationary hub will collect information from surveillance status -- satellites are relayed to earth using ultrafast laser data connections. the system is designed to monitor and predict natural disasters, and other catastrophes. vision managers will start testing the system this week and it will go into service sometime this summer. >> very cool. >> but we have brian shields. >> we do not need fancy satellites. >> we have fancy brian. [laughter] >> @list all the things we have lost, we lost the weekend, we last january, and winter is gone, as well. >> what are you doing there? >> it was a beautiful weekend, great month ahead. >> way to spend that. debbie downer here. sorry.
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see we will have an update on our traffic in just a few. 62 winds out of the north- northeast at about 5 miles per hour. they are in the 50s and 60s with a nice start to the day. it is pretty mild, usually we are in the low 50s for this time of year. 62 orlando, 62 kissimmee, checking in at 63. there is the satellite and radar picture again mainly dry outside this morning. of the moisture down to the south but with that feeding into south florida we see some of those high clouds that have been moving in. a good day i had, very stray a very straight chance of a shower. most of us stay dry. the villages, warmer day 73 by noon, and then 76 by the time we had about 2 p.m. here is future track through the afternoon, just rolling through that timeframe by 3 o'clock to see we are still looking good. patches of clouds every now and then. a little bit of green trying to pop up we could see a stray shower again finding us but not a ton. we have changes for the week
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this is late on our wednesday. we can to see a few showers moving in. there is our next front by thursday. we are going to see better chance of rain and storms into early friday, and then, that will bring us some cooler weather. beaches water temps in the 60s, and moderate risk of recurrence for today. 78degrees, we go over the temperatures again 70s to near 80 kissimmee, st. cloud, and harmony. we will be near 80 today, tonight mild again 50s and 60s when i see you tomorrow morning a better chance of some patchy fog around, and then tomorrow we are going to be warmer, low holiday. 82 leesburg, st. cloud, 70s right along the coast on our tuesday. even warmer on wednesday 83, chance of rain and storms late wednesday into thursday. thursday the best bet that will cool us down by friday per temperatures around 63. and then we will see the 60s by
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about a 30% chance of showers. there will be a developing storm system nearby. we will keep an eye on that four the next few days. flashing lights out there. take a look at this. intersection of edgewood drive atlee road they have been changing the directions of shutting down. right now they have northbound shutdown and they are only allowing people to make this you need to completely avoid this intersection. i did start to try to plot out a couple of the roads that you can use as your alternates. with no changing -- they could end up changing in the next five minutes. drivers and make one may see some delays this morning. a construction project was set on the east domain of horatio avenue between dayton avenue in 1792. traffic is also blocked at independence lane for . the roads could be closed for several weeks while crews install underground sewer and storm water lines separate
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lawmakers are protecting big business and other people. what they want legislators to do to protect florida's water supply. was our turn down one of the busiest tollbooths in the state. coming up, how the change could help some drivers save money but only if you know how. i love my golf cart, minute all day long >> how people living in the villages come so hay,o i peed atnye ulfi tt make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng but me sle madee pp made mda publ. ershpi
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rallies across florida and in orlando urge lawmakers in tallahassee to vote against a bill that would allow fracking. fracking is a form of drilling to use as high-pressure water mixed to force oil, or natural gas out of the rock. about 100 protesters in orlando say that kaput our water supply they do not like a bell in tallahassee that could keep local governments from banning or regulating fracking. tallahassee, to represent us, they are not. they are representing the oil, they are representing big >> a committee will discuss the bill this week before goes to the state senate for a vote. people who live in the villages can now watch a new video about golf cart safety. most people know that golf
6:22 am
neighborhoods in the villages. the new video shows the do's and don'ts for golf cart it also informs residents about insurance, seatbelts ensuring the roads with cars. >> when you find a lot of people that are not following the rules of the road, and a golf cart, which is very important. >> it is. listen to this, we are told there are 77 thousand -- 77,000 golf carts in the villages. last year, more than 600 golf cart crashes were reported. it's an important video. we have it on our website in case you want to see it. >> i'm going to watch it and i don't even have a golf cart a new terminal part business. a company called streamline made its first up at the port. the cargo ship from central america carried a load of fresh produce -- produce and other products. the port recently upgraded its facility to handle larger ships
6:23 am
coming to orange county. this morning, the mayors of orlando and winter park along with state transportation officials will help launch a new car share program. zipcar provides automobile reservations to its members billable by the hour or by the day. some changes could be coming to the states adoption laws. the new protections for children who can finally join a forever family. >>reporter:there are some big changes you need to know about that one of central florida is a busiest toll plaza's. we are finding out which routes you can take to get a refund. even warmer weather today, it gets warmer over the next couple of days before that next front arrives.
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good morning, as we take a live look at a tollbooth that is going to be demolished soon. this is on the beach line and it will impact a lot of drivers but will have much more on that. janai norman is out there and she will have a live report for us >> 70,000 people a day use that toll plaza
6:27 am
traffic every 10 minutes. let's get over to certified meteorologist, brian shields. we are warming up. >> yeah, it was a great weekend. we have 80s on the way, 78 degrees for today, we will still have some of those high clouds, it's going to be a warm afternoon. just a very tiny chance of a passing shower. 50s and 60s, kiddos can get away with the shorts this morning. 62 kissimmee and orlando, waterford lakes, titusville, cocoa beach is 63, 60 daytona beach and 59 in ocala. around, it is a good start. let me show you what is next as we take you through the day. i lunch time, we are going to be in the 70s. 73 by noon, a few of us will hit 80, kissimmee and st. cloud
6:28 am
palm coast and 79 in the villages. as we start the month, i want to show you the rainfall we can typically expect, not just through this month but over the next three months and we will take a look at the change in temperatures ahead of our next front. let's hit that drive. edgewater drive right atlee road it looks like within the last couple of minutes they did clear out a crash that had been blocking that intersection. a quick update from about eight minutes ago. it's completely shut down. pulling up our f-dot each line right near the airport toll plaza this is where big changes are actually underway. it's one of the busiest whole pauses in central florida, eyewitness news this morning janai norman as live out there where demolition will start at the beach line toll plaza. some of those big changes involve where drivers will pay tolls. >>reporter:if you have a son pass you are waking up to an e- mail about the changes there. because, this toll plaza is no
6:29 am
actually watching traffic start morning. you can see drivers passing through, but overhead signs warning no tolls, do not stop here. you will save a little time, this morning, driving along state road 528. that is because drivers are no longer have to pay at the toll plaza but instead son pass users will pay $1.88 at the beach line west toll plaza or, you will pay a toll of for new ramp plazas. there is good news for drivers taking certain routes to and from boggy creek and who have e pass, or son pass. those drivers can get refunds credited to their accounts for not driving the full distance on the 528 between the turnpike and the airport. we told you these changes are part of a 32 million-dollar project to ease congestion for the more than 75,000 vehicles that travel through
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lots of drivers impacted by this, we will keep you updated as demolition wraps up here over the next six weeks. reporting live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. a man accused of pointing a gun at cars along 1792 in seminole county is now in jail without bond. smith appeared before a judge yesterday. sanford police say crossfire broke out between smith and an officer on friday. one innocent bystander was hurt . we found out smith has a criminal history in seminole county he was arrested for drug possession and resisting an officer without violence in 2011 2011 and was charged with assault in 2013. >> you are also on bond in a fleeing and eluding case. i am revoking that bond. you are on no bond on that also. he was in court. smith is expected to appear in court in march the first appearance for a woman charged with attempted murder was delayed yesterday
6:31 am
from a gunshot wound. orlando police say daniel evans rammed her vehicle into police cars and try to run them over. that is when police shot evans in the shoulder. she is accused of carjacking someone at gunpoint on curry ford and conway on friday. detectives are asking for your help to find a teenage girl who has been missing for a week in ocoee. 17-year-old kaylee posey disappeared on sunday night. it's the first time she has been reported for running away from home. her family says kaylee has only amount of time. trying to head back to west virginia. than one week. you your asked to contact police with any helpful information. to virginia tech students are now behind bars following girl. nicole ago after she climbed out of her bedroom window. detectives found her body, 80 saturday. investigators believe 18-year- old david eisenhower, an engineering major, and trakstar
6:32 am
her death and used his relationship with her to his advantage. >> we saw the officers going by, we knew then that something had to be bad. for all of the officers that we saw. >> police a 19-year-old natalie keepers helped held eisenhower get rid of the body. police have not released a motive or any details about how eisenhower knew the 13-year-old. investigators are still trying to piece together the moments before the university of florida student fell to his death at an apartment complex near campus. gainesville police say 20-year- old chance wolf fell six stories early sunday morning. investigator say investigators say surveillance cameras, at the complex, show him leaving a six story elevator and falling over a waist high partition. police say they do not suspect foul play in the case. hillsborough county deputies are searching for two teenagers who escape escaped
6:33 am
18-year-old anthony bass, and 17-year-old anthony cook escape sunday morning from the falkenberg academy. the teenagers escape by cutting a hole in the chain-link fence that surrounds the rec yard. developing this morning, health officials are meeting today to develop ideas that can stop the spread of the dangerous zika virus. the mosquito borne virus known for causing birth defects have been spreading across north, south and central america in the last few months. the world health organization will determine if the zika virus should be considered an international health risk while trying to find solutions to stop it from spreading. >> we should take the right precautions to make sure that you number one, reduce the mosquito population around. and reduce your probability of getting infected. >> so far, the zika virus has affected 37 people in the us. of in a rick scott will now review a bill that would protect good samaritan to break into cars to rescue people, or animals. if someone sees a vulnerable person like a child, senior citizen or an animal locked inside a car. this bill could give them the legal immunity, if they cause
6:34 am
victim. rescuers would have to call 911 before they break in, or immediately after. they would also have to stay there until authorities arrived. tomorrow, state lawmakers will discuss a bill that could affect boating speed zones to keep manatee safe. manatees have stayed on the endangered species list since it was created in 1967. last month us fish and wildlife may reclassify them as threatened this year. it would require a possible study to determine the effectiveness of manatee speed zones. senators will meet in tallahassee to match it mount to discuss a bill that would change the states adoption laws. right now, adoption agencies can ask courts to put children's and homes that their birth parents prefer, but a new proposal would allow judges to put the best interest of the chart -- child over that of their birth parents. the bill is expected to take the senate floor on tuesday. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, brian shields with a bit of a warm- up.
6:35 am
temperatures the next few days. today we will hit 78 degrees, mix of sun and clouds. i cannot rule out a very tiny chance of a shower. not a big issue. passing variety. tonight 63, another mild night. a better chance tomorrow morning that we will have some patchy fog. a springlike feel for tonight. county by county county by county we going to leesburg, 78, used a 78, altoona, through clermont and groveland near 80 today. the village is 79, 79 and ocala over toward anthony, rainbow springs all in the upper 70s. sumter county upper 70s, and still well in the 70s along our coast, cocoa cocoa and cocoa beach about 74, 77 melbourne, beautiful merritt island 75, my friends in titusville 78 we spring -- swing back through daytona beach temperatures around 77 you can see those
6:36 am
today. advertise this month 74, we are on the client. by next month 78, and '80s return for advertise by the time we hit april. as far as writing goes, we are still in the dry season. this month, we average about two-point 25 inches of rain. i do expect above average rain for this month. coming up, we are going to track our next chance of rain and have an expanded version of future track. we have that coming up at 6:47. it is 6:39. we have a couple of crashes out there starting off in sanford. 46 at orange boulevard this is not blocking any portion of your commute. in polk county we did just get an advisory for the polk county sheriff's office at highway 27 is blocked in both directions right at dundee road you will need to avoid that area while
6:37 am
of course, the iowa caucus gets underway today. coming up on good morning america the unusual way some iowa voters will choose their favorite candidates. the mayor of eatonville is backing an expensive new project for his city. how he plans to pay for an 8 million-dollar museum. >>reporter:three days after someone gunned down a seminole county teenager, there are still no suspects in his killing. coming up, the search for the
6:38 am
developing now, a killer is on the run this morning after shooting a seminole county teenager. eyewitness news this morning's kimberly eaton has been asking deputies this morning if they are any closer to solving the crime. it's tough to watch the interview without mom.
6:39 am
deputies here who say they are counting on a 10 from the public to find the person who shot a teenager and a seminole county neighborhood. with no arrest yet, this family holding out hope that someone saw who pulled the trigger. 15-year-old tamar harris were shot and killed in the middle of the afternoon on friday. a crime committed in daylight just feet from homes at the intersection of central and merritt. his mother says it is hard to believe there is not someone, in this neighborhood, who witnessed the shooting. >> i hope and pray that whoever did this to my baby, please come forward. >>reporter:three days later, there still no suspect in custody. seminole county deputies believe harrises keller stood in the street and shot at the teen while he was riding in a car. he was found lying outside, after it crashed into a telephone pole. deputies found he had been hit. >> i am not a fan of the senseless violence. i just wish people would stop with these guns. put the guns down.
6:40 am
no witnesses, people -- who live within earshot say they are holding their kids a little bit closer this morning until the killer is caught. when i spoke with the deputies in the last hour, they told me investigators are aggressively working the case. they are urging anyone with information to come forward. live in seminole county this morning, kimberly eaton, eyewitness news this morning. investigators in california working to find out if the three escaped inmates who are now back behind bars, had any more help from outside. so far, authorities know the three inmates got assistance from a teacher who worked for the jail. she allegedly gave the man a google maps picture of the jail before they broke out and rappel down the 50-foot high building. >> we are actively investigating other suspects who might possibly have helped them escape. >> all three are now being held in separate cells. a woman among what is accused of failing to care for a girl who became the victim of
6:41 am
longwood police arrested walter ambrose earlier this month, best to get her say he raped a 13-year-old girl at knife point. police now say jamie failed to protect the girl while she was in her care. ambrose has been charged with sexual battery for an orange, seminole and brevard counties. a judge set his bonnet more than $15,000. first responders and brevard county say pilot lost control of their his haircut before took off from the airport. you can see the plane wheels up, in a ditch for the crash happened at the merritt island airport on sunday. first responders to the pilot refused treatment. he was the only person inside per the cause of the crash is still not known. covering large county, eatonville may have its own african-american history and heritage museum if the mayor's plan gets approval. >> 8 million-dollar, 124,000 square-foot facility would be built on the side of the prep school. mayor anthony grant believes most of the funding, for the project, should come from the same tourist development that help pay for three of orlando's
6:42 am
>> not one dime has been spent on facilities for people of color for tourism. >> the grant also plans to ask for offending -- running from orange county public schools. the school district told us they were not aware of the plans. since the property is owned by the school district he will need to win their approval on this idea, to move forward. a whole lot of history there in eatonville. the museum make sense. it's going to be nice, and much warmer. >> exactly, near 80 the next couple of days. we are going to be up and down. we are going to time that out as well. but take you outside now just before sunrise. thorton park area temperatures around 64, and calm conditions for a son up 7:13, sunset at 6: 05. you see the 50s and 60s around this morning, as you dress the kids, they can get away with the shorts for today.
6:43 am
sweatshirt this morning. satellite and radar picture for us to see a few high clouds around most of the moisture this morning. down in south florida that has been spilling over a few high clouds. that not a big issue for us, very small chance of a shower today. otherwise a sun and cloud mix and a warmer day. osceola county 73 at noon, 77 by two, and by 4 o'clock temperatures right near 80. as we take you through the day, future track, just zooming through your timeframe. by 4 p.m. you see how we are mainly dry into the evening, a blip or two of green there is a stray let me show you what's next as wednesday into thursday, here is thursday you see that better chance of rain. that is with our next storm system. rainstorms on thursday. it will cool us down by friday. at the beaches water temperatures in the 60s. we are doing okay along the coast.
6:44 am
a few of us near 80, 78 titusville, 79 sanford. then tonight, 50s and 60s, patchy fog developing. we will see that tomorrow morning. tomorrow is warmer, better chance of 80s on the way tomorrow is our next front starts to get closer. we will warm up ahead of that, tomorrow, by the way, groundhog day. wednesday 83, that is going to be our warmest day over the next seven. a slight chance of a shower popping up the next front sides and on thursday better chance of rain and storms on thursday. some could linger into early friday. either way, friday is going to be cooler with highs in the low to mid 60s. 60s for the weekend, we will keep an eye on the storm system nearby by the time we get into sunday. we are at 6:49. let's get a look at the crash now. polk county, this one is for anyone who will be heading on highway 27 in either direction. it is shut down at dundee road
6:45 am
then in seminole county, state wrote 46 at orange boulevard and sanford causing a slight slowdown in that area. this week, florida fish and wildlife officials will be out on lake kissimmee to get rid of an invasive plant. they say they will be treating parts of the lake for hydro a. officials say the problem plant is an invasive aquatic species that can clog waterways and harm native vegetation. there will not be any restrictions on fishing or swimming while this is going on. it could be the transportation system of the future. the news ucf students are hearing about their role in designing something called the hyper- loop. >>reporter:thousands of drivers will notice changes along the beach line this morning. coming up, we are looking into the project aiming to make your drive a little easier. coming up at 7 a.m. on eyewitness news this morning, and audit recommended safety upgrades for local
6:46 am
you will notice some big changes driving along state road 528 where the airport toll plaza is no longer in service. eyewitness news this morning's
6:47 am
crews will turn that down over the next few weeks. >>reporter:the plan is to make the drive easier for all of the cars passing through this toll plaza where 15 minutes ago, we were actually live when someone was honking because you are no longer supposed to stop and pay a toll here. there are no express lanes, and that can cause a major backups for the more than 75,000 vehicles pass through her each and every day. this is all part of a 32 million-dollar project to ease some of the congestion. as of last night, the airport toll plaza is no longer in service. now, instead of paying tolls here drivers will pay at the beach line west main plaza or at for new ramp plazas. drivers with a sun pass lope $1.88, 6:30 we explain how you can get a refund for not driving the full distance on the five to eight 28 from the turnpike to the airport. if you use the boggy creek exit you can get $1.09 credited back to your sun pass account.
6:48 am
demolition on the airport toll plaza wraps up over the next six weeks. live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. there are some new rules on social media science facebook and instagram for gun sales conducted through their websites. the social networks are now banning all private gun sales. facebook executive says license firearm retailers will still be able to post about their goods and services, but private gun sales from one person to another are not allowed. today general motors is launching a new design team dedicated exclusively to developing self driving cars. company officials say gm's own its goal is to figure out a strategy to make gm the leader in self driving technology right officials say they want to bring self driving cars out of the concept of phase, for the company, and into something that can work in the real world. automaker toyota says they will start stop vehicle
6:49 am
days this month to -- due to a shortage of parts. an explosion at the still manufacturing plant caused the shortage. production in japan will be suspended from f ebruary 8-13- point officials say production in the us will not be affected by the suspension. volkswagen may now be buying back some of those diesel cars that they rigged to cheat admissions test. we told you about the german car companies international scandal last year when software to cheetah missions test was found in their diesel vehicles. now volkswagen attorney told a us federal courts, a buyback program may be a solution. the company also has set up a compensation fund to determine how much it should pay owners for the decline in their vehicles value. gas prices are still dropping around central florida. oil prices suddenly spiked things to a rumor of a global deal to cut production. the increase happen in the past two trading days capping a second straight weekly gain. saudi arabia, russia and other nations talked about the cutting production as a way to boost prices.
6:50 am
likely . they're still too much to cooperate on a deal. the north carolina panthers california yesterday in preparation for super bowl 50. the team filed out of the plane at the san jose international tonight, the team will take part in media events to talk about their preparations for the game. that is the spirit. the denver broncos arrived in san jose, shortly after the panthers for the super bowl takes place at levi stadium on sunday. the cuban government has now announced a new plan to bring broadband internet service to the island nation. cuban officials announced yesterday that citizens will soon be able to order home internet service. cuba only recently begun opening wi-fi hotspot to the public, in certain areas. it's unclear how much the new service will cost, but officials say home internet connections will still be a major milestone for cuba. nasa scientists are sharing some new details on how the
6:51 am
seven moon rocks and compare them to six volcanic rocks from hawaii and arizona. if an oxygen and all of them with an identical chemical signature. scientist believe the moon was formed when a small planets, billion years ago and most of the moon is earth rock, not a fragment of the small planet. horizon spacecraft shows pluto has more ice than scientist for some -- first thought. the map shows water ice makes up pluto's creston surface. express a part of pluto's icy express a part of pluto's icy foundation is well hidden between -- beneath a thick ranking of other ices like methane, nitrogen and carbon monoxide. engineering students from mit beat out 1000 other students at a competition to redefine the future of transportation. those students were part of a global competition designed pods for a hyperlink transportation system for the idea was proposed by the founder of space x it would
6:52 am
cities and pods that would shoot through a vacuum tube of speeds of up to 760 miles an hour. engineering students from ucf, were also part of the competition but they did not make the cut. that's all right, we still love them. you can go from orlando to key west in 30 minutes. >> what? >> we can go faster, because we have brian. >> you need to wrap up i'm on camera. 78degrees, 78 for today, a mix of sun and clouds, warmer tomorrow, temperatures at 82. 8300, thursday we will keep an eye out for some rain and storms. 60s for the upcoming weekend. i hope you have a great morning ahead. enjoy some of the warm weather while it is around. 6:59. a heads up for a polk county drivers, highway 27 in both directions has shut down at at dundee road. the sheriff's office is working to clear there.
6:53 am
in sanford you will have a crash
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