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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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breaking, skywitness 9 a flying over what is left of a home in deland after an explosion. working to find out what caused it. a walk to school took a nasty turn for students who had to fight off homeless man who the it one of them. on lockdown not activated at jackson middle school near south cimmaron or inglewood elementary. tim barber is live near the school and investigators say it started when this man try to steal the kids phone. >> -- >> reporter: it happened outside the school. this is a busy place before and after school and you can see stonewall jackson middle school
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way you can see inglewood next is a community center. good news. a school resource officer was nearby and helped the kid who injuries. that news, we do not have a very good ascription of a homeless man who is out there. this morning we saw cops driving around, walking around, patrolling the area and the school district told us to talk to police about this and they did not provide much more information. i spoke with people about this and asked if they had problems like this we are putting the store together now and we will have the latest on eyewitness news at 4. live in orlando, orange county, tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. back breaking news in volusia county, firefighters at the same of this house fire on dover lane in deland. skywitness 9, you can see there is nothing left. the shell of a home flattened the house.
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explosion and we have a crew on the way to the scene to get more information and we will check in with them when we can. now that the fog has lifted temperatures are rising. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest for us from severe weather center 9. going to feel like spring. >> it was a foggy start almost all across florida and we can see that for tonight but warming up and we will have 80s around and top out at 83 today, 10 degrees above average. mix of sun and clouds and another day where we will stay on the dry side but we could expect 80s with the average height of about 72. temperatures will be jumping up for sure. looking at what to expect with the numbers now, 79 deland, 79 titusville, 78 melbourne, very close to 80 degrees. looking good, scattered clouds and throughout the day along the coast in melbourne, 75 at 4:00, we will track warmer weather over the next 24 hours.
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taking its fight over based lamb chop lottery ticket to a judgment is started in 2007 roy ramos is at the courthouse. the first lawsuit tossed out about 4 years ago. >> reporter: yes, the man inside the courtroom filed a out mid-trial in 2012. that case is back in the courtroom today. an appeal filed with the florida supreme court. a jury has been faced with the task of figuring out who is telling the truth and whether or not there was a binding agreement between the couple. this comes after a former schoolteacher one $1 million jackpot back in 2007. lynn carrier won $1 million from million it raffle ticket by the florida lottery did she pay for the ticket at a convenience store after they broke up but she said she ran into the boyfriend at the store. her ex-boyfriend browning
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ticket after the couple went out to dinner and they 2 made an agreement that as long as they were together they would split the winning spent i walked out of the court room and i can tell you browning's daughter was on the stand testifying that poor year and grounding had a consistent relationship despite poirier being engaged and her father gave the money to poirier to purchase the ticket that night. outside seminole county rate house, roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. grief counselors are at rockledge high school to do about the death of the teacher. a man broke into his estranged wife home attacking her center cook's body was found in her chaparral street home yesterday which he did not show up for. 60 wrote ricky wayne cook was also there even though he moved out one month ago. investigators say both were shot to death.
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today after a fight over the today after a fight over the confederate flag sparking rumors of a shooting officials that westport high school say it happened thursday when an african-american girl punched a white student who was part of a group that brought the flags on the campus. the fight continued over the weekend on social media which led to rumors of a school shooting. >> i was horrified. i didn't think anything that that would happen at westport. >> ocala police officers patrolled and no problems reported yesterday. hunter treschel bills hitting the floor in tallahassee. florida more like -- lawmakers discussing proposed changes were gun owners one allowing concealed weapons permit holders to carry on college campus and others allowing that to carry public laces it florida one doesn't allow a lot -- people to carry open guns at some form. a bill providing the same protections for all rape victims are allowed for those under the age of 16. it will allow victims to testify via closed-circuit tv
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the bill was unanimously approved the senate criminal justice committee yesterday. today lawmakers -- lawyers for bill cosby will try to get criminal charges filed against him dropped. he's been charged with sexual assault alleged sexual assault of andrea confident in 2004. in a deposition, he admitted he gave her quaaludes before the alleged assault. his defense argued humidity it atty. that he would not be charged if he testified in constance civil lawsuit. 2 percent 20-year-old man dead after he lost control of his car following a police investigators say vincent foster was not wearing his seatbelt when he lost control of his car as he rounded a curve, hit a phone box, utility pole and crashed into a tree. police say an officer followed foster for a short time because he was spotted running stop signs and speeding but the pursuit stopped one foster left
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the presidential candidates wasted no time many of them began campaigning in new hampshire hours after finding out how both laid out in iowa. >> marci gonzalez has a look at the final numbers and why there might be a recount. >> reporter: after -- hours after the first taste of victory, >> that's the first -- most votes ever cat for any republican primary winner. >> reporter: and defeat in iowa. >> we finished 2nd and i want to tell you, i am honored. >> reporter: it is now all about new hampshire. >> this is now the center completely unshared with anyone else, >> reporter: donald trump trying to reclaim his front- runner status following last and marco rubio working to maintain momentum after surpassing expectations coming in a close 3rd. >> they told me we have no chance because my hair was not too high. >> reporter: another i was
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ever and in some precincts it came down to a coin toss. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton ahead of a bernie sanders by a fraction of a point. >> iowa has begun a political >> reporter: mike huckabee, martin omalley dropping out of candidates campaigns are now state. someone wrapping up even before the caucuses were over. bush, casey, christy spent much of the weekend not in iowa, but campaigning in new hampshire hoping to get a head start on their opponents. marci gonzalez, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. a spokesperson for democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is the campaign is still assessing
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party for a recount about 1 hour ago, there was one precinct that had not reported results. clinton leads sanders by less than 3/10 of 1 percent. unicef is asking for $9 million for its programs in the americas to help spot -- stop the spread of the zika virus. but -- them is the -- mosquito- borne can cause joint pain rash and beat >> reporter: birth defects the world health officials declare the outbreak to be an international emergency. unicef leaders at said the money will be used to educate communities about how to wipe out the sites. a new report placing blame for deaths and injuries on the airbag maker takata corporation. outside group hired by takata found the company does not have a steps in place to improve product quality or even find and fix problems. once they are installed. at least 11 deaths and 139 injuries caused by takata products like air blagg -- airbag inflator's reported including a death of a woman and orange county. 24 million vehicles have been recalled and the u.s. to replace insulators. attorneys for death row inmate say their clients
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because of a u.s. open court decision michael lambert convicted, sentenced to death for murdering 2 people he met in a bar in 1983. february 11. last month a you a supreme court ruled florida's death penalty system was unconstitutional because it allows a judge and not jury to make the sentencing decisions. florida attorney general argues schedule. land birds attorney says he deserves a new sentencing hearing. bullies can hide but deliver the same kind of blow as if they were face-to-face with the victim's. >> the high-tech tool one parent created to help others track what is happening in a child's social world. it has been watched hundreds of thousands of times online, coming up another look at this disturbing cell phone video showing the director of a day care center throwing a child. tracking very warm weather
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doors unlocked and claremont daycare today and the director of the decor is locked up in lane county jail. we showed you yesterday the cellphone video that recorded her throwing a child to the ground kimberly eiten has been checking with police to see if any of the parents have come
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so far, the suit -- appears to be an isolated incident. >> reporter: as of now, please tell me there is only one victim but you can see behind us the result of that abuse claremont daycare. the playground is empty and in the 8 hours we have been outside the building, not a single child or parent has showed up. protecting kids inside tilton's palace learning center is now accused of child abuse. this video shows why. that's the director of the claremont daycare hitting a 4- year-old with stuffed animals and picking him up and throwing him onto the ground. >> oh, my god. >> i would kill her. as a mom, i'm sorry. >> parents reacted not just in front of cameras but online. outraged over the video we
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page less than 24 hours ago. it shows 41-year-old kimberly read committing the crime that to dcf. they say this kind of abuse went on for 3 weeks. could -- police a read try to defend the the behavior as rough play. >> it almost makes you sick to your stomach to his -- to think somebody could do this to for your. >> reporter: read was already on probation court records show, 24 welfare case and 2012 grand theft case. one of those involves stealing from another day care. as for this day care, it is closed and will stay that way for now. dcf says the owner plans to give per license and sell the business. >> i would not want anybody to bring their kids here at all. >> reporter: we are told the 4- year-old in the video is doing okay i spoke with his father briefly but with the video viewed hundreds of thousands of times on our website he says at
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live in lake county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this afternoon. also this afternoon, we expect to hear from the mother of a 13-year-old girl found dead over the weekend. nicole low was last seen alive one week ago. her parents say she pushed a dresser against her bedroom door before climbing out of a window and now 2 virginia tech accused of her death. investigators say david eisenhower met her online using the app kick. >> eisenhower use the relationship to his advantage to abduct and clewell -- kill her. >> the 2nd student arrested natalie keepers accused of helping eisenhower get rid of her body over the weekend. both are being held without bond. right now investigators are at the scene will plane in the ocean off beach in the my area area. you can see the shape of the small plane through the crystal clear water. 2 people on board of the plane
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unclear why the plane went down or how they managed to get out safely. one of nasa's mingles is to find a way to explore deep space and eventually mars. >> in the last hour they announced there will be satellite to the size of shoeboxes going inside of a rocket to help reach the goal. >> others types of satellites offer new opportunities for researchers to place instruments in space. >> 13 of those satellites will be deployed from the state -- space launch system on the to observe magnetic fields. first mission in 2010 and they hope they will take astronauts to mars one day. valencia college is opening a new center to train students of i take manufacturing jobs fitbit celebrated the grand opening of the events many vectoring training center on shady lane, kissimmee this morning pitchers to be the side of a cold manufacturing plant the osceola county officials ended the lease with cold early after the gun maker never delivered on promised jobs.
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all-time high in ticket sales and students and -- tickets were sold in january. 213 million of that will be put enhancement trust fund. the sales were driven in large powerball jackpot. officials say january also set a record for scratch off sales with $333 million. the famed groundhog made his annual production today. >> and if he is right it looks like we're in for a short winter, and early spring. pakistani film did not see his shower to -- exciton he fail did not see his shadow so we are in for 6 more weeks of winter his predictions has not always been right it is been my 13 times and wrong you -- 15. the cities under a winter storm warning but the storm is expected to move out. areas have seen close to 10
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of denver international airport canceled yesterday because of a winter storm. >> i love groundhog day. over and over and over again. >> last couple of days have been awesome. >> beautiful days. weather? >> it was a split. this morning not very early, 9:00 we had a lot of fog around this morning and low clouds and we swept it away. not me personally but i saw mixing and things improved. 70s and 80s, 78 sanford, 77 orlando. warming up and 70 georgetown and daytona beach winds out of the southeast keeping us on the
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the fog is gone watch for sprinkles possible heads up and brevard county a stray shower possibility and when chance less than 10 percent it 82 at noon mount dora, 84 and 73 at 6:00. future track, you can see a touch of green a chance through 6:00 and by tonight clouds build hearing and another round of fog will be possible by the time you get to tomorrow morning. tomorrow, drive through a good portion of the day and showers later in the day and thursday is when the next system arrives and possibility of stronger storms later thursday. in the 70s, gorgeous. water temperatures in the 60s seas 2-3 feet. 83 today sun and clouds and a stray chance of showers popping up 78 in deland, 80 leesburg and eustis, kissimmee touching 80 winter park orlando, conway 80s.
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mild for this time of year. usually in the low to mid 50s and mid-60s tonight. tomorrow, warmer, 84 degrees. near 80 near 82 the coast. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view on your screen, late in the day tomorrow a pop-up shower is possible and more developments. thursday we could see rain and storms 70 percent chance in the 70s still a warm day and friday, cooler weather waking high friday. saturday looking good, 70. signs of the developing storm system on sunday and we will talk more about that in the next half-hour. martie? captured by wildlife officers and brevard county. why finding out how it got there may not be so easy. the message a grieving seminole county mother has for everyone
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a mother want answers about why her son was shot and killed. my son. i need to know the truth yet seminole county deputies say an interview with a person of interest will leave them to the tamar harris. he was in her car listening to music when he took off without her permission. there were other people in the car went they ran away after the shooting. maitland police continue to work to find out if the rights and fights at a middle school or gang-related. monday, additional police patrol the campus of matlen middle school after they say a threat of a shooting circulated on social media. we spoke with mothers who tell us their kids were attacked in a fight on friday and they believe the same group is beyond the threat.
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not fight. >> the school's principal explains students were sent it class on steger -- staggered groups to avoid large crowds in the campus courtyard. students may see changes in district approved certifying class-size compliance plan for limits are exceeded at treadway, lost lood, to various elementary school. district document show the schools will use coach dashcode classrooms and and more teachers. brevard county residents may watch with a step closely. >> this photo of a 9 foot anaconda taken after brevard county animal services captured it yesterday. they caught it on woodberry circle and people who live in the area tell us knowing the snake was out there makes them uneasy. >> it's mostly a retirement community. a few little kids run around and grandkids and things and if it is loose, what -- how do you
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like that? >> wildlife officers are try to figure out how the snake wound up there in the first place. anaconda found in brevard county. we told you 2 months ago a man saw another 9 footer while fishing along the st. johns river. why like officials killed that snake and they do not know where it came from. the next time you're on the vegetation. consider an ordinance that will ban property owners from removing the vegetation that filters and cleans the water. the county would monitor homeowners and find them hundreds of dollars that they do not comply get proposed ordinance under revision and part of a new plan to get the clean. the internet has made it easier for bullies to pray on victims. >> coming up how some parents are fighting back. the fed say a teenager wanted to kill troops and a north carolina base why they
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firefighters continue to work to figure out what caused a home to obliterated in deland. skywitness 9 is hovering above capturing a look at what is left of this house on dover land which is almost nothing. almost flattened -- absolutely flattened. they got calls about a possible explosion and here's what is left. a crew is on the way to the scene together information on what happened and we will check in with them as we can. an amazing scene and miami. people who were on a plane when i hurt when the aircraft plunged to the bottom of the ocean. you can see the shape of a small plane through the water. it is unclear whether the plane went down or how they managed to get out and are safe.
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the dry season the south florida the sunshine state hit a record breaking month of rain. average for florida is 2 inches of the 16 counties but this year they received 9 inches of rain for january. in central florida, average was also up january usually bringing us about 2.5 inches of rain and last month was wet with close to 3 inches. fog lifted and temperatures rising. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. he will be -- it will be warm. average. 80s so 10 degrees above average today after what was of foggy start. tonight, we could see more patchy fog develop. i will track that from 5-7 tomorrow morning on channel 9, 67 tonight and mild. city by city celebration kissimmee 80 today orange county colonial town orlando altamonte springs, forest city
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deltona, deland de leon springs in the low 80s and it gets warmer tomorrow. we will track that and 2 fronts on the way ahead. martie? this morning to whether reporters in california injured when a storm not a tree on top of him. they were covering high wind that had brought other trees down. one fell on top of them. the reporter was able to call 911 and both transported to a hospital in la jolla. officials say they suffered serious injuries. f.b.i. joining investigations into a lead contamination in flint drinking water and 2014, the city switched from detroit water to flint river water to save money but the river water was not treated properly. letter from pipes contaminated water. since it was discovered, celebrates have donated millions of dollars worth of water and attended meetings in flint to show support. officials have not said whether criminal or civil charges will come out of the investigation. amendment timeout has been
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found 8 pipe bombs in his house. yesterday f.b.i. bomb technicians along with a.t.f. agents and tampa police say they found bombs and bomb making supplies at the home of 24-year-old michael ray most. officials say they searched the home after getting a tip about the explosives. he previously expressed antigovernment sentiment but did not say if he had any was officials say north carolina men accused of plotting attacks in support of unsolved murder. and able last year, f.b.i. officials say justin sullivan told an undercover agent about his plans to kill at least 1000 people in a mass murder. he also try to pay the into to kill his parents. anything happened. >> i don't know if it is isis or what. >> this is your son? >> yes. >> sbi agents now claim neighbor before plotting the man's murder at a military investigators say could
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stole 689 and stole $689 to finance the plans for a mass shooting. wish you a secretary of state john kerry spoke in a meeting of 23 countries in rome to discuss how to fight isis. >> afghanistan, which we all know has its own challenges and which we are most involved in helping, has also decided to join the coalition. >> he said the coalition of countries needs to keep isis from gaining control of libya and the oil wealth that comes from it he says the us and partners should support libya and increase security training and the company -- country to help libya's military. wish a report from florida department of education shows the most states public to -- school teachers have done well in evaluations. it shows more than 98 percent of public school teachers earning a rating of effective or highly effective ratings for the 2014-15 school year. 37.5 percent of teachers took high ratings down from last year's figure of 42.4.
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cyber bullying is on every parents worry list and for every son or daughter who is a victim there is another one who is a cyber bully. >> parents are creating high- tech tools to help moms and dads stay olympic megan hughes shows us how -- abcs megan hughes shows us how. >> reporter: west virginia, third-graders already have stories about being cyber bullied. >> i was kind of sad because he was calling me stupid. >> i was depressed after that. >> you want to believe that but you know it is not right. >> reporter: senior and winner of a pageant lexi helps students visit -- resist the urge. >> don't retaliate. >> reporter: experts say children who have been bullied become bullies themselves. she's been a target as well. >> people who do cyber bullying anonymously are cowards. >> kids do it for power and some do it because of a --
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>> reporter: psychologists a children are developing impulse control and parents need to get involved. >> your child who is the bully even if they are doing it for reasons that are childhood reasons that later in life will been meaningless, they can have a police record yes what your child is the cyber bully? one recent study found more than 80 percent of young people think it is easier to get away with bowling online and bowling in person like at school. >> i wanted to create a filter system that would monitor so parents woodfield relief -- woodfield relief knowing their kid could use social media platforms and text messaging. >> she shows us one of tax solutions for parents. for software uses algorithms to filter so when a team types a blocked. parents get notified. >> if you love your kids you have to keep up with their technology. >> her mother has not gotten
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she says parents need to police children's cyber lives. >> it is real. kids will put things on twitter and they can get in a lot of trouble for it. >> megan hughes, abc news, harpers ferry, west virginia. state lawmakers are are reviewing the applications of 3 florida sports stadiums seeking millions in funding. we told you lawmakers opted not to set aside money for the stadiums but daytona international speedway and miami dolphins and jacksonville jaguars are trying again this year. they are asking for one in $81 million in total. the tampa bay bucs turned an application into be considered but officials say it was not complete. a deland couple turning to action 9 claiming a timeshare resale company charge them nearly $6000 and never delivered how you can protect
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1.5 million people live with rheumatoid are rises -- rheumatoid arthritis which causes pain in the joints. >> this is the hand i have been dealt and i will let -- not let it defeat me. >> she was ,26 old when diagnosed with the disease and she says it started when she felt pain in her knees and her entire body 8 and she became tired all the time. that's when she went to her doctor to find out what was happening to her body
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rheumatoid arthritis is a joins -- joint disease but is systemic. it can affect all parts of the body. >> she says she stays active despite the pain and taking care of her son and daughter. scientist in britain are experimenting with gene editing on human embryos. >> this could lead to crucial understanding of the rule of genes and development. >> they can do things in live cells and they hope it will improve fertility treatment and improve miscarriages. the us does not get federal funds for and be a modification but there's no ban on gene editing. we've all had a song in our head that we cannot get rid of but doctors say they will exploit -- explore why the state yet there's a science behind it called earworms. catchy song sticking in our head because of the process our brains go through to listen to music.
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the brain that work together to process the words and the rhythm you hear yes there are so many neural networks involved in the music processing, this is what is known as ample fire affects it is not just music it is emotional response. >> doctors say children learn how to play an instrument are able to process language better than those who have never learned to play music. the price of coffee is sitting at a two-year low but next the reasons you should not expect to save on your next trip to the coffee shop. selling timeshares a family claims this company charged 6000 for viruses.exist. >> what did they do for the money? >> why the companies risky. many 80s on the way and it gets hotter for tomorrow.
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fire in volusia county. janai norman speaking with neighbors about hearing a possible explosion. there is nothing left of the house on dover lane in deland. it looks vaporized. >> reporter: it is about 6 homes down and i walked down way you can see some fire trucks and i tried to go to see what was left of the home but there isn't much left besides the damage from the fire. we will bring up video. since we got here in the last 10 minutes i spoke with a woman who said she came home in the last few hours and saw this message sena firefighters responding to this fire. she sent video where you can see flames. you can see what is left of the home. since we got here i was able to briefly speak with a firefighter. she tells me they are going to wrap up part of the scene and get crews out but they were called out 11:00 this morning. there were people inside the
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many or whether they lived there but she said everyone in was able to get out safely and a confirmed there was a dog inside the home that was not able to make it out. we have another crew working to talk with neighbors to find out who lives in the home and try to talk with the people who were here when this happened. the latest at 4. live in volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news channel 9. a deland couple claiming a timeshare resale company took them for an expensive ride after they spent nearly $6000 to find buyers who never appeared. >> action 9 uncovered dozens of complaints from consumers who say the company did not deliver what it promised. confronting managers for answers. >> reporter: this timeshare resale office seems like all way out for a deland couple desperate to sell. inside, this promise.
12:36 pm
us within 90 days. >> they paid protime share resells nearly $700. they market the unit near palm beach. the company rented their ad in the monthly magazine and online sites and the family her there were 23 interested buyers. >> did they ever tell you who these potential buyers were? >> know, when i asked they tell me they could not give them to me. >> until a couple paid another $3000. the company could bring in top prospect. they paid and 90 days later the company demanded an additional 3000. >> i was livid because you will not asking for another 3000 when you promised he would sell it for the last 3000. >> the company's contract states all buyer inquiries are provided at no additional charge. they sent a complaint to florida's attorney general, i
12:37 pm
at the deland office, >> she paid nearly $6000 for her timeshare. >> you need to leave right now yes what did they do for the money? >> you coming. >> bbb has 77 complaints, most consumers claiming the offer does not deliver what is promised. >> consumers being asked for a blank check if you will and so far there has been no proof or evidence that there is going to be any reward in the imports in a written response, the company said it delivered all services and this couple never asked for a refund. >> i was a full together to them the first time for todd ohler, channel 9, eyewitness news the company said the ads generated more than 500 inquiries and the family was never told about a different -- potential buyer. don't pay advance these that is his advice. if you have a store you want to check out fill out a form or send a message directly or send a message slash action 9.
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lovers, the price for coffee beans the lowest in 2 years. starbucks is the coffee beans they buy have dropped from one the price for coffee beans the lowest in 2 years. starbucks is the coffee beans they buy have dropped from 1.6 per pound and to 1.$.11 which will not help you because you will not see the price drop for daily coffee indulgence. coffee beans only make up 20 percent of starbucks cost experts say the best way to spend money is to brew your own coffee at home. >> skip $4 per day. >> it does not taste as good. warm today and tomorrow and up and down the next few days. 2 fronts on the way. daytona beach, 70, -- 78. warm love to be at the beaches. risk of rip currents. 70s, 80s, up to 81 degrees and deland and 80 one of the villages and 78 toward melbourne, 77 and palm coast winds out of the southeast keeping us on the warmer side thick fog earlier and now we
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maybe a stray chance for showers 3 or 4 o'clock when you see tom terry he may have a southern shower. recapping 80s on the way and fine-tuning fog on the way tomorrow. we was see another round scattered clouds around and we will sea fog but the next big weather maker rolls in thursday he will have information with model runs at 4:00. on thursday better chance of rain and possibility of strong storms as the front moves in to cool us down. at the beaches seas 2-3 feet water temperatures in the 60s and are temperatures in the 70s. today, 83 cloud makes and you see the numbers, low 80s inland, mid to upper 70s across the coastline. tonight, mild again and down in the 60s tonight with patchy fog developing it could be sick again by tomorrow morning and the five-day forecast, with that we can always in view. changes ahead, tomorrow we are
12:40 pm
rain chance 20 percent late in the day and a better chance of rain by thursday and in 70s and cool down friday back in the 60s and friday and saturday, in between storm systems saturday, 70 and another storm system looks to be at least near sunday, 60s away still so i expect changes but right now saturday looks better than sunday. sundays highs around 66 with a
12:41 pm
coming up on eyewitness news today at 4. orlando police tell us to students accused homeless
12:42 pm
aggressors of a 5 this morning at the top of the are we told you middle school students said they were walking when a man tried to take the phone and then . one of them. today on eyewitness news at 4 we are asking police if students could face charges. following a developing story into land where firefighters are the scene of house fire from skywitness 9 you can see there is now much that but a shell of the home. firefighters reported getting calls for -- the video you see now much left. firefighters reported getting calls about an explosion at 4:00 we are working to find out what caused it. public school teachers receiving evaluations and many earned good evaluations but the percentage rate of highly effective dropped statewide and fell sharply in orange county. we are asking how it will affect teachers eligibility for florida's controversial teacher bonus program. the younger on pennsylvania to time to send a thank you note to police. >> 8-year-old sabrina decided to thank local law enforcement
12:43 pm
the class to write a letter to a hero. she says she decided to thank police because she said she did not think they got enough thank you's. her latter -- letter thanks them for keeping our country safe from bad people. >> humbling to read a spirit especially from a child. it means so much to us to see something like this. >> the police department presented sabrina with 2 patches from the uniforms and they plan to frame her letter and keep it in their office. stocks are down and wall street this afternoon. here is a look at the numbers. closing figures tonight on channel 9 eyewitness news at 4. >> now let's take a look at what's happening on walstreet today.
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beautiful day. >> it is picked >> here is certified meteorologist brian shields . >> gorgeousness with you guys. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, 83 today and warm stray chance of a shower otherwise dry. 84 tomorrow and late showers and better chance of rain and storms thursday. emigrated. vanessa, martie? >> take the watching channel 9 eyewitness news at noon.
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