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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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super bowl 50 i'm now aiming for 100. >> good for you, larry. >> very cute story there. good for them. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great wednesday. right now shooting overnight in orange county sent 2 people to the hospital this morning where following search for the shooter. >> increased security in the local school, the first that forced the principal to call parents. >> the morning. 5 am, wednesday, february 3. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , deneige broom watching your commute let's go over to certified meteorologist brian shields . we had winter, remember? >> i feel like i know 80s on
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in a few spots before tomorrow's front arrives. 84 degrees today pop-up showers possible by this afternoon warm this morning. look at temperatures come 60s and 70s around, 70 daytona beach and the villages, 60 degrees in orlando by the pines and winter park. 72 melbourne, satellite beach and 70 harmony holopaw back through kissimmee. visibility is the drop off along the st. john's, debary, sanford's volusia seminole county watchung -- watching upper patchy fog we will monitor that over the next few hours. satellite radar picture, high clouds streaming in the we are dry to start and fog we're dealing with it through the day we will have a quick warm-up. noon, already 70 degrees. this is winter garden and orange county and this afternoon 2, 3, 4:00 highs in the low mid 80s with a chance for a pop-up shower and you see limited rain chance today, 20 percent chance we will track the near record heat on the way and get into the changes with tomorrow's front ahead. 5:01 am. checking traffic with deneige.
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orlando, colonial off to the left this is your eastbound traffic just now picking up construction cones. in a few minutes you won't have construction in and out of downtown orlando to deal with a knife or a spot of construction 417, northbound, boggy creek blocking one lane they should pickup the codes within 30 minutes and let you know the causes issues. in orange county this morning of the shooter on the run after opening fire on 2 people outside in orlando apartment complex. >> eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten checking in with the best -- investigators and they are searching for clues of 2 crime scenes. >> reporter: jamie, the crime scenes are a few hundred feet apart we are still waiting to hear from who was shot -- from police on who was shot and where it happened. officer searching for these -- outside these apartments and 70 condominiums for evidence.
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parking lots is cypress woods drive, off of conroy road. orlando police got here at 11:00 last night at the reports of the shooting. they found number 2 victims hit by gunfire. emergency responders rush to both of the people to ormc and we are still checking on their conditions this morning police have not identified either victims or a possible suspect but they believe the shooter is on the run and only have limited information about who the person maybe. none of which they are sharing with a this morning. i spoke with police in the last hour and they told us any information on the shooting will have to wait until business hours at the 8:00 hour we will call back to ask how the victims are connected and if they know any of the suspects or i should say if they know the suspect. we will ask if this is a random crime or if those people were targeted and what led officers to 2 crime scenes on this one block the in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. we will bring you every
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smart phone or tablet through our wftv news app. parents and make them middle school students on edge about how safe it kids may be a school. >> last night at 11:00 we told about the pta meeting to press leaders for threats and fights janai norman is outside the scope. some parents are still concerned this morning as kids head the back. >> reporter: we had a crew that packed into the pta meeting last night. more than 100 parents showed up to speak out after hearing about allegations of gang violence and a threat to the school on social media. we now know more details about the series of events leading up to last night's meeting and parent concerns. last friday 5 students beat up another student in the school's another student posted on social media threatening to beat up a classmate. maitland police officers joined school leaders to discuss allegations of team gang
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students and a social media threat about a school shooting. last night's meeting, officials would only say the students involved were suspended and did not do anything criminal. but that was not reassuring to some of the parents we spoke with the >> that was a little disturbing. there was not much information given out. >> we told you monday we stepped up patrols following the threats so this morning we will look for an increase of officers at the school. in the meantime for 5:30 we are pressing leaders about what else they are doing to ensure students safety and asking whether it is enough to live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. orange county deputies are investigating 2 armed robberies they may believe are connected. the first one happen on a 1-2-3 dollar store n. cimmaron blvd. after 8:00 last night. the other was reported at a dollar general store goldenrod road not far away, 9:30.
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in both robberies was wearing a batman mask and batman t-shirt. no injuries were reported. back in court today when the seminole county man tries to prove he should get half of the million-dollar lottery win. attorney spent yesterday try to prove howard browning had a binding contract with his ex- girlfriend lynn porier when she bought the winning ticket one decade ago. browning claims he paid for it and the couple made a verbal agreement as long as they were together, they would spit -- split the winnings. the attorney claims she was already engaged to another man picked >> the evidence is cleared they were not together. lynn was engaged to someone as an browning is trying to hide he was involved with a woman. >> our legal analyst says without cooperating evidence browning unlikely of receiving winnings. orange about -- county man convicted in a police officers murder will try to get his life sentence thrown out. hugo terry was 17 years old and 2009 when he drove the getaway car in the murder of office and out garden. he is expected to ask the court
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of ruling sentenced to light entitled to a review of cases. we will let you know what happens in court in both of these cases on eyewitness news at noon. marine corps says trace elements of dna have been found from marines killed in a helicopter crash off hawaii last month. 22-year-old tommy charges from fort myers among the 12 marines who died when 2 helicopters crashed during nighttime pick officials say dna was found during rescue operations but what he did not say was what was found and investigations and what caused the crash is ongoing. the state fire marshal plans to bring a canine to the scene of a mobile home fire in deland it. video was taken yesterday of the fire and overlay. one neighbor thought she heard an explosion after the fire . everyone in the home was able to escape without being hurt but a . full died in the fire. we posted pictures.
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seminole county tv -- teachers are rallying for raises lsi school board meeting. >> the latest in a 6 month long battle with the district. we were there is teachers with signs lined lake mary boulevard one hour before the meeting. expressing vitiation after the district declared an impasse last week and walked away from talks. many teachers we spoke with did not hold back frustrations. >> ( indiscernible ) [ applause ] >> negotiations can still continue during an impasse. both sides led to sit down next week to reach a deal before calling it a third-party. a car sharing program will be launched in orlando and winter park areas. these are pictures shot yesterday morning of the first zipcar to drive the streets around lake eola. customers can reserve a car and pickup and drop it off at the designated location. you can pay by the hour or day.
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to crew members are expected to take a walk outside the international space station. >> part of the mission was to retrieve a science experiment that tested how biological samples survived in space. this is video from the last spacewalk when a leak and his spacesuit caused problems for astronauts. this morning the russian cosmonauts will install devices making it easier for crews to work during future spacewalks. the spacewalks scheduled to start at 7:30. today's also special day for a member of athletes in central florida and across the of intent to college. ucf of football team is expected to receive at least 3 from our area. the school is holding a signing a party for his fans today. sports team will be there live breaking down the class of a 2016 in our signing day special florida's tv 27. 5:10 am. every 10 minutes. , certified meteorologist center 9 >> more warm weather on the way. record high in orlando is 86 and we will be at 84 today. so warm and could get a sea
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us an isolated chance for shower this afternoon if you're working outdoors later in the day, chance of a passing shower and tonight patchy fog and temperatures around 66 county by county at flagler county palm coast 7076 lever beach 78 but the now, orange county, downtown orlando, 85, avalon park, temperatures in the mid- 80s and was will be breezy out of the south and 10-20 but that is what we will be one. we will track the rain and thursday. 5:10 am deneige. >> volusia county construction on i-95. i-95 northbound near state road 44, you have one lane blocked and north of that i-95 southbound pioneer trail one lane blocked and we have a crash in orange county that has moved to the side . and over boulevard, move over for them as they are clearing out.
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could be facing criminal charges. the attack they say happened with a homeless man and the truth police say was later uncovered a dramatic drop in teacher ratings. the new system that has educators angry the state. we showed you video of the day care worker dropping a child in lake county and the child is okay and this way the issues we have uncovered in the past from another the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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nancy alvarez. >> 5:13 am wednesday morning downtown orlando looking at the city 68 degrees now and warming up. hot day had. we will let you know what to expect a full check weather and traffic every ten minutes yes developing this morning the city of orlando is offering a $75 million incentives package to bring the ucf campus to downtown orlando. the city plans to get the school 15 acres of land create a village and nearby building the properties are valued at more than $40 million to get the. taxpayers will cover road improvements and the project is not a done deal it needs funding from the state and approval from the board of governors. investigations into the claremont daycare director arrested on child abuse charges continues this one. police say a coworker cast 3rd
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and throat -- doing a 4-year- old boy to the ground. read was on probation for stealing from an orlando day care. former boss talked eyewitness news saying he was surprised she was working in another day care because of the thefts. >> i do not believe that she should ever come ever be able to work in a day care center. >> dcf says the day care had document showing read past a background check but investigators are not sure if that paperwork is legitimate. read is expected to go before judge for her probation violation on friday. several nurseries are now suing the other nurseries that won the rights to grow medical marijuana. last november license is given to 5 dispensing organizations including winter garden is, knox nursery. issued a lawsuit from 3 other nurseries was filed aiming to block the marijuana growing until the new licenses were reviewed. those 5 dispensaries will focus on non-euphoric types of medical marijuana like
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are working to put the city's garbage rules in line with the county's new bear management ordinance. the county ordinance requires certain residents to use the bear-proof trash cans or keep their garbage inside until a certain time on trash day. the county rules apply to residents living west of i 4 and a small portion of the county immediately east of i 4. covering volusia county, daytona beach police say a homeless camp outside of a government building for more than a month was a center for quite. we told you dozens were removed from outside the volusia county offices last friday. yesterday 2 undercover officers who stayed with the group say that while police immediate -- media were not there, they did witness drugs, 5, sex, prostitution and extortion. chief chitwood defended his decision to embed the officers. >> and when the news vans pulled away, and internet pastor went home, it became a completely different nefarious activities going on. >> police say at least 25 arrest were made during the
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outside of the county offices. halifax health has filed a letter of intent to build a larger hospital in deltona that originally planned. the plans for the medical center has grown from 120 beds to 150 beds. it will be built near i 4, phase 1 expected to be done by the end of the year. a 2nd bill that will replace additional regulations on abortion clinics has passed a panel. the proposal will address issues related to public funding of women's healthcare. the sale ordination of fetal tissue. supporters say the bill goal is to look out for the safety of women and opponents argue florida has bigger healthcare problems and lawmakers should take care of instead. governor rick scott wants more financial help for 2 counties still cleaning up from tornadoes ex-gov scott requested a physical disaster declaration partly and sarasota counties were damage is estimated at nearly $5 million
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business a ministration to offer loans to impacted households and businesses qualifying. potato hit generally 60, killing 2 and hurting 4 others. part of the el nio pattern. we will feel that today. >> on the warm side today. tomorrow we will get the front working in and another system by the weekend. it is up and down as we go for the next few days. warmth is out for today including this morning a look at daytona beach him a 71, south southeast at 7. warm to start. kids go with the shorts were today and 60s and 70s around. 60 6 as we get into sanford osceola county windsor hills kissimmee 73 -- 70 degrees, 70 toward marion county and patchy fog st. john's river basin by debary, swap house, samford, we are seeing fog around especially by the waterways. elsewhere, high clouds that
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the dry side and lots of action into georgia, tornadoes back to the west of us yesterday. this is the same system will impact us tomorrow. weakened version but a possibility for stronger storms by thursday. eastridge highs, some clouds makes, later in the day a chance for passing showers and rumble of thunder. rain chance about 20 percent. not too high but here is future track, this is by 5:00 stopping it here, some clouds mix before goes down and green on the map isolated shower this evening 8:00. tomorrow, in the morning when i see you we was see the front to the west and look at the rain and storms firing up on thursday and he gets messy in spots. over 1 inch of the rain -- of rain on thursday strong storms possible watch for gusty winds. over 1 inch in spots and be mindful of the lightning rolling by tomorrow. water temperature 62 to 63 beaches in the 70s and the seas
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84 today, sun and clouds a pop- up shower or 2 a look at numbers near 80 at the coast but mid 80s inland clermont today 84 winter garden independence windemere pine hills parramore orlando temperatures around 80 -- 84. patchy fog tonight temperatures in the 60s and your five-day forecast, tran 11, rain and storms on tran4 tomorrow especially tomorrow afternoon and evening. friday looking good, cooler 64 and a fast-moving system moves in late saturday, saturday night with a chance for showers much cooler by sunday. i 4 at 408, shaking but this is your traffic approaching downtown orlando and eastbound lanes and we do have one lane blocked for construction eastbound and the 408 westbound approaching i 4 one lane blocked. live traffic tracker, troopers reported a trash -- crash lake mary boulevard working to find it on the camera but it seems to be blocking one lane and i
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the next 10 minutes. lawmakers in tallahassee working on a bill to clean up the everglades. a measure in both the house and senate would speed up all everglades restoration projects if the bill passes, were to increase worker flow into the everglades from surrounding likes to approve the ecosystem would start immediately. a major snag in the construction of a new school in orange county. >> i do want them to determine if it is safe. >> what has been found looking in the ground that could force the buildings to be built somewhere else. overnight shooting, asking who investigators are looking for. >> millions of being pulled
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners.
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9 investigates the millions of dollars from water bills and st. cloud slowly into the city's general fund. almost $7 million was taken from the city's water and sewer funds over the last 5 years. the florida supreme court says it is okay for cities to earn a profit off of the water bills. some people say the rates though our are already too high.
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kind of reduction. something. more transparency. it will help everybody be -- feel more comfortable and think everything is on the up and up. >> city leaders say the money from water bills is not really a profit and they use the funds to run the water utility and pay the salaries of the workers. florida power light customers can get a small reduction in bills but not for very long. proposal filed yesterday will lower average residential bills by $1.65. the utility credits in the power plant for the lower prices and savings will not last at the nl is asking for the state to raise the hill by more than $8 next year. easy come easy go. orange county teachers are not happy with the evaluations that was just released by the state. >> last year more than 80 percent of the district's teachers were considered highly effective. this year, only 2 percent got the score. the teachers union blames the district for changing the way
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evaluations rated 97 percent of effective. a program and blunted college will help students find high-tech manufacturing jobs. opening yesterday for the new center. the new facility located in the old cold manufacturing plant and kissimmee. it backed out of the deal to rent the building last year. osceola county leaders hired an outside company to make sure you know about the opening of the new poinciana >> controversy, connection between the owner and a county commissioner. 2 people in the hospital and police are still searching for the person who pulled the trigger outside this orlando apartment complex. coming up the latest on the search for a shooter. i will show you how much warmer it will be before the
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orlando with this early in the
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