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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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orlando with this early in the morning it is already almost 70 degrees. until tomorrow. we check weather and traffi every 10 minutes. , deneige broom watching the roads. >> let's begin with brian. this is the week we have to pay attention because it up and down and all over the place. >> 2 storm moving -- system moving in. one tomorrow and one the weekend, 60s and 70 now.. 78 and volusia county -- 70 and in ocala. visibility not bad. we have patchy fog going up and down. scattered cloward -- clouds and 2 showers offshore. rain chances limited, 20 percent chance of a shower today and i want you to prepare because -- 79 at noon, looking great. one this afternoon the core elementary, 83 at 4:00. late afternoon and evening 20 percent change but it picks up
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record highs and then get into the next front and the front by the weekend we will have that headed 5:31 am but see how the drive is doing early with deneige. >> pulling up the camera i 4 lake mary, troopers are reporting a crash near lake mary boulevard westbound blocking related has not been able to spotted on the cameras but keep in mind if you approach the crash, moved to the left and the city of deltona just sent information, a crash blocking the intersection of providence boulevard at elk camp boulevard, both directions of both roads are blocked at the intersection. in orange county to people in the hospital with gunshot wounds and the shooter is still out there,. >> gimli eaten has been asking police if they have any leads at all on who pulled the trigger. at this point, they do not have much to go on. >> reporter: they can tell a shooting is on the run but that is the only information they are giving us at this point.
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outside toronto apartments of the other across the street at summer gate condos. crews watching police search for evidence on both sides of cypress woods drive, just off conroy road. spotted around 11:00 at the reports of the shooting. officers found 2 victims were both rushed to all rmc this morning police cannot tell us what kind of condition they are in or who they have shot them. they tell us they believe the suspect officers know who the shooter is, they are not saying. i called first thing this morning to as police if they have any leads on the person and was told questions would have to wait for business hours. when i get a chance to speak with someone i will ask if it was a random crime or targeted attack and if there is any danger to the people who live on this block and i will check in with both apartment complexes to ask if they have surveillance cameras or if there is any video that may point police in the direction of the suspect.
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morning. parents preparing to drop off students at matlen middle school can expect to see an increase and police officers. we have been telling you about parents concerns for student safety following allegations of gang violence and threats of the shooting at the school. wftv janai norman is live and they are working to address issues. >> reporter: we first reported on monday that police are planning to increase patrols and the school principal says she is forming a committee for parents to address any safety concerns. it has been 5 days since a handful of students jumped a classmate in the courtyard at matlen middle school. police beefed up security on campus following multiple fights and threats of a shooting on social media. last night we had a crew at the parents packed into. leaders would not go into much details about the individual incidents but we told you 30 minutes ago, they would say the students involved were
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we went to the principal, doctor stephanie shames to ask whether that is enough. >> do you think the school was able to provide parents real stay safe especially since some have seen an uptick on fights -- in fight on campus? >> we shared procedures with parents and are forming the committee. >> we are working to find out more about the committee. we will keep you updated on as we find out who will be on the committee and what exactly they will be doing and whether the policies or about. live in orange county, janai norman, wftv. osceola county commissioner say they will review a recent contract awarded to the wife of a county employee. >> this comes after 9 investigates discovered there may be a possible conflict of interest. monday we told you b&b promotions will get up to
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promote the opening of the poinciana parkway. 9 investigates found out that bmps owner when he jenin is married to john jenin the assistant director for the county road and bridge department. he is also listed as a manager of the company on paperwork filed with the state >> we are a small community and sometimes connections happen. i would not think there was anything mayfair is to it and can probably be explained >> commissioner stan by the decision saying it's a huge undertaking to help those know when the parkway will open autopsy report suggests a woman murdered in her downtown orlando apartment for for her like it yesterday a grand jury indicted former security guard stephen duxbury on first-degree murder, attempted sexual buttery and burglary in the samsudean. the autopsy report shows yet traumatic injuries to her neck and chest and wounds on her legs and hands. investigators also say she had a blood-alcohol level of nearly
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she died. man accused of kidnapping and killing his girlfriend and leaving her body in the trunk of a rental car is also facing first-degree murder charges. a grand jury indicted david payne yesterday and we told you in december when jabs been sent a call 911 from the trunk and by the time she was found it was too late. he is being held on no bond. criminal case against the median bill cosby is expected continue today. yesterday cosby's lawyers try to get his case thrown out. they say there was an oral agreement more than one decade ago that if cosby testified in a civil suit no criminal charges would be filed. the current da says it was not in writing and the agreement is not binding. cosby is charged with drunken, sexually assaulting a college f.b.i. is working with several other agencies in the investigation flint michigan. this video taken yesterday shows business owners in the town picking up bottled water,
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provide 10 cases per day for restaurants and bars. the city switched water sources and 2014 to save money but the river was not treated properly and investigators have not said if any charges will be filed. discussing possible changes to florida's death penalty. this comes after the u.s. open court to find the sentencing system unconstitutional. it gives judges not juries the sentences. this bill will change the state system to comply with the ruling. attorneys for a man on death row are not asking for an execution delay following the supreme court's ruling. michael olympics set to die next week for killing 2 people in 1983. his attorney say last month decisions should not applied to hit -- should apply to him and wants to give them a new hearing. state attorney general's office as he should be executed as schedule. brevard county tax collectors says she is making changes to prevent drivers license law. an employee an interpreter who is not employee were arrested. investigators say they gave
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let them skip the actual driving test. fhp and department of homeland security have not said people got the fake licenses were being monitored by the government to tax collector has not been alerted to any security threats. if your child goes to school and lake county you may see changes in the classroom. earlier this week the school district approved a new class- size compliance plan. they are try to appeal to the state saying they were only over by the limit of 5 students. if that does not work, the district has approved changes to make sure class-size limits are met including co-teachers, multiuse classrooms, and more teachers and general. charter schools will have to fight traditional schools over millions of tax dollars for construction projects. charter schools get less money from the state and federal government traditional schools say they face years of cuts and raise money on their own through taxes and fees. a decision on how much each side will get is expected when the budget is passed later this year. a look at some cargo going
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rocket that one day will take humans to mars. >> 13 cubes are satellites about the size of shoebox. they will be deployed from the state launch system rocket to observe magnetic fields a -- space. it will carry orion the space expiration spacecraft. the first mission scheduled for 2018. today we will see the orion crew module vessel we told you it arrive to kennedy space center monday and will be on top of the sls rocket. first it has to get upgrades. we will be out there and give you look of your orion spacecraft today on eyewitness news at 4:00. that will be cool pix history in the making. >> the next phase happening here. >> nancy, what are you drinking?
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>> watching storm systems. to the west, strong weather toward atlanta if you have a flight. watching a line of rain and storms moving in and that's the system that will impact is by tomorrow. give us a better chance of rain and storms on thursday. slight chance today but dry this morning. it is going to be warm, 84 today the record high 86, 2 degrees away from a record 82 deland, 83 deltona, 76 today new smyrna beach, isolated shower maybe rumble of thunder possible today, 83 eustis, mount dora checking in at 82, swinging through seminole county, longwood winter springs redbone amateur, temperatures today mid 80s once we hit 3:00, 4:00. tomorrow's front, going over storm threats and then get into the weekend storm system ahead. 5:40 am deneige yes crashes starting in volusia county,
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update providence boulevard at outcome boulevard shutdown for both roads. you will need to avoid the intersection. i-4 westbound, lake mary boulevard, right lane blocked for a crash that troopers are trying to clear in orange county fire rescue just got to the scene of a crash. colonial drive, of a crash. colonial dr., julieta road possibly one lane blocked. mosquito-borne zika virus is gaining momentum in the respite cases diagnosed in florida. the information residents may have to show if they want to continue living in taxpayer- funded public housing. they issue found the need
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temperatures around 70, 72 melbourne and palm bay. there's a bitter fog toward st. john river basin not nearly what we saw yesterday. high clouds of filtering in and this is warm system back to the west rolling into georgia now. that is the next weather maker and that will arrive tomorrow and ahead of it warm, 78 at
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2:00 and we will have 80s and temperatures 10 degrees above average. average high about 72. we will see a 20 percent chance of the pop-up shower this afternoon. future track, noon, i want to stop it at 4, 5:00 you can see green on the map 5, 6, 7 mac when you see tom terry later, hit or miss shower will be a possibility for later this evening. when i see you tomorrow, 2 in and we will track the rain off to the west moving in and you see it get sloppy tomorrow afternoon. 3:00 into the evening stronger storms are possible on thursday getting wet at times tomorrow afternoon and into thursday evening. watch out for areas of heavy rain and spots over 1 inch of rain winds could gust over 40 miles an hour and storms. beaches, if you can call in sick do so, seas 3-4 here temperatures 80, water temperature school, 60s. sun and clouds pop-up shower and you see the numbers eustis
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longwood 84, volusia county, upper 70s low 80s and tonight in the 60s with patchy fog. a lot of changes ahead. up on the screen look, five-day forecast, with the weekend always in view. there is the 70 percent chance of rain and storms firing up on thursday. cooler on friday and windy 64, a fast-moving system this weekend and the timing is speeding up. late saturday, saturday night a chance of rain and sunday highs only as 60 degrees. 5:50 am checking traffic tracker with deneige yes deltona providence boulevard this intersection is still blocked in both directions on both of the streets. east colonial drive at julieta road, rescue on screen -- on scene but have not been able to move it to the side. lake mary, i-4 lake mary, this is traffic heading westbound. there is a crash report it
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does not seem to cause backups. changes. a new push from the national transportation safety board to lower the legal limit -- legal blood alcohol limit. the want to lower the limit from .08 2.05. agency has alcohols to blame for about 33 percent of highway deaths legislators will be left to make the decision and hawaii is the only state to consider a bill to lower it 10 years but one seminole county man is tried to get half of the money from a winning lottery ticket. the agreement he said was made with a woman who cashed in the price. a small plane crashed into the ocean with a 19 and 20-year-
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so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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5:54 am. waiting to find out what caused a small plane to go down off look investigators say the plane took off a marathon near the florida keys with 2 students from south america on board. eyewitnesses say they were able to escape the plane as it went down and swim to shore where they were met by lifeguards. the plane is registered to a company called growl incorporated. florida health officials say they are now 3 cases of seek a confirmed in the state. they say 2 of the cases were
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travel related. the other reported in santa rosa county. a common symptom of the concludes fever, rash and joint pain. officials say expectant mothers are at greater risk of the virus and babies could be born with a small ahead. many olympians are worried about contracting zika virus and competing in the games, olympic games. a pose little threat to those were not pregnant and the mosquito population should fall by the time the games begin in august. in the u.s. health officials say a person in texas . up the virus through sexual contact with someone who got the virus abroad. next week we will check to see if bluejeans will get to stay in the new school uniform policy for volusia county fit parents across the county force complaints about the school board's initial proposal which had students wearing longsleeved button up shirts and black jeans last week the board approved adding bluejeans but now some board members want to revisit the idea and we will
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a local advocate for veterans day says he is now struggling to get adequate treatment from the va himself. george taylor is the founder of the national veterans homeless support group the taylor -- he is battling set -- skin cancer, ptsd from combat. he was getting care of the va outpatient clinic in beer until about the last year. we spoke to the medical center about taylor resuming care at the facility and they said they would get in touch with him soon. florida residents living in public housing may soon have to have their and, evaluated by the department of housing and urban development. yesterday an amendment was passed forcing public housing residents to reveal how much they make and assets. last year we found out more than 25,000 florida families living in housing paid for by taxpayers are making six-figure salaries. florida lottery officials say the recent billion-dollar powerball helped to boost sales to record highs officials say $760 million in tickets were sold last month. 213 million of that will go into the education enhancement trust fund lotto officials say the powerball jackpot also helps set a new record for
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million and scratch offs sold in january. they all had lotto fever in january. women may now be required to register for the draft thanks to the recent decision to open combat jobs to women in the military yes these women made history last summer wedding right-footed from the army elite ranger school. top army and marine corps generals say women should be included in the requirement to register for the a lot -- selective service at 18. not everyone is on board with the plan and maybe sec., acting army secretary both they and is to be discussed more. a new way to get around downtown orlando. spent at the top of the are a new rideshare program launching this morning. looking into what school leaders and local police are doing to ensure students safety at a local middle school. at 6:00 the fight and threat that now have a lynn parents on edge.
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a shooting sent 2 people to the hospital overnight we are asking orange county investigators what they know about the shooter. >> i would hope that they would step up and do something to ensure the safety of our children here. >> and parents and children will see increased security and matlen middle school this
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have been dealing with.
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