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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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have been dealing with. good morning 6 am wednesday, february 3. >> we check weather and traffic every ten minutes, deneige started with certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 >> all over the place. 80s today and the front arrives tomorrow, 84 today, close to record warmth a few degrees away from a record, mix of sun and clouds and a chance of a pop-up shower today. most of us stay dry but i want you prepared throw your umbrella in the backseat but go with shorts. 67 70s titusville sharpes vera, one of her leg, 68, 66 now sanford and castleberry. colusa county low 70s this morning samsula, port orange, ponce inlet and patchy fog near sanford debary not like yesterday. satellite and radar high clouds
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here is the planner, we warm in winter garden, orange county, 73 at 10:00, 78 at noon and this afternoon 80s with a slight chance of a shower. coming up, we will track warm weather and go city by city and want to show you the storm system building to the west of us. 6:01 am. do we have problem spots with deneige. >> one problem i 4 westbound lake mary boulevard . troopers report a crash westbound blocking a right-hand lane you can see it is not slowing things down badly. i will let you know if we see any delays i 4 westbound. we have a crash in providence boulevard at elk ham boulevard which a shutdown the intersection in both directions so keep that in mind if you normally pass through. developing in orange county this morning, shooter on the run after opening fire on 2 outside in orlando complex. >> kimberly eiten has been checking in with investigators
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clues at 2 crime scenes. >> reporter: jamie, the scenes are a few hundred feet apart. waiting to hear from police, who was shot and where exactly it happened but we know officers searched for evidence here outside cerrado apartments and directly across the street outside summer gate condominiums. the only thing separating the parking lots is cypress woods drive off conroy. orlando police got here at 11:00 last night after reports of the shooting. they found 2 victims hit by gunfire. emergency responders rushed both people to all rmc and we are still checking on their conditions this morning. police have not identified either victims or a possible suspect. they do believe the shooter is on the run and say they have only limited information about who the person may be none of which they are sharing with us
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police in the last hour and they tell me any more information on the shooting will have to wait until business hours and at 8:00 we will call back to ask how the victims and any suspects are connected and if it was a random crime or if the people were targeted. and we will also be asking what led investigators to the number 2 crime scenes on this block. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. we will bring you every update on the story to your smart phone or tablet for our wftv news app. parents of matlen middle school students on edge about how safe kids are at school. >> last night at 11:00, we told you about the pta meetings. pressing for answers on rat -- threats a fight. >> janai norman outside the school. >> reporter: accrue with your last night that packed into the pta meeting.
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up, hearing about allegations of gannett -- gang violence and threats against the school. we know more details about the series of events leading up to last night's meeting and parents concerns. last friday, 5 students beat up another student in the school's courtyard and later that night another student posted on social media threatening to beat up a classmate. police officers joined leaders to discuss allegations of team gang members allegedly attacking students and social media threat about a school shooting. in last night's meeting, school officials would only say the students involved were suspended and they did not do anything criminal. but that was not reassuring to some of the parents we spoke with the >> that was disturbing. there was not much information given out. >> we told you monday police stepped up patrols following the threats. this morning we will look for an increase of officers at the school. in the meantime for 6:45 we are pressing the school principal
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are doing to ensure students safety and asking whether it is enough the live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. developing this morning orange county deputies are investigating 2 armed robberies where the creek were batman mask one at 1-2-3 dollar store north cimmaron after 8:00 last night and other on goldenrod road not far, 9:30. investigators say the suspects were wearing a mask and t-shirt and no injuries reported. solano county man trying to prove he should get half of the million-dollar lottery win. attorneys been yesterday tried to prove that howard browning had a binding contract with his ex-girlfriend, lynn porier which she bought the ticket one decade ago. browning claims he paid for it and the couple made a verbal agreement and is on the were together the with with the winnings. attorneys claim she was actually engaged to another man
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>> evidence is clear they were not together. lynn was engaged to someone is in howard browning is try to hide he was involved with a woman. >> legal analyst they without corroborating evidence browning highly likely to receive one penny of the winnings. orchid county man convicted in a murder of a police officer will try to get the senate thrown out. hugo terry was 17 and 2009 when he drove the getaway car in the murder of officer out gordon. today he's expected to at the court to reconsider his sentence. the recent supreme court ruling said all juvenile sentenced to life were entitled to a review. we will let you know what happens in court on eyewitness news at noon. new from overnight, the marine corps says trace elements of dna have been found from marines killed in a helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii last month 22-year- old tommy jarvis from fort myers among 12 marines who died when 2 helicopters crashed. dna found during search and
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say what was found. investigation into what caused the crash is ongoing. state fire marshal plans to bring a canine to the scene of a mobile home fire in deland to see if it find anything suspicious. neighbors took the video of the fire yesterday on dover lane. one neighbor thought she heard an explosion before the fire broke out. everyone inside the home was able to escape without being hurt but the people died in the 5. we posted more pictures of the fire and damage left behind you can see them for yourself seminole county teachers rally for raises at last night's school board meeting ask it was the latest in a 6 month battle with the district. we were there is teachers with signs lined the boulevard to express frustrations at the district declared an impasse talks. many teachers did not hold active feelings. >> millions of dollars are spent on consultants won. [ applause ] >> negotiations can still continue under an impasse
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down next week to see if they can reach a deal before calling in a third-party. a new car sharing program will officially be launched in the orlando and winter park areas. these are pictures shot yesterday morning of the first zipcar to drive the street around lake eola. customers can reserve a car and pickup and drop it off at a designated location. pay by the hour or the day. >> in the next couple of hours, 2 crew members was eichel saw -- a walk outside the iss. >> part of the mission is to retrieve a science experiment to test how biological samples survived in space. this is video from the last spacewalk when a leak in a spacesuit caused problems for astronauts. this morning the russian cosmonauts onboard want to install devices to make it easier for crews to work during future walks. spacewalks should start at 7:30. today a special day for athlete in central florida and across the country as a sign letters of intent to college. ucf football team expected to
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the school is holding a signing day party for its fans today. sports team will be live breaking down the class of 2016 and signing day special. it started 6:30 central florida's tv 27. 6:10 am. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe weather center 9 with summer. >> we will be one today at over the next storm system as looking good. a great day happening close to record highs and we will get into that in one 2nd the next system bringing severe weather to al about with tornadoes yesterday. slightly weak or as it moves in. by tomorrow, we will get a better chance of rain and thunderstorms. here is what we have now, looking okay. patchy fog and high clouds and we will top out around 84 today with the isolated shower tonight patchy fog and the front is not here yet . still down in the 60s but tomorrow is when the rain chances get higher. county by county, do now, 82,
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citric, ready, 80. orlando, colonial, seven oaks, 85 hit winter park, the pines, 84. 85 bithlo, osceola county toward st. cloud the new creek woods it will be warm, 85. i posted on the next front on facebook. take a look at that. coming up, we will track the front together on future track look at the chances strong storms and a 2nd system by the weekend. see you at 617 see you at 6:17 pm 6 -- 6:10 am. >> julieta rd., orange fire rescue but they have not been able to get into the side so should not cause slowdowns. deltona, providence blvd., elkin boulevard, it has an intersection shutdown at this point so keep that in mind. i-4, lake mary boulevard, as is your traffic heading westbound
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not far blocking a lane but not slowing things down. health officials worried about the zika virus where the threat is growing here in florida. disturbing video helping to shut down a local day care center. criminal activity of the owner and why that did not stop her from opening the facility. >> are you worried they are taking a profit on the back of your water bill? >> if you look at the bills, yes. people in st. cloud say water bills are too high.
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morning. the heat is back with us but we have changes by tomorrow. we will let you know what the changes are in a few moments. developing this morning, the city of orlando is offering a $75 million incentive package to bring a new ucf campus to downtown orlando. the city plans to get the school 15 acres of land at the creative village and a nearby together the properties are million. taxpayers will cover road improvements but the project is not a done deal yet it is still needing funding from the state and approval from the board of governors. investigations into the claremont daycare director arrested on child abuse charges continues this morning. police say a coworker captured this video of kimberly reid striking a throwing a 4-year- old boy to the round . we have learned that read was already on probation for stealing from an orlando day care. her former boss talked to eyewitness news and said he was surprised she was working in another day care because of this that -- because of those
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should be able to work in a day care center. >> dcf says the day care at background check but investigators are not sure if that paperwork with legitimate. she is expected to go before judge for her probation violation on friday. several nurseries are suing the other nurseries that won the rights to grow medical marijuana. last november's licenses were organizations including winter garden's, knox nursery. yesterday a lawsuit from the other nurseries was filed aiming to block the marijuana growing until the new licenses were renewed. those 5 nurseries will focus on non-euphoric types of medical marijuana like charlottes web. altamonte springs leaders are working to get the city's garbage goals in line with the counties new bear management ordinance. the county ordinance requires certain residents to use bear fruit -- bear-proof trash cans and keep garbage inside until a certain time attracted. the county rules apply to residents west of i 4 and a
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immediately east of i 4. volusia county daytona beach police 8 at homeless camp outside of a government building was a haven for crime. we told you when dozens of homeless people were removed from outside the volusia county offices last friday. yesterday to undercover officers who stayed with the group say that while police and media were out there, they witness a drugs, 5, sex, prostitution and extortion. chief chitwood defended his decision to embed the officers. >> and when news vans pulled away and the internet pastor went home, it became a different nefarious activity. >> police say 25 arrests were made during the time the homeless were camping outside of the county offices. governor risk -- rick scott meaning a tornado checks governor scott has requested a physical disaster declaration for lee and sarasota counties were damages estimated at nearly $5 million. he wants the u.s. small
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offer loans to impacted households and businesses that qualify. a tornado hit on january 16, killing 2 and hurting for others and causing all the damage, part of the el nio system week are talking about. >> tornadoes last week, south florida and talking about number 2 more fronts on the way. >> a wild ride. >> up and down. watch every front is a common for the chance for stronger weather. we will see the chance again for tomorrow. tune in tomorrow morning at this time. we will watch the front rolling by on thursday morning. looking at daytona beach, winds of the south southeast, 7. beautiful start to the day, 60s and 70s. early spring, early summer. 70 degrees deland stetson de leon springs, 60 degrees again. waterford lakes, orlando, 69. lamott, bush no,'s saint catherine, sumter county's. visibility down of it by the past toward debary, sanford, st. john's if you're familiar
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watch on i-4, across 417. elsewhere, scattered clouds but the front to the west. this brought severe weather tornadoes back to alabama yesterday. it will be weakened -- it will be weaker moving in tomorrow but we will be watching it. we will get more to that in a second but first today, 79 at noon, 82 at 2:00 and 83 at 4:00. slight chance of a shower. have your umbrella no washout but a pop-up shower is possible for today. midday but stopping at 5, late in the day if you're wrapping up outdoor work, there is the hit or michelle, 5, 6, 7 when you see tom terry you will see a metaphor and tomorrow morning, this is why i was mentioning tune in tomorrow morning 8:00 line of storms approaching any get sloppy tomorrow afternoon with the rain and a few storms and we will watch for gusty winds all the way through tomorrow evening. a few spots over 1 inch of rain tomorrow.
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winds gusting at 40. the beach, seas 3 to 4 feet, 60s and temperatures approaching 80 degrees. 84 today, sunny clouds, pop-up showers, 85 in the villages and st. cloud, 79 in titusville and beautiful merritt island. tonight, patchy fog around and in the 60s. take a look at your screen. five-day forecast, tran 11 -- where the weekend is always in view, rain and storms thursday afternoon and evening and friday we will be cool around 64. i have been highlighting the weekend all week long and a possible change because the system moving in this weekend is going to be fast-moving and that is going to change the timing. right now looks like a better chance of rain late saturday and saturday night and then cooler on sunday, sunday the high near 60. 6:20 am. >> a crash in deltona
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deltona providence blvd., elkin boulevard within intersection shut down both directions of both roads. keep that in mind and we have a crash colonial at -- it has caused a slowdown and i 4, lake mary, there's a crash reported westbound blocking of right lane but it's not slowing anything down. lawmakers in tallahassee and working on a new bill to clean up a florida everglades. a measure in the house and senate speeding up all everglades restoration projects. if the bill passes, were to increase water flow to the everglades from surrounding lakes to approve the entire ecosystem will start immediately. the candidates for president are back on the campaign trail this morning. >> i come in 2nd i'm not humiliated. >> what donald trump is blaming for his failure to win the iowa caucuses ask overnight shooting in orange county sent 2 to the hospital. we are asking investigators if it was random or victims were targeted. >> orange county teachers are
6:22 am
624 6:24 am. 9 investigates millions of
6:23 am
general fund hit $7 million taken from the water and sewer fronts over the last 5 years. the florida supreme court says that it is okay for city serna profit off of the water bills but some people say these rates are just too high. >> i think you should be so kind of reduction or something and more transparency will help everybody be -- be more comfortable and think everything is on the up and up. >> city leaders say the money from water bills is not really a profit and they use the funds to run the water utility and pay the salaries of the workers. florida customers should get small reductions in bills. a proposal filed with lower averaging bills by $1.65. the utility credits a new power plant for the low prices savings will not last long if the email is asking for the state to raise the average monthly bill by more than $8 next year. orange county teachers are
6:24 am
released by the state. >> more than 80 percent of district teachers were considered highly effective this year, only 2 percent got the scorpion the teachers union blames the district for changing the with the scores were added up. evaluations waiting 97 percent of orange county teachers as effective. a new program out of valencia college will help students find high-tech manufacturing jobs. they held a grand opening yesterday for the new advanced manufacturing training center. the new facility located at the old cold many veteran plan on shady lane, kissimmee. they blackout -- backed out of the deal to rent building last your because osceola county ready to spend thousands of text dollars to promote the opening of a new toll road. >> 9 investigates asked commissioners is county employees will profit from the deal. 2 victims, to crime scenes and a suspect on the run. police working to figure out how they are connected. the next storm system, 24
6:25 am
you how much warmer we will be
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6:30 am. matlen middle school, live this morning as well as police officers, upset about allegations of gang violence and threats of shooting at the school. a live report coming up in a few moments. we we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. . >> deneige broom with the traffic. >> and brian hard forecast to keep up with. >> mix of sun and clouds pop-up later temperatures around 84 degrees. 10 degrees above average. it is warm, 60s thomas 70s, 70 degrees and the villages toward eustis, 65 sanford, white slanting, 71 titusville, 70
6:27 am
warmth is settling in. patchy fog sanford, debary saint john volusia county seminole line, we will watch. decent day, some clouds mix. have your umbrella. not a washout but 20 percent chance of a shower. don't get caught offguard you can see 20 percent chance of a shower. planner on the screen. 79 at noon, 82 at 2:00, mccoy elementary, orange county. 83 by 4:00. i will show you the front to the west plus show you how close we will get to record high temperatures today. 6:37 am. right now it is 631 volume build with deneige. >> i 4 westbound lake mary boulevard, you can see brake lights are starting to hit the westbound side and we have also been reporting a crash blocking a right-hand lane at lake mary boulevard. it has not been causing
6:28 am
see some delays picking up as people hit the roads and i will you know if he becomes a problem. a crash hiawassee road at the turnpike overpass. this could possibly be to the side still try to get an update from troopers but if you to come upon the bad, move over while they are try to get it cleared out. developing in orange county this one, 2 people in the hospital with gunshot wounds and the shooter is out there, kimberly eiten has been asking police if they have any leads on who pulled the trigger. at this point they believe do not have much to go on. >> reporter: the shooter is on the run and that is all they are saying about the suspect this morning in the last few minutes i spoke with a neighbor who lives about one block down a road and he was coming out of his apartment and heard 5 clear gunshots and he drove down the street and saw police investigating the scenes we have been telling you about one at these condominiums and the other across the street at cerrado apartments.
6:29 am
for evidence on both sides of cypress woods drive just off conroy road. responding to a block around 11:00 after reports of the shooting last night. officers found victims both rushed to all rmc and this morning police can't say what condition they are in or who may have shot them. they tell us they believe the suspect is on the run. if officers know who the shooter is they are not saying. i called first thing this morning to ask police if they had any leads. we were told questions will have to wait for business hours and when i get a chance to speak with someone, the first thing i will ask is if this was a random crime or targeted attack. if there's any danger to the people will live on this blog. -- block. >> i will check in with both apartment and complex if they have cameras or video that could point police to a suspect. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. osceola county commissioners say they will now
6:30 am
awarded to the wife of a county employee. >> this comes after 9 investigates discovered there may be a possible comfort of interest. monday we told you bmb promotions will get up to $17,500 from the county to promote the opening of the point sienna parkway. but 9 investigates has found out bmb's owner is married to john jean and the assistant director for the county road and bridge department. he is listed as a manager of the company on paperwork filed with the state >> a small committee sometimes connections happen. i would not think there is anything nefarious to it and i'm sure can be explained. >> commissioner stands by the commissioner to go with outside help saying this is a huge undertaking to help people know whether parkway will open. an autopsy report suggests a woman murdered in her downtown orlando apartment far
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grand jury indicted former security guard stephen duxbury first-degree murder, attempted sexual battery, a burglary in the death of 27-year-old sasha samsudean. autopsy reports show she had traumatic injuries to her neck and chest and wounds on her legs and hands investigators also say she had a blood- alcohol level of nearly 3 times the legal limit when she died. a man accused of kidnapping and killing his girlfriend and leaving her body in the trunk of a rental car is also facing first-degree murder charges. a grand jury indicted david payne yesterday. we told you in december when jasmine samuel called 911 from a truck but by the time she was found, it was too late pain is being held on no bond. the criminal case against the median bill cosby is expected to continue today. yesterday cosby's lawyers try to get his case thrown out. they say there was an oral agreement more than one decade ago that it cosby testified in a civil suit, no criminal charges would be filed. the current fda says since it
6:32 am
agreement is not binding bill cosby charge with drugging and sexually assaulting a college student at his home in 2004. the f.b.i. is now working with several other agencies in the investigation into that led contaminated water in flint, michigan. this video taken yesterday shows business owners in the town picking up bottled water. a private donors were helping to provide up to 10 cases per day for restaurants and bars the city's wished water sources and 2014 to save money but the river was not treated properly. investigators have not said if any charges will be filed. some state lawmakers are discussing possible changes to florida's death penalty. this comes after the u.s. supreme court filed the states death penalty sentencing system unconstitutional because it gave judges and not juries the power to impose death sentences. this bill would change the state system to comply with the ruling. attorneys for men on death row are asking for execution delay following the high court ruling. michael olympics is set to die next week for killing 2 people in a 1983. last month decisions it should apply to him is attorneys say and wants the state to give them new hearing.
6:33 am
says he should be executed as schedule. push the brevard county tax collectors says she is making changes to prevent drivers license fraud. last week an employee at the palm bay offers an interpreter who was not an employee were arrested. investigators say they gave applicants and -- answers on says 11 skip the actual driving test fhp and department of homeland security have not said if the people who got the fake classes is will be monitored by the government. the tax collector has not been alerted to any security threats. if your child goes to school in lake county, you may soon see some changes in their classroom. earlier this week the school district improved -- approved a plan. they are trying to appeal to the state saying they were only over the limit by 5 students. if the appeal does not work the school district is already approved changes to make sure class-size limits are met including co-teachers, multiuse classrooms, and more teachers in general. charter schools will have to fight traditional schools over millions of tax dollars for construction projects.
6:34 am
less money from the state and federal government. traditional schools say they face years of cuts and have had to raise money on their own through taxes and fees. a decision on how much each side will get in the expected when the budget is passed later this year. a look at some of the cargo that is going on the first test flight of the rocket that will one day take humans to mars. >> these are 13 cubes and satellites. the size of shoebox deployed from the launch system rocket and used to observe magnetic fields in space. the sls will carry o'ryan and deep space expiration spacecraft first one scheduled for 2018. today, we won't see the capsule close. we showed you monday it will fly on top of the rocket we showed you. it has to get upgrades first. we will give you look at the spacecraft on eyewitness news at 4:00. certified meteorologist brian shields and severe
6:35 am
>> tracking great weather this morning. the next front is to watch out for, it will be on our heels arriving. scattered clouds and patchy fog this morning not a lot but look at this, ahead of the front we topped out around 84, 2 degrees away from a record high which is 86 set in 2014. changes on the way with the heat and rain and storms tomorrow. deltona, lake helen, orange city, 83, port orange ponce inlet daytona beach approaching 80. seminole county, oviedo, winter springs red bug elementary mid 80s today. there's a chance for a pop-up shower by the afternoon and brevard county will be warm. 79 titusville, 76 cocoa and lotus, coming up in main weather, we will track the front moving in tomorrow and
6:36 am
that will bring cool weather the u.s. 6:47 am. 6:40 am now. >> issues on the road in volusia county, deltona providence boulevard at delta boulevard blocked off because of a crash they have been trying to clear it out so boy the intersection. hiwassee rd., turnpike overpass, southbound lane of hiawassee boulevard blocked off we -- troopers are trying to clear that. parkway sarah lago boulevard a partial road block. new hampshire is the next stop for residential candidates coming up on good morning america why republicans are taking aim and marco rubio. features supposed to be in place a freight trains across the country and why company operating in florida will miss the deadline to install this new technology. 6:40 am. >> fights and threats at a local middle school. we are pressing leaders on what
6:37 am
so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto. publ. ershpi
6:38 am
morning on tv 27 -- 6:44 am pair parents dropping off school can see increase presence a police officer's. concerns over safety following allegations of gang violence eyewitness news this morning janai norman live and leaders say they are working to address these issues. >> -- >> reporter: jamie weber reporting since monday police plan to increase patrol at the school and we spoke with a principal who says she is forming a committee for parents to address any safety concerns. >> we know more details about the series of events leading up to last night's meeting and parents concerns. last friday, 5 students heat up another student in the school's courtyard and later that night, another student posted on
6:39 am
beat up a classmate. maitland police officers joined school leaders to discuss allegations of team gang members allegedly attacking students and a social media threat about a school shooting. last night, school officials will only say the students involved were suspended and they did not do it anything criminal. but that was not reassuring to some of the parents we spoke with. >> that with a little disturbing. there was not much information given out. >> reporter: and we spoke with the school principal asking her "do you think the school is able to provide parents real solutions on how the kids will stay safe since some have seen an update on fights on campus and the prince will told us we told parents what we are doing and we told them our procedures an hour -- are forming a committee so we're working to find out more about the committee. we will keep you updated on our wftv mobile app as we find out who will be on the committee and what they will be doing and whether any new policies or
6:40 am
live in orange county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. covering orange county, plans for new k-8 school have hit a snag asked fixing it could be more headaches for those living nearby. engineers working at the site of the all audubon park homages will discover the ground sits on a layer of month the that could cause mc. -- we found the problem could force the district to did heat and expensive foundations -- dig deep on expensive foundations yes i can see them on the roof it has not been loud so the more -- noise could become a problem. they react to noise. >> leaders can have a decision on how to move forward. construction will begin this year or january 2017.
6:41 am
manatee speed zone bill calls for an independent study closing -- focusing of both amenities. it will have to be passed on become law. the bill comes after proposal from florida wildlife officials to reclassify menaces from endangered to threaten. after officials submitted the population reaching more than 6000. a hearing about that will take place at 3:00 on the 20th near disney world. 6:47 am. >> a look at downtown orlando, you see clouds and at the surface not as bad as yesterday. 60 degrees windy -- winds out of e southeast at 6 miles an hour so fog and warm,
6:42 am
your shorts, 60s, 70s to start, 69 clermont, palm coast and the hammock, 70, 71 ormonde by the see daytona beach port orange ponce inlet the warmth around, low 70s through brevard county and patchy fog sanford and lake mary, heathrow toward debary lake helen, you may see some fog this morning and scattered clouds. this is the next front we are watching to the west. it did bring severe weather to alabama yesterday and they were tornadoes and it will weakened some as it moves toward us the we will watch for tomorrow for the possibility of strong storms. thursday timeframe, more on that in a second. looking good, some clouds ms., 20 percent chance of a shower this afternoon. we will squeak into the 80s once again. dry today, good day to work outdoors green on the map later today, pop-up showers possible this afternoon and evening. my 9:00 showing ahead of the warm.
6:43 am
you, we will watch rain and storms tomorrow afternoon turning sloppy rain and storms tomorrow afternoon and some could be on the strong side main threats tomorrow would be heavy rain over 1 inch and gustier winds over 40 miles an hour. cooler weather by friday. beaches, near 80 today and water temperatures 60s seas running at 3 to 4 feet. 84 mix of sun and clouds and a pop-up shower. 80s inland, mount dora, 83 toward leesburg, st. cloud, harmony holopaw, temperatures 85 degrees. into orlando, it is going to be warm toward winter garden. temperatures in the 60s, patchy fog tonight. five-day forecast, with the weekend always in view. tomorrow. best bet of rain tomorrow afternoon and evening and rain and storms and cooler friday. we have been talking about this
6:44 am
we will see a fast system moving in. that will change the timing. looks like late saturday, saturday night a chance of some rain and sweeping out early sunday. look how cooler we get sunday, we will struggle to get to 60 degrees. lots of changes. 6:50 am. a crash on traffic tracker with deneige. >> and this is blocking a lane kissimmee blocking a lane kissimmee osceola pkwy., seralago boulevard a partial low -- block on hiwassee road at the turnpike overpass a southbound lane of hiawassee blocked. pulling up the camera, i-4 giving you a quick shot of the commute. zooming in, i-4 matlen not looking bad in either direction. better shot of the traffic heading toward downtown orlando. looking good eastbound and westbound seeing typical delays. daytona rising project is finally done. the new stadium is already
6:45 am
ray santos fans got their first look at some $400 million of improvement during the rolex 24. renovations include luxury suites, 3 different concourses, seating for the entire race. unveiling will be at the daytona 500 february 21. if you want to take a behind- the-scenes look at how the daytona rising project took shape, watch this week is essential florida spotlight sunday 12:30 after eyewitness news at noon. women are breaking barriers in the u.s. military. a battle between the new roles for women. people in the hospital after someone opened fire last night. the connection between this parking lot behind us and one across the street that could help police solve a crime. seminole tribe promising billions of dollars and thousands of jobs if they increase gambling.
6:46 am
caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours.
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the shooting wore opened fire out i'd an orlando apartment complex is still on the run. kimberly has been checking on how the victims are doing. what have you found out?
6:48 am
two were rushed from this block to ornc but police can't tell us your condition. officers found those two people outside an apartment complex just off conway road. our crews watched as police taped off crime scenes in two parking lots across the street from one another. they are investigating how the scenes are connected and where the suspect first opened fire but they say the shooter is still on the run this morning. we are checking back with them throughout the day as investigators continue to develop leads in this case. of course no rest the for the weary on the campaign trail. the candidates rallying for votes in new hampshire. >> they aren't stopping. the next round of voting will start in a week. sanders and clinton hope for a boost from what wal-mart >> the political revolution
6:49 am
finish. >> before the republicans, rubio is defending himself from a new round of attacks after a strong finish. trump admitted that skipping him. next republican debate. weekend. the president will make his first visit to an american office. is he scheduled to visit the islamic society of baltimore to hold a round table. he has visited mosqu es over seas but not in the united states. an effort to override his veto of a bill to repeal obama care failed in the house. it would have stripped federal funding from planned parenthood. it fell short of the two thirds needed to override the veto which means it'll stay in place at least through the final year of the president's term. your time is 6:56.
6:50 am
on what caused a small plane to go down off the coast of miami yesterday. it took off with two students on board. eyewitnesses say they were able to escape the plane as it went down. they swam to shore where they were met by lifeguards. the plane is registered to a company. health officials say there are three new cases of zika virus. they say two were reported in lee and they are travel related. the other was in santa rose a. the symptoms are fever, rash and joint pain. pregnant mothers at greater risk of the virus. many are worried about getting it in the olympics. officials say it poses little threat to those who aren't pregnant and said the mosquito population should have fallen off by august.
6:51 am
officials say a person in texas picked up the virus from sexual contact. toyota drivers we have another recall. hundreds of thousands of trucks and suv's recalled because the roof mounted air bags can inflate without a crash. the recall includes the 2005 and 2006 tundra and sequior, the land cruiser and the 2004 through 2006 four runner. detail -- dealers will replace it for you at no cost. three of the biggest freight railroads in the united states say they won't meet a 2018 deadline to install a key piece of safety equipment. positive train control or ptc can automatically slow or stop trains to avoid collisions and derailments due to excessive speed. the federal railroad administration said that the companies won't get it done in
6:52 am
that they will mace that lead line. women may have to register for the draft because of the decision to open combat jobs to them. >> you may remember these who women who graduated from the army school. now some are saying women should be required to register for the draft at age 18. not everybody is on board with the plane. the navy secretary and army secretary both say that it should be discussed further. >> a conversation probably coming up. we are going to see a better chance of rain and storms for tomorrow. today we will be on the warm side. 84 today. five-day forecast with the weekend always in view. then tomorrow again -- a chance of a pop up storm later. tomorrow much better chance of rain and storms. cooler weather slides in by friday. have a great morning. time 6:59.
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