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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this afternoon police have 2 victims, 2 cards and unanswered questions about shooting outline -- outside in orlando apartment it we told you this morning. >> police confirmed a victim has died. kimberly eiten is live within a retired gunfire last night. they tell you this is a case of 2 shootings on the blog suspects. >> reporter: neighbors tell me they heard 2 rounds of gunfire, first outside cerrado apartments and then a few minutes later outside summer gate condos across the street. exactly what happened outside these properties but we watched last night as they set up 2 super crime scene spirit all
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a scrap of yellow police tape and a lot of unanswered questions. >> it was like 4 or 5, boom, boom, boom it was like execution style. >> reporter: he lives -- lives cerrado apartments. he did not want to be shown but he says he heard gunfire outside is building at 10 in cypress woods drive inside cerrado apartments. he did not want to be shown but he says he heard gunfire outside is building at 1030 last night pm and ran to help the victim in the parking lot he had done what -- gunshot wound to the chest. >> the guy was held -- yelling help me, helmi what can you do. you just do what you have to do you don't. about what could happen. >> reporter: police say who or on the run. behind. neighbors say they watched 2 men leave the parking lot leaving of than -- in a van eyewitness news they heard a 2nd set of gunfire. we are working to confirm the timeline with police but our
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as they set up to -- 2 crime scene in neighboring properties and search for crews. officers can only say 2 people were shot and one of them has died as for the suspect or suspects, police have not given a description or said if they know the victims or if this was possibly a random crime. you can see behind me investigators showed up in the last few minutes and we are asking them if they have any leads on who may have pulled the trigger and we are asking both properties if surveillance cameras may have caused any of the crime on tape. orange county, kimberly eiten, channel 9 eyewitness news. we are back in court this afternoon as seminole county man tries to prove that he should get half of $1 million lottery win. his ex-girlfriend lynn porier bought the ticket one decade ago. she testified today about why her ex is not entitled to one dime of this prize. roy ramos was in the courtroom all morning.
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they -- about the ticket. >> reporter: she said they stopped dating in 2003 but she purchased the ticket in 2007. she continue to associate with the ex-boyfriend because she had a relationship with his grandchildren. they did have a relationship is what the man is trying to prove. let's take you inside the courtroom. we walked out a short time ago. it is day 3 of the try was defense attorney for lynn porier is trying to prove to a jury that she did not have a binding contract with her ex- boyfriend howard brining at the time she purchased the ticket browning claims he paid for the $20 ticket after the couple went out to dinner and the 2 made an agreement that as long as they work together they would split the winning >> porier's attorneys claim they were not together to sign and she was engaged to to another man . she also testified that while she saw browning in the convenience store that day, she was the one
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>> did you get the cash? >> out of my pocket. >> you reached in your pocket and pulled out what? >> to -- $20 bill, did you just buy one replicated? >> at that time. >> what was the name of the store? >> sunoco. >> reporter: and while they were allegedly no longer a couple when the ticket was purchased, browning testified he did live in a home that belonged to porier that she owned until she evicted them in 2008 which is after she hit the jackpot the seminole county, roy ramos, wekiva . tracking near record heat for today before a front moves in bringing is changes. brian shields has the latest from severe weather center 9. >> 80s and gorgeous. close to record highs for today. record high in orlando, 86. we will make a run at that 84 today and a nice mix of sun and clouds and we will see a slight chance of a pop-up shower and we will be warm. make it the sea breeze shower developing later.
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climbing, 81 in orlando, that average. 81 deland, 70 and i daytona beach ponce inlet port orange, 79 toward melbourne. satellite radar, you can see what we are talking about mix of sun and clouds around but we are drive. later today when you see tom terry we will see one or 2 shopper -- i was popping up to the west, this is what is next thursday. ahead of it, south winds and that is why we are warm. that front is one to watch for tomorrow for the higher chance of rain especially thursday afternoon and thursday evening. today, the rain chances are minimal. 20 percent chance, 82 a 2:00, and again at 4:00, 70s at 6:00 and we could see a shower at any point into the evening hours. coming up we will track the front to the west and when we get the rain moving in at a better chance of even stronger storms. vanessa? push track the warm temperatures and rain chances for yourself at
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we had got a look at the or ryan crew module lifting from the kennedy space center in a milestone flight. >> the next effort in nasa's ultimate mission to mars all right as i to take astronauts deep into space than ever before. it will fly atop the powerful space launch system rockets appeared what we saw today with the underlying structure for the spacecraft over the next several months it will be outfitted with heat shielding avionics and other subsystems. >> we're set up a launching in 20 date -- 2018 so it is sounded a long time but a lot of work between now and then and we are excited to get started. >> the unmanned test flight first crewed mission. universal studios parent covey said 2050 was the most history. comcast officials discussed the universal. in just the last part of the year the theme park so $1 billion in revenue. they also talked about the future including developing a
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harry potty land in capital -- california and $130 million patches it here and existing park but they a tight lipped about how the land will be used. a long lead time and planning understanding what attractions work and it starts by having the ability to do that so this plan we think is really a wonderful strategic acquisition. >> officials would not say exactly where the land is or what it will be used for but last year we told you about universals plan to build in water park near the cabana bay beach resort. who's orlando police officer has been suspended for 4 days without pay for wrongfully arresting a man. carlos rosa believed to be an employee of tropical plumbing in orange county was to blame for banana peels being thrown in his yard so rosa changed -- chased him down in an unmarked car and arrested him. officer believed he was being stalked over his work with the metropolitan bureau of investigations. the officer had the wrong man . deputies found the right
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he was tossing his breakfast banana into an officer's yard. transportation officials could meet and discuss a deadline as safety technology. sunrail is a commuter railroad that says it will miss the deadline implementing ptc, it's meant to prevent accidents like amtrak derailment we saw a philadelphia. it killed 8 people last maybe ptc uses gps wireless radio and computers to monitor trains and automatically will slow or stop them in danger situations. several railroad say they will not be ready until 2020 number 2 grammars of the international space station are about 4 hours into a spacewalk x part of the russian cosmonaut experiments that tests how space. the men are installing special devices to make it easier for crews to work during future spacewalk >> and mission was cut short
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leaking in an american astronaut spacesuit. republican presidential field is smaller. senator rand paul of kentucky says he's ending his bid for the white house after his fifth- place finish in monday's iowa caucus. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: today donald trump once again on the attack, tweeting ted cruz did not win iowa, he stole it. accusing cruz of fraud, calling for a new election in iowa. the cruz campaign falsely suggested doctor ben carson was dropping out of the race. >> what an incredible victory we had in iowa. >> reporter: cruz holding 5 events in new hampshire keeping the momentum from his first place fish is what is open . trump bypassing the granite state today. >> do you know where he is? arkansas. 6 days away from the new hampshire primary. >> reporter: trump says despite his 2nd place finish in iowa, he is more confident in new hampshire.
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i have done very well in new more. >> reporter: the pressure is on in the democratic side as leaving iowa in a near tie, clinton fighting for a repeat hampshire. >> i cannot even imagine not being here. >> reporter: bernie sanders enjoys a double-digit lead in the polls. >> we believe in you. [ applause ] more important, i believe in you. >> reporter: today the republican field is narrowing with rand paul announcing he is suspending his campaign. marci gonzalez, abc news, manchester, new hampshire. a new twist in the state capital this afternoon to the debate over the open carry bunt -- gun proposal a plan could allow lawmakers to take guns to successfully hit nasa. lying. damage left behind by this
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millions still in its path. watching the same storm system take a look at the rain. this is not today. this is tomorrow. bright colors and a chance of a few stronger storms, gusty
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following breaking news and brevard county. fire crews called to the scene of a hard landing at space coast regional airport. the small white aircraft circles the airport before making a bumpy, hard landing and skidding to a stop there were number 2 people inside the aircraft and both uninjured. the plane's landing. they were seen walking after the landing. a problem with the landing gear was to blame. open carry handgun proposal expected to pass the florida allowing lawmakers to have the provision tacked onto the controversial bill yesterday. million floridians with concealed weapons permits can carry handguns. the proposal faces a tough climb and the florida senate where it does not have as much support. marion county medical examiner's office is at the a handwriting death -- hang
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he the man was in a training session with you u.s. hang gliding incorporated and deputy say his glider rotated during take off and crashed into the ground. parents picking up students at maitland middle school can expect to see an increase number of police officers this afternoon. this is in response to concerns for students safety. maitland police beefed up security following fights and social media threat of a shooting. last night parents packed into over students safety. school leaders say they are forming a committee to address concerns and say the students involved were suspended and did not do anything permanent -- criminal. still no clear answers about what happened to 12 marines who died in a helicopter crash off hawaii. today the marine corps says trace elements of dna have been found. 22-year-old tommy jarvis from fort myers was in one of the 2 helicopters that crashed during nighttime training last month the marine officials would not say what was found during a
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the navy diving unit using underwater robots to survey the area. officials say recovery and salvage efforts could take several months. bill cosby back in court arguing why a judge to dismiss a sexual assault case against the comedian. cosby smiled and nodded at onlookers when arriving at the courthouse. yesterday the judge was puzzled over testimony from a former district attorney who claimed he gave an unwritten promise of immunity could cosby's attorney who died last year. cosby is charged with drugging, violating a woman at his home in 2004 to the ruling could be made today. a massive storm is moving across the country and tens of millions of americans are in its path. the storm has already spawned tornadoes and mississippi and alabama along with heavy snow in parts of colorado and nebraska. abc's steve also some he has more. >> reporter: across parts of the south, families had to sleep with one eye open.
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dinner. it looked like a giant tornado moved in over fields and alabama. >> it's a monster high winds blowing up a guests tearing up power lines. in some areas trees were pushed over and ripped from the ground >> i didn't know what happened until i came out and i saw everything around. mississippi first responders and families searched through areas that were hit and good hurt. there were reports of 6 tornadoes and mississippi including a huge funnel cloud. this morning families whose homes were damaged are trying to say with a campy some of those tornado reports are likely from the same tornado the national weather service will figure that out over the next few days. it is not unusual to see tornadoes in the south this time of year. abc news, clarksville, tennessee.
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for them yet you have family that way. >> alabama seeing that. >> same system for us it will be weaker but we have to watch for rainfall and strong storms were to market tomorrow is a weather day as the next system rolls in today. one. people outside partly cloudy skies right now over lake eola, it is just gorgeous. 81 and breezy but the breezes coming in out of the south or southeast and that is keeping us on the warmer side. again, though 70s and 80s with us now. mid to upper 70s along the coast, 77 new smyrna beach, bethune beach, 80 sanford, over toward midway, look at the winds bullying in out of the south and that will keep us breezy and we will stay breezy and keep us warm through the day.
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is that next front and that is the one that will drop tomorrow and increase chances of rain. today, shower possible for, 5, 6, tom terry at 4:00 will pop up a shower sea breeze possible. future track, 3, 6, 7, you see sea breeze showers possible because we are going to be warm for today. tomorrow morning, tune in, 5-7 i will watch the front approach and you will see what happens to the day midday and the afternoon it gets wet especially into the afternoon and evening for tomorrow. heavy downpours and wind gusts. watch for rain over 1 inch in hour. small risk of severe weather be i you could call in sick today, seas 3 to 4 feet water temperatures in the 60s and low risk of the rip currents the today, 84, son, clouds pop-up shower, we go over temperatures, 80s and warming up a few more degrees. 84 waterford lakes orlando, 80 titusville, 80 degrees daytona beach and palm coast.
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another very mild night especially for the some of year. usually in the low 50s and we will have mid-60s around . still chance of patchy fog even though we was see high clouds that will be filtering in. let's check some changes and there are plenty to track the five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view tomorrow, the high chance of rain especially afternoon and through the evening, ahead of thursday. the front sweeps out thursday night trended -- friday morning, friday morning 40 degrees and we stay cool and breezy on friday. the weekend storm system, the issue with that one is it is going to be a quick over so i expect fine-tuning with the timing of that. late saturday, saturday night a chance for rain moving in as that zips in and through 68 saturday and behind that one, after an exit on sunday, cooler with highs in the 50s to near 60 degrees.
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and look at record highs or today that coming up at the bottom of the hour. the car sharing service zipcar is expanding across central florida. >> the company announced the addition of 12 vehicles to serve orlando, winter park and hotel near disney's brings. zipcar allows people to read vehicles on a short-term basis for as low as $9 an hour. fdot tried some of program a few years ago but did not meet the goals. the company think this experience will be different. >> i think it's times change and more options become available, those options are essential to supporting car sharing. >> zipcar operates at ucf and the orlando airport. money and jobs is the problems -- promise of expanded gambling in florida. 9 investigates discovered a deal, the impact that could happen at local golf -- dog
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seminole county teachers rallied from a money at last night's school board meeting. it was a latest in a battle with the district. >> we were there is teachers lined lake mary boulevard before the meeting to for stress -- express frustrations after an impasse last week and luckily from talks that many did not hold back frustration. >> ( indiscernible ) >> negotiations can still continue under an impasse and we have learned both sides plan to sit down one more time next week to see if they can reach a deal before calling in a third- party. plans for new k-8 school hit a roadblock and fixing it could mean problems for people nearby. engineers at the audubon park elementary school just
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that can cause a parking garage and building to crack and think it could cause a district to dig deep and pay more for expenses -- expensive foundations or relocation of structures. >> i can see them on the roof it has not been loud but the noise could become a problem when you have a dog and a baby and they react every noise. >> school leaders hope to have a decision on how to move forward by make, construction set to start by the end of this year or january 2017. osceola county commissioners say they reviewed a contact awarded to a county employee. >> this comes after 9 investigates reports discovered there maybe a possible conflict of interest on monday, we told you b&b promotions will get up to $17,500 from the county to promote the opening of the poinciana parkway. 9 investigates learned the b&b's owner wendi jeannin is married to john jane and the assistant director for the county road amperage department.
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a company a paperwork filed with the state. we are a small community sometimes so those connections happen. i would not think there is anything nefarious to it and i'm sure they can be explained if you speak to the staff. >> commissioner standing by the decision to go with outside help saying this is a huge undertaking to help people know when the park will open. was nasa hacked? what hackers claim they did with this drone that nasa is denying and why is $63 million lottery jackpot may never be
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a live look of downtown orlando on this wednesday afternoon. we track near record heat and
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certified meteorologist brian shields has the latest from severe weather center 9. >> tomorrow at this time we will watch the rain and storms starting to move in , spreading through the area. things will go down help it thanks to a front back to the west of us you can see it over toward the panhandle of florida that brought severe weather back to the west parts of mississippi, alabama, yesterday some stronger storms moving to georgia it is weakening some which is good but we will watch out for the threat of stronger storms tomorrow. right now, we are dry and beautiful, clouds and aside -- slight chance of a pop-up shower this afternoon. temperatures in the 80s for many, 70, 77 new smyrna beach, up to 82 a daytona beach. toward kissimmee, 80. close to records in orlando. topping out at 84, the record high from 2014, 86. 2 degrees off of a record., watch that we usually hit the high temperature, 3, 4:00 this time of year. he will have the information if
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get at 4:00. volusia county, county by county, 78 ormonde beach, 83 deland, 80s across seminole county, volusia into seminole, longwood , 83 with a pop-up shower, obt aloma with, 83. melbourne, satellite beach, eau gallie, micco, grant-valkaria, upper 70s to near 80 and breezy. went south 10-20 some gusts up to 25 miles an hour through the afternoon. that is going to allow temperatures to nudge up to near record territory. coming up tracking the front of move in when we start to get the rain and storms back vanessa? 6 new travel related cases of the zika virus confirmed in florida. it brings the total number of cases in the state tonight. this comes as health officials in texas confirm the case was through transmitted from sexual contact elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: a disturbing development out of dallas in the battle against the zika virus yes it was not spread by mosquitoes it was spread
12:26 pm
acquiring the virus and came home infected the part of. >> about the virus transmitting through sex is rare, it is not unheard of in the usb it turns out back in 2008, a traveler infected with the zika virus in senegal returned home to tested positive for the virus. still, officials say this is the first case of sexually transmission in this outbreak. they also told us a latest case out of dallas, it is a game changer. the low virus with possible links to birth defect and unborn babies and paralysis and adults can be potentially deadly and cause debilitating convocations as doctor richard saw firsthand in brazil. >> she says she contracted the disease 7 -- 7 months ago and at one point could only move her eyes. >> seven-month out she still is having difficulties walking does make it a severe outcome. >> reporter: in the coming days, the cdc says it will
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old guidelines stand if you're pregnant, avoid traveling to zika infected countries and for others wear repellent and avoid mosquito bites. in addition to new guidelines from the cdc, the red cross is now asking donors to wait 28 days after visiting zika affected countries before donating blood. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. nasa denice claims that hackers to control of a drone midflight. this is the drone that a hacker group called a non-sect said it to control a. the group posted a document online and reportedly it had program descriptions. thousands of contacts and logs of flights made by unmanned vehicles fit nasa says that there is no evidence to suggest the alleged packet data is anything that is not already publicly available. a hearing on the way this afternoon in washington about the water crisis in flint, michigan. lawmakers want to know who knew about the lead tainted water, when and why they did not do something. jacqueline fell on capitol hill
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>> reporter: house lawmakers say they want to hear from everybody from the epa all the way down to flint city officials to get to the bottom of this water crisis. >> government broke it, government must fixed it. >> this is the united states of america. it's not supposed to happen here. we are not a third world country. >> reporter: flints water became tainted and 2014 when state officials switch the city's water source from detroit's water system to the flint river. the river was not treated properly. it damaged lead pipes and that meant water contaminated with lead floated into homes and businesses. children are among those who tested positive for lead poisoning. people in flint must use bottle and specifically filtered water. this morning a woman from flint told congress the city is relying on them to fix this and hold leaders accountable. >> broken policy, procedures are smothering the outcry of community suffering financially, physically,
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i urge you to help restore some of the trust lost. >> reporter: the oversight chairman slammed federal, state and local officials who said he says refuse to testify. jason chaffetz says he will direct the u.s. marshals to "hunt down those officials, serve them with a subpoena, force them to appear. in washington, jacqueline fell, channel 9, eyewitness news within one hour president obama is expected to make his first visit to an american mosque as commander-in-chief. he is scheduled to visit the islamic society of baltimore. the president plans to hold a roundtable with committee members and deliver remarks. he is visited mosques overseas but never in the united states as president. another recall for toyota drivers. hundreds of thousands of trucks, suvs recalled because the roof mounted airbags can inflate without a crash. the recall includes 2005, 2006 toyota tundra.
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the 2000-06 land cruiser, 2004,- 06 400 they will replace the issue at no cost to you. women should be required to register for the court draft. >> the recent decision to open combat jobs to women in the u.s. military these women made history last summer when i ranger school. now top army and marine corps generals are saying women should be included in the requirement to register for the selective service at age 18. however, not everyone is on navy secretary and acting army secretary both say it should be discussed further. good news, gas prices are going down according to aaa the national average for 1 gallon of gas is 1.78 get in orlando, the average price is less at 1.73. the daytona beach, drivers paying 1.a1. remember find the lowest gas prices near you at slash pump patrol. a new diet this afternoon one man claimed it helped them
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by he says the pizza diet is failproof.
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super bowl for days away and the nfl's looking at the rising concussions 58 percent increase in the questions last year compared to 2014 after the
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the nfl is evolving equipment including helmets and turf to reduce the number of head injuries. a new study may have linked partial memory loss to extended use of marijuana overtime. the study found long-term pot smokers may experience verbal memory loss by the time they reach middle age. researchers found impact that pocket and impact part of your main -- brain remembering words and language the same report did not have reports from extended pot use. if you are one of 20 percent of american that suffer from hayfever now is the time for you to take action. there's a new tablet that goes under the tongue that doctors say work best if you take 3 months before allergy season. it dissolves under the tongue and treat allergies to grass or ragweed. they say once your symptoms start it is too late to take the medication them. >> this actually is the time to be thinking about the grass pollen season to start taking this therapy and front end things so that when the season
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>> experts say if you have several allergies the tablets may not help you they say in that case you should talk to your doctor about allergy shots. a man from italy who packed on the pounds after moving to america says he got back in shape thanks to pizza. >> my pizza is something that comes from the mediterranean diet. >> who know? he says he cut his calories down by hitting homemade pizza for lunch every day. the italian immigrant and restaurant owners is one of his secrets was sticking to natural ingredients in and out of the kitchen. his pizza margarita only has 600 cal appear to a small cheese pizza, from a pizza chain which has more than 1000 cal. one of the biggest unclaimed jackpot lottery history and time is quickly running out to claimant. the huge jackpot the winner could lose out on if they do not act by tomorrow. seminole tribe spending thousands of dollars to lobby the state for new gambling deal.
12:35 pm
for local dog parts -- dogs parks. rain tomorrow. rain is working in from the
12:36 pm
billions of dollars, thousands of jobs is a promise of expanded gambling in florida. >> 9 investigates discovered a special site deal for one part of the state and as investigative reporter kristin for heat shows us, one provision could force dog tracks to keep the dogs driving -- running if they want to add lucrative slot machines. >> reporter: of freshly repaved parking lot greeting visitors at the melbourne greyhound park on tuesday morning. the action like most of the states dogs parks is at the card tables. the dog still run but not the drop you this is gambling in florida. >> seminole tribe and the push
12:37 pm
replace the current one set to expire. >> the tribe has been on an ad blitz releasing 3 spots touting a new compacts that it says will create jobs and deliver $3 billion over 7 years by allowing it to expand its operation. >> they deal with the tribe also includes a special carve out operations outside the tribe. dog tracks in south florida will be allowed to bring in slot machines. the dogs would keep running, even if the action remains inside the melbourne and other tracks would not be eligible at first but could easily make the case, they should get slots. >> they happen to have dogs running around several sex greyhound advocacy group says continuing to force the dogs to run so people can play poker and slots is cool. >> dogs are -- is cool. >> dogs are suffering. >> christofi channel 9 eyewitness news the state is trying to
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the compact and expansion of gambling across water. american airlines is bringing back something it has not had since 2003. complementary cookies and pretzels. >> you see them on domestic flights by april and this month on transcontinental flight. american airlines is offer -- offering free entertainment options on domestic flights. in-state tvs and access up to 40 ways, 60 tv shows and 300 albums to listen to. airline companies have posted record profits recently due to lower oil prices and strong travel demand. >> they can afford it. in california, someone could be $63 million richer. >> they only have one day left to come forward and claimant a winning ticket sold at a seven11 in california back in august and to this day, no one has claimed the price. the third-biggest unclaimed lotto ticket and u.s. history. the store where it was old has
12:39 pm
winner. and 2014, more than 100 winners won $1 million or more and never claimed it. $2 billion in winnings go unclaimed every year. >> seems underreported. >> check your tickets. weather day tomorrow, beautiful, 80s and gorgeous. almost summerlike as we are close to records but tomorrow is the day we watch out for the next front rolling in and a chance for rain and storms. and daytona beach, bright blue skies, scattered clouds, a few folks. enjoying the serve, not many folks. 82 winds out of the south at 13 miles an hour. a look at the numbers 70s and 80s around and jumping to 84 and the villages, 77 new smyrna beach, 81 deland, toward
12:40 pm
very pleasant temperatures and the winds out of the south. lookup breezy, 13 sanford, 20 orlando, gusts up to 25, 29 new smyrna beach which means we will have gusts over 30 with the southerly wind warming is up ahead of the front. mix of sun and clouds now but here's the front and this is what will march in. it has weakened some but strong storms toward panama city breathing -- bring rain to market today, slight chance of a shower in brief thunderstorm and we will be warm and we will have sea breeze today. temperatures in the 80s and tom will track a shower. future track, across i 4 by 6, 7, 8 we can get one or 2 and tomorrow morning tune into eyewitness news this morning i will track front hitting closer from 5-7 and the afternoon it will turn wet, rain, storms and some could be on the strong side looking out for rain and spots over 1 inch easily lightning and winds over 40
12:41 pm
at the beaches, gorgeous, water temperatures 60 seas at 3 to 4 feet, rip currents wrist on the low side. 84 today, pop-up showers, especially across i 4 because of the sea breeze, upper 80s 10 -- upper 72 near 80 along the coast, inland low to mid 80s. 83, leesburg, kissimmee, 84 st. cloud, 82 palm coast and the hammock tonight, in the 60s. it will be very mild tonight. could see patchy fog by the morning even though we will see clouds increasing. five-day forecast, with our weekend always in view, tomorrow the high chance for rain especially the 2nd half of the day. 70 percent chance friday, temperatures 64. waking up to 40s. it will be cooler friday. quick moving system moving in late saturday, saturday night with a chance of rain and that
12:42 pm
sunday, sundays high is near 60 degrees. vanessa? a horse photo bond a selfie and the owner did not like it.
12:43 pm
stories we are working on for eyewitness news at 4, looking into reports scheid -- fired at a complex could be connected. 2 injured, one guy did check and see if surveillance can shooter. on top of the seminole county case involving a million- dollar lottery ticket. the defendant argued she does
12:44 pm
we will explain how he thinks he can back up his argument. the owner of a horse that photo-bombed a little boy heard him a vacation is asking for a share of his project interesting story. david one of -- won a vacation his son jacob was photo-bombed in the uk about -- by a horse named betty. betty's owner says she deserves some compensation. she says she was not aware of a competition and if she had been, she could have entered ready herself. >> a great horse name. boy scouts ringing the bell, average is down. looking at the numbers we will have closing figures for you today on channel 9 eyewitness news at 4. now let's take a look at what's happening on walstreet today. brought to you by your local
12:45 pm
february and the 80s ask we look forward to it let's go to brian shields in severe weather center 9. >> great. 80s around low to mid 80s summertime humidity is more humid than what we would typically expect this time of year the 84 tom will track a pop-up shower later and better chance of rain tomorrow. tune in, thursday, tomorrow, a chance of strong storms. have a great afternoon. vanessa, martie .
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