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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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s the victim living in the vineyards community, built just a couple of years ago not far from windermere. jeff deal spoke to her today. r neighbors are talking about increasing security in that community. >> reporter: yeah, we've heard some talk among neighbors about the possibility of adding a officers here. you can see it's a nice new community and folks around here never expected here. windermere community. it's the last place this woman expected she would be attacked. >> it's a very safe, quiet neighborhood. >> she doesn't want her face shown but wants people to know about the attack that started on her front porch early this morning after he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. >> i turned around to go back inside, there was a man standing right in front of me. >> she described him as jittery, someone she had never
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he wanted to use her cell phone. when she refused and tried to go back inside he grabbed her by face and pushed her inside. >> he pinned me to the ground and was just hitting me. he actually ripped off my shirt. >> the victim said she was screaming while her husband who has a broken leg tried to make it downstairs. her dog, lucy, charged barking and startled the suspect. the victim told us she was able to kick him and get him out the door. deputies are working to figure out who was behind the attack. it's a crime that has the neighborhood on edge. people here are already talking about the possibility of a neighborhood association adding security guards. >> i don't want to think about what could have happened. i'm just really glad that i'm okay, my husband is okay. >> reporter: and the victim described her attacker as a young white male, early 20s with dark hair and a goatee.
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jeff deal, channel 9, eyewitness news. a former winter park man fraud. justin spearman reached a plea deal but we just got the details. he was accused of running a ponzi scheme in central florida. sun rail said it could take another 4 years to get a safety system in place. it would be to prevent accidents like this am track accident that killed eight people near philadelphia. michael laparty is live right now. advocates say the upgrades could save lives. >> reporter: bob, the federal government is re quiring the train companies to make it these changes. sun rail said it could have to add the technology to all the trains that go across the tracks here and that would
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>> sun rail trains would be equipped the positive train control that would prevent them from crashing. the goal, avoid a repeat of deadly accidents seen around the country. >> i think it's great that they add on that as soon as possible. it will make it even safer. >> last year congress extended the deadlines the make the changes until 2018 or as late as 2020. >> we have a safety device in place now. this positive train control is above and beyond what we have. >> fdot spokesman steve olsen said they need time to obtain million. they're trying to coordinate plans with other train companies that travel through central florida. >> what system works, what's line. >> the deadline has become controversial since it was extended from 2015 which most rail companies said they couldn't meet. sun rail passengers said they would feel safer with the changes. >> you would hope they would do
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very important for everybody. >> sun rail said it may be able to make the 2018 deadline, if not they'll need special permission from the feds. >> reporter: sun rail told me that the max speed its trains usually reach is about 79 miles per hour under the current system. the train starts to slow down if the employee takes their hands off the control and doesn't touch it ever few seconds. one piece of a lake county mystery has been solved today. the sheriff's office said dental records have identified a body found buried in a backyard and it was the man who owned the house on pennsylvania street in paisley. myrt price was there last month. investigators believe he was buried there for months. >> reporter: yeah, investigators believe that victim was dead and buried that that shallow grave behind that house since thanksgiving.
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they have identified the remains found in the backyards of this paisley home. they are that of the homeowner, dennis jones, who was discovered after neighbors called deputies to check on him after not seeing him for a while. once on the scene deputies discovered. >> a shallow grave. >> they were able to identify the body by using dental records. investigators told us they've also determined how long the victim's remains were in the grave. >> recently we found out as long as since thanksgiving. information now gives them a time frame to focus on. >> now we have a time frame from thanksgiving to january the 18th. >> they're following up on leads but so far don't have a lot and are urging anyone who knowing anything to come forward. >> deputies have been talking to neighbors and the woman who was living with the victim and seen driving his truck over the past few week. we asked if she was a suspect but investigators would only tell us that so far they don't have any suspects.
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woman but she didn't answer when he knocked on the door. people we talked to in the neighborhood say this is very sad and they're hoping deputies can track down the person who killed the victim. those neighbors didn't want to talk on camera. >> reporter: investigators believe that victim may have been targeted and at this time you can see from this sign that there is a $5,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the person who took that victim's life. we're live in paisley, myrt price, channel 9, eyewitness news. with iowa in their rear-view mirrors now all the presidential candidates are in new hampshire preparing for the next primary. >> the race is getting ugly. donald trump said that ted cruz stole iowa by mailing voter violation fliers and implying ben carson was dropping out. on the democratic side polls show bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by double digits in new hampshire.
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neighbor. i have the highest respect for him. we're in his backyard. >> despite his razor thin loss to clinton in iowa sand ers raised $3 million in the 24 hours after the iowa caucuses. the new hampshire primary is next tuesday. abc news will have more from new hampshire tonight, world news starts right after eyewitness news at 6:00. voters here in florida may soon regain the power to elect the state's education commissioner and secretary of state. yesterday a senate panel approved a measure that would make them elected positions. back in 1998 voters approved a constitutional amendment that made them appointed positions. if it gets approved voters would have to approve the change this fall. winter park police are after thieves who drove off a dealers lot with not one, not two but three weeks. >> the owner told blaine tolison they stole the keys to five other cars. now he's worried they will be back and not just for the cars. >> reporter: he's very worried about that.
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not a very big dealership. this is a small business owner who lost a lot in one night. whoever did this broke in through a window on the side of this office and left police little to go off of in this case. >> human beings working as hard as we can trying to make a living and doing this is just not right. >> alexander verga took us into his office where he said thieves broke in and ransacked the place. he said they got in by pushing a small air-conditioning unit through the window and stole the keys to eight of his cars. >> this has never happened to me. i can't imagine who should i do and where should i go. >> this morning verga discovered two bmws and a mercedes were gone and he has no way of getting into the other five cars and suvs he still has. >> that's the biggest concern for me, what am i going to do cars. i can't open them or drive them anywhere.
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park police have investigated three other burglaries at car dealerships off fairbanks avenue. this crime has investigators checking their previous cases and cases outside of winter park for clues. until they catch the suspects verga is worried they are going to come back. >> i asked the police department to maybe set up some kind of watch here tonight. >> reporter: the victim does have insurance and had he been believes the suspect ransacked his business in search of car titles which they did not get. police said they will have extra patrols in this area tonight. blaine tolison, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> you can share this story with your friends from the wftv facebook page. the city of apopka plans to spend taxpayers money buy a parking lot to make re pairs to it.
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avenue facing 5th near the city's fire station. the city owns 1/3 of the lot but other business owners refused to give repair rights over to the city without a purchase. we'll let you know after negotiations. comedian bill cosby is in court trying to get a judge to dismiss a sexual assault case against him. cosby's lawyers said there was an oral agreement more than a decade ago that if cosby testified in a civil suit no criminal charges would be filed. the current d.a. said since it was not in writing that agreement is not binding. cosby is charged with drugging and sexual assaulting a college student at his home back in 2004. a ruling could come down today. even after 31 tons of trash were removed from this seminole county property it's still a miss. ahead at 6:00 the new charges the property owner now faces. >> a new study finds many doctors in trouble for sexual misconduct were not actually
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licensing board. >> we're working to get answers ant why. >> protesters plan to square off against a group meeting in orlando this weekend that wants to legalize rape. what police say they're doing to keep everyone safe. >> warm temperatures today and a big storm system on the way for tomorrow. i just updated early warning future track.
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this just sounds unbelievable but a group of men who support legalizing rape plan to meet in orlando on saturday. >> it's a plan of meet-ups world wide. shannon butler talked with orlando police. >> charlotte beckford has a
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>> it's not fine. it's not okay. stop it . stop it. >> the campaign is here on the website return of kings. the creator has written books on how to be a pick up artist and have sex with women. he posted a video this week fat shaming fat women. >> they are disgusting. >> he said rape should be legal in a private home. it caused out rage saying if rape becomes legal under my proposal a girl would protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smart phone. he called it satire but few took it as a joke or saw it as funny. >> saturday's international meet up day is suspected to be men who are supporters. they are meeting at the lake eola won't be without protest. this facebook page calling for demonstrations. orlando police
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saying quote, their views are protected by the first amendment and with all first amendment activity we ensure the safety of the public while protesting the rights of all. no, we do not believe certain groups are at risk. shannon butler channel 9, eyewitness news. >> someone claiming that they knew places are trying to shut down the meetings but are doing everything to keep them on schedule. the family of a man killed by a police officer was in tallahassee today to fight for a bill that would regulate the use of police body cameras. drummer corey jones was shot by a plain-clothed officer when his car broke down on i-95 after a gig. the family believes if that officer had been wear ago body camera they would have answers now and some closure about what happened. >> it may be your son or may be your daughter. i wasn't expecting this. i wasn't
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>> the bill would apply only to police agencies that decide to use body cameras and under it those agencies would be required to establish policies for the proper use and maintenance of body cameras and the recorded data. for now gas prices continue to dip lower and experts say we will see them fall more. right now the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas in orlando is $1.73, down 3 cents. in daytona beach average price is $1.91. that's down a penny from yesterday. seminole county is working to stop erosion along howl creek. the project will cost nearly a million dollars and will reslope the banks of the creek and add walls, plants and shrubs to a 100-mile stretch of it. it's coming from a 1 cent sales tax. it's expected to
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wildlife officials hoping to restore lake apopka are hoping to show people the products. >> we saw the plants that wildlife started planting in 201. 2011. they serve as a habitat for fish and organizisms. >> that's what we like to highlight at bird palooza. >> they said it could take a generation to get it back to where it was. >> perfect to go out there. great weather. >> so far so good for now. just about that time mother nature does that left turn on you. there's our beautiful shot over lake eola. the real swans are out there for a nice trip. they have a lot of turtles. never saw to many turtles in my life along the edge. they're just all over the place. 82 deltona. kids like turtles. head to lake eola. here's what it looks like, the average is 72 today. instead we traded that
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shy of the record which was just back here in 2014. daytona came in just shy. melbourne nowhere near you record in 1985. right now mostly fair skies. some low clouds and patchy areas of fog tonight. it will be light because the breeze will stay up. usually a breeze and fog don't go together. nice night tonight in baldwin park. it's 2 miles to walk around the lake. the upper 60s for a low tonight. temperatures back right around 80 degrees tomorrow. an 80% rain chance, usually you see 80% and you go oh, no, just scratch the day, we're not getting anything done. that's not the case tomorrow. the first part of the day looks good. because this storm system is going to be slowly approaching from the north and west we will have some time to get things done tomorrow, say before noon. here's early warning future track. we will stop at it 9:00.
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rain back to the north and west. the consensus of the forecast model, future track and a variety of others, it's towards the later half of the evening for the rain coverage. the drive time through the evening after good chance that you'll get some rainfall. that's where that 80% of rain comes in. by friday early in the day we clear it out. friday night looks good and then we start watching another storm system that's developing in the gulf. the latter half of saturday our rain chances go up as well, especially saturday night. future track showing through saturday morning anywhere between .20 up to an inch of rainfall in a few spots. less than the models were indicating yesterday because i don't think we'll have as much heavy, heavy thunderstorm activity. tonight 66, more fog developing over night mainly to the west but low clouds for most of us. five day forecast with your weekend
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of the day tomorrow rain, saturday on and off rain. by saturday night we will try to clear everything out in time for super bowl sunday afternoon. monday cool and quite nice. new at 6:00, this fire killed a child and injured another but the man accused of setting it had his charges dropped. >> two other kids put their lives in danger. it's not right. >> why prosecutors said they had no choice. >> plus, a shooting at this tax office injured three people seconding two to the hospital. two one victim just told us about the moments before the gunfire. >> right now the state house is pushing a bill to allow you to carry guns in the open for protection. new at 6:00, why advocates worry it could create more problems. be prepared for severe weather. download the wftv weather app today. the wftv weather app is brought to you by
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it is hard to believe but a new study found a startling number of physicians disciplined for sexual misconduct didn't face the same consequences from the state medical board. channel 9's george collie spent the day reading through the report and is live in washington dc. george, this is quite shocking. >> reporter: it certainly is. this study that's been compile d by that consumer advocacy group is believed to be a first of its kind in looking at data of sexual misconduct involving doctors. >> 70% of positions who paid malpractice payments were disciplined for sexual misconduct were not disciplined for sexual misconduct by their state licensing medical board. >> this according to a new study released by watchdog group public said. >> it's just shattering. >> dr. sydney wolf, found
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the research group said 177 of 253 physicians who paid claims remain licensed and it can put future patients at risk. >> it's difficult to think of any worse betrayal of the doctor-patient relationship. >> the study finds that half of the perpetrators are men over 40 and the victims are women under 40. offenders are psychiatrists, obgyn's and family physicians. we reached out for comment but they have yet to respond. >> these women are depressed, feel betrayed. their relationships with other people are altered. >> it defines it as verbal or sexual. >> any doctor that exploits a patient, mostly women, should
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>> the punishments are more severe for sexual misconduct when the boards do act. >> reporter: the reports were compiled between 2003 and 2013. in washington, george collie, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> this kissimmee doctor was arrested for sexual battery in december. a judge ordered he could not examine women without supervision. when he asked if they would suspend his license they couldn't confirm if he received a complaint against him. new for eyewitness news at 6:00. >> we asked prosecutors why they dropped charges against a man investigators say set a fatal fire. >> a shooting at a brevard county tax office that injured three people. >> seminole county's so-called junk man was just arrested months after 31 tons of trash
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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 6:00. >> this trailer fire killed one child and left another badly hurt 7 months ago. investigators said their stepfather started it. new for 6:00, we're asking prosecutors why they suddenly dropped the charges that i -- included murder. >> prosecutors said there's not enough evidence to pursue charges. >> we first brought you this story an the wftv facebook page. first responders said they were delayed in getting to the boys
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one was inside.
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