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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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one was inside. jenine reyes is live outside where the fire started. you broke the news to extended family members today. >> reporter: they were shocked, confused and saddened when we told them that no one would face charges for this fire that happened back in june. he immediately called the state attorney's office with several questions. we went today with questions as well. >> the little boy in this video is now confined to a bed with 24 hour care. the fire that hurt him killed his older brother. tonight the man police arrested blaze no longer faces charges. >> unless we have the evidence that we believe proves beyond a forward. they have had everybody here, the state fire marshall and everybody. >> that investigation led to this 10-page arrest affidavit, why authorities believed at the
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felony charges for this fire. the fire marshall's office sited arson after gasoline was found in the master bedroom. prosecutors can't prove who put it there. >> there was no evidence or indication that that gasoline was put there that day to start that fire. it could have come from anywhere. >> the mother of the boys maintains her husband's innocence and so does her father, an attorney who asked the state attorney not to pursue charges. he believes he may have faced charges he did not deserve. >> he reached out to your office a lot. did this play a role? >> no. >> the family plans to pursue a civil suit who they blame for caleb's death and thomas's injuries. >> reporter: we're told that civil suit should be file in the next week or so. now, melanie's family did ask why there are no criminal charges being pressed against the owner of lake johns motel.
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attorney's office that as well. they said they haven't been given any evidence to indicate those charges should be filed either. channel 9, eyewitness news. we're following a developing story in brevard county tonight where deputies are still on the seen of a shooting at a local tax office that injured three people. two of them had to be rush today a hospital. melanie holt has been on the scene for the past few hours now. melanie, that third victim was in a business next door and said he was grazed by a bullet. >> reporter: he didn't want to be on camera but told me that two bullets fired in that tax office pierced the wall of his business next door. he said he was lucky. the sheriff's office said they aren't releasing any names but aren't looking for anyone else in connection to the shooting on clear lake road that left three injured. it happened at the ttc tax refund business. investigators are trying to determine what happened inside of there. one of the victims
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airlifted to the hospital. we spoke with a woman who told us she's worked with that victim for the past 5 years. >> it can't be about no enemies because he doesn't have any. he's laid back and cool. >> reporter: we're told the other victim who was transported to the hospital has non-life threatening injuries. as you can see, sheriff's deputies are still out here processing the scene tonight. we're live here in unincorporated cocoa, melanie holt, channel 9, eyewitness news. right now fruitland park police need your help to find a 20-year-old man who has disappeared. investigators say kyle dean clink has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old. he and noon today. he could be in the leesberg or lady lake areas. orlando detectives are trying to find out who killed a off conroy road. another man was shot in the parking lot of night.
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across the street to a condo to get help. 19-year-old jacob death. they won't tell us what they believe the motive was but do not believe it was random. >> there was a late model ford mustang and he was laying next to the driver's seat laying down chest. >> the eyewitness who did not want to be identified said he tried to help save almond. police ask anyone with any information to call crime line. if you pumped gas in osceola county recently you might want to check your credit card or debit statement because deputies say skimming devices were found at three 7-eleven locations. two off u.s. 192 in the tourist area and another on champion's gate boulevard in kissimmee. this picture shows one of the skimmers found hidden inside the pumps. i guess you won't see it now but one customer told us she's hesitant to swipe her card at the pump anymore. >> i paid inside. i came here yesterday too because\ but i didn't use
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i went inside. >> experts suggest using credit cards over debit because skimmers can steal your pin too. the brevard county tax collector said it will take time to go through all her records in search of fraudulent drivers. lisa collins said she's work being the state and the department of homeland security to track down anyone who received a license through fraud. last week investigators arrested one employee at the palm bay officer and an interpreter who was not an employee. they aren't sure who has the id's but the process to track them down is underway. the right to bring your gun and carry it in the open, the florida house is backing the plan to fundamentally change the state's gun law allowing for open carry. at 5:00 we showed you
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-- why so many people are passionate. christopher heath is live. >> reporter: the bill would allow a person to openly carry their firearms in all public places and businesses. law enforcement is divided on the idea while the senate remaining skeptical and some gun owns said it would create more problems. >> to say brevard county john gutmaker would the book on firearms in florida would be literally true. >> they have a right under the florida constitution to say this is private property, you can't come on my property. and nra remember and licensed firearm instructor he's an advocate for second amendment rights and deeply concerned with the state's planned expansion of open carry. >> personally i would never open carry that i can think of. >> john said while the state needs to make changes to concealed carry to protect gun owners who accidentally reveal their guns he warns this new
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backfire forcing private businesses to ban all guns, those concealed and carried openly. >> there's so many ways to address that problem that it's supposed to be addressing. >> so quick to pull that trigger. >> jenita jones brother was shot to death in sanford in 2013. she spends her time fighting against gun violence and hopes the florida senate passing on passing open carry. >> more access to guns and more access to carry guns. we're not fixing the problem. >> reporter: the house just started debating this measure and should be voted on in the next two and a half hours. two senators said they expect the senate to take up open carry next week. it's not a priority the session and they would try to improve concealed carry instead of passing a new law. they voiced concerns over how open carry would hurt the tourism industry. >> chris, house lawmakers just voted to close a loophole 9
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regarding the dangers of backyard shooting ranges. they can cross property lines and put neighbors in danger. now the house voted to ban the discharge of a firearm in residential areas. the senate is expected to follow suit. an accused hit and run driver is now suspected of threatening a witness. last july state troopers said jonathan marsh stopped on lake underhill road and backed into bruce kieper killing him. marsh's friend was in the car and he said marsh was behind the wheel. now prosecutors believe the 17-year-old suspect threatened that witness through a friend at the high school they both attend. the man shot while charging orange county deputies at a wwe performance center may be evaluated before he can stand trial. this is surveillance video from the day last august when he was shot. you can see him. he actually starting banging on the doors. there he is. he rushes deputies right there.
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facility before this incident. he must be declared competent to stand trial before the case proceeds. the fate of the exotic on malls owned by michael kennedy could be decide at the end of the month. kennedy's king cobra escaped from its cage. now he faces misdemeanor charges from keeping it secure. he could lose other animals and have his wildlife license pulled. he waited to report that snake missing instead of immediately calling for help, violating rules. his hearing is scheduled for february 22nd. today we got an up close look at the spacecraft that nasa officials said one day will take humans to mars. just like the apollo once took man to the moon. we watched as crews at the kennedy space center added it promises to be one of nasa's most powerful.
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all the systems on this spacecraft, push it to the limits and make sure we build a good spacecraft. >> the next test flight is set for 2018. orlando commissioners will decide whether to approve a controversial orlando park. neighbors have challenged plans for the plans near john young parkway. opponents expressed concerns about traffic, property values and the impact on the wochiva river. commissioners will consider the issue on monday. officials in seminole county are scheduled to have a site visit to determine whether fencing is necessary along i-4 to prevent bears from crossing the interstate. commissioners are concerned they could move into new neighborhoods now that a new ordnance is is going to be making it harder for them to get into people's trash. it's been months since code enforcement removed 31 tons of
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property and, yep, look at it, it's still a mess. >> new at 6:00, the charges the homeowner now faces. >> plus, the warning from a local woman who said she was ripped off by scammers by looking for a job online. >> pretty as a postcard right now. record heat today. i'm tracking a pair of storm
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new at 6:00 the so-called junk man of seminole county is back in jail on charges because of trash in his yard. we were there in september when the county hauled away 31 tons of trash before alan davis's property. it was the last straw before criminal charges for filed. carla ray is live at the jail now. carla, i understand you stopped by his house today
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>> reporter: yeah, we're going to show you what it looks like in just a minute. he could walk out of this door at any time. we want to be here to question him about the code enforcement fines he still owes and the fact that the last time he was arrested on this exact charge he went to prison. >> there's still a bit of a mess at this altamonte springs home but this is nothing to what we found in september when they found 31 tons of junk from alan davis's front yard. >> we were worried that it was going to cave in. >> this woman moved in next door to the so-called junk man 2 months after the massive clean up that was ordered so she never saw the source of $2 million in code enforcement fines. now allen davis has been arrested on
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>> does that surprise you that someone could have that much trash on their property? >> we've been covering the battle for years. he's been the for 13 years. the september clean up was the second time the county has stepped in to remove junk from his property and this arrested for felony littering. >> we tried to speak to his wife today who was also named as a source of the trash but no one came to the door of their home. do that, that's crazy. >> reporter: davis's bond is set at $3,000. if he doesn't bound out tonight he will face a judge tomorrow. reporting live in seminole county, carla ray, channel 9, eyewitness news. we're following some breaking news right now in orange county where investigators have blocked off a street because of a possible sinkhole. sky witness 9 was at
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a truck's wheel fell through the hole in the street there. nobody was hurt. the county's roads are expected to take care of the problem. 9 investigates discovered a group of people that may have been posing as a worldwide pharmaceutical company to rip off people who need jobs. this department to file a report said. she said she posted a resume on and then someone claiming to be a recruiter for the selgene i ended with a fake check, frozen bank account and risk of identity theft. >> i'm able to bounce back and get back out there and go back on the job hunt. it's not the same situation for everyone. >> we reached out to the company to see if it's taking any action against the impersonators but no one returned our calls. osceola county commissioners hope to take up the issue of living wage at a future meeting. a vote on the issue which would encourage companies to offer a living wage was delayed this week because two commissioners were sick.
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front of the commission would encourage businesses in osceola county to provide a living wage but not make it a requirement. covering news where you live county by county. we'll be back in court in the civil trial for the woman who refusing to share a lotto jackpot with her ex-boyfriend. lynn poirer said she haven't have to split the money with her ex-boyfriend, howard browning because they it >> she's trying to paint a picture as if the parties were estranged at the time of the he just wants his half of the money. >> she said she cashed out the prize money when she won 9 years ago. we'll let you know what a jury decides. in orange county another car sharing service wants to make a go of it around central florida. today the zip car company
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to orlando, winter park and the hilton near disney springs. zip car allows drivers to rent cars for a few hours at a time. prices start as low as $9 an hour. zip car believes it will succeed because its cars compliment the existing forms of public transportation. in lake county wildlife officials are keeping a close eye on manatee sightings to make sure they don't get stuck in cold waters. this video shows manatee in trout lake in eustis yesterday. it's one of two swim anything the lakes for a year now. they're monitoring the unusual sightings to determine if they must be relocated to warmer waters. >> it's always great when -- >> fishing for manatees. >> it's always great when in february you can go in the pool with no heater. >> i saw your little ones out there. i don't think their senses have caught up with them yet. here's a live view. it was 84 degrees today. a beautiful sunset shot on this february 3rd. the year is flying back too fast. 78 right now.
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ier today, 2 degrees shy of our record. keeping it nice for your evening plans tonight, we have a lot of changes. two storm systems. we have a progressive pattern. things are moving fast. hold on. tomorrow we get the first of two storm systems moving in towards the afternoon and evening. friday we get a break and then saturday showers start moving back in, especially towards the latter half of the day and saturday night. a good looking night tonight. very warm of course. temperatures should be in the low 50s. we'll trade that in for 60 to 67 degrees, depending on where you are across the area. for tomorrow 80% rain chance with highs near 80. people see 80 -- i'm almost reluctant to put a high rain chance on the graphic because people think the whole day is washed out. not the case. the first half of the day is quiet. the latter half of the day some rain issues. some rainfall developing in the gulf
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isolated sea breeze shower near the i-4 corridor tonight. future track keeps it quiet until the lunch hour. we'll use that as our dividing line. after that scattered shower, maybe a rumble of thunder but not the severe weather that they have seen across the mid south. several tornados really reported especially along mississippi. 4:00. friday looks pretty quiet. yet another storm system will bring our rain chance up again late on saturday. for storm system number one forecast models anywhere from about a quarter of an inch to as much as a half inch to an inch in a few spots. this color to the north, that's where the heaviest rain will be as that front will weaken just a bit approaching central florida during the day. here's that second storm system moving in late in the day on saturday. i think it's going to favor our southern zones here saturday night. we'll still see a 40 to 50% rain coverage. i'm going to try not to louse up the
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will be cooler though on sunday. there's your five day forecast with the weekend always in view, rain likely during the latter a windy day friday. late day sunday. back to a good old fashioned cool february day on
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ucf had an impressive day that started with a letter from their own backyard. brandon morris sent his signature to the knights just after 7:00 this morning. maitland star adriene as well. coach scott frost proved he's a strong recruiter putting together the 57th ranked in the country according to >> i think we added some pieces
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going to be our job to keep this momentum and enthusiasm growing. >> alabama nabbed the top ranked class but florida state a close second thanks in part to school. he picked the seminoles over ohio state. >> in gainsville they brought in 24 new players with the class of 2016 that includes three offensive linemen from in town. and jaquan taylor. we'll take a look at them in our signing day special coming up on central florida's tv 27. we'll have a live interview with scott frost about everything that went down today. bob and marsha. >> that will be good . thank you, christian. right now daytona beach city leaders are trying come up with a long term solution for the city's homeless problem. >> tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 the options from trying to keep this from happening again. >> thank you for watching at 6:00.
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