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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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wherever it goes but i know i'll never leave her side. >> reporter: abc 7 shgs news. >> i would have taken the loss of internet connection as a sign. >> no node for a second or right now 18 limits news this morning a shoot out in marion county said the suspect deputy to the hospital. we are asking investigators was started the violence yes we told you about the plans for a group that supports the legalization of rape to allie -- rally in downtown orlando. changes in updates from the group's leader. 5 am, thursday, february for. >> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , deneige broom phone your commute is get started with certified meteorologist brian
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in store geck sweeping changes. tracking 40s tomorrow. looking affront dropping in rain storms to the northwest mainly this afternoon and through the evening pockets of heavy rain and colder. the rain to the northwest of marion county keep an eye out for that and clouds building in the northern zones and we will see some sun in the southern tier and very warm. 60s, 70s now and heal quickly ahead of the front, 68 orlando, still a chance of 80s. orange county metrowest elementary, 78 at noon and playground time this morning we are okay but by the afternoon turning stormy, 2:00, showers and storms near 80 and they cranked up through the evening drive. i will put together maps i will show you just how much rain we will get as it sweeps in. 5 -- 5:01 am deneige.
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have some cones in your eastbound lane. it's difficult to see since the camera is still fuzzy but you do have one lane blocked so keep in mind they will. minutes. updating life jacket tracker, troopers -- live traffic tracker, crash old arad road, northbound lane of goldenrod is blocked and i will have that update for you if they shut down anymore lanes. meeting county deputy was shot during a gunfight with the suspect and is recovering. >> we brought you the shooting as breaking news at the kangaroo gas station. deputies were there when eyewitness news this morning janai norman showed up one hour ago. you watched as they craft -- wrapped up the crime scene. >> reporter: as we were pulling up at 3:45 am, we could see the flashing lights from deputies cruisers blocking the entrance not letting cars pulling.
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back open after the shootout last night we watched a tow truck haul a car away from the marathon kangaroo gas station were deputy say they were forced to shoot an armed suspect. >> we saw him point a gun to his head and there were deputies around the corner of the store pointing their guns out. >> reporter: overnight we have been in touch with deputies who say around 7:00 wednesday they were called to the gas station and saw the suspect armed with 2 handguns. they say he put one of the guns to his head threatening to kill himself. deputies tried to negotiate making commands for the man to put down his weapon but he turned one of the guns on deputies. >> they tried to talk him out of using the gun, put down the gun for several minutes and about 20 minutes when it started they started -- we heard one shot and the officers returned fire. probably 30 shots.
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daniel shot in the leg he and his partner was taken to the hospital and suspect in critical condition. -- >> reporter: this morning are working to find out who the suspect is and whether deputies have had run-ins with him before and whether he is recovering this morning for the next half-hour we are going back to some of those eyewitness interviews all new at 5: 30 you can hear them describe what else they remember seeing on the scene before hearing the gunshots. live in marion county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. volusia county leaders are taking the next step to keep a homeless camp from forming and daytona beach. >> this is the first time they will meet his police shut down the cab outside the administration building 44 days. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten is looking at what it will take to come up with a permanent solution. this could really be a long process. >> reporter: it started last night. daytona beach city leaders but
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meet they will both have to work together to keep the homeless off the streets. the sidewalks that were home to upward of 100 people days ago word day -- empty this morning it's up to leaders to keep them that way. >> sometimes governments do not move as expediently as the business community. >> reporter: daytona beach city leaders accepting more than $110,000 in donations from local businesses. we ask where that money will go. >> the money will essentially go to help to address the immediate situation. >> reporter: it is volusia county's turn to take on the problem. commissioners will meet for the first time since police shut down the camp last week tonight. andy 44 days of prostitution and drug use outside the county administration building police say. many homeless campers are at
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shelter for at least 3 months. daytona beach police are preventing the cam from coming back until there is a permanent solution. >> i don't want to do this but if i have to enforce the law, we will make an arrest. >> reporter: county leaders will vote to morning -- hold a joint meeting to discuss a permanent shelter. we will tell you what they decide at noon. the homeless camp outside the property appraiser's office in downtown daytona beach is gun . business owners will be on the lookout for aggressive panhandlers. they say they witness panhandlers corner tours, demanding money. now they are creating a business neighborhood watch to protect customers and alert police when there's trouble. seminole county, closing arguments to getting this morning and a court fight between a woman and ex- lottery jack right. howard browning claims he paid for the $20 ticket and that he and lynn porier made a verbal agreement to split the winnings as long as their together. porier says they were not
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alone bought the ticket in 2007. >> no, never under any condition, anyplace, anywhere did i ever say i was going to split any lottery tickets or any winnings or anything with howard browning. >> she also could she was engaged to a different manner she bought the ticket. running testified he live in the home for your own until she convicted him in 2008 after she hit the jackpot. we will let you know what a sad escort -- in court at eyewitness news at noon. people in hospital after a shooting and brevard county tax office. >> deputies tried to figure out what led up to the shooting. it happened at the ttc tax refund business, clearlake road unincorporated cocoa yesterday afternoon. a 3rd person was grazed by a stray bullet at a business next- door . when deputies arrived, they found a victim. we will did and the sheriff's office is not released names but they say that are not looking for anyone else in connection to the shooting according to numbers come
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dennings doing well in the race for the 10th congressional district. as a 20 point lead in a new poll commissioned by her campaign conducted by third- party. senator jody thompson 2nd, longtime democratic fundraiser bob poe, 3rd deming ran for office 2012 but lost to webster. one less gop candidate in the race for the white house. more support for florida senator. marco rubio. rick dempsey warm announced he is ending his campaign and supporting rubio . he came in last in iowa coming in just 1 he's the 3rd republican candidate to drop out since the pop -- caucuse. mike huckabee and he may campaign last night and rand paul dropped out yesterday. mount dora needs to find a new city manager now that the current one resign. this into past you fought to keep the deputy city manager after being pressured by the position. now both men are leaving. his last date is march for. a proposed bill that will
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carry their guns is one step closer to becoming law. the bill which passed from the florida house yesterday would allow concealed weapons license holders to openly carry their firearms in public places and even some businesses. critics say the measure could jeopardize your safety but supporters say it will allow you to better protect yourself the bill still must be approved by the senate. a bill that would close and loophole regarding the dangers of backyard shooting ranges is headed to the governor's desk 9 investigates first expose incidents were gunfire a backyard shooting ranges crossed property lines and put neighbors in danger to years ago. those rangers were legal. yesterday the house voted to ban the recreational discharge of a firearm in residential areas. the senate approved the bill last week. 5:10 am, we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , today we want to pay attention to the weather. >> weather day and warm this morning. back to the northwest, a front it will work in western tier midday.
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rest by the time we hit schoolbus pickup time in the evening commute. outside this morning, looking okay. the rain to the northwest good for the morning drive. later today we can see it stack up through tonight rainfall amounts northern tier, we could have spots close to 1 inch in southern zones around one quarter of an inch. we will see a couple of thunderstorms embedded so if you get that you will see over have an inch of rain. today, afternoon rain storms, 81. so we still heat up before the front arrives. tonight's showers and look at that, down to 49 degrees when i see you tomorrow morning. much chillier weather on the way. be sure to have our weather app go which is research wftv in your store and you can get alerts sent to your device. coming up in main weather, we will track the rain and storms moving and system number 2 for the weekend. 5:10 am deneige. >> a crash on i-4 westbound coming into downtown orlando. pulling up the camera colonial and these emergency vehicles
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and that car that crashed his facing the other direction. we have a crash in winter park dates rd., goldenrod road. we have one at northbound lane of goldenrod locked . we will let you know if they shut down lanes. a woman reached out to us when what started as a job hunt and it with the fake check and frozen bank account. 9 investigates scammers targeting a popular job website an ongoing battle for 13 years now. seminole county residents known seminole county residents known as the junkman is back in jail. felony crime he was arrested for as the trash continues to pileup in his yard. we asked how a 3rd grader got his hands on a
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. i'm nancy alvarez, 5:14 am, taking a look at downtown orlando. 60 degrees now but big changes coming. not just for today but the weekend. we will let you know what to expect a full check of the weather and traffic every 10 minutes. seminole county third- grader brought home a book filled with sex and 4 little words from the school library mom complaint and the school
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one summer, mariko tamaki, should not have been in 3 elementary school spieth the district pulled the books and is now try to figure out how it ended up in the schools. >> in terms of the overall collection they are well screened and only check out books age-appropriate for the students. >> the book which is a new york times bestseller is described as a graphic teen novel. a lot of you are weighing in on the story on our facebook page. join the slash wftv. sunrail says it could be another 4 years before a new safety system is put in place. >> the federal government is requiring the changes after a series of deadly crash -- train accidents. the positive train control will slow speeding trains to prevent them from crashing. the initial deadline for those changes is 2018. sunrail says it will need more time to get the funding to coordinate with other train
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being want to check their credit and debit card statements after skimming devices have shown up in a handful of gas stations. deputy say the devices have been found in 3 711 locations and kissimmee. the skimmer was pulled from the location championsgate boulevard. the device was inside the pump so customers will never have seen anything suspicious. lake county deputy's have identified the remains found debate in the backyard of a paisley home but they have not said how the person died. we told you last month when investigators discovered dennis jones remains in a shallow grave in his yard. they believe his body could have been there since thanksgiving. investigators are now talking to neighbors and the woman who was living with jones to try to figure out what happened. monday, city leaders expected to vote on a major incentive package to bring a ucf campus to downtown orlando. the city will hand over 15 acres of land and a building at creative village. overall deal valued at $75 million. the project still needs money from the state and approval from the board of governors. the mayor wants to see city commissioners act before the
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commissioners are expected to talk about a controversial industrial park that neighbors have been fighting. residents have challenge plans for the project near john young parkway and dubya be judge drive. concerned about traffic, property values, and the impact of the roosh v with -- more cargo river basin. recommending appeal be denied saying neighbors did not present evidence. seminole county leaders are going to see if the fencing is needed along i-4 to keep theirs from crossing the interstate. commissioners are concerned bears could move in neighborhoods now that a new ordinance will make it hard them -- for them to get in trash cans. you will see more good news if you need to suffer gases one, the price of gas continues to drop around central florida. right now the average price for 1 gallon of regular unleaded in orlando is one.73, down $.03 from last week. the downward trend expected good -- continuing states gas is under $1.50 a gallon. a storm system that brought several tornadoes to parts of
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central florida. >> it's near the water tower. >> looks like something out of a movie. one of at least 6 twisters that hit parts of mississippi tuesday night. the storms rolled through parts of alabama, the more small community of saps 40 miles west of tuscaloosa dozens of homes damaged. despite the damage incredible but no one seriously hurt. 5:18 am. what we will experience is connected to that. >> it is weaker at this point. we will see rain and watch out for possibility of stronger storms and colder weather and that's the same system dropping into the panhandle of florida but dry this morning which is great as we get out the door to work and school and with the dry weather in place before the front gets here, that is going to heat is up one this money
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but make sure it they have the umbrella for the way home in case they run into rain later today. 60s, 70s around, 70 60s, 70s around, 7069 daytona beach titusville, she sharpes, 69 into osceola county and kissimmee, kissimmee elementary. winds out of the south breezy expect the windy day it. tomorrow it will be cold are. clouds increase. winter garden, by the afternoon especially when you see tom terry it will be stormy, 2:00 the best chance for rain. if you need outdoor work do that this morning. 9 am, i will watch the western zones and showers starting to work in and as we hit midday, i- 4 to the west a chance for some rain and after that it starts to fill in by the hit -- by the time we hit 3:00, scattered rain and storms with gustier winds and you see rain and storms by 6:00 and after that started to pull to the east and showers at least early tonight, clearing.
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today, pockets of heavy rain and be mindful of lightning, winds over 40 miles an hour and storms that fire. the weekend, late saturday, south florida storm system clips early sunday. best chance of rain this weekend will be saturday night. afternoon rain storms today. temperatures around 81. 70s and 80s around that a high of 80 percent chance of seeing rain. showers but will come to an end but look at temperatures, 41 tonight ocala, 40 thin cloud, 50 titusville, it is going to -- a 40 st. cloud, 50 titusville cultivar. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view, 59 is a high friday. that is a, chilly tomorrow and breezy, 66 saturday and late saturday, early sunday, we was within and called again on near 60.
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>> i-4 colonial, we saw crash westbound after passing colonial the right lane is blocked. emergency vehicles on scene about 10 minutes ago so they should be here for some time. move over for them. live traffic tracker, another crash popped up 528 westbound at john young parkway blocking a left turn lane and bates rd., goldenrod road winter park you still have one n. bound laid of goldenrod. online group known to support rate set to meet in downtown orlando the big change store. >> a shootout with the suspect, here eyewitnesses as moments lead up to the shooting. a private says he's lucky to have survived a plane crash
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5:24 am. the man known as the junkman of seminole county is out of jail this morning. allen davis posted a $3000 bond late last night after being arrested for felony littering. this past september the county
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from his home. look at all of this stuff. he's been fighting with the county of the junk that he stores in his yard for more than 13 years. he has racked up more than $2 million in fines. this is the 2nd time davis has been arrested for felony littering. he was sentenced to state prison and 2000. brevard county, pilot says last-minute advice innotech tell 10 to survive an emergency landing space coast regional airport. the landing gear would not extend yesterday so he circled the airport, burning off fuel and texted a friend and asked if he should try to land on the water. la france at the plane will quickly fill up with water so the pilot headed for the runway. the plane skidded to a stop on his belly. the pilot and passenger were not injured. the orange county sheriff's office next week will hold a gun buyback event to get dangerous weapons off the streets. next friday anyone turning in a gun will get a $50 get card no questions asked it -- kid card no questions asked you don't
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drop off at 7 am friday at the orange blossom trail development board and last until 7:00. nasa is one step closer to a mission to mars. >> the orion crew module arrived at the kennedy space center. workers have started adding heatshield and avionics. the castle designed to take crews deeper into space than ever before. it will fly atop the space launch rocket pick a schedule for a test flight 30,000 miles past the moon in 2018. the first flight carrying acid not slated for 2023. >> very cool. a scary story, a woman sitting on her front porch when she was attacked by a stranger. >> neighbors are on high alert. the unlikely savior that helped to chase her attacker away. rain and storms on the way. by this afternoon, look at the moisture pulling in, i will
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